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Church Growth

It’s funny to me in a sad sort of way when I see fundamentalists who really seem to think that their completely contrived, man-centered, and numbers-driven evangelistic efforts are the TRUE BIBLICAL WAY.

What Jeff Fugate is fighting here isn’t heresy but rather competition from what he imagines is a better equipped sales force. What’s more, I doubt that Jeff could actually define what the “emergent church” is if his life depended on it.


“Dr.” Jenkins threw out these numbers recently:


So even accounting for the number of people who got saved while visiting from out of town, one would think that this church should now be at LEAST the largest church in the area.

And yet their auditorium sure doesn’t look like it holds 10,000 people.

So…where are they hiding all this growth? I’ve heard of the “church invisible” but this seems to be a bit much.