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Want to really bring the Christmas season to your pagan fertility bush? What better way could there be of telling the message of a poor baby born in a humble manger who will bring peace on earth and goodwill to men than hanging a model of an ostentatious building from your favorite Fundy U?

For a mere sawbuck you too can show everyone the true spirit of the season by reminding everyone that being a Christian at PCC is much more about building the kingdom of Horton than the kingdom of heaven. And don’t just buy one for yourself! I’m sure the missionaries on your Christmas list would love one of these tiny cathedrals as an object lesson for their people in good stewardship and how God blesses the khaki-clad white folk.

I’m going to put one on my tree right next to a tiny replica of a floor leader giving someone demerits for having sideburns that are 1/4 inch too long. Merry Christmas!

The 12 Fundy Days of Christmas

From the folks who brought you the classic hit “If There’s Hair On Your Ears “(there’s sin in your heart) comes the new song 12 Fundamental Days of Christmas.

“On the first day of Christmas the true church gave to me, a red letter KJV.” Then we’re off to six babies crying, and five comfy pews, then NO ladies dancing, NO pipers piping, and NO drummers drumming!

Thanks to Paul for the link

Christmas Displays

Ripped from the Headlines… (ok, it was actually probably buried on page J32 but still)

NIPOMO — A lawn display of a Jesus shooting Santa Claus has residents in one San Luis Obispo County city up in arms.

The controversial Christmas display shows a Jesus figure pointing a double-barrel shotgun at a dead Santa figure. Santa’s reindeer Rudolph lays sprawled across the hood of a pickup truck nearby.

Some neighbors have asked the display be removed, but its maker, Ron Lake, says it’s a work of art denouncing the commercialization of Christmas.

Police said that because Lake built the display on private property they cannot force him to take it down.

Some residents plan to start a petition.

via ktla.com

I have no idea what Mr. Lake’s religious beliefs are but a story with guns, dead Santa, a pickup truck and angry neighbors protesting sounds like a fundy’s Christmas dream come true.

Thanks to “coffee bean” for the link.