Christmas Displays

Ripped from the Headlines… (ok, it was actually probably buried on page J32 but still)

NIPOMO — A lawn display of a Jesus shooting Santa Claus has residents in one San Luis Obispo County city up in arms.

The controversial Christmas display shows a Jesus figure pointing a double-barrel shotgun at a dead Santa figure. Santa’s reindeer Rudolph lays sprawled across the hood of a pickup truck nearby.

Some neighbors have asked the display be removed, but its maker, Ron Lake, says it’s a work of art denouncing the commercialization of Christmas.

Police said that because Lake built the display on private property they cannot force him to take it down.

Some residents plan to start a petition.


I have no idea what Mr. Lake’s religious beliefs are but a story with guns, dead Santa, a pickup truck and angry neighbors protesting sounds like a fundy’s Christmas dream come true.

Thanks to “coffee bean” for the link.

17 thoughts on “Christmas Displays”

  1. Reminds me of the Christmas card I got once. It had the picture of a man with a smoking shotgun in his yard with Santa sprawled on the roof in a pool of blood. he’s shouting, “Hey Ma! I just shot me a secular humanist!”

    Proving once again that some people’s taste is just in their mouths.

  2. Well, if people can sing about Santa being run over by a reindeer (not that I would know anything about such songs)…

  3. To do my own little part in the war on Xmas, whenever someone says to me “Merry Christmas” in that sanctimonious tone that indicates that they will not accept a response that differs, I respond with, “Happy put Jesus in the Pagan ritual day.”

    This does not make me popular.

    1. No doubt it is very difficult to find cards with that particular message. :mrgreen:

  4. @Darrell yeah good point lol. You know you’re an ex-fundy if, several years leaving fundamentalism, you continue to mix up your pop culture references. And besides, Santa *did* fall off the roof and die in The Santa Clause. It all proves my point that violence and Xmas are not a new combination in popular culture. 😉

  5. Oh man Thomas! I think you just made my day! Haha. You’re popular in my books now.
    (Random thought: I’m about to go insane if I hear one more “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” statement. I guess we could vouch for marking that one as a partial fundy Xmas favorite.)

  6. At least they’re starting a petition. ‘Cause, you know, petitions . . . do . . . things. They . . . compel . . . somehow . . .

    I . . . like . . . ellipses . . .

  7. As if Jesus needs a shotgun to take out Santa Claus…fundies seem to have such a small view of Jesus who IS omnipotent. Of course, if Jesus wanted to use a shotgun, He most certainly could. After all, He is sovereign.

  8. Santa may not have gotten run over by the reindeer, but he did get stuck in the chimney. Anyone ever heard the song, “There’s something in the chimney, and I don’t know what it is, but it’s been there all night long”? I only heard it twice, but can’t forget it!

    1. Bob Rivers! The man who gave us such Christmas classics as:

      The Restroom Door Said “Gentlemen”
      Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire
      I’m Dressing Up Like Santa Claus on Christmas (As Soon as I Can Get Out on Parole)

      among my favorites.

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