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“Children’s Revival”

I’ve seen and been to quite a few Vacation Bible Schools over the years. My daughter even went to one this summer (at a Baptist church no less!). This one run by Mr. Bill and Mrs. Nancy is the first time, however, that I can recall seeing one called a “children’s revival.”

There’s just something off-putting about that to me. Perhaps it’s because revivals in general tend to be so very manipulative and the thought of targeting that kind of approach at children seems abhorrent.

Summer Camp: Clay Mills Baptist Church Edition

Can anybody name that theme song? It’s right on the tip of my brain…

Update: About 30 seconds after I hit submit I recognized it. I’m sure they paid royalties to use it in their advertising.

Update 2: If you see nothing else in this video forward to about 3:40 and watch the kid in the tie and sweater with the sharply parted hair tell you how much fun camp is going to be.