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See You On The Other Side

The truck is packed, the apartment is cleaned, and the next thing on my list is a drive from Phenix City, AL to Brandon, Florida.

Good thoughts, well-wishes, and fervent prayers would be appreciated. (If you had any idea how terrified I am to drive this truck you’d request my man card to be revoked immediately.)

Personal Update

Two weeks from today I’ll be leaving Alabama and heading down to start a new job and a new life in the Tampa, Florida area.

I’d like to thank you all for the prayers, support, and encouragement you’ve given my family and I during the job search. It has meant more to us than you can possibly know. Please do continue to send us your prayers and well-wishes as we still have much work to do with moving, settling in, and starting over in a new place.

If you happen to be an SFL reader in the Tampa or Orlando areas please feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to meet you.

Fundamental Flaws E-Book Released!

I’m happy to announce today that my (very short) e-book Fundamental Flaws: Seven Things Independent Fundamental Baptists Get Wrong (And How to Fix Them) is now available on Amazon for Kindle reader! This book includes both familiar posts from the best of SFL plus some brand new material.

This isn’t an exhaustive tome (30 pages can only hold so much) nor is it stuffed full of citation, cross-references, and Bible verses. I’ve been asked over and over by people who have happened by this blog why I don’t spend more time pointing out the RIGHT way to do things instead of simply harping on things that are wrong with fundamentalism. In that spirit, I’ve included not only a discussion of seven problem areas in fundamentalism but also a brief statement of what I think would help fix them.

Now in the interest of getting this book into the places where it may do the most good, I’d like to make a very special offer to any current student at a Fundy U: send me a note via the contact form or e-mail using your student e-mail address and I’ll shoot you back a link to a PDF download of this book which you can feel free to share with other students if you dare.

I’d like once again to thank Ted Williams who did some really great illustrations that add a lot to the book. Buy a download for yourself and then buy one for every fundy on your Christmas list. Then all that remains is to sit back and watch the fun.