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A Comment on Comments

I’ve been working tonight to change the style of our comments here to a more threaded style so it’s easier to follow exactly who’s responding to whom.

To reply to a specific person’s comment, just click the reply button to the right and your reply will then show up underneath the comment to which you are responding.

Clear as mud?

A Blog Shout Out

I don’t usually promote other blogs on this site but I’ve been laughing so hard the writings of British fundamentalism satirist Revd Drayton Parslow that I couldn’t help but share him with all of you in hopes of encouraging him to write a whole lot more.

Check out his posts on:

Frisby Independent Baptists

Bridging The Cultural Gap

A Godly Decision-Making Apparatus

Pastoral Duties

I’m giggling like a group of fundamentalist teenagers reading naughty bits out of the Old Testament — only a lot manlier sounding than that.

A Few Days Off

For the next week, I’ll be taking some much-needed time off and probably won’t be posting on here.

Unless I think of something I just have to post immediately. Or get bored.

The comments are usually more entertaining than the posts anyway, so I’ll invite you entertain yourselves as you see fit.

Programming Note

I’ve decided that any further follow up posts on the Trinity case or related matters  will be done at my personal blog as opposed to putting them here.

I know a lot of folks enjoy the healing-through-humor style of posting and I’d hate to think that someone would show up here looking for a few laughs and end up with the emotional trauma of an IFB flashback instead.

For those folks who follow in twitter, I’ll tweet out whenever I post material on my blog that may be of general interest to readers here.

Now back to it…