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  1. Hard to imagine but it seemed Anderson actually exhibited some grace. I’m sure he’ll make it for it next service.

    1. “What he says here I don’t know or care; just turn off the sound and look at his hair!”

      There, I fixed that for you. My apologies to Theodore Geisel.

  2. I’m still sensitive about those “pisseth against the wall” verses. I read them as a preteen or young teen (probably in one of my attempts to read through the whole Bible, KJV of course) and couldn’t believe it was referring to what I thought it was so I asked my mom and was told I shouldn’t say that because it wasn’t nice. I was embarrassed and angry because it was in the BIBLE after all!!!

    (My family was very private and proper, only saying “go to the bathroom” instead of other words. )

    1. In that respect, your family sounds very much like mine. Imagine the genera embarrassment when, as an innocent child, I asked for an explanation of circumcision at our daily reading. My poor, dear mother.

        1. Ha. You got a better explanation than I did, then. What I was told left me more confused than before I had asked and prone to blush every time I heard it mentioned for a very long time.

        2. My question about circumcision was answered honestly, as I recall, but I couldn’t figure out the reason for circumcising. All these years later, I still don’t know.

          Well, of course, I know all the theories about why it’s done, but I still don’t really know why …

      1. It bothers me that fundies have no problem reading such things to children but then get awkward or upset when the children ask questions. They should either ANSWER the dang questions without shame and guilt or else not read the passage to kids.

        1. PW, I agree! It is weird that they go to such lengths to insist on modesty and then read this kind of stuff to kids. There are LOTS of parts of the Bible that are unsuitable for children!

      2. I asked what a “harlot” was when we did the story of Rahab in the junior high study group. The pastor almost had apoplexy. That was when I learned the dictionary was my friend.

        1. I was once asked to explain the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch to a group of early-elementary-aged children.
          I thought about beginning with “You see, a eunuch is …”, and then I thought again. Instead of starting the mother of all digressions, I just read the passage aloud, and thereafter referred to the guy simply as “the Ethiopian,” and figured I’d only deal with the other descriptor if one of the children asked about it. None did.

  3. So if Anderson put up Gipp’s full DVD up on his youtube, isn’t that a major copyright violation? Fair use is one thing, but fair use doesn’t allow the wholesale appropriation of the fullness of a work.

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