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    1. No, it’s a picture of my house. I’m very proud of my ‘almost restored’ Ford Falcon…

    1. He’s implied in 1 and 3.

      Blood = Christ’s blood.

      Blessed Hope = His glorious appearing.

      But yes, he’s not explicitly mentioned. This must be a CCM flag.

  1. Well, to hear some Baptists tell it, the Blood could be yours when they get through with you, and the Blessed Hope could be the South Rising Again (there’s a Resurrection Story that will stir the blood!).

  2. I was raised Baptist. And yes, I do play the banjo.

    I had no idea I was such a stereotype! Amen?!

    1. Your last name might have something to do with it? Ricky is one of the best bluegrassers around. Baptist or otherwise.

    1. Yes. Here’s the flag of the Episcopal Church


      1. Huh. I had no idea. We use a coat of arms on our bumper stickers.

        I wonder if we have a flag in the sacristy or something.

  3. Hey, maybe the house and car could each use a coat of paint, but at least we’ve got sattelite TV!

    Not like those feeble broadcast-watching Lutherans or cable-sucking Presbyterians! Amen?

    1. Someone at SFL posted a meme with Hillary Clinton in her pantsuit and a beauty in a white dress.

      I lost the picture.

      I am not interested in Hillary’s pantsuit. But that girl in the white dress is a picture I would like to have. Reminds me of some old WWII movies.

      1. I think the beauty was Marilyn Monroe.
        Put her name into Google Images, and it will probably come up.

        1. You’re right, that is Veronica Lake.
          And I agree, she is prettier.

          If you haven’t seen “Sullivan’s Travels” (Veronica Lake’s first big film, and arguably Preston Sturges’ masterpiece), go watch it right now.

        2. Maybe when I get home, thanks. We’re about to head out to meet up eith our son at White Plains Beach. He says he’s going to teach me to surf.

        3. Veronica Lake, a beautiful talented actress with a tragic life and early death. Great in “Sullivan’s Travels”, also amazing in “So Proudly We Hail”, an account of the harrowing experiences of WWII nurses in Bataan. Her role is particularly compelling….one of the few movies in which nurses are not depicted as yes-girl bimbos.

  4. Speaking of flags:

    What do you think of the American flag and the Christian flag on every exhalted platform of most evangelical churches out there? I certainly include the Independent Fundamental Baptist churches worldwide as part of the great evangelicals…including my former fundy CEO’s little kingdom. [I say this tongue-in-cheek to irritate those fundy cult personalities who believe that their way is the only way and the Jesus had better fall in line or else).

    Otherwise I digress.

    1. Well, after all, didn’t Jesus say His Kingdom was of this world, in a country called America, and there His servants would fight for their Second Amendment Rights?

    2. Dear BigRedOne:

      I’m guessing that no two Christians understand the kingdom of God in exactly the same way. My own take is that said kingdom is inherently subversive to the kingdoms of this age. Therefore my response to churches displaying a national flag would be this:

      Christ or Caesar — MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

      That said, I might consider a service displaying the flag of all nations in order to show the universal extent of the claims of God’s kingdom. Still, even I’m not sold on the logic of this point.

      Christian Socialist

      Christian Socialist

      1. I’ve always ADORED services that featured many or all flags. Even Missions Conferences at PCC that I genuinely disliked and didn’t really know fully why at the time (other than the obvious hypocrisy, etc), but when they would parade flags from all over the world around, or leave them draped around the auditorium, I was very proud/impressed.

    3. The American flag is displayed in honor of freedom of religion, the Christian flag in honor of those who paid the price for following Christ.

      1. Well, maybe that’s the reason in some congregations. But honestly, in some congregations if you weren’t a loudmouthed anti-communist, swearing allegiance to the US flag while simultaneously being anti-Federal government and pro gun you weren’t considered to be saved.

        In the mind of Fundamentalism, nothing is to be rendered to Caesar. Yet they make this great show of patriotism. America is simultaneously the best place in the world to be and at the same time a constant threat to our liberties.

        Somehow, when you are inside the mess, it makes sense. But get away from the fog a bit and you begin to see the ridiculousness of it all.

      2. Why would it stand for freedom of religion? There has never been freedom of religion under that banner. It isn’t freedom just because your religion is accepted. Ask the Branch Davidians about it. Ask the Mormons. Ask the Catholics before the 1960’s. Ask the Muslims.
        While that may be the stock answer, you know the real truth is that it’s there because they admire the destructive power of the US military.
        I hope and believe that in the next two decades the US flag will be regarded as the swastika and the hammer and sickle flags.

        1. I’m sorry you feel that way JC. Not everyone who displays the American flag “admires the destructive power of the U.S. military. ” You sound bitter.

  5. Wait. . .the Baptists are flying a flag with the Budweiser logo?! I thought they didn’t drink beer–in public, anyway.

    1. I pointed that out to a MoG once. He made sure to show me the differences in that the Budweiser logo. The white is separated indicating the how the blood perverted with that devil’s brew will keep you from the purity (white part) of Christ.

    2. I think (and my knowledge of it from watching old sports events on YouTube) it’s based on an older version of that logo.

      Apparently, ripping off a logo of a questionable at best product is A-OK as long as the product is either no longer produced or has gone through a few design changes since then.

      1. Back in the day BJU promised their staff they would provide for them in retirement. This resulted in deeper staff loyalty, especially from those who had already invested many years of their lives there.

        “The faculty have been promised that if they wish to retire at the University, they may do so. That means providing housing, meals, and insurance for them. They also, of course, have Social Security to live on, but above their Social Security the University is obligated to provide the other costs associated with their retirement: housing, meals, and insurance.” Bob Jones III

        but now, not so much…


  6. Hey, this is a still from that one Movie, right? The guys, on the canoe in the south? There’s a kid playing banjo, and one of the guys has to squeal like a pig. Pretty certain that’s what this is from.

      1. Don’t insult the mountain folks of Deliverance by comparing them (even indirectly) to the IFB

  7. I have been accused, justly, of making fun of country folks who have lived in the IFB/Faux News bubble so long that every word they speak about any other denomination, religion, or political party is fractally wrong.

    But this is just sad. “My car is a piecer, my house is a dump, and my prospects are awful. My one point of pride is my membership in a church run by and for the benefit of grifters and predators. It’s going to consume me, one way or another, if it hasn’t already. But it’s all I’ve got.”

  8. I remember when I was growing up in the fundy flavored church, the people would always complain about the Catholics—“Jesus is always either pictured as a baby or hanging on the Cross with those Catholics.” (which when I left the fundies, I realized that is not true)
    But with the fundies–the only use they have for Jesus is his blood and his coming.
    The fundies’ complaint against the Catholics seems to really just be an admission of guilt in a round about way.

    1. Yes, many Fundy Baptists seem to take the blood of Jesus and throw away the rest of him (such as his teachings).

    2. Dispensationalism seems to say that Jesus’ teaching are for the “Kingdom Age,” not today. When I was a dispensationalist I was taught that nonsense. We were told it was good ethics, but that it didn’t apply today.

      Never really understood the idea of God deciding that one race or family was going to be His chosen race while all the rest went to hell. Just accepted it for a while. Until I couldn’t any more.

        1. Kinda sorta. But since God’s Word will never return “void” it will keep till it’s needed, something like prophesy. It’s similar to the God making sure all those long-range prophesies about Christ were out there when nobody realized that’s what they were talking about sort of thing. All so we can look at them today and say, “Ah HAH!”

          With that in mind, we can surmise that God never says what he means for right now, anyway! He is always speaking for some time in the future for someone to discover it. You know that Protoevangelium? God spoke that to Adam, Eve, and the snake, and everyone for thousands of years thought it was a war against people and snakes. Who knew it would be Christ and the Devil until the Church came along?

          See? It is all so clear! God deals with different people in different ways at different times called “Dispensations.” If you were “rightly dividing the word of truth” as you should have been doing, you would have known that. Too bad no one knew enough Scripture to do that until the 1700s and Darby. So today, in the Church age we don’t have to worry about the Mosaic dietary laws or sacrifices because Christ settled the matter once for all. But in the Kingdom age there will be thousands and thousands of sacrifices at a new Temple (like Ezekiel says) because God will go back to the Law of Moses.

          See? (I am shaking you violently) SEE? IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Waaahaahaahaahaa!

      1. Incredible to actually believe that Jesus who is God on earth would have nothing to teach us because it was for a different era or age. At one point does it stop being Christian and start being followers of Paul instead? I am assuming Paul was ok to listen to….perhaps I am wrong.

        1. Well, this is “the age of Grace” where Jesus has forgiven all our sins without the need for repentance or restitution or such. So if you sin, it is all “under the blood”!

          So that is why the Pastors viewing Christ’s Transfiguration get forgiven for adultery, theft, child molestation, etc. The Law and its heavy hand still apply to little people, however. If you happen to be gay, many pastors will say you deserve to be put to death. If you steal something, you’d better tithe on it!

          Yes, the last statement is probably an exaggeration. Maybe.

      1. That’s the boss’s house. Darrell is living in the servants’ quarters out back of the one with the dish.

  9. “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

    Doctor Who to Clara Oswald, Season 8, Episode 11 Dark Water.

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