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    1. I’m pretty sure that being convicted of crimes against children is considered “job experience” at that church.

  1. “Please be in prayer for the children of this congregation and that they will not become the victims of a serial child sexual predator.”

    1. Given that Jack Schaap was the head pastor for years, and before that David Hyles was on staff at FBC Hammond, I’d say everyone there is either a victim or an accessory, or both, to a sexual predator.

    1. My first reaction to the tweet was, “Who would want to go to a school where they don’t know that ‘alumni’ is plural, and that the singular is alumnus or alumna?”

      The explanation that his wife is from the same school would make sense if the header said “Alumni of the Day: David AND Joy Jorgensen.”

  2. I would also like to point out the article linked above concerns Tim Ruhl’s church (Pleasant Valley Baptist Church) and sexual abuse accusations against his son, Jesse.

    Notice how Tim Ruhl allegedly treated Jorgensen’s 14 year old victim?

    “The victim is suing the church and Tim Ruhl for being negligent in hiring and supervising Jorgensen. She also claims that Ruhl failed to report Jorgensen’s actions when she told him about it. The woman also alleges that Ruhl retaliated against her by expelling her six months before graduating high school and later claiming she was having a child out of wedlock. ”

    Besides having been sued for covering up a sexual assault against a child and having his own son found to abusing a teen while serving in his church, Tim Ruhl is still being featured on Lancaster Baptist’s site, with the following description:

    ” Senior Pastor of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church
    Tim Ruhl is the pastor of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, which is enjoying the most fruitful years of its fifty-five year history. He is the administrative president of Pleasant Valley Baptist Schools and directs Mount Zion Baptist Camp. Pastor Ruhl also teaches at Golden State Baptist College and is a popular conference speaker. His four grown children are graduates of West Coast Baptist College now serving in ministry.”

    Most fruitful years?
    Jesse is serving in ministry again? Really?

    IMHO, just more proof these Fundies have extremely low standards for their men-o-gawds. Just my opinion, of course.


      1. And his victim was FEMALE, so she doesn’t count.

        Can’t have a little thing like that standing in the way of THE CALL(TM). $oul$ might NOT be $aved!

  3. Also, it is against facebook policy to allow sex offenders to have a facebook page. Time to report this douche.

      1. Besides a link to a sex registration database, you can use an online news article as evidence to corroborate your statement. I have no idea if this will be sufficient or if facebook would react, but I did report the profile. We’ll see how things go.

        Anyone else who wants to try reporting him, google ‘facebook report sex offender’ as the actual form to do so can be rather tricky to find.

    1. My understanding from what I’ve read is that he plead no contest and served parole. After serving his sentence he got the record reclassified as a misdemeanor and expunged.

      The fact remains that he plead no contest to lewd acts on a fourteen year old. Normally speaking you don’t make that guy the face of your organization.

      1. I think it is outrageous that a court is willing to expunge a criminal record when it involves an assault on a 14 year old victim. That is so wrong.

        1. I agree. Also, if he had a criminal record that needed to be expunged, wouldn’t that mean he was convicted?

      2. Yes, he pled “no contest.”
        A “no contest” (or “nolo contendere” when you’re being fancy) plea usually results in a conviction (just as a “guilty” plea does), but in some states there may be some form of alternative adjudication available if the prosecutor and judge agree to it.

        1. I guess it might depend on how strong the case was. If it was a weak case and it can be reasonably argued that he pled no contest simply to get it over with, then perhaps I could see this happening.

          It’s still pretty dumb to use him as your poster boy.

      3. Some states call this a “Suspended Imposition of Sentence” or “SIS”. Most states have some version of this. If the person pleads out & gets SIS, if they pass a certain probationary period w/o further offenses, the record goes away.

        In 1991 when I was shot as a Dallas Police officer, the offender (who was batshit crazy) ended up with an SIS for Attempted Capital Murder. As the victim, I agreed to this with the requirement that he go through counseling and stay on his medication.

        I wonder if the 14 year old victim, or her parents, was consulted about this sentence. My guess is No.

        1. The victim filed the lawsuit against Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Pastor Tim Ruhl, and David Jorgensen after Jorgensen had his record expunged.

          “Jorgensen pleaded no contest in May 2003 to two felony counts of committing lewd acts upon a child, according to online court records. After he completed probation, he sought to have the crimes reduced to misdemeanors and had his record expunged in September 2006. ”

          Just guessing, but that might have been part of the reason for filing…so that Jorgensen’s criminal record would not be totally swept away.

  4. People like this turn their outrage on issues like contemporary Christian music and women wearing pants instead of sexual abuse of a minor. The fact that they do so is baffling to me. They truly strain at gnats yet swallow camels. They call good evil and evil good.

    1. Because (don’t you know?) CCM *causes* men to lose control and abuse young girls. It especially hurts godly men, so unused to having that spiritual poison in their system that they succumb to it with lower doses. The godly men would NEVER have done any such thing had they not been possessed by the demons of CCM.

      And don’t get me started on women’s pants. Somehow women looking like a man brings out the homosexual urges in godly men and makes them lose control as they go after the women. The Holy Spirit is paralyzed by the presence of women in pants, and so cannot enable the MoG to resist temptation.

      “Twas midnight on the ocean, not a streetcar was in sight.
      The sun was shining brightly, for it rained all day that night.”

    2. Well said, PW. The sexual abuse of minors happened at our former fundy church on seven different occasions that we know of in the early 1990’s. I can’t comprehend it at all how the pastor & deacons covered it all up by various means. It baffles me to this day 23 years later. These are evil people!

    3. And if you can (convincingly) paint yourself as an advocate of conservative, strict sexual morals then you provide a lot of cover for your own “indiscretions” or “predatory behavior.”

      A local (to me) political leader known for his strong public anti-drug stance just pled guilty to three Federal drug distribution charges.

  5. Hey, leave the guy alone. He walked the aisle and said the prayer. That means he is still a MOG even if he fondles little girls.

    But did our beloved brother do that? No, just like the 4th member of the trinity, Jack Hyles didn’t have a multiple year affair with a deacon’s wife. Persecution, I say!

    Don’t let the facts get in the way of a persecution complex. People are just trying to keep souls from being won.

    1. “Lewd conduct with a 14-year-old girl”…. What if the “conduct” had happened with a 14-year old boy? Or a grown man? Would he have still been a poster boy?

      1. Most “lewd” conduct is not a crime if you do it with another consenting adult.

        But your point is well taken.
        I think it was Earl Long who boasted that the only way he wouldn’t be re-elected as governor of Louisiana were “If I got caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”

  6. I understand that facts get twisted and allegations are sometimes unfounded but it seems highly improbable that one network would so constantly have so much smoke with as little fire. Is there no one in leadership that will stand up and name names and reveal misconduct? As Arminian as this group is, you would think they would be less ready to accept sin as so easily erased. Jesus paid for our sins, he didn’t expunge our records.

  7. There is an actual defender of this crap on SFL’s fb page.
    How dare any of us point out any flaws in a King Jimmy church! Why we are the ones bringing on the bad testimony! If we would only quietly stand by while this stuff goes on…

    (wish I was kidding)

  8. I sure am glad I’m friends with SFL on Facebook. This Buffin guy is hilarious.
    A quote from Mr Buffin:
    “I guess its ok to set up a page to specifically bash CHRISTiams as long as your sin isnt as bad as others. Which makes you a , self righteous judge”

    “Pot, meet my friend kettle.”

    1. He’s still going at it too. But now he’s just talking to the wall and making himself look even more like a jack wagon. Wonder if he’d feel the same if it was his daughter or grand daughter who’d been abused…

    2. And on the topic of him saying woman have no authority to speak, could someone explain what it means when Paul says in Christ there is no male or female?

  9. I love how Treiber takes care of his boys. You didn’t see Eddie LaPina, Bob Hook, Anthony Collins, Dan Wolfe, or any of the other staff members at HAC come to the aid of Schaap.

    1. Lapina initially tried covering for Schaap, but there was no point once the police and press became involved.

      He went in front of FBCH on the Sunday after discovering Schaap was a perv (before his arrest) and lied to the congregation, saying Schaap was going to be taking a medical sabbatical.

      The cover-up was being attempted.

      1. Then there were previous allegations about Schaap abusing a lady during counseling that were known by some in leadership – but covered up.

        They tried their best to cover for their mannogid.

      1. It’s still there as of 7 minutes ago. I think he’s about to pop a vein. Seriously, this guy is grasping at straws and on the verge of a massive MI.

    1. You must mean GSBC, cause Buffin the Baffoon is still rambling on. He sure don’t appreciate those wimmen getting all uppity either.

  10. I’ve been wondering when this topic would come up on SFL as it strikes a very raw nerve with me 🙁
    Going to seed preach’n against sin “like girls wearing pants” (although I think REAL Fundies prefer their girls without pants…..if you get my drift :-/), etc., etc., are just smoke screens.
    Fundies are a lot like politicians. They think you and I are stupid. What’s even worse is when you or I really ARE STUPID! When I was a needy young man and genuinely WAS stupid, now looking back I can truly understand how sexual predators can hide in plain sight until a victim(s) or witness(es) have had enough and decides to draw a line in the sand. I drew that line in the sand with a baseball bat. Here’s a real-life example from my Fundy past:
    There’s a sin-cursing IFB Fundy MOG in southeastern Minnesota that’s a graduate of the now defunct Pillsbury Baptist Bible College and of Central Baptist Theological Seminary who’s “extracurricular” activities included getting into his various Bible college girlfriend’s pants, Haymen???!!!!
    Unfortunately one of this bastard’s past girlfriends would one day became my spouse. It took a long time for both of us to work through the bitterness and heartache. Only through God’s Grace did this happen. This MOG-in-training also “dated” her older sister (now one of my sister-in-laws) who would later have deep emotional issues because of it. It gets even worse. This womanizing bastard later married a Pillsbury Baptist Bible College employee who knows both my wife and her sister!!!!! Haymen????!!!!
    I didn’t want to hurt her like I was hurt so I kept her out of it.
    I swear to God I couldn’t make this this crap up! I wish I had because it would have been a whole lot less painful for me and others if it were fictional.
    This womanizing Fundy bastard is on a Fundy pedestal with YET ANOTHER sister-in-law and her hillbilly husband who thinks this womanizer walks on water. They have been erased from my life.
    I confronted this “asshole” Fundy womanizer some years ago and told him I’d kick his Fundy ass if he ever showed up anywhere near my wife’s family.
    These Fundy MOGs pick out the dumbest and neediest and naive people they can attract and control and these morons to become their mindless “flock”.
    I was one of these morons and paid one hell of a price.
    I’ve said it before in this blog and say it again; Being in my 60’s I now guard who is and is not welcome in my life like a junkyard dog.
    To be fair though we all know sexual predators are in all walks of life. What makes the IFB Fundies stand out is their ratchet-jawing about “seeeyaan”.
    This blog really has been a element of healing.

  11. FFM – If anyone was sitting on the fence regarding these type of “pervs” your comment had to knock them off….this shows how the cancer continues on and on unless stopped……so glad and happy that you and your wife got away from this mess…..your descriptions of some MOG’s finding naive people is right on. As soon as one of these types of MOG’s find out that you aren’t pliable enough…you’re shown the back row, that is if you’re tithing!…if not they will figure a way to get you out of the congregation.

    1. Thank you Greg. There are many wonderful Baptist pastors out there who truly love The Lord and are godly men with servant’s hearts. Unfortunately the IFB have in all too many cases become a cult. They would deny this, but this IS what happens in cult environments. There is a malignant evil enemy called Satan who’s main tool is deception. When sinful men in the “ministry” take themselves too seriously they are way out in left field and become useless. God uses the weak things of this world to accomplish His will. Humbleness and humility are sorely lacking in the IFB.

      1. I think we give “the devil” (aka, “Satan”) too much credit. Demonology never inhabited Jewish theology until the Babylonian captivity. Where Satan had been an angel of some questionable activity, the idea that angels would be at war with God never appeared in the Old Testament scriptures until Daniel.

        Frankly, I do not believe in the Devil any more. I am perfectly capable of tempting myself, making my own bad decisions, and so on. God is not going to overlook sins on the excuse, “The Devil made me do it!”

        The forces of darkness are the IFB pastors out there who are in love with their power, prestige and position. Satan could not be more evil than Jack Schnapp. Satan could not be more deceptive than these MoGs in the “ministry.”

        Let’s give credit where credit is due. Satan could not add malevolence to these men. And if God is God, He would prevent His Own from being controlled by such a “spiritual enemy.” If the Holy Spirit indwells the believer, what power could Satan have against that? If Salvation produces a “new Creation” then how could God allow Satan to ruin His Work?

        Satan is a pip-squeak, a bogey. He has no power other than what we allow him to have – and what we allow says what we are.

        1. Don’t exclude a third option; both. I think Satan works in the people who do not have the Spirit and are not new creations. In the rest of us, our own flesh is quite capable of leading us astray. By the grace of God we can refuse to indulge the flesh, but whether or not you like it or understand it, He has chosen to leave us with this will and chooses to work through it rather than obliterate it and make a race of automatons.

        2. Oh, I don’t know. There appears to be no evil that a devil-filled unregenerate can commit that a “spirit-filled” (or at least indwell) believer cannot.

          A difference that has no difference is no difference.

          Unfortunately, I have known atheists who far outshine any extant example of Christianity, especially fundamentalism. They take responsibility for their own faults and deeds. They know that what they do tells others what they are.

          No, I am not an atheist. Not yet, at any rate, and probably never will be. But in accepting God’s Grace through Christ my Savior, I took responsibility for MY sin. I did not excuse it, nor blame Adam and Eve for it, nor my parents, but me only. Were I in the Garden, I would have beaten Adam and Eve to the Tree of Knowledge, and no serpent or devil would have had to tempt me.

          There is no Satan, not where I am concerned. My biggest enemy is myself. My biggest strength is the community of believers who uphold me and each other in prayer and worship. It is not from the outside that a person is defiled. It is from the inside.

          And the wicked people in IFBism? As far as I am concerned, I will not blame the Devil for that. They need to shoulder the guilt themselves, not try to pass it off.

          Grief! Where is the “personal responsibility” IFBers always talk about?

      2. Well said. I was in my mid 20’s when I started waking up to their ways…No one really had to talk to me or “show” me what was going on… I believe God became real to me as I got older and He revealed it to me quietly in His time.
        My parents are still in the IFB. Mom will go to her death believing that it’s a sin for women to wear “that which pertaineth to a man”… Ugh. We don’t discuss OT law together anymore…She’s too dead set on that ONE verse… Because an older IFB preacher explained it to her (them) in a class one day…and that’s what she chooses to believe. She has a hard time thinking for herself.
        I’m now in the *gasp* Southern Baptist Church. You know what? I have seen so much more of God’s love lived out in this new church life than I ever saw in the IFB.
        I see Christ in our preacher. It’s a good thing. : )
        I often wonder if the God that the IFB’s preach about is the same one as the ONE TRUE GOD of the Bible?!?? Hmmmmm….

  12. Someone earlier talked about fundies preferring pants OFF women…a missionary friend of mine rebuked a philandering fundie MOG for his cheating ways only to have the Bap invoke the verse that says the gifts and calling of God are without repentace. This justifed the MOGs continued soiling of the pulpit. However a cursory read of the context of that verse reveals that it pertains to the restoration of Israel, not a blank check to sin and then do a quickie repentance in time for Sunday services. Methinks the good reverends who claim to be the sum total of wisdom of Bible learning are actually revealing their ignorance of the very book they claim to preach.

    1. Ignorance? I would agree.

      But it is their basic hermeneutic that creates that ignorance. They strip verses out of context and focus on learning disconnected snippets of Scripture instead of learning the whole message. They can then string these pieces of “The Word of God” in creative ways to justify whatever they want.

      It flows from a Lego-like interpretation of the phrases and words “inspired by God,” “the word(s) of God”, and “Scripture.” They contend that the very words are inspired, so that even stripped of context, the string of words they take from Scripture have to be God’s Words on whatever subject they insert them into. They view the Scripture as a bunch of interchangeable pieces.

      But Scripture and the Word (or words) of God refer to the Message, the entire context. Individual words and verses do not stand alone.

      Perhaps I am naive, but I really think that fundy preachers and teachers know better. After all, they know verses that appear to contradict other verses. Most preachers can preach the meaning of a passage of Scripture in context.

      So I think the problem is deliberate deception and justifying wickedness instead of ignorance. It is the old “baffle them with bullshit” methodology.

  13. I don’t see him listed as staff at either FBCH or HAC. Either they fired him pronto or else “serving the Lord” means he’s just another layman volunteering in a ministry.

    1. Or they are just keeping his name off their websites – just a guess. I know of a pastor in La Quinta, CA that does not allow his name on the church’s website because of his reputation of abuse.

  14. When I was fourteen (Jesse was already in college) he gave me his camp shirt with cologne sprayed on it.
    Luckily my best friend and I were joined at the hip and he never got me alone.

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