BJU Parody Songs

Not to be outdone by the post of PCC parodies last week, some Bob Jones grads have come up with their own songs that help tell the story of what life is like on that campus.

I’ve given this mishmash of songs the title of: Doge from the Boje. Don’t ask me why. It was late.

1 – Artist Series
2 – BJU and Me
3 – I Love Basilean
4 – Small Brown Squirrel
5 – The Triple G
6 – Somewhere over in Greenville

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  1. A pox on you Dr. Fundystan: ) I thought I finally had my first first. Lousy clumsy fingers: ( Grumble

  2. The Dr. Bob III parodys are right on. I don’t get the others though. Maybe a bit after my time…or something.

    1. Dear B.R.O,
      I’m probably older than you, since I graduated BJU in 1980. But I still laughed my butt off. I am so ever-loving proud of those BJU kids who can laugh in the face of apostasy and decay. Good kids, all of them.

      1. I went to BJ in the late 80’s-early 90’s after my years in the military. I joined a newer society, Zeta Alpha Pi (after your time. I believe it was formed in ’85), and subsequently left ZAP for one of the older societies. I couldn’t handle the marshmallow eating contests and incessant renditions of Scooby Dooby Doo.

        By my best calculations I’d say you’re pushing 57 years. Old fart.

        1. It was after my time also. I don’t remember who I first heard use the term, but I found it amusing.

        2. In the mid-later ’80s, when I was there they were just “Junior” and “Third”.

  3. Darrell, you have made my weekend. I laughed so hard my wife looked disgusted and went downstairs to watch TV saying, “I don’t understand. I didn’t go to that school.”

    The BJIII parodies were spot on. The song “I Love Basilean” made me remember–I was in Basil, 4 years. I will listen to this all again. But what a way to start my weekend. Thank you. +100

  4. Hootie Hoooooo to all my Basil brothers out there!

    Student for one year at BJU, but Basil made it so much better.

  5. Since I was a married student, I didn’t have to seek a date for artist series. I enjoyed most of them, though if it was an event I didn’t want to attend, I would make sure I had to work.

    Since I was six years out of Fundy High and had been married three years when I got there, I had a different attitude and view of a lot of things. I did think it was silly I wasn’t supposed to hold my wife’s hand when on campus. A rule I forgot a few times. I’m pretty sure I even kissed her on campus. OOPS!

    I could have joined a “Geezer” society, but wanted to play soccer and not hang out with old people. My society was dissolved my last year due to its consistently small size. I listed it as my society in the yearbook, even though it technically was incorrect. No one changed it. As far as I know, I’m the only one listed as Delta Alpha Sigma that year. I hated the society I was put into, and was miserable every Wednesday my last year. I never thought much of Basil, Omega, or Chi Delt, but that may have been my anti many things popular attitude.

  6. As an aside: I wonder if Stephen’s health is as bad as stated, or if that is the excuse the board insisted on to “save face” and move him out for being too “progressive”.

  7. We changed the words to several songs to match life at BJU. One of them was the song “This world is not my home.” I’ve been racking my brain to think of all of the words but I can’t. It’s been almost 15 years and I’m finding I blocked a lot of BJU stuff out of my mind.

    1. I remember hearing the Doxology sung as
      Glory be to the founder
      And to his son
      And to the president.
      As it was in the beginning
      So it always so shall be


      and I forget the rest.

      1. We sang the Doxology like this when I was there…
        Glory be to the founder
        And to his son
        And to the president.
        As it was in the beginning
        Tis now and ever shall be
        Rules without End
        Dean of Women
        Dean of Men.

      2. When I was there we sang the Doxology as:

        Praise Bob to whom tuiton flows.
        Praise him you lifers and Bojos
        Praise him above all faculty.
        Praise Doctor Bobs One, Two, and Three.

  8. “One campus, under Bob, indivisible, with rules and regulations for all!” Once I recognized that singer was imitating THE THIRD, on “BJU and Me,” it made the song so much funnier. If I had gone to BJU, I would have recognized the voice sooner, but I have heard the old fella enough in my lifetime. He told a joke one time at a church in PA that the Allentown paper “took him to task” for. The joke ended with someone singing “Gold Mine in the Sky” and 100,00 Jews joined the air force.

    On a side note, is it true that they baptize at BJU church in the name of the father, the son and the grandson? 😉

  9. My wife, a BJU alumna, LOVED these. She said that by the time she was there, in the early 2000s, that the university had taken an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” philosophy and would actually play many of these for students’ enjoyment.

    1. Aaaaaaand, I can post again!! My computer has been eating my SFL posts for the last two days! I think perhaps it has secretly been baptized into the IFB!

  10. Proud of my school. Even on parody songs the production value way outranks Pensecola.

  11. Hootie Hoo!!!!
    I was in Basilean. I was also there when this song was first played in our society meeting. “I Love Basilean” was written by Jon Eckert.

  12. The “Triple G” is the ugly fountain/flower bed thing in the front of the campus. It got it’s name because after it was completed, Ol’ Three Sticks was speaking in chapel and called it “….God’s Glory..uh…Garden. Yeah….eh….the Triple G…uh….”

    We always called it the “Triple B” for Bob’s Bird Bath 🙂

  13. For the oldies, sung to the tune of Downtown by Petula Clark. This was popular when I was there:

    You’re in the DP, and you get tapped from behind,
    Because you’re sitting too close —
    Bob Jones!
    Where the girls all wear their dresses low to cover their knees,
    You can be sure they’re from–
    Bob Jones!

    The guys there with their ties there,
    They are so very debonair;
    The girls they go bananas
    When they see them in their short hair!

    And the culture there:
    Artist Series,
    Operas from Rome,
    Vespers on Sunday:
    You’re never alone,
    And it’s
    A place that’s got character!
    We’re packed full of characters,
    There’s a character waiting for you!

  14. There was also an audio cassette taped parody of “Show My People” (old BJU dud TV show) that featured an imitation of Bob Wood leading the Paraplegic choir. Don’t know if any copies of that are still extant.

  15. Can someone find a copy of the one set to the tune of “Boulevard of Broken Dreams?”

    “I am a lonely Boje, I turn in everybody that I know”

    Had a few other killer lines about khakis being hiked into one’s butt crack, roller backpacks, and ratting out people to Berg.

    1. I had that one at one time but cannot find it anymore would love to hear it again

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