433 thoughts on “Tony Hutson: Pink Ain’t for Boys”

        1. I’ll buy you a hot pink shirt today. You can wear it to church on Sunday. πŸ˜‰

    1. My wedding band has blue sapphires. Can I still wear it?

      Seriously, what a load of crap. Talk about making rules based on culture and calling them “biblical”.

  1. I think these fundamentalist preachers spend more time thinking about gay sex than most gay men. However, I still think Mark Driscoll thinks about straight “back door” sex more than they think about gay sex, for what [little] it’s worth.

    1. @ Josh.

      Quote by Mark Driscoll:

      “Masturbation can be a form of homosexuality because it is a sexual act that does not involve a woman. If a man were to masturbate while engaged in other forms of sexual intimacy with his wife then he would not be doing so in a homosexual way. However, any man who does so without his wife in the room is bordering on homosexuality activity, particularly if he’s watching himself in a mirror and being turned on by his own male body.”

      – Pastor Mark Driscoll of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church.

      1. I wonder what Mark’s opinion on women who masturbate is. Is that a lesbian act? Or does he mistakenly think women don’t do that?

        1. My administrative assistant is gay and he NEVER wears pink. I, on the other hand, are as exclusively heterosexual as they come and often wear pink shirts and ties (with matching pink socks)…and several of my custom-made suits have pink paisley linings.

          So not only is Mr Hutson obsessed with gays, he is also fashion-challenged.

        2. Paisley is just cool. Period.

          I want a paisley smoking jacket, but have absolutely no need or reason for one. I just think they look cool.

        3. Uncle Wilver,

          I can solve that problem – get yourself a paisley smoking jacket (I’ll get one too) and I’ll treat you to some Heritage Puro Sol Belicoso No. 2s and Louis XIII at the Ashton Cigar Bar here in Philly.

          We’ll take a picture together, autograph it and send it to Mr Hutson.

          Bro Bluto

        4. I appreciate the offer, but will have to pass. Smoky environments cause my nose to run like a waterfall. Probably a leading reason I never smoked, although some tobaccos do have a pleasant aroma.

          One of these days, though, I hope to have both the smoking jacket and a Nehru jacket. I find both to be cool.

    1. yes, but this just is another example of how the Fundamentalists have embraced this idea that a Godly culture looks like 1950 America–not the Middle Eastern Culture of Jesus’ time or before that but 1950 Americana. And so a leave it to Beaver type household is the ideal. The cultural taboos of the 1950’s and all cultures after that era are sinful. The cultural norms for men and women in the 1950’s America are the expression of modesty according to the Bible.
      So the holy Trinity for the fundamentalists pretty much are the Bible, the 1950 American culture, and the preacher man.

    1. By my count, Hutson “amened” himself or prompted the congregation to “amen” about 15 times during that 2-minute video clip. He also yelled “preach on” at himself, which would be a clear sign of Tourette’s syndrome if he weren’t a Fundy preacher.

  2. Talk about desecrating the things of God, what is this man doing behind a pulpit? I would like a montage of all the times Hutson says “look up in here”, “is everyone alright”, “haymen”, and all the other verbal clutter in which he specializes. Half the performance, right there bless gawd.

    1. I’m surprised “laugh track” isn’t used for their sitcoms of a service.

      Quick, here’s a Christian business opportunity! “amen track” or “praise gawd track” for the fundy preacher.

      It would help the likes of Steve Anderson and his ilk when they record themselves preaching to no one in their shopping plaza center churches. πŸ™„

  3. TWO white pianos!!!

    Well, its amazing how long IFB preachers can go without referencing any scripture, and it’s amazing how long they can’t go without asking for “amen’s” from the studio audience to support their fragile egos. Sick.

        1. Yes, another example of someone that has emerged from fundydom with their testimony intact! πŸ™‚

  4. Per your modest proposal, it really wouldn’t require 50,000 square miles given their propensity to plant churches in cities with no IFB influence except the 3 others within a five mile radius.

  5. What he’s preaching is traditional American culture (men don’t kiss, men don’t wear ear jewlery, men don’t wear skirts) – he is not preaching the Bible. Every one of those examples are perfectly acceptable in othgr cultures.

    1. Wher eI come from, Samoan men wear a “lava lava” which is a form of “skirt”. Works a treat in the hot climate of the Pacific Island.

      Yes, they even wear them to church on Sunday, they are considered formal.

    2. Actually, those three practices– men wearing ear jewelry, men kissing men, and men wearing clothing with skirts– are all mentioned in the Bible with no apparent disapproval.

  6. REAL men do wear pink especially every OCTOBER in support of women who have gone through breast cancer. The color of the shirt you wear has NOTHING to do with orientation or your spiritual convictions! What a backwards hick! Tony Hutson may not know this but men get breast cancer too — yeah, even “straight men” can get breast cancer!

    Apparently Tony Hutson never heard that phrase, “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” If he is really worried about souls, why is he offending an entire community of souls that need saving? Duh…. I betcha didn’t think of that one you pretentious, egotistical hypocrit!

    1. Brett Farve was one of the starters, doing it to support his wife, who was battling cancer at the time. Hey, Tony, come on up to Northeast WI and suggest that one of the best Packers who ever lived was a sissy. I dare ya! 😈

    2. Hutson have absolutely hated my son’s high school football team for their display of pink during the October games his last year. Some of the other teams asked why so much. It was because the offensive coordinator lost his wife to breast cancer, and they wanted to, in their small way, honor her and the cause.

      I have my pink ball cap, but when I wear it I wind up with tears as I remember the non-survivors and their families as well as the survivors.

        1. I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m grateful he’s surviving! My grand daughter and I wear a lot of purple too πŸ™‚

        2. It also made it really easy to follow him on the field! I just looked for the shoes! When you have 20 tall and lanky kids running up and down the field, it’s hard to tell which one’s which, and my grandson is 6’3″ and 2/3 LEGS! Boy can that kid run!

          A couple Wednesdays ago, my grandson stopped at our former IFB cult because he had to us the restroom. He ran in the building during Wed. night service, came out, and was replying to text messages on his phone before he took off. He had his stereo on. Needless to say, our former pastor came out and gave him a dirty look because he had loud, “worldly” music playing, but this is the same guy who let the bookkeeper who was the head deacon’s daughter embezzle somewhere between $35,000 and $75,000 from the church without ANY PUNISHMENT! We were TOLD we were to go back and offer her the right hand of fellowship and forgive her. We were TOLD we weren’t to talk amongst ourselves or to outsiders about this. Then we were TOLD the IRS had shown up on 2 different occasions because the church took out taxes on the Christian day school teachers but NEVER paid it into the government, but let’s make sure we give “bad music” the evil eye! NO KOOL AID FOR ME! 😈 😈 😈 😈

    3. Yes. In the NFL, all the players wear some sort of pink with their uniforms. It might be pink tape or wrsit bands or towels.
      I’d like see Tony walk into an NFL locker room and tell the players they aren’t real men.

    4. I still have my “real Conjunto lovers wear pink” shirt from the Narciso Martinez Conjunto festival of a couple of years ago. I wear it proudly, and nobody calls me a sissy when I do.

    5. That was my first thought too! My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and God help me if someone ever sees me without my pink bracelet on for her. I don’t think I’ve taken it off since I graduated my fundy Christian school (no bracelets for guys). We also did the same thing on my soccer team- we all wore pink sweet spots and bracelets during games. Got some weird looks from other teams presumably that thought like this guy, but I was proud. πŸ˜›

      1. When my grandson had braces — in October, he had pink rubber bands put in for me! He wore pink rubber bands in his mouth for a month just for his Gramma Gramma!

        1. It’s “no longer” witty? That it was ever witty is news to me. πŸ˜†

    1. I would so recommend “Adam and Steve” for anyone with twin boys! :mrgreen:
      Wonder if the gay community will pick up A&S as a moniker, the way “Dick and Jane” refers to ki-I mean, little lambs of God, aka children. πŸ˜‰

        1. Genesis 6:1-4 implies that there were other people around then (as does the fact that Cain feared being killed by strangers in Genesis 4), and there also seem to have been some kind of demi-gods or giants who mated with human women.
          The Torah is definitely hazy on the details, though.

      1. My mom has a blue borderline fetish. I laugh at/with her often when she shows up wearing a blue top, matching blue bottom, blue shoes, blue purse, and blue coat.

    1. In my Church — er, I mean satanic cult πŸ˜‰ — the Blessed Virgin Mary is often depicted wearing a blue mantle, because blue is associated with purity.

      But what else would you expect from us papists?

      1. Yep, you’re right Catholic Gate-Crasher. Mary is always in light blue and white. I thought I was moving upward from Catholicism to IFB — boy was that a sad mistake!

  7. I wear earrings, and have a pink button done shirt. I’m also 6’3″ 250lbs and have been powerlifting for over 20 yrs, I don’t think he would call me any names to my face

        1. Hey — what’s wrong with tattoos? Our pastor tip toed very lightly on this topic because many, many congregation members were former military. My husband has 10, and I have 9 but if you saw me walking down the street, you’d NEVER know it!

        2. Leviticus 19:28 is the proof text an anti-tattoo person might give for that.

          (I don’t agree, that’s just what I’ve heard people use to argue the standard IFB position on tattoos before.)

        3. My standard response to the tattoo thing is, I’m glad I live under Grace not the Law πŸ˜‰

        4. And yet they will ignore Leviticus 19:19 which prohibits wearing clothes of mixed fabrics.

          I knew there was a reason I do not like those cotton blend shirts.

        5. Personally, I love good quality tattoos! πŸ˜€

          The Fundies think they’re ungodly, though. πŸ™„

        6. @Scorpio…I looked up your verse. What exactly does “thou shalt not let they cattle gender with a diverse kind” mean?

        7. two fingers – according to Scorpio’s Fundy Homiletics Translatorβ„’ that verse means that your cattle can’t do it doggie-style. πŸ˜‰

    1. He wouldn’t. I would, however, because I fear no man, especially you powerlifting weenies. Oh yeah, I’m 5’6″ 137lbs… and I still don’t fear you.

        1. Thanks. I’d hate for good ‘ol proof texting to die by the wayside. It’s such an endearing πŸ™„ fundy trait.

  8. I have a picture of my girlfriend and I at a Valentine Banquet on my chest of drawers. It was taken February of 1981. In it she is wearing a pink dress, and I have on a pink shirt with ruffles, as well as a burgundy suit and bow-tie. (For you young-uns, it was the early ’80s) On the 25th of this month we celebrate our 30th anniversary, so I guess the pink shirt didn’t hurt me any. I wonder what Hutson would say to that, and that we are going to San Francisco for our anniversary trip.

        1. Hang on – I failed to consider the possibility that you had huge furniture.


    1. You’re traveling to San Fran for your anniversary trip…that only proves you’ve been faking your heterosexuality all these years and you can’t wait to sneak off to find some other men while there. :mrgreen:

      1. We are actually combing our anniversary trip with a visit to a daughter and son-in-law.
        We had originally planned to go back to Honolulu also, and visit our son (25th Infantry Division), but there is a chance he might be out of town on a “business trip”.

        After all those years of leaving them at home for anniversary trips, we’ve decided it’s okay to visit their homes. And to prove our lack of Fundy cred, we will visit Berkley while we are in the area.

  9. I wonder if there were any ladies in the audience wearing blue dresses…

    Having said that, I’m a guy and I don’t wear pink except to show support for fighting breast cancer. Had a few pink shirts and ties in the 80’s, but decided I just don’t like the color.

    1. That’s pretty much me, also. That is the same reason I don’t wear yellow dress shirts. I have to admit that I am tempted to buy a pink shirt just to wear to particular preacher’s services.

      1. Ticking off pious gasbags would be my reason for buying a pink shirt, too. I have to admit, I fall more on the purple side of the spectrum in shirt color preference, if I’m going to wear something just a bit too, um, flamboyant..? 😳

        1. My nod to flamboyance, would, I guess, be my bow-tie collection. I like wearing them. All real, hand tied each time, bow-ties. And socks. I like dark dress socks with bright patterns. Either argyle or pictures.

        2. Ah, I knew there was something I liked about you. Bow ties. Once you tie one you can’t ever go back.

        3. I also used to have a driving cap similar to yours, but age and moths rendered it non-wearable. My preference is a hound-tooth pattern, which doesn’t seem as popular as it once was.

        1. Please do. I have a really nice bright blue pantsuit (2, 2, 2 sins in one) that ought to give him a coronary. :mrgreen:

  10. I like to listen to the phrase that starts at :24 and then pause it at :29 and look at the guy in the lower-right of the screen.

    In my opinion, far too many people said “Amen” to the thought of Bob in a dress.

  11. I’m all for men/boys who want to wear pink. Who cares!!! Having said that, I’m also a die-hard football fan and I think the wearing of pink has gone a bit overboard during October. Now, I understand cancer is nothing to be taken lightly, but why can’t the NFL and NCAA football teams wear colors that represent testicular cancer? You can talk about breasts publically, but you can’t talk about balls? I think some of it is a scam. They “pinked out” my local NFL stadium on Sunday. Covered all the seats in pink vinyl. They could have taken all the money it cost to do that (paying stadium employees and having the vinyl printed out, etc) and donated it to cancer research. I guarantee not a single male fan in the stands cared if his seat was pink or blue. I am in NO WAY discrediting breast cancer or those associated with it with this comment….just some of my thoughts on the matter.

    1. I see your point although testicular cancer is much more rare than breast cancer, and probably is a bad comparison point. Prostate cancer, on the other hand, has a similar incidence rate to breast cancer and causes more deaths. That one deserves more attention, imho.

    2. I do also have a yellow wrist band that I wear.

      Because one of my daughters’ best friends is a leukemia survivor, my contributions have gone to that research most recently.

    3. I really don’t understand how everybody wearing pink ribbons or pink clothing is going to cure or prevent cancer. If I thought it would do that, I would never be without a pink ribbon.

      But I don’t really believe in that kind of magic.

      1. No the ribbons — pink, purple, multi-colored, etc., they aren’t to “cure” whatever they represent. They are to REMIND people.

        I teacher adult education. I have 500 students per semester, and I always talk to at least a handful of women who are in their 40s or 50s that have NEVER had a mammogram and typically the reason is because they are afraid the Dr. will find something! If there is SOMETHING, you should be praying that the mammogram does find it! I talk to students every year about how a mammogram SAVED MY LIFE!

        In 2007, my annual mammogram was clear — not even a “questionable section”. In 2008, when I went, I have a jumbo-sized egg tumor already. The type I had was called Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), which is a very aggressive nasty version of breast cancer. One month after I was diagnosed, one of my dear friend’s husband was diagnosed with the same type of cancer. She buried her husband 2 years ago.

        1. Appreciate it, Big Gary! So far so good! 5 more years to go before I get the “all clear”!

        2. I pray that you remain strong and beat this cancer! I hope I did not offend you in any way. My train of thought was simply, boy sport – boy cancer benefit. That’s all. BTW, my BIL beat stage 4 testicular cancer….you can DO IT!

      1. well in that case….we can only be friends if you’re wearing a frilly apron and have 6,897,235,321 dozen pumpkin muffins on your kitchen counter.

        1. “well in that case….we can only be friends if you’re wearing a frilly apron and have 6,897,235,321 dozen pumpkin muffins on your kitchen counter.”

          We’re in trouble — don’t own a frilly apron — I do own a leather vest and chaps, though. I don’t make pumpkin muffins, either (I’d eat them, though!) I do make a mean zucchini bread that reminds people of carrot cake! πŸ˜€

    1. Yeah, see, this congregation has heard this “sermon” probably 10 times in the last 6 months. Because, in reality “this guy” only has about 5 sermons that he preaches. Plus, they had a ceremonial bonfire for burning pink items which were worn by men last week during tent revival. Sort of like burning your satanic cd’s.

      This congregation was READY for the pink sermon!!

      They also know about lots of other doctrinal issues such as hair length for men and women, how many steps behind a man a woman should walk, aprons on women only, etc….VERY important issues.

    2. So, if you watch the full , over 2 hour video on YouTube, you will see that at least one guy in the choir is wearing a pink shirt.

      the Admiral

    1. β€˜Homiletical hemorrhoid’ is actually a very accurate description of any Tony Hutson sermon.

      Just when I think he can’t get any more offensive, he exceeds my already-high expectations.

  12. He is preaching the fundy fundamentals- it’s the clothes you wear that indicate your spirituality- it’s much easier to pass judgement that way.

    Reminds me of this Sonic commercial


    SFL is like the mirror at the end of that commercial.

    Much thanks to Jack Trieber and North Valley Baptist Church for letting this guy fill the pulpit.

    1. Words can’t express my utter aversion when a preacher plays “repeat after me” or “fill in the missing word”. It’s the verbal manipulation of a narcissist. Don’t tell me to “speak”, Rudd Weatherwax.

      1. “Words can’t express my utter aversion when a preacher plays β€œrepeat after me” or β€œfill in the missing word”. It’s the verbal manipulation of a narcissist. Don’t tell me to β€œspeak”, Rudd Weatherwax.”

        LOL!!!! πŸ˜†

        1. Well, I use the technique in teaching my mathematics courses. It encourages the students to learn the terminology and to sequence the steps in problem solving. I will tell them to “help me out with this,” or I will pause for the students to fill in a term I hope is obvious. I also have students “repeat after me” a rule I see them having trouble remembering.

          In my usage, I contend it isn’t narcissistic or manipulative. In preaching, I think it depends on how it is used.

          In the Episcopal Church we recite the Nicene Creed. It is a repetition I very much appreciate. We do responsive readings. Our prayers are responsive. While our preaching is not responsive, I could see a teaching lesson in which the priest uses our memory of one item to help us get the point in another area.

          But IFB preachers are often rather aggressive, and responsive teaching must not be to be done correctly. The “Amens?” are indeed narcissistic, a man just asking for people to praise what he just said — especially when no one would have done it on their own!

          Let’s face it. Many IFB preachers are simply bad at what they do and are clueless about it because of the worship they receive from the congregation.

      2. @rtgmath: I agree with your distinction. I have no problem with antiphonal readings, responsorial psalms, pedagogical teaching methods that require rote repitition or imitation, or singing “Minnie the Moocher” (hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-ho…) with Cab Calloway.

        What irks me is when some jack-in-the-pulpit expects me to parrot back his own drivel with the conviction of echoing the oracles of God. (Like “pink is for girls!!!” Haaymen!!! “So mote it be!!”)

        That’s just the stuff of power trips and/or insecurity seeking affirmation. Our old pastor would do this often, and every time he did it, he’d say, “say it again”, and then “say it again” one more time. It was awkward and humiliating, and the main reason why I hesitated to invite friends or family members to that church.

        I think, by reading your response, that you agree. I hold teachers in the highest regard, and you strike me as being a very good one. Thank you for your passion and dedication. May you be rewarded with the “aha” moment in your students lives many times over…

    1. Real church history, (read baptist history) didn’t begin until about 1610 or so. SInce the renaissance period was winding down, your “facts” don’t count. πŸ™‚

      (totally kidding of course)

        1. In fairness, everyone was Catholic, and no one left Catholicism in the 13th century (at least not with their head intact).

  13. I also wanted to say one of my sons & I have matching hot pink Crocs knock-offs. This little guy loves anything with wheels, takes apart things to see how they work (have the feeling he’s going to be a total gear head!), and also loves makeup & nail polish.

    He is by turns rambunctious & sweet, aggressive & tender. He is who he is, and I would never tell him there is something wrong with him because of his varied likes & interests.

      1. Thanks, BG. I haven’t heard that in a long time, and had forgotten it.

        I also spent a lot of time in the corner during my early school days. The only reason I still don’t get stuck in the corner is I broke out of the box and left it long ago.

      2. Well, that made me cry. Once we make a child shut down part of who they are (whether it be imagination, creativity, or personality), it can be extremely difficult for them to regain that part of themselves.

        I had to shut down my silly, sassy, irreverent, fun-loving personality in order to survive childhood (& later, BJU). It’s only been in the last year (yes, really) that I’ve begun truly being myself. One of my boys said to me a couple weeks ago, “Mom, why are you so silly all the time now? You never used to act that way!”

        I had to explain that I had to act a certain way to get by, but I had finally realized my silliness is actually a gift -both to myself & those I share it with. We can all use more laughter in our lives!

        The good which came from being stifled is that I learned how damaging it is & I am more than willing to accept my kids as they are instead of trying to force them into a different mold.

        1. Even though we were pretty heavy Fundy for a while growing up, my folks didn’t stifle creativity. We still had to follow the silly school rules, but we were allowed to think and act ourselves for the most part.

          I did follow dress rules at Unusual U, but maybe not in the full spirit of the rule. I borrowed a lot of my dad’s more colorful wide ties from the sixties and wore them at BJ in the late eighties when hideous solid color skinny ties were in vogue. Orange flowers, red bandanna print, red with large white stars. They looked especially sporty with my shop uniform.

        2. When I was there in the mid 90’s a few of my acquaintaces observed Fat Tie Tuesday where they did precisely that. Yeah, it got shut down pretty quickly. I love my school but they probably could have let that one alone.

        3. I love silliness (as you may have guessed if you’ve read some of my comments.
          I do believe it’s a gift of the Spirit.

        4. I probably got away with it because I was only one person, a townie, and one of those trade students. All of which make you different to start with.

        5. UncleWilver, I’m pretty sure a couple of those ties were hand made for the Bicentennial. When it comes to ties, there’s not much wider or brighter than 1976.

        6. Les, I thought of that later, and meant to amend it to add the 70’s also. Those were some wide ties. I wore one two weeks ago. For AWANA theme night.

          Let me know when you need to borrow one.

        7. I know exactly what you mean, Kreine. Still working on being myself. It’s hard!

  14. youtube is blocked at work, so I haven’t seen the. video, but I can just imagine. <> Some people are so tiresome.

    Forget loving God with all your heart, soul, & might. Forget loving your neighbor as yourself. Ignore loving justice & mercy and walking humbly with God.

    Just make sure you’re wearing an apron if you’re a woman and not wearing pink if you’re a man. Use the correct Bible and…and…and…

    If this were presented to me as Christianity, I’d run as far as I could get from it.

  15. Wore a pink shirt to a service at Trieber’s pastor’s school just to see what kind of reaction I would get…the infamous Mike Strouf 😯 told me, “Real men don’t wear pink.” True story. I also did not wear the 100% Hyles button but that’s another story…

  16. BamaMan — did you ever have the pleasure of meeting Pastor Harrison from Prairie Baptist Church in Scotts, Michigan? Harrison and Trieber were room mates in college. John Woullard who graduated from Trieber’s college is his assistant pastor now. He married Marie Coburn, and David + Mary (Boggess) Beale are the youth pastor and wife now.

  17. 1. If you keep having to ask people to ‘amen’ you, you are doing it wrong.

    2. If a major point you are trying to get your audience to remember is what color goes with which gender, you are doing it wrong.

    3. If you are a fat guy standing in front of hundreds of people talkng about how much you are craving fast food, you are doing it wrong.

  18. After prayerfully meditating on this preaching, the Holy Spirit has convicted me of my sin. I now realize that my pink underwear are not God-honoring. Therefore, I will remove them post-haste. Excuse me while I shut my office door.

    1. Just remember to put your kilt back on.

      Also, don’t put red in with the whites. That’s how you wind up with pink undies. You shouldn’t be doing laundry anyway, but I guess if you’ve had seven beers you might go a little crazy.

      1. Laundry? That’s what the creek out back, washboard and wife are for.

        And now you have gone and cross-pollenated today’s blog post with yesterday’s post. That will only confuse me. :mrgreen:

      2. Of course our aprons are pink. Lacy, too. Wait, didn’t Hyles write something about denim and lace … maybe we should die our jeans pink and turn them into aprons and make lace to adorn them out of our Luke Bryan t-shirts?

  19. Part of me always wants to hear the rest of the sermon, but they are usually too long for me to waste my time on. But how do we get to these rants? Is this the topic of the sermon? Is this a freebie? What scripture is this rant coming off of? I do not find any reference to wearing pink as a man listed in Scripture.

    Its a shame the pulpit is used for such horrendous rants.

  20. I’m looking at that obscenely large, fancy pulpit. “That in all things He might have the preeminence.” I cannot see how that pulpit reflects the humility of Jesus.

    1. The large pulpit is indicative of the centrality of the sermon and the one-man-rule in our churches today.

      You won’t find either anywhere in the NT. It’s reformation tradition.

  21. My niece used to volunteer as a counselor for a suicide hotline. She found that fully 1/3 of the callers were gay or lesbian young people who had lost all hope in living because of the rejection that they faced from society, most importantly, from their parents.

    I had a close friend at BJU who came out after graduation. He died of AIDS in 1995. Try as I might, I could never convince him that God really did love him.

    How can Christians possibly convince gays and lesbians that God loves them when we show such hatred for them?

    So while we’re talking about pink and blue, maybe we ought to talk about how we need to treat all men and women, both straight and gay, with love, care and compassion.

    1. A good first step would be to try to convince those Christians who are being dirtbags to, well, stop being dirtbags. I’m not saying this as though I have it all figured out, but that’s the path I’m trying to take.

      Momentum will build as more Christians who are LGBT come out. Their friends and family – if they have any heart at all – will be less likely to take this sort of tripe without complaint.

  22. He claims the Worley is “standing against sodomites”; that may be true, but it isn’t Biblical; stand again SIN, yes. But not against the people; not against rounding ’em up and putting them all in a big jail. That is what Worley advocated, and that is not standing against sin.

    The liberals say, ‘He shouldn’t have said that!’, but bless God, call sin sin!
    I beg to difer — he (Worley) should not have said that; it was NOTHING to do with the sin of sodomy.

    As others have noted, in American culture, men don’t kiss men (having been raised in this culture, I think it is weird/gross), but it is common in other cultures. What does he think the Bible means when it says “Greet one another with a holy kiss”.

    And the blue/pink thing; again, as has been pointed out, first, culture has changed about blue being for boys and pink for girls, and second, if the Bible is, as you claim, your only authority for matters of faith and practice, where are these colors called out in Scripture? Mayhaps, if Scripture is silent in an area, we should be too.

      1. Well… that phrase isn’t in the Bible, but the OT command to lift up the voice as a trumpet and show the people their sin is. I’d say preaching against sin is certainly in the Bible in principle.

        1. If you’re a prophet, sure. And even then, only to those in Israel.
          I suppose if you want to do some fun stuff with historical context, you could potentially make an application for today that those in authority within the church can speak against sin WITHIN the church, but preaching against sin outside the church is, I think, difficult, if not impossible, to justify from the Bible.

        2. I think that may be a bit of a stretch. Sounds like ceremonial thing from sacrifice days. Paul in the NT makes it clear that the law is so that I can identify my sin & seek forgiveness.

          You can find lots of instances of prophets decrying sins of the nation & the leaders. Closest I can think of is Paul insisting on church discipline for sleeping with your mother in law, and lying to the Holy Ghost (although that one was again non human intervention).

          I’m fairly firm in my belief that old or new testament, sin is to be handled by God, and not something humans stand against or for.

          Just IMO, and by God, I’m standing for it! πŸ™‚

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