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  1. A friend of mine is a police officer and I share your respect.

    Thanks for asking. I did apply for work as a public safety officer a little over twenty-one years ago– passed the written test and the physical test, and was interviewed, but didn’t wind up being hired.

    Regretably, by the time I came to myself, a lot of opportunities had passed.

  2. My freshman year, Dale Fincher was Student Body President, a position typically given to butt kissers. So, despite Dale’s feelings that things were “weird” at PCC, it seems like he immersed himself enough in the culture to get on the right people’s good sides. Granted, I believe he left after a fall from grace, and many of us have been enlightened to the problems of fundamentalism after leaving FundyU, but something feels off to me. I was hoping to see some comments from those who knew him at PCC.

    1. I completely avoided knowing anyone that was in anyway smiled upon by administration including Dale while I was there, and feel like I was probably robbed of some good experiences while trying to avoid all the potholes of human beings there. I’m very glad for the good friends I did make there, but it was necessary to keep my circle VERY self limited, just out of self preservation.

      1. I also don’t think it’s very fair to hold the mistakes an 18-25yo makes against them for the next 15-20 years.

    2. I believe this is just one of several videos that Dale will do about his experience at PCC. If it “feels off”, you might want to reserve judgement until you hear the whole story.

    3. Thanks for bringing this up Mary. I agree with RobM too.. But I was thinking the same thing: I didn’t personally know this guy while there, but from what I saw he was “in favor” with the administration and their ridiculous made-up religious rules. Can a man change? OF COURSE. I am completely different from when I was at PCC. A lot of it is thanks to PCC and opening my eyes to man-made-religion. But everyone there knew that the “student body president” was hand selected by the administration. You could not get that and be struggling like Dale has described. He may be different now and that’s cool but I am sorry I doubt he was as conflicted while there as he describes. That’s not what I saw with my own eyes.

    4. I knew Dale; we weren’t the closest of friends, but our circles did overlap here or there. He was an eyes-wide-open kind of guy, meaning that he paid attention to what was going on. Yes, he did make it through administrative check far enough to become a student body officer, but that doesn’t mean he sold his soul to get there. He was a likable guy who, from my perspective, was trying to do the right thing in a place that twisted the definition of “right.”

  3. I was ready to leave about 18 mos. before my husband was. I chose to stay at the Fundy church with him because I did not want to give church leadership a chance to play “divide and conquer” with our marriage. Granted, it was not a fun 18 mos., but I also learned a lot watching the church from my new perspective.

    (Your mileage may definitely vary on this – in some cases leaving for a different church without your spouse might work out best. Mine is certainly not the only way.)

    The fear that was holding my husband back involved our children’s fate. You see, my former Fundy pastor preached that if you left his church your kid’s would go to the devil (umbrella of protection). He warned us that we could not trust what former members said – they were definitely not happy. He said to look at what became of their kids. Now, in his eyes, girls wearing pants and boys with long hair probably equaled going to devil. 🙄

    Are we happier having left the IFBx?

    Most definitely!

    That pastor would definitely not approve of all the choices we have made (Type of church, music selections, movie attendance, pants wearing hussies, etc.), but we have certainly not “gone to the devil”. The same Christ that held us in His hand back then still holds us today.

    Is our faith to be in a church/pastor/school or in Christ?

  4. “Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”

    H.L. Mencken

    “A Puritan’s idea of hell is a place where he has to mind his own business.”

    Wendell Phillips

  5. Ditto. Although I attended a secular university, i attended an Independent Baptist church and its sister churches. I encountered the same persecution because I did not always wear a dress, even though I wore feminine clothes. There were male chauvenists who did not allow women to speak, not even during church dinners. There was a definite works righteous mentality and all the people there were just plain negative and nasty. These people were not christians and probably never were. A women’s role in life is up to God. If a women is not a baby machine and looks like an Amish women, then you are not accepted by these people. 🙄

  6. Overall, I get what Dale was talking about. All I’m going to say is that I survived PCC. 😎

  7. The campusing policy was deemed illegal….shortly after I started at PCC. Unlawful Imprisonment…

    1. I find that highly unlikely. The student was free to leave at any time, they would just be expelled for doing so.

      If the campusing policy changed there were likely other reasons than its legality.

      1. That is what I was told by a faculty member I knew quite well. Either way..campusing stopped shortly after I attended there….the social-ing still continued though..

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