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    1. You prefer whiteboards? My son’s college still has chalkboards. I got to see him do a proof on one (Euclid V, I think). I don’t mind chalkboards – they remind me of the Bourbakians I used to work with. It’s what goes on the board that counts.

  1. I am horrified to report I was just cleaning out my vehicle and found a Fairhaven plastic cup, with pens from BJU, MBBC, WalkRight Institute, and Fairhaven inside. My child was at a teen event recently.

    I can’t imagine the ultimate horror of handing someone a Fairhaven pen in my house, and the risk that they know what that is. I think I will dispose of them all.

    But, WalkRight? What a strange name. Subtle as a flying brick in the face. Can you imagine the rules at that place?

  2. Maybe they could list successful alumni who have gone on to make advancements in medicine, science, human rights or world peace. Or a least the night manager at the Waffle House.

    1. Interestingly enough, I do know of at least one who is a successful writer for a paper in a major city. He’s long since left his fundy roots, though.

      1. They probably couldn’t even be a night manager at the Waffle House because there are 3 other people with real college degrees applying for that same job (unless of course, the PASTOR of the church that is affiliated with the college knows the owner or manager of the Waffle House)! 😕 😈

  3. The music sounded like a mix between what funeral homes play before the service starts, and the Lawrence Welk Show. I lol’d when I saw what the girls were wearing to participate in “athletics.” That lake is pretty, though.

    1. Yeah, and those institutions are within 30 minutes of each other. The ‘bus wars’ are interesting at the borders of the two groups ‘territories’.

  4. Wow…this video makes me feel so weird!! Seeing that campus again after so many years (one visit back to see friends in the spring of 1998, but otherwise shook the dust of that place off my feet in May of 1997 after just one year there)…well it makes me shudder!!

    I will admit I did make some good friends and did have some fun times there…but then there was plenty I did not care for even at the time…and so much more that in retrospect I cannot believe I put up with and thought was normal!!

    Thinking back now I was so ready to quit and head home just weeks into my first semester when the majority of the new friends I had made there got kicked out. But my parents didn’t want me wasting my semester’s tuition so they asked me to stay at least for that semester. By Christmas break I wavered back and forth all break whether I would go back or not, but the friends I had made (after my first batch had been kicked out) were my determining factor and I went back to finish out the year but with the plan to go elsewhere the next year.

    Looks like the college got a new building since I was there, but otherwise it looks exactly the same. Funny to see all the laptops in the classroom though, cause even in their secretarial program (which I was in) we were not allowed to use the two computers in the typing lab till our second year.

    Also, seriously wondering just how much has changed (or not) about fraternizing between the sexes. We could get in big trouble talking to someone of the opposite sex anytime outside of certain allowed circumstances and locations. We couldn’t even talk on the phone with the opposite sex for innocuous reasons. I had a tax question for my boss (who also went to Fairhaven) and had to call my mom in Texas to get her to call him (in the next dorm over) to ask him my question!!

    Oh yeah, and the “war” between Fairhaven and HAC? Yeah, I got to see that firsthand. Going out on our required visitation on Saturdays and having people tell us to go away cause the other church people had already stopped by was always “fun”!! I actually had a couple cousins going to HAC when I was at Fairhaven…so that made things interesting!!

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