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    1. WE don’t watch Hellywood movies, silly.

      At least not until they come out on cable or dish.

      1. Every time I see that symbol, I think of Brad Pitt infiltrating my church and murdering all of its members. In the dark. At night.

        Thank you Darrell for calling my attention to this.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I was wondering what mind-altering substances led the writer to that conclusion.

    2. That’s because your eyes have not been opened by the Holy Ghost and you have not discernment!

      I can see crude sixes in the upper pic. In the lower one it’s more like jesus fishes.

    3. Yeah, I can’t really see how either of those designs is an “interlocking 666.”

      An interlocking 666 looks more like this:

      Or this:

      Or this:

      Or, for those who like numerology, there’s this:

  1. The kind of “thinking” required to draw that conclusion certainly involves a kind of “proof”. I’d say 80, at the lowest.

  2. That is just really, really sad that people are grasping at straws like that. On the brighter side, every time I see the word Trojan and its in a fundy circle I start snickering inside. Yes, I have not grown up you can’t make me!!! 😈

  3. The trefoil is an old symbol of the Holy Trinity. It is very common in churches at least from the Gothic period on.


    The version pictured, the trefoil knot or triquetrum, also represents eternity, because the lines have no visible beginning or end.

    I can see how a Unitarian might object to this Trinitarian symbol …

    Here’s something for conspiracy theorists, though:
    The Trefoil is also the symbol of the Girl Scouts.


    1. But, but, but, knowing that requires someone to have knowledge of church history! Or at least use their half their brains to look something up. 😯

        1. Samoas a/k/a Caramel Delites! But wait…you can now get them year ’round. Keebler makes ’em. They call them something else, but it’s clearly the same cookie. Me want one. Now.

    2. I’ve also seen in it Celtic art. They have no understanding, nor so they want any understanding of iconography.

    3. This is like the complaints that “Xmas” takes the Christ out of Christmas… not realizing that “X” is a common and very old reference to Christ.

      Dear me, people are stupid.

  4. I, for one, am thankful for brave souls who fling globs of TRUTH at us to HELP us AVOID…STUFF. Symbols. Logos. Graphics. Who knew that these powerful talismans (talismen?) could be so insidious, nefarious, destructive, evil, harmful, bad, bombad, and mega bad?

    For more fun, go to http://onlyway.com/gallery/ and prepare to have your socks.blown.off.

    1. Holy moly! I have been so taken in! I always thought the Target symbol was *just* a target! And that Shell’s picture of a shell was … well, a shell. And the Folger’s one? Whoa, I though it was a rising sun … a good morning?

      Whew, the scales have fallen from my eyes! I’m awake!

    2. That guys has some serious spelling issues… not to mention the paranoia. I could be stuck on this website all day…

      1. Thanks for the reminder of the page, though. I used to work for one of the companies listed.

        We sure fooled those evil Satanists by having a Bible study on their property.

        Oh, wait. It was non-denominational and there were NKJVs, NIVs, ESVs, NASBs, ESVs, Messages and other translations. I guess that laugh is on me……………………

    3. The author of that site is nothing if not imaginative.

      “CHANEL – It is two C\’s interlocked as a reference to the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. In the Hebrew…”

      Riiiight. Because it couldn’t possibly be the monogram of the company’s founder, Coco Chanel.
      Occam’s what, you say? What’s that?

    4. Why do research on where something comes from when you can have more fun making it up?

      “ARM & HAMMER – This is the reference to the Masonic gavel, often used with the book and compass. The symbol represents the Hammer of Thor from Greek mythology.”

      Er … “GREEK mythology”???

      1. “ARM & HAMMER” was actually the logo of a Socialist party of around 100 years ago; the founder of the company was a member of that party or otherwise associated in some way.

    5. So from skimming those pages, I have concluded that the following list of items cannot be included in a logo or image of any kind. Please do correct me if I missed any:

      – the number 6 or anything that looks like it
      – triangles/pyramids
      – reptiles
      – apples (because the Forbidden Fruit was an apple?)
      – a planet (especially Saturn)
      – the sun
      – an eye
      – a torch/flame
      – a woman (or at least he accuses women in logos to be Isis an awful lot)
      – the letter T
      – a hammer or gavel
      – wings
      – interlocking circles
      – a red star
      – an animal

      And there you have it.

      1. I’m thinking every company should have the same logo a US flag and a KJV Bible that says 1611 even though it’s not 1611.

        1. RC: Satan’s lies about what?
          Rob, you do have a point. plus maybe a picture of Aunt Bea on it somewhere. πŸ˜€

      1. Yes they are: Wal-mart sells alot of that stuff intentionally at the direct direction of G.H.W. Bush and his one-world order compadres.

      1. or maybe Bad Horse . . . hey, I guess this is the evil symbol of evil! 😈

        1. I got it. I was just adding my own Dr. Horrible joke, which nobody ever gets either. πŸ˜€

        2. I got the Dr. reference, I just never saw a logo. Just graffiti and had no proper witty rejoinder, so I feigned ignorance. Which really isn’t too hard for me.

    6. I feel like if you are going to say that Target symbol represents “the sex act” you should have to be more specific which sex act it represents.

      1. I suppose anything could be considered SEX if you mess around with it enough.

    7. What idots put this together. The rising sun was a ancient symbol to represent the resurrection of Christ. Learned that in nursing school on our trip
      to a funeral home. They had a sun burst in one of the room, above the spot where the coffin goes. Starbucks is a siren. Maybe they should use the Internet to see what logos really mean.

    8. FYI, I just clicked on that link and Avast blocked a trojan horse. Apparently one of the image files is infected.

  5. Sounds like something from nutty Gail Riplinger.

    I was once caught up in that kind of garbage; it looks like the triquetra was originally pagan, then used by Celtic Christians.

    I think that making a 666 out of it (as G. Riplinger did) is pretty far-fetched.

    My understanding is that early Christian symbols were either the fish or the cross, and are still probably more prominent. If they had asked me, I wouldn’t have put a questionable symbol on the NKJV.

    (Proof, indeed! Hmph!)

  6. Lord have mercy! It’s a symbol of the Trinity!! What a bunch of maroons!!!!

    1. Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, Ephesians 4:29

  7. The one on the Bible is also pointed, not rounded. The pointed one reminds me of the icthus symbol.

    1. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:5

  8. At first I didn’t see any sixes or anything sinister at all. Then I had an accident in the kitchen and some tin foil got wrapped around my head. Now I can clearly see the sixes. And the Freemasons symbol. And the Proctor & Gamble logo. And the phone number for the Bilderberg committee.

        1. And according to IFB types in their tin foil hats, Satan is Omnipresent. He’s everywhere!

          See the ones that see satanic symbology in everything see sin as something outside of themselves that will taint and/or polute them if they come in contact with it. Satan gets credit for a multitude of sin he never instigated. Sin begins in the inward part of man, in the heart and works its way out.

          It takes a great deal of mantal gymnastics in order to see the symbol depicted above as Satanic and an even greater twisting of logic and common sense to conclude a Bible Translation is evil/demonic because of it.

        2. He is omnipresent and omniscient. Neither life, nor death, nor height nor width, nor even your most fearful prayers can ever hide you from the eyes of Satan.

  9. The last line – “It is a counterfeit!” should actually read “It is a cookbook!”

      1. You people are so foolish. One day you will see your error. I pray that you would repent of your bitterness and the LORD would remove the scales from your wicked, hate-filled eyes.

        1. We are all in that danger without the blood of Jesus. I’m pleading with you to please repent.

  10. Thanks for the http://onlyway.com/gallery/ link. That was entertaining.

    It’s not that I DON’T think symbols have a hidden meaning (although sometimes, an oval is just an oval and a circle is just a circle), I just don’t understand the point of extrapolating the ‘real’ meanings. What are you going to do, go to Yale and attempt to join an Ivy League secret society to…infiltrate it? Convert the members? Take them down? Seriously. What’s the point? Even if there is an elite society of devil worshippers and freemasons who control the majority of wealthy corporations across the globe, what is there to do about it?

    And if you’re a Christian, do you not think that Christ wins in the end, and is more powerful than Satan and a few pen marks? Sometimes, Christians are as superstitious as ancient pagans, and they contradict their belief in the all powerfulness of Christ by being scared/paranoid of ubiquitous symbols.

    It’s that spirit of fear that permeates conservative Christianity and leads to ridiculous rules for everything from dress, to music, to seeing malignant symbols in every logo.

    1. This is absolutely true…when I tried to go the website, I received notice from my anti-virus (Avast) that there was a Trojan horse. You cannot make this stuff up.

      In any event, I am in 100% agreement that modern fundies are a superstitious bunch that have little understanding/belief of the true God of the Bible.

    1. I agree Corey, the people who run this site are hell-bound and need to repent.

      1. Has to be a POE, either that or is Omniscient.

        Hmmmmm, let’s find out.
        Hey RC, What did I have for Breakfast this morning?

    1. The sky will fall. And you will not have a chance when you stand before the Judge.

      1. The sky will fall? What verse says that? Or are you adding to God’s word? Because we all know what happens when you do that….

      2. By syntax you are making yourself the Judge. “Oh well what they hey? Nothing lost nothing gained”.

  11. I mean, forget finding any changes to the Bible that may create heresies, the symbol alone is enough for me! Who needs further proof! πŸ™„

        1. great men of God
          Such as……????

          Define a “great man of God for us.”

          Poe, this has to be a POE.

        2. No problem. I will not mock Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, or Pope Francis. Good enough?

        3. I would like to which “great man of God” too…and you cannot say pastors in general, because I am one :mrgreen: (last I checked, I was not mocking God).

  12. How can someone know the word “gnosis” and confuse “propriety” with “property”? Face/palm

    Also love that they are sticking to the old party line against “knowledge” and “illumination”. WOW. Just…wow.

  13. I remember in fundy school we learned that that was an Irish symbol representing the Trinity that was the day we learned the “true” story of St. Patrick and how he wasn’t Catholic at all, he was just a good old Baptist missionary, but then the evil Catholics made him a saint and now everyone thinks he’s Catholic . . . boy did I grow up on the wrong side of the Fundy tracks!

      1. Of all the ignorant statements ever posted on the internet this one ranks pretty high on the “I am God” scale.

        So let me make sure I understand, I would hate to offend a god. I have to assume that you are omniscient and know the hearts of all who have lived, who are living and who ever will live. And according to your devine knowledge you know for a fact that no Catholic has ever or will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

        What are you going to post for an encore? A requirement that we now worship you? πŸ™„

        1. THE Don ! As in THE One ? You’ve been promoted in SFLer Land. You must be proud, very proud.

        2. I suspect Don changed his moniker in response to the recent post regarding Hyles playing a gangster.

          And you should know that ‘The Don’ would be nothing in fundyland when standing up next to an honorary doctor. Haymen!

        3. Actually Dave I could go by my bestowed title of Lord Don, but I usually only use that title on special occasions. But Tiarali is right it’s a left over from the Hammond Mafia posting this week.

        4. @John(the Awakened One) Well played, sir. Very well played! I can normally detect a suspicious aura of falsehood around most Poe posts that sets off my bullpookie alarm, but you really had me going. Nice job! Now I have to calm down and put all my wonderfully snarky replies away somewhere.

  14. Folks – my Norton software detected an attempted attack from the onlyway.com website so I recommend you avoid it completely.

    1. There’s definitely something off about the site, software-wise. My browser acted wonky when I went there.

    2. Same with my Avast. That can’t be good, if you can’t even go there. πŸ™„

  15. That is hilarious and awesome and terrible, oh my God. I know for a fact there are people that believe it. But I just…I can’t even. That symbol has nothing to do with 6’s, what in the ever-loving Christ are these people on.

    1. It’s a spot-on imitation.
      Actually done better than most of the sincere Fundy attacks on SFL.

    2. John is Awake – Good work. but I knew you were a counterfeit. A “real chrsitian” would have their name as:

      Real Christianβ„’

  16. Usually I can laugh at the posts here, but every once in a while Darrell posts something that sends me riiiiiight back to when I was a kid and everyone around me sincerely believed in this stuff, and I was the only one who thought they were nuts. And the horror of realizing that those people were in charge of taking care of me, and educating me, and getting me to adulthood was almost too much for me. My dad was a big numerology fanatic, and our IFB pastor was right up there in trying to find hints of the End Times and the Anti Christ in modern corporate America. Some days I can’t believe I survived with even just a modicum of sanity πŸ™

  17. Fundies in my experience have had superstitious issues with both the number 6 and the letter X. The word “six” is also too similar to the word “sex”, another fundy stumbling-block.

    1. It’s too close to the word “sax,” the devil’s trumpet.

      It starts with sax and violins, and it ends up with hanky-panky.

      1. All hell breaks loose if the “devil’s trumpet” is played on a “Sin-thesizer”!

        1. Q: What do you call Japanese-style bread crumbs wrapped in a bandana?

          A: Hanky-panko!

      2. And remember, hanky-panky is just one step away from the Hokey-Pokey, which is a form of (gasp!) DANCING! 😯 How sinful! How shocking! And that’s what it’s all about. :mrgreen:

    2. I was assigned a little video project back when I was teaching at Fundy U. Teaching on the Norman Conquest, I said the year 1066 a couple times. When I was later shown my video, I was told I said “sex” instead of “six.”For the life of me, I could not hear what the reviewer heard. I’m from New England, and short i and short e are not among the sounds we usually butcher. I always wondered if the reviewer just had some Fundy fear of the similar words.

      1. Your reviewer may have had a Fundy Freudian moment with the word “conquest”!

  18. Remember Harold Camping? One of his billboards predicting May 21, 2011 for the Lord’s return is still up in my hometown.

    1. ahhhh Harold Camping! When I was a teenager we listened religiously to Family Radio for the “good Christian music” but then turned the radio off whenever Camping started talking so as not to listen to heresy.
      That, actually, was one of the catalysts contributing to my chilling realization that just because someone listens to “wholesome, godly music” does not mean they’re actually a Christian.

  19. Yes, Yes! 666 is the Number of the Beast! Numbers can be evil! Math can be evil! Well, …

    My favorite professor at Bob Jones University was Dr. Gary Guthrie, head of the Math Department. He told a little story about Mrs. Horton, the wife of the President of Pensacola CC.

    “She would go around to churches giving these lectures about the evils of modern mathematics. She would get up and say, ‘Now I don’t know much about math …’ and then she would proceed to prove it.”

    He sat in on one of her “lectures” and was absolutely astounded at the immense breadth and depth of her ignorance. Her argument wound up being little more than, “Since I don’t understand it, it can’t be true.”

    Fundies *do* love their conspiracy theories!

    Have you ever noticed that Fundies attribute God-like powers to the Devil? Somehow they believe that the Devil is successfully stealing souls away from God, causing calamities, tricking people into reading John 3:16 from the NIV and damning their souls for eternity.

    I find it interesting that in the Old Testament, Satan isn’t mentioned once until 1 Chronicles. In Job, Satan isn’t noted for his power, but his accusations. Even Jesus says very little about Satan. It is only when you get to the Revelation that you see Satan as this very powerful entity.

    It is another example of fundamentalists trying to create terror at nothing. If you are afraid, you are controllable.

    1. rtgmath,

      I was taught that Job was from the Age of Patriarchs, which makes it one of the oldest books in the Bible, which puts mention of Satan pretty early. And Satan was pretty powerful in that book, unless you believe that God destroyed Job’s children and wealth. This depiction of Satan’s power seems to match pretty well with the NT description of him as a “roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

      That said, I liked your story from Dr. Guthrie. The faculty at BJU were some pretty cool people, with fantastic senses of humor. I remember Dr. St. John loved to post cartoons on the overhead at the beginning of each class hour, and then watch all of us sleepy heads as we moped our way to our desks for that first-hour class. I think maybe five out of 200 students ever got the jokes…or cared that they were posted.

      Isn’t it sad that PCC can make a place like BJU look NORMAL?

      1. The story is old, but the writing is reminiscent of the style coming out of Babylon in the 4th century BC, which might make the writing contemporary to Ezra and Nehemiah.

        Giving Satan a prominent place in the story also dates it closer to the 4th century. Prior to close association with Babylon, demigods and other spiritual beings were almost never even acknowledged. God had his servants, certainly. But the power and glory of the servants was not emphasized. God was acknowledge as pretty much uncontestable, and the “gods” as nothing but wood and stone.

        We often tend to think that the stories were written down and read. That was usually not the case. Most stories were preserved by recitation and memorization through the generations. Different generations would add or delete certain details, so stories changed over time.

    2. You sort of have to love a culture where admittedly not knowing much about math is an inducement to go on tour giving lectures about math.

  20. So, since the KJV1611 folks have managed to convince many that the 1611 is superior to, and corrects, the original greek; And that the centuries old symbol of the trinity is now the satanic symbol depicting “666”, so will I soon be told that the BGTB, uh…Gb..GLBT use of the rainbow means that my children’s Sunday school flannel graph depicting a rainbow over Noah’s ark is a ploy to make the little crumb-cruncher’s think that Noah was a homosexual and married to Steve?

      1. “Noah was married to Ham…” that is wrong on so many levels, not the least of which is that Noah was also Ham’s father. 😳 😯

  21. Do you think our fundamentalist brothers and sisters will one day put down the metaphorical crack pipe? :mrgreen:

  22. the one on the bible is a triqueta, a symbol of the trinity made popular in the 90s by metal band POD

  23. 1611…hmm. 16 + 1 + 1 = 18. And what else equals 18? 6 + 6 + 6.

    Oh no. Satan!!!! The KJV was published in the year of the beast!!

    The horror!! Everyone, to the ESV, quick!

    Oh wait. Half the fundies are already there.

    1. Also, remember there is three 1s in 1611 and a 6. three and six! coincident?!

      Not to mention that 1611 is an anagram of 6111, and guess what 6 x 111 is…. coincident?

      Further, 16 x 11 is 176. It can hardly be a coincident that 176 gallons is 666 liters?

      …I could go on…

  24. I imagine all of you people are now throwing away your translations, and going right to the Hebrew Bible. Glad to see you’re no longer placing your “faith” in someone else’s rewriting of God’s word! If God had wanted his word in English, he would sure have written it that way. Congratulations on your enlightenment! πŸ™„

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