137 thoughts on “Update: Local Reporter Interviews Jim Standridge”

  1. Good on the guy/member quitting!

    I call complete BS on his protests that he is a loving & caring person “in spite of”.

  2. He doesn’t come across as harsh or stern. He comes across as abusive.

    I’m glad that the video has gone viral. What filth.

  3. I hate the use of the word “accountable” as an excuse for emotionally abusing people.

  4. I hope they all leave. And I hope Young Mr. Cox goes next and takes the video equipment with him.

    1. I am thinking that maybe young “Brother Cox” may have gotten the last word and help along the “be sure your sins will find you out” by contributing video clips. Or maybe it was done by one of the other victims of this abusive excuse of a man who calls himself a pastor.

  5. Of course, Jim Standridge is not making any apologies.

    It is about time he gets dealt with in public too.

  6. but guys, he says he truly loves all of the people in his congregation. so then it doesn’t matter how he treats them.

    1. It’s like the flipside of Stockholm syndrome.

      Instead of the victim being emotionally dependent on the abuser – and callng it love…it’s the abuser being emotionally dependent on his victims, and yes, justifying his abuse as love.

      A lot of fundies have Stockholm-type relationships with their abusive god, created in the image of their abusive pastor. But the abuser is nothing without a flock to beat up.

        1. The J Heller link is a mobile link to youtube might be at least part of the reason it’s not embedded?

        2. That could be. I do a lot of this from my Kindle.

          And yes, Sam is awesome. I need more of her music.

          Sam trivia question: in what movie did she perform the killer chick?

        3. Beautiful song. One thing I regret about growing up semi-fundy is the insulation from ‘worldly’ music. Youtube has been a nice resource. Many so-called secular tracks have more spiritual depth than so much of what is deemed acceptable in fundyism.

  7. I was unfortunately in two churches with pastors who pulled stuff like this from the pulpit. When approached the MOGs always reminded us to not touch the Lord’s anointed. It turned out that both of them were involved in affairs with their secretaries.

    1. So … don’t touch the Lord’s annointed … except in the, er, Biblical sense … 😐

  8. From the comments:
    It is most definitely NOT the pastor’s job to protect the congregation. It is the pastor’s job to make sure the members live a life according to God’s will.

    …and where is that found in scripture??? This is true only if the pastor is running a cult. Does anyone actually read Ephesians 4 anymore? *sigh*

    1. …or I Peter 5:1-3? We cannot constrain people to follow and believe; only preach the Word and let God do the rest!

      1. ^yes^
        When the pastor requires extra-biblical behavior then he has taken on the roll of god. Of course such behavior presents a really, really weak, anemic, frail god who needs the M-O-g in order to get anything done. *sigh* poor, puny god. Not at all the Creator God of the Universe. Not at all the God who asked, “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?” What would God do without these M-O-g? 🙄

    2. I believe it is the individual believer’s responsibility (not anyone else’s) to strive to live a life according to God’s will. We know that we will fall short of this (Jesus and Paul tell us so), but God’s grace is sufficient for our weakness.

    3. If you study the pastor – you will find that he is suppose to be like that of a shepherd – his job is to lead, to feed and to protect… I agree Don, that comment is not scriptural

  9. Somebody please enlighten me a to how the church ever came up with this Idea that the Pulpit to Pew relationship was akin to the Military Chain-of-
    Command? Where did the pulpit acquire all this assumed power from?

    What did Jesus say?
    Peter do you love me? Then go abuse my sheep.


    And whosoever will be chief among you, let him grab as much power as he is able to through manipulation, fear and guilt then he shall be your Master.

    Again it’s one thing to say you love someone, but words ring hollow when actions are screaming “contempt”, “anger” and “bitterness.” All of which are visible in the full video of the so called sermon.

    1. I don’t find unquestioning obedience to a human advocated anywhere in the New Testament.

      Even the military doesn’t say obedience should be absolute: Military law says one should not obey an unlawful order.

      1. Actually…I just reread that, and it’s not as relevant as I remembered. Chapter 2 is pretty apropos, and chapter 4. But it doesn’t really address abuse like Jimmy-boy’s.


      2. The Third Epistle of Peter, like the Second Epistle of Peter, was not written by the Apostle Peter.

        Clues to its late origin include words like “pope” and “archbishop” — ecclesiastical positions unknown in Peter’s day.

        The Second Epistle of Peter has no documented existence before the third century AD. It reads differently from First Peter, and seems to be designed to allay problems with the Return of the Lord. After all, the Lord had promised the Disciples (Matthew 24) that *they* would see the return of the Lord. Jesus had told the High Priest that he would see Him “seated at the right hand of Power and coming on the clouds of heaven” (Matthew 26:64).

        These things did NOT come to pass. Paul expected that he would be among those who saw the Lord’s return (“then we which are alive and remain….”).

        By the third century AD, the church was dealing with a crisis of confidence. 2nd Peter conveniently showed up.

        1. P.S. The PDF itself even says, “The Third Epistle of Peter was written by Alexander Campbell in The Christian Baptist, 1825. Of this article, Homer Hailey said, “The article was purely a satire, written in the form of an unpublished epistle, as if it had just come to light….It definitely expresses an attitude worth keeping before preachers of each generation” (Attitudes and Consequences, p. 77).”

        2. I was too busy working on a convergence problem of Pythagorean Triples of the form a^2 + (a+1)^2 = b^2. There is only so much room for theology, satire, and mathematics in the same brain.

  10. Okay, as much as I don’t likes giving IFB a pass on stuff like this, it probably should be noted that he describes himself as an “old sovereign grace Baptist preacher with the heart of a Pentecostal.” That does not sound like someone or a church who would be accepted as a part of any of the typical “IFB” camps. This is its own special unique mess, apparently mixed with a little Calvinism and speaking in tongues???

    1. Before I left the church, I was Pentecostal at one time, and I can tell you, if this had happened in any of the churches I attended, the guy would be out of a job the next day.

    2. Old sovereign grace Baptists are, I think, a (very small) group of churches local to Oklahoma and Texas. They generally do associate with IFBers although ina strict sense I don’t think they are.

    3. I wouldn’t jump to give the IFB a pass. I’ve heard several IFB preachers call themselves ‘bapticostal’, usually in an attempt to stir up an emotional response in the congregation. They embrace the idea of worshiping in an obvious, emotional way (sans contemporary music, of course) while rejecting the doctrine of tongues. And there are many, many closet Calvinists in the IFB who still behave in this typical manipulative, abusive way. They adhere to Calvinism only to an extent – they still believe in people soul winning and earning favor through works and legalism, and working to build the church. Because, hey, that helps them buy an Enclave.

  11. This made my skin crawl! It’s been just over a year since our “loving” pastor left, and it still hurts to think about how he treated us “out of love”. Men like this disgust me.

  12. Unfortunately as he gets called out on his sick behavior he’ll only gain more power over those that haven’t woken up. If he’s being ‘persecuted’, then you really know he’s one of the Lord’s Anointed. Hopefully more than just one member leaves never to look back, but then again he said he does that all the time…

  13. His church website says: Dr. Jim Standridge is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill pastor. When it comes to preaching a gospel of change and higher living, we are not engaged in a run-of-the-mill relationship. Bro. Jim’s style is Spirit-led, encouraging, and practical, engaging the believer in matters of the heart and barring no word in confronting the follower of Christ on issues of sin and iniquity. Bro. Jim toes the line, counsels with the Word of God, and has a heart for God and the church.

    1. What I heard on the video clip was NOT “encouraging.”

      Plus, while it is good to be willing to tell people when they’re going against God’s Word, the Bible itself tells us how to do it: we go TO that person (not publicly berate them from the pulpit) and we go in a spirit of meekness and gentleness.

      1. And I doubt anyone within his own church confronting him about his behavior (whether this behavior or anything else they felt went against God’s Word) would be as well received by him.

        1. We already know how he would take reproof, he would go get “[his] little Connie” and get in his Buick and go look for another church with stupid people so he can yell at them. That is basically what he said. An arrogant self-anointed man like his closed his hearing even to God so you can be sure he would not hear a worthless member of his congregation. We need to pray that he has a Damascus Road experience.

  14. Another news site has picked up the story. Jim Standridge is finally getting all the attention he deserves!

  15. The author of this blog lacks the balls to simply change its name to ihatebaptists.com.

    If by “fundie” the author is attempting to imply “extreme” and not simply one who holds to the fundamentals of his faith, then he ought to also mention fundamentalist Catholics, Pentecostals, Hindus, Buddhists a host of other religious sects in his sorry rants…but he doesn’t.

    Why not?

    1. The author of the blog, and many who come here regularly, have a long history of involvement within the IFB church. We know it from the inside. While there are certainly some similarities with fundamentalists in other religions, we don’t have any history of being part of those religions, so they aren’t discussed here.

      The Independent Fundamental Baptists may claim that they simply hold the fundamentals of the christian faith (which, believe it or not, some of the regular readers here actually still do), in reality they tend to hold to a lot of extrabiblical rules and traditions that harm people and harm the cause of Christ.

    2. SixSigma – You lack the balls to read through more of the blog to understand what it is about. And what we are about.

    3. You didn’t really just use the but..but..but THEY’RE just as bad as US argument, did you? Really? To justify what is supposed to be Christian behavior? I’m stupefied.

    4. Everyone knows Darrell runs this blog, you “six sigma” post under an anonymous name. Now tell me who has more balls, you or Darrell?

    5. Actually, many readers of this blog are still Baptists, like myself, but no longer have the time for the abuse and manipulation that the IFB “brand” has to offer.

    6. lol @ your new screen name.

      If you’d bothered to read the “about” page, you’d have seen that this is only about IFBs. We’ve all been involved with the IFB at some point or other, and some of us more than others.

      Now go get your undies pulled out of your heinie. You’ll feel so much better. 😆

    7. As someone who was raised in an IFB church and who also preached in them, I have seen my share of such men. One of the very reasons so many IFB churches are King James only is because the pastors use the mistranslated verses saying that pastors “rule over” as justification for their dictatorial abusive ways. While there are many good things about IFB churches, after growing up spiritually, I see that pastors and so called pastoral authority are one of the weak links in that denomination.

  16. Interesting that he cited no scripture supporting his “loving” behavior. There are no sermons in the Bible by Jesus where he displayed anything remotely similar when speaking to people. He was physically feeding and healing people. He was forgiving them. This man is not a follower of Christ.

    1. Christ *did* call out the Pharisees pretty harshly. And there was the whole moneychanger incident. But he didn’t confuse the issue by equating his actions with love, and those groups were abusing and damaging other people. I hardly think anyone this so-called “pastor” called out were doing anything to hurt anyone.

      1. And when Christ called out the Pharisees, he didn’t name them individually. He painted them all with the same brush.

        Nor were they members of his congregation.

        1. True, but the point is that Jesus did not just go about espousing “love”, as many seem to claim; He was very harsh on the Pharisees and scribes.

        2. Love for the sheep is what motivates attacking the wolves. So, yes, it’s still about love.

  17. Glad to see this abusive monster held accountable, and so happy that the guy left!

  18. Very interesting.

    I don’t know who the people are that were interviewed, but the first lady doesn’t know what she’s talking about: the church is not a business, and should follow the Bible, not normal business rules.

    Instructions to Timothy were to “reprove, rebuke, exort”, and Jesus Himself many times rebuked His disciples for their lack of faith.

    Having said that, there is NEVER something equivalent to calling someone by name, and telling him that he is the “sorriest” church member, and “not worth 15 cents”. This sounds like a control mechanism used by cults to keep people off-balance.

    Moreover, a good rebuke flows from a real love. This man **MAY** have had a good relation with the pastor that it could be done, but in light of the fact that the man has left the church, it doesn’t seem so.

    In this non-judgmental, just love one another age, the video seems all the more shocking.

    I still think the advice I was given years ago is sound: public sin, public rebuke, and public apology. Private sin, private rebuke, and private apology.

    If the man had been forsaking church (that is, just not going because it wasn’t important), that may deserve a public mention. But there is no excuse for telling everyone that he is your “sorriest church member” and “not worth 15 cents”.

    Is the pastor trying to say that the blood of Jesus Christ is not worth 15 cents? Because Jesus shed His blood for that man…

    Just some random thoughts…

  19. I’m glad they are finally getting some attention like this. Granted this one church is extreme, there are thousands more just like it scattered around the country.

    Most fundie churches will “water down” their Sunday morning sermons to attract new people. Once they suck them in they will start attending the Sunday night and Wednesday night sermons where they get the “tough meat” like this.

    1. Yep; the Bob Gray, Sr (TX) model… have a nice message (maybe plagiarized) on Sun AM; then blast church members on Sun PM, and college students either in chapel or Wed PM.

  20. Looks like Mr. Underwood is telling his side of the story at the FOX23 Facebook page:

    “I would like everyone to know the full truth about all of this. I am Ryan underwood “big boy”and things were not portrayed honestly on the video on you tube. I’ve tried to keep quiet about this but it needs to be heard now. The real problem is my fiancé and I did Not ask him to marry us, my fiancé only called to see if the facilities would be available on the date we wished to use it. That was it. As for me being told I was the worst church member he has,well that’s a whole other story in itself and that was totally uncalled for in my Mind. To say I am not worth .15 cents,! I was shocked and hurt to say the least. If people know where i come from they would understand why i am upset about this. People try to say it was taken wrong well, he said what he said like he said it and that’s a fact. Jim standridge is a good man, I am in no way slandering his name or his church. However I know things were not done right that morning . I was never approached about the situation before that day. I’m a grown man if someone had something to say I welcome them give me a ring and they know that. As for my fiancé, well she is not and was never a member if that church so for him to say those things to her was out of line. I did say that I wanted to e held accountable. Now if I had been held accountable for missing those few WEEKS not MONTHS, then wouldn’t they know the reasoning behind me not attending? I love God with all my heart. I do not want this event to deter anyone from The Lord and what he has for them. I will be the first to say not all churches are like that but like he told me “if I don’t like it I can leave”. So I peacefully and left and left it at that. And now this…”

    Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/fox23news/posts/10151700535627556

    1. Ryan Underwood, you are worth as much as anyone else.
      You were right to walk out.
      You’d be crazy to go back there.
      Love is not control. He doesn’t love you or the other members.

    2. Glad that you left; being held accountable is not the same thing as humiliating someone publicly. Jesus told people when they were wrong, but He didn’t (as far as I can recall) attack them personally.

  21. There is a big “difference” between keeping someone accountable and telling a man he is worthless.

    Telling a person you aren’t worth 15cents is “love”? NOPE.

    For that young man and everyone else Jesus chose to sacrifice Himself. They are priceless. And that is real love.

    Besides I thought that God was our “accountability partner”

    1. Mr. Underwood goes on to say that he was not held accountable in the correct manner. No one went to him in private before he got blasted in that “sermon:”

      “Courtney Spurgeon, you as we’ll as many do not know the definition of accountability. If you think accountability is never talking to someone about issues you have with them until its convenient the you are very mistaken. I have went there for a long time and have never even seen you there? So I’m pretty sure you don’t know me. I know that you don’t know the entire story. If I was held accountable correctly then we would not even be having this conversation. Not once did they call or ask why I was not there. Not once was I corrected in person , not once was I brought in front if the elders, only in public view which is oh so easy for folks like you to say that’s the way it should be , when your sitting on the sidelines. You should read my posts before commenting about something you haven’t yet got the real facts from.”

      1. I think Mr Underwood may have been wrong in this matter. From all I can tell, he had a tendency to skip church, and asked the pastor to help him be accountable. He then missed three weeks in a row.

        Church attendance is a public thing; pretty much everyone knows if you’ve been missing. I don’t think that the pastor needed to go to him privately first, but I do think both of them are at fault here: Mr Underwood should have told the pastor when he couldn’t make it and why, and before unloaded on the guy, the pastor should have asked about the facts.

        Nothing, of course, justifies the “not worth 15 cents” and “sorriest church member” comment – this is only my response about the lack of following Matt 18, which I’m not sure applies in this case.

        1. I think we’re just so used to the idea of church being at such and such set times in our culture that even outside of fundamentalism we forget that when the Bible said not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, it wasn’t commanding a legalistic attendance policy. People have work, families, and lives that don’t always work with the inflexible schedule of church services.

          Because the pastor never bothered to address him privately, he never had any opportunity to find out if the reason he was missing church was because of work, family obligations, health reason, etc., etc., etc… He threw away an opportunity to minister to him and pray for him as a pastor should, and used it instead as an unscriptural opportunity to attack him.

  22. Hello. I am mostly a lurker here and not a member of the forum, so I could not post this link there. This isn’t really related to the current post (though both of these churches are cults), but a young man was arrested at the Van Gelderen’s church in Wisconsin for sexual assault of a 6-year-old little girl. I escaped that hellhole years ago, but my heart is crying for that poor little baby.


    1. What a sad, sad story.
      Apparently, the accused is not a member of the church.
      It’s in the hands of state authorities now.
      I don’t see any evidence that the church people handled it inappropriately, but still– it make me sad.

      1. Hmmm, I guess I should have read the comments before I posted the above.
        Here’s what three different people who know this church have to say:

        “I went this school for seven years as a kid, i wouldnt send bin ladin there!”

        “mucha wasnt just “visiting” he’s been going there since he was born. I knew him personally and spoke with him often when we were kids. church trying to cover up. liars and sickos. falls baptist church is a sick perverted cult and I’m glad I got out.”

        “I’m not surprised at all.”

        So, I retract my above statement, and I have nothing more to say about this. 😳

  23. Love is patient, (“Don’t you go to sleep!”)
    Love is kind. (“You’re the sorriest church member I have. You’re not worth 15 cents!”)
    It does not envy (“You’re never here!”)
    it does not boast (“I’m somebody!”)
    it is not proud. (“I’m important!”)
    It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. (See entire video)

    Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. (When confronted with his abhorrent behavior, this man excuses himself. Ironically, in the name of love.)

    [Love] always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. (Epic fail)

    Love never fails. 😕

    1. It is so important to evaluate what men like this say compared to Scriptures.

      His words are indeed a massive fail.

      1. Sorry, Clara English. 😎 I’m sure your blog post will be more elaborate & insightful than this. Share a link when you post it!

    2. That was the first thing that struck me when listening to it — the “I’m SOMEBODY” and “I’m important” are very prideful statements to make.

    3. Kreine, the Scripture said it very well and eloquently. I appreciated your refreshing it in our minds and hearts. When it comes to love, actions always speak louder than words.
      This video reminds me a lot of experiences working with battered women. Often all the while they are getting beat up they are told how much they are loved.
      “Pastor” Jim Standridge is nothing but a typical bully, probably always has been and will be unless he has a Damascus Road Experience.

  24. Its too bad that people like this guy and Schaap get the lion’s share of media attention. Sure, the man was publicly abusive and deserves to be called out in public, but for all the “nones”, this is yet more confirmation that they made the right choice in abandoning the church. Given my own experience I can’t blame them, but I also have the experience of worshipping with people and pastors who actually love God and neighbor and are filled with the Spirit. That is an experience I wish everyone could have. Alas, men like this shut up the gates of heaven against many.

    1. I so wish i could have a positive experience like that. The church I’m going to claims to love God & their neighbors, but the neighbors are apparently only the well-established church members. We are greeted as a family, not individuals. I rarely get asked, “How are you?” and when I do get asked, it’s obvious that “Fine,” is the only acceptable answer. On more than one occasion, I have cried through the entire service, and not once has anyone asked what is wrong, if they can help, or offered comfort of any kind.

      To me, “I love you…but I’ll ignore you.” is just as hurtful as “I love you…so I’ll publicly humiliate you.”

      1. That is terrible! I am so sorry to hear that. Growing up a military brat, we went to all kinds of churches, and I have to say, I have experienced for more negative than positive, so I understand.

  25. Of course Sandridge is not sorry for being abusive. No surprise there. I am sure that he lost the capacity for remorse long ago.

  26. Let’s see, the first commandment is to love the Lord with all our heart, and the second is to love our neighbor as ourselves. Let’s see… I’d say he’s totally ignoring the second commandment, and probably the first as well. He should respect people enough to correct them in privite. This is exactly the type of Christian leader who gives Christians a bad name.

  27. YEAH RAY!!! Here’s a big grace filled hug. To read that he left made my day. 😀

  28. “That young man is no longer a member of this church.” Well, as Gomer would say, “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”

    I wonder when the preacher gets to be held accountable publicly.

    1. In a sense he’s being held accountable in the public media, however, he doesn’t realize it. His response is text book — I did nothing wrong and didn’t I say “I love you.”

  29. Don’t hear much fruit of the Holy Spirit in this guy either.

    Ryan, you are wise to get out. I hope more of that congregation follow your example.

  30. So he is “only holding people accountable”? I’d like to see this ass’es reaction to me and some others holding him accountable, he wouldn’t stand for it a second

  31. I an not say who he love or not love. But in loving kindness have I drawn thee. He should have called these people for a meeting. Not blast them out in front of everybody. Not worth 15 cents? God sent his son to die for us all because we were of worth to him. This pastor flesh got the best of him and he should apologize to the people he said ugly things to and apologize to the church as a whole. This effects all believers and churches. We are one body.

  32. Does church attendance determine your standing as a believer?


    Does one’s weekly attendance at the church building make God love your more better?

    1. Well, a cat may have her kittens in the oven, but that doesn’t make them biscuits. 😀

      1. bwhahaha. ^ Honolulu! ^
        Yep, but the lack of attendance does affect one’s ability to tithe properly… so there’s that. 🙄

      2. True enough, PR.
        That reminds me of the saying, “You can send a horse to college, but you can’t make him think.”

        I’ve met many people who have somehow gone through universities and even graduate programs without seeming to learn much of anything.

        1. A horse to college, that’s good. I’m also aware of the less polite version of that. :mrgreen:

  33. I went to a funeral recently. “This man was in church every time the doors were open.”
    Even though this statement was well intended, it reveals so much about a belief of righteousness that isn’t righteousness at all.

    1. He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
      And what does the Lord require of you?
      To act justly and to love mercy
      and to walk humbly[a] with your God.

      Micah 6:8

    2. You said it correctly that some man made rules and demands such as being in church every time the door is open is not righteousness at all, but religiosity.

  34. The one lady had it right “it’s like a business”.

    EXACTLY!! That is exactly what religion is, a business.

  35. This ain’t preaching (teaching) 🙄 . This is simply using the pulpit to gripe and complain. 👿

  36. Sadly this man does not represent what The Lord Jesus Christ wants .. This man gives “religion” a bad name and is one of the main reasons people don’t believe.. He uses his position and material things to his advantage to enslave people.. Just goes to show how easy it is to manipulate and hurt people when they are at their lowest…Jesus Christ would never approve of that man… This is a real message sent from above .. What is fear? Is it a norm that we’ve grown to accept? No doubt it’s an emotion. A weak emotion that I despise quite honestly.. I believe we as people in a sense create fear. Or another level of it. Only a person can create a barrier for themselves or for another individual and set the bar so high that they can’t overcome.. They lack faith and hope. None the less fear is real and the danger associated with it. Most fear what they don’t understand because if everyone knew the simple yet mythical truth the only thing a person would fear would be god; cause yes, it’s true a man can kill you. But have you ever met someone who can kill you and have the power to send your soul to heaven or hell?
    What generates fear?.. Emotions inferior, scared to face their own fears, not only that but to truly accept it, and the repercussions that come along with them.. What’s to blame?Lack of guidance? Capital? False promises? Vanity? Greed? Ignorance? It honestly doesn’t matter. It will eventually lead to stubbornness and ultimately selfishness..
    So what now? How can we overcome fear? I mentioned faith and hope. But to have faith is to believe in something bigger than yourself. Belief that is not based on physical proof.. Believe I anything but yourselves.. Belief in the creator. Belief in good. To have faith is almost pointless without having hope.. A hope for a better tomorrow and always counting your blessings as they come.. All while being humble and patient, believing and truly knowing it will all be worth it. Never swaying back and forth like a wave when it reaches the shoreline.. Fear can make you do that
    Many use fear as a shield to protect them from whatever it is that they are trying to cover up inside. But “why” is what I always ask myself.. I’ve met many people, Some with hidden agendas with cut throat intentions all while wearing a mask smiling in your face. And many others that are strong and good but so damaged by the world that they don’t know what to believe in.. I just hope I can reach out and leave something good behind, something to ease the pain..the guilt..the sorrow..all which is a common scent in the air..
    You see Jesus Christ was an innocent man yet, wrongfully accused..embarrassed..humiliated and executed. So how can we even begin to judge each other.. I feel as if I have more in common with your everyday so called “hoodlum” from the ghetto; the hustlers, the prostitutes, the thieves, the killers..aka the victims; Than the people we see and don’t see who actually have status. What in common do you ask? They have heart.. And their all looking for something.. Looking for answers, but sadly at the end of the day they are viewed as nothing more than just a product of their environment. And being so, most haven’t got anything given to them to keep them focused and shine on except what is constantly showed on t.v, media, the streets or past down from past relatives.. So how can anyone blame or judge them.. That’s all they’ve been given..
    till now.. Till they feel something greater than what they’ve been shown, seen or heard. Something far past a facade.. Something they can relate to..something real.. It’s not about race, color or status.. It has nothing to do with ethnicity.. This goes deeper. This comes from a higher power.. I’m not a genius or claim to be anything I’m not.. I’m just your average man with a message that can ultimately fill you with fear or hopefully joy, depending where you stand as an individual. So fear nothing or no one but god. Stay focused and begin living good by being and doing good. Live life in one word.. Righteous.. Learn how to forgive, respect and love each other..
    Still there are those for what ever reason actually believe that they can be god. Which is obscene. There’s only “one true living god”. Who we must always pay respect to, he is the most highest and his name is Jesus Christ. We are merely a speck.. A grain of dirt on a beach.. Given we do right we can all wear crowns.. I’m sure writing this I’m bound to catch some attention. Some good some bad.. But none of that matters when it’s for a greater cause.. It’s merely a message, take it how you want.
    To those who disagree. That’s your opinion and your entitled to that as a free person. One day well all see.. Know this though, any form of mockery are signs of your selfish, hypocritical selves and are all fewer as blaspheme and disrespect to the most highest.. This world is so typical.. People think that whatever they do is right, but The Lord judges the reasons for everything they do. People believe they need “religion” to have morals. “Religion” doesn’t even exist.. People created and use “religion” as an escape to comfort their questions and acts about the unknown. A temporary fix to fill a void that they themselves have created.. You see it’s not “religion” they lack, it’s empathy and knowing what’s right from wrong.. They say ignorance is bliss.. But that isn’t going to last long..
    The solution is simple.. God wants you to respect him and do as he says.. He wants you to love him and to serve him The Lord your god with all your heart and soul. Stop being stubborn.. Give your hearts to The Lord. He is the god of gods and lord of lords.. Respect and worship only him never leave him..by any means.. Love The Lord your god, follow all his ways, and be faithful to him. Don’t follow other gods or bow down to them. You don’t even know them.. Be strong be brave..Don’t ever forget the god who gave you life.. Jesus Christ.

  37. This man needs to see a Psychiatrist. He clearly has a mental issue . I venture to say that he is also abusive at home. This has nothing yo do with God but rather is a megalomaniac. Leave this church people! This is an embarresment!!!

  38. Behaviors/attitudes/actions we see from these fundamentalist leaders and others in the Christian right such as playing the perpetrator/victim game, shifting blame, moving goalposts, shifting focus, refusing to take ownership, paranoia over things non-existent, inability to empathize, judgmental words/actions unrecognized by those doing it, moral superiority, ethical superiority, patriotic superiority, gender superiority, constant obsessive need to control others, etc. are examples of what happens when folks approach life and faith from a place of uncontainable and unregulated fear – it absolutely leads to psychopathology and maladaptation.

  39. I’ve watch this clip and my gut reaction is that Jim Standridge was angry that morning. Bitter. Bitter to the point of paranoia, thinking the people no longer listened to him or respected him. From what I’m reading, this is not a normal service or typical behavior for Pastor Jim (calling people out during service and insulting them deeply). I don’t see a control freak here, or at least not prior to this video and I wouldn’t want to judge someone based on one hour of their life. Personally, I’d suggest the man get counseling from another pastor so that he can realize what he is doing. He’s right to correct. He’s wrong to make it so personal with such anger. “You’re not worth 15 cents” is personal and angry. If Ryan Underwood still believes this is a good man, it’s proof that there must be something else behind Pastor Jim’s action.
    Peace to all.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re reading, but it is totally opposite from what I’ve read and suffered through on his sermons.
      In fact, this video at the top of this page says he makes NO APOLOGIES. And he says, “I do that a lot, if you were a member here, I might call your name out sometime.” He says this a-matter-of-factly and with a short chuckle.
      Yeah, you’re right that there is something else behind this action. That something is that he is wicked.

      1. I grew up under strict legalism, I know exactly what it is and why people continue to sit under it when they shouldn’t. I don’t see a legalist here, I see a very unhappy man. Just my .02. Sorry for your suffering.

    2. “A good man” would not have done what Pastor Standridge did under any circumstances. There is NO excuse for his behavior and it is time people stop making excuses for his bad behavior, especially since, in follow-up interviews, he refused to apologize and saw nothing wrong with what he did. Pastor Standridge is the quintessential self-centered sinful man in the pulpit.

      1. That’s harsh and not helpful. Is your purpose just to trash the man or to offer him guidance in his journey. Speaking the truth about someone’s shortcomings is not an excuse, it is simply truth. We all have them, why not admit and deal with them.

        1. I guess you would say that Luke 17:1,2 are harsh also when Christ says “It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!
          It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”
          It would appear that Pastor Standridge’s tirades are typical by his own admission and he refused to acknowledge any wrong-doing so I would not call that a shortcoming but sin and character flaw. I Timothy 5:20 says regarding pastors that sin: “Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.”
          Yes we all have shortcomings, and we need to admit (confess) and deal with them. Unfortunately Pastor Standridge refuses to admit that anything he did was wrong and he takes that stand publicly.

        2. Your words either help or hurt. Same as his. My point is, someone has to find a solution rather than continually pointing to the flaw. It’s up to his congregation and the people closest to him to bring about change. He does this because he can.

        3. I stand by what I said. The Bible clearly said that as a pastor who sins publicly, he needs to be rebuked publicly. It does not say quietly behind closed doors when he chose to do it publicly and it was the Pastor who ordered his sermons broadcast on the church website making them public on the internet. But in addition his congregation and people closest to him also need to put a stop to it because as you said: “He does this because he can.”

        4. I stand by what I said, from a Biblical standpoint those words are meant to help. The Bible clearly said that as a pastor who sins publicly, he needs to be rebuked publicly. It does not say quietly behind closed doors when he chose to do it publicly and it was the Pastor who ordered his sermons broadcast on the church website making them public on the internet. But in addition his congregation and people closest to him also need to put a stop to it because as you said: “He does this because he can.”

  40. If chewing people out shows his love then did he normally chew out his wife in front of everyone to show his love especially when he was dating her?

    I feel sorry for his wife and kids. If the people had any sense in that church they would fire him. He does not represent true Christianity.

  41. Immanuel Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church, not an independent, fundy mundy Baptist Church. I know Jim Standridge. I have known him my entire life. He preached my father’s funeral in 1976, preached revivals for us in Indiana and did indeed leave a great and powerful and positive impression on my father’s life as well as my own. It will always be amazing to me how people who have never led anything in their life somehow have become experts on leadership. Every church has it’s own culture and this culture can be healthy or unhealthy. While the abuse of biblical leadership within the church is a problem today, it is equally true that a lack of respect for biblical authority (or even a true understanding of what that is) is lacking today. If someone doesn’t like the food they are served at a restaurant, they simply don’t go back. How absurd it would be to keep returning and complaining about the food upon every visit. Likewise, if someone that upset with the church, MOVE ON MAN. Move on instead of continuing to attend and complain about everything. Set yourself free and anyone who sits near you. We are NOT to worship the pastor. The pastor is to point people to Jesus Christ. I know this is the heart of Jim Standridge whether it is seen in this one worship service or not. If you want someone to tell you that you are “okay” and “good”, you’ll find a chuch that will gladly do that. And you will feel good about yourself when you leave. That is not the call of the prophet. “what if he doesn’t come back?”. Jim’s reply, “he isn’t here anyway”. TRUE. Too many people sit, soak and sour their way through life and possibly on to hell thinking that being in a church service is doing them some eternal good. Too many consumers in the church. The “gimme gimme” bunch. Not enough contributors. We are called to do both. And Jim Standridge loves people enough to tell them. If they don’t want it or like it, go find another church. It’s not the “culture” everybody wants. As a matter of fact, most will not want it. However, it is not a culture of abuse just because the pastor called someone on the carpet during a church service. He will be the one to stand before God for the congregation one day. Not the video guy or the sleepy guy. And God will deal with him just as he will deal with us all. Not telling people what they truly need to hear is abuse in the form of neglect. How each pastor does this will be different and someone will find fault with the method regardless of how it is done. Watch many of the other services online. I guarantee you that you will find what you are looking for. If you want to find something wrong with his style, I’m sure you will find that. You’ll find something wrong with grammar from time to time and probably many other things. But if you want to go deeper in a relationship with Jesus you will find that. As for the words “listen to me, I’m somebody”…I really don’t know what to say or what he meant by that. Sometimes, a church just needs a good cleansing. After all, Jesus called the church His body. And if the church is a body of believers, there are some things, or people, who just need to pass on through the “back door”. Spiritual constipation will keep the church from being healthy. Just some thought from someone who has known this man for over 40 years. You don’t have to agree or disagree or even comment. Just some thoughts.

  42. It’s not the “culture” everybody wants.

    You are correct. And if you want to be under the influence of a narcissistic, abusive megalomaniac who shows a definite lack of respect for anyone not himself, then you have the right to be abused.
    Public belittlement is not love, it’s self-aggrandizement.

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