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    1. …vey!

      It was such a great Jubilee because of the experiential and emotional fix they were able to gin up. Like junkies looking for their next hit the religion addict is looking for their next soul stirring, toe stomping, hard preaching, altar filling, hand raising, shouting ailsle running event. Their religion is so dead that they have to have something to stir them and give them a tangible experience so they can justify all the sacrifice they make, on the altar of their standards, for the god of their imagination.

      Not so very long ago I too was one of them. Performance churchanity, emotional experientialism, and the religious addict.

      1. There’s no difference between this and people yelling and waving their arms at a sports event.

        1. I was just pondering the same thing, sort of. A few years ago at a UGA football game, my Dawgs were behind to a team they should not have had so much trouble with. Sometime in the second half, Champ Baily picked an interception and ran it back for a touchdown. After I stepped off the bleacher, having performed an impromptu celebratory dance, I wondered why it seems okay there, but we are not allowed to get excited about our Creator Savior and what He has done for us.

          I still find this form of “worship” to be extreme, and usually accuse the participants of showing off. But, maybe they are truly excited about God. After all, my culture isn’t their culture.

        2. And I almost said that with a straight face. I just showed this to my wife. She agrees with the circus comments. I think she said something like “emotional confusion”.

        3. People yelling during a sporting event are highly aware of the social acceptability of when to yell, and when not to.

          Even the highly inebriated are generally better behaved than this.


    2. Ya know, I was still young and naive when I responded to this. I will belatedly claim “first” now even though I’m jaded from having never received my promised butt cushions.

  1. I notice that a lot of the shouting comes from the young girls in the lower right of the screen sitting near the front. I wonder if this is the only outlet for enthusiasm they’re allowed?

    1. What I find weird is that they are raising their hands. Also, that they are doing this for wimmins . Even guys are getting into this hand-raising for wimmin. Who drugged the Kool Aid with charismania?

    2. They look like they’re from a girls’ home, and they shout more than regular church kids. Some of them did get saved out of awful messes and are genuinely happy.

  2. um…okay. Seems a little TOO much for a IFB church. Too many guitars on stage to be IFB. You sure those are not disgruntled pentacostal members who started a Baptist Church? That girl’s hair is literally to her knees….just wondering. 😀

  3. Definitely IFB, but old school southern IFB. These are the guys I was raised around. They preach against Hyles and HAC because of their liberalism. They would never send their kids to hyles anderson because the women can cut their hair, the basketball team wears shorts, and they don’t preach against Television enough!

  4. Pretty typical for churches where I grew up in East TN. It didn’t get good until somebody started running the aisles, though.

      1. I don’t know where it is in the SFL archives, but I’ve never gotten over the one where a guy picks up a potted tree and runs around the room with it during a hymn or a sermon.

      2. Thanks, Scorpio. I must have missed that one the first time around. Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely be sharing that bit of foolishness.

    1. This isn’t very different from the little IFB we went to, way out in the middle of Nowhere, TX.

      Also, someone needs to buy this guy a tripod.

  5. Looks pretty Pentecostal holiness to me. Ruralness makes strange bedfellows? Idk.

    The guy on the stage behind/to the right of the girls is Creepy. Yes, that’s right, with a a capital C.

    The girls screaming with raised arms are an interesting contrast to the girls seated right next to them who appear to be vaguely embarrassed or bored with the goings-on. At least, that’s what *I* saw on their faces. YMMV.

    1. Yeah, my “Creeper” detector went off on that guy, too. Something of the oily demeanor of Schaap with him, I think. Ew & shudder.

      “Raising their arms & screaming” would work. And I think some of the girls looked mortified to be part of that.

      Also, the fact that the congregation was segregated combined with the hollerin’ truly scared me. 😯

      1. Ooh, I didn’t notice the segregation. Watched on an iPhone screen, so I prolly missed details.

        Don’t think I’m gonna watch it again though.

    2. In my hometown, there’s a definite mixing of IFB and charismatic Pentecostalism, although the fundies won’t admit it. Really, the only thing separating the two is speaking in tongues.

    1. I assumed from the title that the song was “Jubilee”, although searching youtube for that I didn’t really come up with a match of that name, so I don’t really know.

      1. I think the whole event was called “Jubilee” by the church.

        As for the song, I couldn’t hear a note of it.

        1. I feel like the event should’ve been called “chaos” or “WWE RAW Extravaganza”, and not “Jubilee”, but they probably think that fits the definition of jubilee.

    1. tsk, tsk… You actually call what Tony does preaching? I can’t bring myself to call “The Tony Hutson Traveling Salvation Show and Stand up routine” Preaching. 🙄

      1. Good point. I am reprimanded.

        For some reason, when I read your title, I thought of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. Now I’ll have “The Cover of the Rolling Stone<" and "When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman" running through my head all night at work.

        1. Wasn’t the reference to “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show” from Neil Diamond’s “Hot August Night”?

        2. I believe it was. I heard a guy sing “Bro. Love” accompanied by a lawnmower once. He won tickets on the early morning radio show.

  6. The church’s Facebook page seems not to have been updated for a year.

    Anyone know if they’re still in business?

  7. Too undignified for CA IFBx churches, generally. Although, Tony Hutson is used as a ‘service stirrer’ at NVBC’s annual pastor’s conference, to do exactly what Don’s 1st comment described. This isn’t worship, it’s a circus “…something to stir them and give them a tangible experience so they can justify all the sacrifice they make, on the altar of their standards, for the god of their imagination.”

    Correct observation, Don!

    1. He first spoke at NVBC’s youth conference my last year going to one of those. I have despised him ever since.

    2. I remember seeing him preach in Lancaster, CA. He was against public school and homeschool…and was sure to tell everyone the only God-approved choice was to send their kid to the church’s Christian school. Made me wonder if he did that at the pastor’s request…

  8. I couldn’t tell that anyone was singing; it reminded me of “famous” preachers coming on stage and the disgusting circus of screaming and yelling that took place.

    Appreciate the warning about the speakers!

    1. MTE. I didn’t really hear ANY singing. Just the hysterical Bieber-like screaming.

  9. Does this show qualify for guidelines given by the Apostle Paul? Let all things be done decently and in order. I Cor. 14:40.

  10. I’d love to see what happened right before this clip. It almost seems like someone said “We’re going to record, so let’s make as much noise as we can so people can see how much fun we’re having in the Lord tonight at church!”

    1. I would like to see the prequel as well — I keep hoping it would be something like: “I have an announcement to make; I’d like the xxxx group to come up and sing ‘Jubilee’… now, for the announcement: we have COME OUT from being in debt; God has touched someone to pay off our mortgage! Sing, girls!” … (and then the rejoicing/screaming starts). I hope it wasn’t for anything trivial or shallow.

  11. The thing I get the most out of this is that it’s more of the “If I do it, it’s for God. If you do it, not so much.” How many of these people WOULD look down on a Pentecostal service as being emotion driven?

  12. Galatians 5:22-23: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance (self-control): against such there is no law.

    “Nowhere in Scripture do we see real gifts of the Spirit operating when someone is out of control or under some sort of supernatural seizure. Nowhere does the New Testament teach that the Spirit of God causes Christians to fall into a trance, faint, or lapse into frenzied behavior. On the contrary, “The fruit of the Spirit is…self-control (or temperance (KJV)”.” – John MacArthur

  13. I think that the man seated behind the singers was one of the Lyndsey Brothers. I personally like them but realize not everyone will.

  14. T. Hutson: “That was shore a blessin’ young’uns, now y’all pass the fried chicken, y’heah.”

  15. Shoot, it got on at church last night! The sangin was so good, we didn’t even get around to the preachin!

  16. Was this from the Johnny Carson show or American Bandstand??

    LB: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY MENN! Open up that old King James Bible and have something to SAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY.

    Isaiah 58 verse 1 Lift up thy voice like a TRUMPETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT some of you preachers need to get a big mouth.

    JH: Now folks that’s worship, not this contemporary garbage with drums.

  17. I have to say that the girl singer in the black sweater does have some amazing Crystal Gayle hair. My grandmother is a devoted Pentecostal church-goer. Although she makes sure to specify that it’s “Apostolic.” (Is there a difference?) I always found their services utterly terrifying. Loud and chaotic. And the little detail that a lot of them believe that in order to get into Heaven, you have to speak in tongues has BS written all over it. In my experience,many Pentecostal churches seem to cater to the uneducated and mentally challenged.

  18. Definitely not a BJU endorsed church. Holding a microphone is too provocative. They should really use a microphone stand; after all, that is what microphone stands are for.

  19. These girls could be backup singers for Alvin Martinez.

    Is this even an IFB church? It looks like a traditional-Pentecostal church.

    So are these ladies “On Tour” with Tony Hutson according to the comments?

    Which leads me to another song to write about:

    Just a fundy church girl on a Saturday Night
    Looking for the fight of her life
    In the real time world, the Pastor won’t let her out at all
    The church she’s crazy
    Locking church hymnals to the beat of her heart
    Changing woman into life
    She has sung into the danger zone when the singer becomes a dance

    It can cut you like a knife
    If the gift becomes the fire
    On a wire between will and what will be

    She’s a maniac, maniac with a microphone
    And she’s screaming like she’s never screamed before
    She’s a maniac, maniac on the microphone
    And she’s screaming like she’s never screamed before

    On the ice-cold baptist church there’s a sanity most never see
    It’s a hard warm place of mystery, touch her but can’t hold her
    You work all your life for that moment and time and the diploma doesn’t mean a thing
    It’s a push of the world but there’s always a chance
    If Tony Hutson stays the night

    There’s a cold connective heat, struggling, searching for defeat
    Never stopping with her head against the wind

    She’s a maniac, maniac on the microphone
    And she’s screaming like she’s never screamed before
    She’s a maniac, maniac on the microphone
    And she’s screaming like she’s never screamed before

    It can cut you like a knife
    If the gift becomes the fire
    On a wire between will and what will be

    She’s a maniac, maniac on the microphone
    And she’s screaming like she’s never screamed before
    She’s a maniac, maniac on the microphone
    And she’s screaming like she’s never screamed before

  20. Did anyone notice that those girls in the lower right of the screen seemed to be wearing uniforms? It looked they were all wearing blue polos and khaki skirts. School? Traveling Roloff-type group? I wonder.

    1. Yeah, pretty sure they’re from a girls home. That’s the only reason that many of them would dress the same and sit up front. They were too “into it” for regular Christian school kids.

    2. those girls were told to “Take It To The Limit One More Time”. You could tell those boys on stage were hoping these gals would be there Proverbs 31 woman.

      Every night when the sun goes down
      Just another lonely preacher boy in town
      And she’s out runnin’ round

      She wasn’t just another woman
      And I couldn’t keep from comin on’
      It’s been so long

  21. Anyone wanna guess how long it is before a special offering is raised for replacing yet another ruined set of audio equipment?

    1. How would they know if the audio equipment is ruined? There at the First Church of Beatlemania, you can’t hear anything over all the screaming anyhow.

  22. Certainly strikes a chord from experiences a youth. You see, I went to school with a family who were hard-core Pentecostal Holiness. Hard-core as in not even going to the Doctor, but pray only. Yet they believed in wearing glasses. Hmmm? I see it all here, from when I would visit their church those years ago. All of the goofiness, haughtiness, holier-than-thou, loud, talentless. Wait, how about crazy? Better than a circus.

  23. That girl in the video isn’t just another woman. What is she doing today? Housewife? Pastor’s secretary? What’s she gonna do in those shoes?

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