191 thoughts on “Sound Doctrine”

  1. Never, ever compromise and use “KJB” in a discussion. Never. Do not give them a foothold that it is the “King James Bible”. It is the King James Version.

    Debate and rhetoric 101.

  2. I was in this KJVonlyism for years. It amazes me I was ever in it at all. I’m thankful God showed me the truth & allowed me to “walk away” from this stuff. I’ve been a preacher since I was 14 years old, and 28 years later God’s Word still astounds me. I’ve learned not to seek any “camps”, but just try to be who God wants me to be. This change has revitalized by Bible study, preaching, & pastoring. And…it’s made me a lot less grumpy in & out of the pulpit. 😀 It’s wonderful to just fellowship with God’s people & not be a self appointed “judge, jury, etc…”

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