Making History (and Having Nobody Notice)

So apparently a bunch of fundamentalist pastors went to Washington D.C. this week and did this:

One participant was so excited that he wrote this:


These fundamentalist pastors did this and this and hung out with this guy.

Then they stood outside the Capitol and did this:


And while standing there they sang this and this (sideways!).

Unfortunately, because the media is SO BIASED they received absolutely no coverage for all these historic things they did, prompting one participant to write this:


History was made but the world marches on unchanged. What a tragedy.

171 thoughts on “Making History (and Having Nobody Notice)”

  1. For the true story about the founding of the USA, listen to Stan Freberg’s United States of America.

  2. “The battle that rages over this great country still hangs in the balances”?? That’s a wonderfully bad sentence right there

  3. Well I certainly agree with bringing God’s law back to our law makers, but I’m not sure if that is going to do the trick. A step in a good direction though! 😉

  4. It was an amazing week. It’s a very sad thing to see so many angry, negative people… Move on… So a man let you down… Look to God… This fundie stuff was obviously established by a very bitter, and angry soul. I do hope you can forgive and see Jesus in someone… Your wife, your child… Someone. If you were not there last week, you truly missed the idea… It takes time to build relationships, and that’s all the pastors were doing; trying to build relationships with their leaders…to show the love of Christ, maybe not all had that intent; but I know most did. And we must start somewhere… If it wasn’t such an amazing idea to you all.. Why don’t you pace your own way to something great, rather than bashing people you don’t even know. Bitterness like this is a cancer that spreads quickly.

    1. I’m not bitter; I’m just amused.
      It’s hilarious when these legends-in-their-own-minds tell us they’re shaking the earth, when in fact they’re doing something very small that no one except them notices. That’s the stuff of classic comedy.

      1. Of course these Mogs probably preach against people like Billy Graham. A man who actually dedicated his life to building relationships with people.

        1. (And Billy Graham was actually noticed for his godly demeanor and for proclaiming Christ to lost people by the hundreds of thousands, rather than for ranting at his miserable, puny “us four no more” congregation about various piddling extrabiblical little things while rarely opening the Bible that he claimed to use as his basis.)


          The Bitter Card. Thrown by mindless people for many a long year now.


          Look, Sadpw. Your lack of understanding is pretty amazing. The whole purpose of this site is to point out the silliness of the silly. It is quite normal, in Indy Fundy circles, for “pastors” to make outrageous claims about the impact they have on the culture, and then claim that it is some evil person or organization that keeps them from having the adulation (or media coverage) that is rightfully theirs. It’s something they LIKE to do. Stuff Fundies Like. Get it?

          If you don’t like having their silliness (or criminal behavior, in some cases) pointed out, how about talking to THEM about stopping their silliness or criminal behavior? Or, at the very least, convince them to stop posting their silliness on the Interwebs for us to laugh about. Fortunately for our funny bones, they would spout some silliness about being “fools for Christ” and plow right on ahead, trying to be as peculiar of a “peculiar people” as possible.

          Sigh. 2 Timothy 3:1-9.

          Move On? Seriously, dude? You, who are defending people who are stuck in the 1890s, are thinking WE should move on?

          I have never seen more angry, negative, bitter people than many of the “Men of God” who infest Indy Fundy pulpits across the fruited plain. Their influence is dwindling, along with their congregations (and, more importantly to them, their weekly collections). Yet they refuse to wonder why this is so, other than to blame the “spirit of the age.” They refuse to consider that the problem might actually be with THEM. That they may have become too busy congratulating each other on how HARD they preach and how HARD they separate from everybody and everything…including former congregants, solid Bible exposition, and the Jesus Christ they claim to serve.

  5. It’s comical how they are convinced it’s “media bias” when, in reality, it’s simply that nobody cares what they’re doing. Fundamentalism is beginning to head the direction of the dinosaur.

  6. Yeah, that’s right up there with the new pope. Amazing the world media missed it. 😛

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