25 thoughts on “My Obama Year: Labels (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the D)”

  1. Darrell, I love your writing over here. I’m heading over to see what else you have to say.

  2. My neighbors next door on both sides and across the street are all Republican and my husband and I are the only Dems on our corner. When does this matter? Never. Not ever. Do we watch each others’ houses and take care of each others’ dogs and kids and speak kindly to one another? All the time, even on election days. Do I know most of them hold very strong political views and do they know the same about me? Yes. Does it matter?

    I’ve speculated what it would be like to live next to Greg, whose views here seem so opposite of mine. And I suspect that in the real world of daily life — not the make-believe maelstrom of politics or the brimstone from the pulpit– we would get along fine.

    1. I said something similar here about Greg once, and he answered with a scalding post about how evil and vile I am. So now I’m not so sure.

        1. Well, you wrote it.
          Seriously, I would link to it if I remembered which topic’s comments it appeared in.

        2. Where I come from a man is only good as his word, so you have demonstrated clearly what kind of man you are!

  3. 50 million dead boys and girls in 40 years, I understand the democrats want to double that in the next 40 years!

    Be young, be lean, abort in 2013!

    The young democrats slogan for this year!

        1. I know exactly what “genocide” means, maybe you should take your own advice and “look it up”

        2. There’s still no evidence greg has any concept what genocide means. I’m thinking he believes the “gen” stands for generation, and the “ocide” means something about drinking poisonous cider.

    1. I’m very confident in my pro-life position. I can’t imagine that God supports the “genocide” of millions of precious boys and girls! If I am wrong I will answer to God alone. But as for now, I go forth strongly and unashamed for life! We will shortly find out what God thinks about America’s death march.

      “Life is but a vapor”

  4. I think the point is that every single democrat does not endorse abortion, just like every single Republican doesn’t have a basement arsenal of rifles.
    Instead of arguing all the day long about abortion, I think abortion is a symptom of a hopeless and dying society and I wish we could all work together to solve the underlying problem. In a nation where thousands of mothers feel unprepared, unable, or just unmotivated to let their own children be born, legislation for or against abortion is not going to solve anything.
    Although I don’t want any unborn baby to die, we need to remember that theoretically ending all abortion (because in practice, it will never completely end) will mean millions more homeless, impoverished, fetal alcohol and drug damaged, deadbeat members of society. How well do you think a mother is going to raise a child whom she would have aborted if she’d been allowed to? Not very well.
    So, while I am against abortion, I think that without bipartisan cooperation that leads to change, a “win” for pro-lifers will result in a slum overflow, a crime explosion, and a welfare system crash. Abortion is only a tiny portion of the battle.

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