56 thoughts on “College Singing Groups: Commonwealth Baptist College Edition”

    1. Heh, that’s how I feel about some Gregorian chant. “Regina Caeli, laetare, alleluia…” You’re telling her to “laetare,” yet it sounds like you’re singing a dirge? WTH?

      Then there are those chirpy, sprightly tunes that sound bright and happy even though the words aren’t. Classic example: “Che faro senza Euridice” from Gluck’s opera “Orfeo ed Euridice.” Happy tune. Sad, sad lyrics.


      OK, sorry for getting completely off-topic. Your dirge comment just reminded me of this stuff.

  1. I lasted 10 seconds. After spending all weekend hearing my husband sing “Victory In Jesus” (or what little of it he remembers), I can’t listen to more or the twitching will start up again. Yes, my husband was singing it to torment me, and it was his get-away weekend to relax and de-stress. Now I need a weekend to recover from that! 😯

  2. I’m 27 years old – roughly in the same age of these singers, and I don’t know anyone around my age who listens to or enjoys music like that. Why must this genre be forced at “colleges” and churches? I can’t imagine “godly” = awful.

  3. Kudos to them for having a token black, latino and white guy. More diversity than I ever saw at PCC.

    Also, what is up with just sticking the mic in front of your face? You see no emotion and it looks like you just want to hide behind it.

  4. Not sure this is a tour group because that’s Clays Mill Road Baptist Church, so they’re singing at home if they are. Thought they only had a girls group as of a few years ago.

    Glad I was long gone before they started tour groups. Hated the high pressure tactics they employed in recruiting. Did my best to hide when they came around.

    As for the song, add a little emotion, a peppier tempo, and Southern Gospel piano. Then it might sound close to the way it was intended to be.

  5. Darrell, I’m happy to see a new post, even if it doesn’t fit with what you said yesterday.

    As to the sound, just listening instead of viewing, it didn’t seem that bad to me; I’ve certainly heard worse (far, far worse) here.

  6. Know how fundie ranters/preachers always say you won’t know how to act in heaven because of the “sour looks on your faces” or “afraid to show emotion”. Me thinks it’s the fundies who are going to go into complete shock.

    1. if we have to hear that one, then I’ll be singing, “Shoot me in the head.” I don’t know if that’s already a real song. I’ll be making my version up on the spot.

        1. Both of those were excellent. I’m both a John Hartford and Bill Gaither fan. And was even in my Fundy days.

          Loosing Fundy cred daily.

  7. Ouch! What is it with fundy colleges and their robotic, barber- shop-sounding quartets singing perky songs? I know it may have worked in the 70’s, but really?

    Makes me want to go listen to some Keith & Kristin Getty for awhile.

      1. It is a little interesting how they are lined up in a gradation from lightest to darkest, like some kind of paint color chart, or like a 19th-century hierarchy of human races.

        I’m not saying it’s intentional, though.

  8. What is with all the writing of notes with the MoG in the background? I have noticed this many times, I mean really isn’t it a little late for notes by this time?

    1. If this were BJU, maybe he’d be writing all the violations he sees so he can send the students notes later about things like how to properly hold hymnals.

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