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    1. I know! He got this website confused with another, one about undies, and got totally confused! He then wrote this blather in confusion, with no idea what he was talking about! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  1. We do have a lot of fun on this blog, but on a more serious note, it is important to point out that by every Biblical standard, James Ach is not Christian. The followers of Christ are known by their love. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, piece, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control. James displays none of these. He displays the works of the flesh. I know most of us are revolted by fundamentalism and so wouldn’t give him the time of day, but take this lesson wherever you go. Examine those who claim to be in the faith, and take an honest assessment of where they stand vis-a-vis these expressions of God’s presence. No Christian is perfect, but especially one who tries to teach others should display the same values and telos as Christ and the apostles.

    1. I am not revolted by fundamentalism, just by the excesses of some of the supposed “leaders”

    2. Good word. I often am dubious about those who claim Christ but lack the fruits. There are no doubt a lot of Christians in fundamentalist churches, but much of the leadership seems to be self righteous.

  2. Typical fundie response. Instead of engaging in thoughtful debate, just hurl insults and name calling.
    โ€œStuff Undiesโ€ very classly

    1. Yeah, underwear is the ultimate in comedy and the ultimate insult, all wrapped up in one big fruit-of-the-loom package for Fundies.

    2. @Mark, “Typical fundie response…” The a fore mentioned reply by Dr. Ach was an extremely well thought out, and very accurate, and engaging “thoughtful debate” element. As a matter of fact, it may be the only of it’s type in the entire collection of wasted zeroes and ones under this heading. That, of course, would make this not a debate, but a collection of piggish comments well seated in pop culture-educated pool of self gratifying ingots of molded world filth surrounding one pristine thought put to digits.

      Have any of you ever thought that you might have the great honor to live next door to one of these Christian brothers for all eternity after you are through with this life?

      1. Have any of you ever thought that you might have the great honor to live next door to one of these Christian brothers for all eternity after you are through with this life?

        Wow! Man worship much?

        Great honor??? So you plan on continuing to practice hero worship in heaven? ๐Ÿ™„

        *shakes head and walks away mumbling to self about IFB, Kool-aid drinkers and sycophants….*

      2. “Wouldn’t know what a Bible verse looked like if it cooked him dinner.”

        “Creates his own caricature… and then critiques his own caricature.”

        Ah, yes, I see now how what I had misunderstood as baseless insults, false claims, and pseudo-biblical non sequiturs are actually “extremely well thought out, and very accurate, and engaging ‘thoughtful debate; elements.” Similar to the “thoughtful debate” elements such as saying that your debate opponent’s writings are a “collection of wasted zeroes and ones,” a “collection of piggish comments,” and “self-gratifying ingots of molded world filth.”

        Your powerful arguments sure are convincing, there, Sparky.


        The fact that Darrell frequently does little more than post links of the loopiness that the IFB have posted on the web…

        Immaterial, if YOU and “Dr.” Ach are to be believed.

        The fact that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, and that the IFB sites and Youtube clips posted on here show precious little of those attributes, leads some of us to wonder if these people will actually be in heaven one day, or if they are maybe the ones who will hear “I never knew you.”

        Why don’t you run along and play now. If you choose to hang around, why don’t you try to read with understanding, instead of with kneejerk reactions? Or, try to learn from Robert Burns, who sat behind a high-and-mighty self-important woman at church, and composed a fantastic poem called “To A Louse, On Seeing One on a Lady’s Bonnet at Church,” which ends thusly:

        O would some Power the gift to give us
        To see ourselves as others see us!
        It would from many a blunder free us,
        And foolish notion:
        What airs in dress and gait would leave us,
        And even devotion!

        You are a blind follower of the blind. It will not end well for you unless you open your eyes.

      3. WRT “Have any of you ever thought that you might have the great honor to live next door to one of these Christian brothers for all eternity after you are through with this life?”, I can offer but this:

        Hatuey was a Taino chief who led uprisings against the Spanish in the 1500s.He was eventually captured and sentenced to death.

        Before being put to death, a priest asked Hatuey if he would accept Jesus and go to heaven, informing him that if he accepted, he would be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven. Of course, if he declined, he would suffer eternal damnation and torment in a sea of fire.

        Hatuey asked the priest if all Christians went to heaven. The priest assured him that they did.

        Hatuey then contemplated the Christians he saw before him, and had encountered to date. Hatuey decided that if he would find Christians in heaven, that he preferred to go to hell.

        Source: https://randazza.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/viva-hatuey/ :

  3. Ach just removed another question I had from his Facebook post, but left his comment. I can only assume that he is frightened of true conversation. I am also blocked from further comment. Since I am fairly sure he is trolling, here is the comment that I tried to post: (with my name, so he will know I’m not hiding. [In case he can’t match pictures]) Please forgive me, Darrell, for hijacking this spot for personal comment.

    Michael Hull–Simple questions are not attacks, unless you are unusually defensive from an indefensible position. There is also no reason to answer with sarcasm and disdain. Differing opinions are no reason for self-aggrandizement. Or rudeness. You should try Christ’s example. He was polite to everyone, except maybe the Pharisees. And we admitted sinners certainly don’t belong in that camp.

  4. You should thank “Dr”. James Ach for getting the word out about your site. This will get more people to read it and go “whoa, I can relate….” More readers who need support, thanks Dr Ach. Oh and about the anti-Christian themes, I think that means you cavortin’ with Catholics like me and all sorts of people not “truely saved”. He just sees himself in it a little too much maybe? You keep on shining that lil light of yours Darrell! ๐Ÿ˜†

  5. Okay, I just visited the CAFE page…wow. I am an agnostic-on-the-way-to-atheist (which probably puts me right up there with a radical Muslim in Ach’s view), but I remember enough of my IFB days to quote a verse or two–I’ll even use the KJV:

    “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace…” I Cor. 14:33.

    What I see on CAFE is a man who takes pleasure, even glee, in creating drama and confusion and in engaging in arguments with posters. Granted, there’s a lot of spirited debate on SFL too, but it’s pretty respectful and if we can’t agree, we generally move on or bow out gracefully. From my backslidden, heathen perspective, SFL is doing a much better job at reflecting the truth of I Cor 14:33 than is “Dr.” Ach.

      1. Pretty respectful TO EACH OTHER.

        Not to those who have worked so very hard to earn our contempt; whose bad doctrine and bad behavior has done so much to turn so many people away from Christianity.

        Yes, the majority of people who post on this site are pretty respectful to each other…even with those with whom we strenuously disagree. It has been noted that people from all backgrounds and all beliefs may be found on this page. To me, that is cause for joy. But to the IFB, it is cause for weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. That is because the Indy Fundies, who love nothing more than to fight with anyone and everyone over everything, can only seem to agree on one thing: the firm conviction that anyone who disagrees with them Must Be Silenced. What a foolish way to think. It comes from a misunderstanding of Christianity. To the Indy Fundy, Christianity is a dictatorship, in which we are all peons serving the Unattainable Other, slaving away until we die of exhaustion. But in true Christianity, we are children of a loving father who wants a RELATIONSHIP with us…whose yoke is easy, and whose burden is light…the relationship of a loving family, in which each child has direct access to climb up into Dad’s lap and ask any silly question that pops into his head without fear that Dad will slap him silly for asking such a stupid question, or for not being happyhappyhappyallthetime.

        No, your way of doing things, of silencing anybody who doesn’t think like me, isn’t wanted here. Darrell has created a place where people can blow off steam, argue, question…

        This is a good thing. If the IFB allowed people to voice their questions and concerns – to be free in Christ; to exercise the Priesthood of the Believer – instead of creating an echo chamber where only the Dear Leader’s ideas are heard, maybe the IFB wouldn’t be in a tailspin today.

        It would be messy, yes. But the mess would be far smaller than the mess that the IFB has become. It would be creative chaos, rather than the chaos of stifled desperation.

  6. Well, as a lowly employee of America’s largest underwear company — our products are in 80% of U.S. households — I hafta say that I am all in favor of undies, both stuffed and unstuffed. Please buy more. My 401K thanks you.

    1. I would say Hanes. If so, we are part of that 80%. Mens undies, women’s undies, bras, tshirts, socks. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Thank you, thank you, to all the good folks here who are helping to fund my retirement! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. I am extremely bothered right now that the other 20% of households in America are probably going commando.

      1. Bwahahaha!

        No, they’re wearing Fruit of the Loom.

        Or Jockey.

        Boooo, hissss!

  7. I’m waiting for greg to comment on how wonderful of a job “Dr.” Ach is doing in his crusade against the evil, liberal, gay-accepting, abortion-providing, America-hating filth that visit SFL.

  8. Oh look, he thinks he is sooo cute with the “Stuffed Undies” thing. Oh please, I’ve seen more sophisticated and classy humor from 12-year-olds. GROW UP!

  9. So apparently fundamentalists don’t like being asked where they received their “phDs”…I requested the name of the university where a “Dr” James Ach got his, and was told it was private information. Upon telling the person that phD theses are published and available for public viewing, I received this response:

    Well Michael, that may be true, but the military has an organization called OPSEC that does a very thorough job of eliminating all traces of information that could lead to disclosure of protected personnel information. It’s almost like living in a witness protection program. It is not enjoyable that’s for sure, but that’s the way it is and we are not really concerned if that is believed or acceptable to our critics. If they can’t deal with the information as it is stated on our website and forum because of a need to find some personal manner of attack, then that’s not the kind of people we welcome here anyway.

    First of all, holy crap, and second of all, who in the HECK is Michael?!

    1. um…OPSEC isn’t an organization, it’s a process. There are definitely organizations (such as the Interagency OPSEC Support Staff) that perform OPSEC functions but I highly doubt that anybody who was really in the military would phrase the answer the way this guy did.

      1. It just struck me as a very, very weird tinfoil-hat type comment. I honestly wasn’t trying to pry. I was just curious. Still trying to figure out who Michael is…

        1. He’s also against men wearing ties because they have relation to the Knight’s Templar. I think he’s his own breed of Fundy

      2. Lol. You got there first. I would also add that while there are binders full of operational security protocol, OPSEC is usually just used as typical government jargon to mean “the stuff we made up five minutes ago to cover our asses”. Actual assessments are done on a very infrequent basis (like, one for Desert Storm, one for Desert Shield, etc.) And they haven’t got anything to do with where someone went to school. Poor guy is lying about his past, but he is lying to himself.

    2. There’s no such thing as a secret PhD. Anybody who says he has a PhD, but he or she can’t tell you what school awarded it, doesn’t have a PhD. Period.

      1. You’re not cleared to know about the Secret PhD program. I could tell you about it, but then I’d have to kill you, and myself, probably in that order.

      2. ^THIS. I said…you can search for my father’s phD at Duke University and it is printed, bound, and archived in the library…

        I’m not sure the person a)Knows how academia works, and b)Wants to admit “Dr” Ach has his degree from Fundy Baptist Bible Tech ๐Ÿ˜†

        1. EDIT: *doctoral thesis…not phD LOL. Sorry. I stayed up all night with a sick dog. ^_^

      3. B.G.- he claimed a ThD on Facebook. I am very skeptical he has any real degrees past maybe an AA to be a paralegal.

    3. I think Dr. Ach is the name of the psychotherapist who booted this guy out of the military for being mentally ill. This Internet Bible doctor just borrows the name.

    4. Could be me. I challenged his degrees, got a smart-aleck answer, my comments disappeared,then I could no longer post. I guess he changed his security to keep out the sinners.

    5. My BS meter is dinging so loud that the next door neighbors can hear! (And we live on 1 acre lots!) :mrgreen:

    6. As others have noted, OPSEC is a process, not an org. And OPSEC wouldn’t cover things like personal information anyway. And let’s not even comment on…oh never mind. Here we go:
      IF your PhD thesis is protected because it would lead to your being uncovered from prior covert association, then WHY USE IT? WHY USE YOUR (I assume) REAL NAME? WHY BRING UP YOUR SUPPOSED INTEL BACKGROUND? WHY CITE (nonexistent, IMHO) OPSEC CONCERNS? you do realize that mentioning all this exposes you to prosecution, if even a tithe of it is true.
      OK, sorry for shouting.

    1. from the review on the Sex chapter:

      While I would say that there is certainly scripture that encourages the enjoyment of sexuality in the marriage relationship; the Bible nowhere takes the โ€œhave fun and make lotโ€™s of babiesโ€ approach that Dow advocates, and is always careful to limit sexuality to the marriage relationship (which Dow doesnโ€™t even mention in his chapter.)

      Funny, what the Bible has to say prohibiting sex to the marriage bed doesn’t seem to have any effect on a large chunk of the IFB leadership either.

      And it’s not just the House of Hyles that has this problem. But I guess exposing such things and the mindset that allows the same is creating a caracture and strawman.

      Circle the Wagons boys! Those SFL renegades are attacking our most sacred institution!

      1. Don,
        What mindset? Preacher worship. I write against that. Ritualism, I write about that too. Blind loyalty to the movement, I’m against that.
        I agree wholeheartedly that sexual abuse should never be tolerated, ignored, or covered up. I also agree that the preacher worship “man of God” mentality leads to all kinds of wickedness (including sexual abuse.) Those lines weren’t referring to that. They were refering to the general thrust of the “sex” chapter that we should
        “remove the taboo from sex and encourage a healthy and positive dialog about sexuality. Educate children and adults both on what good, healthy sex looks like and what the proper response to sexual abuse should be.”
        It was the first part of that paragraph I was reviewing negatively, not the last eight words.

        1. Ryan, you state a lot of things that are discussed on SFL. Most people here are ones that dislike, “Preacher worship, Ritualism, Blind loyalty to the movement and
          sexual abuse. From what I understand Darrell’s book to say is that there needs to be more of an open dialogue. I have been part of the IFB movement and many youth conferences and ladies conferences focus on bad sex. ie) Boys don’t touch girls unless you’re married to them, women don’t wear pants or you’re considered a harlot etc and setting up men to fall, women that don’t submit are the precise reason they fall into sexual sin.

          Mind you those things I mention above, I have heard in messages and read in literature of those in the IFB.

          Those types of warped ideas about sex is the precise dialogue that needs to be reevaluated. Why is sex in the IFB considered a “don’t ever do (choose someone’s pet dislike)….” subject?

          Why is it not properly preached about in context of a loving marriage relationship? To have great preaching on the topic, does not necessarily mean graphic descriptions. But it certainly can be done with a more balanced approach that it is now by many in the IFB.

        2. Please clarify for me, because I wish to be sure I am parsing your post correctly: You object to, or react negatively to, “(having) a healthy and positive dialog about sexuality” and “(Educating) children and adults about what good, healthy, sex looks like”. Am I indeed understanding you, that these are things you are “reviewing negatively”?

        3. It may be true that we fundamentalists are holding onto some sort of prudish victorian ideal when it coms to sexuality, but when I read the book, particularly the chapter on sex, I got the impression that Dow was embracing our cultures infatuation with sex and suggesting that churches should promote sexuality even in contexts where the Bible forbids it. I’m not advocating a blush and grin every time sex is mentioned, I’m saying the chapter (and ta the whole book) lacked balast. It was very one sided. You can’t be that way with a topic like sexuality.

        4. “It was very one sided. You canโ€™t be that way with a topic like sexuality.”

          You owe me a new irony meter. That comment made my last one explode. Please remit promptly. Thank you.

        5. Ryan,
          The mindset that the IFB has about most everything it touches: Pharisaism.

          The sexual repression in the IFB movement is “Victorian in a welded shut chastity belt.” It’s all about the rules and regulations. Christ is not involved at all other than being a prop that the pulpiteer trots out for show every now an then. It is the broken system of the IFB that says: “How you act determines whether you are a good Christian or not,” rather than, “Who you are in Christ determines your actions.” There is a HUGE difference in those two positions.

          Darrell, and many of us, are saying that law for the sake of law only produces failure. I don’t believe you can make the argument that Darrel is advocating organizing orgies in the church (enough of that goes on by the leaders already) but he is saying that the IFB is so repressed, so over bearing in their Victorian Old Paths Legalism that it sets the stage for greater and greater sexual failures. So, maybe if we treated sexuality more biblically, rather than the Victorian Moralism the IFB demands, then perhaps we would not see the perversions or at least the amount of perversions we are seeing in the IFB movement specifically.

      2. “While I would say that there is certainly scripture that encourages the enjoyment of sexuality in the marriage relationship; the Bible nowhere takes the โ€œhave fun and make lotโ€™s of babiesโ€ approach that Dow advocates, and is always careful to limit sexuality to the marriage relationship (which Dow doesnโ€™t even mention in his chapter.)”

        1. Have fun? (Refer to Song of Songs…the whole book)
        2. Make babies? (“Be fruitful and multiply…” Gen. 1:28)
        3. The Bible…is always careful to limit sexuality to the marriage relationship? ๐Ÿ˜ (Gen. 38:24; 2 Sam. 1:26; 2 Sam. 13:10-19; Ruth 3:7, et cetera)

        1. I agree with point 1 and 2. Some of the passages you refer to, could be debated if sexual activity occurred (Namely David and Ruth’s behavior).

        2. Barring controversy about Ruth and David, I would hope my broader point about the Bible NOT limiting sexuality to the marriage relationship has been made.

          Rape, incest, gang rape, and temple prostitution are also in the Bible. Last time I checked, those things are also sexual.

  10. How many times have we seen this play out:

    SELF-APPOINTED EMPEROR OF FUNDAMENTALISM (doesn’t matter who, there are a lot of them): *parades naked butt through church, posts pics*

    DARRELL AND THE REGULARS AT SFL: The emperor has no clothes!

    THE SAME EMPEROR, OR ANOTHER ONE WHO JUST FELT AN UNCOMFORTABLE DRAFT: How dare you shine a light on my wobbly pink un-self-awareness! How dare you point out the weaker brethren I just knocked over as I strutted about waving my naked ego! How dare you! How dare you! *flings miscellaneous insults in the hopes that something will stick, and also to signal to the faithful that SFL is anathema*

  11. I have never told anyone this before but I was wounded at the battle of Mordor. Due to OPSEC all my military records have been sealed but it is okay if I post it on random websites.
    In addition my PhD thesis from the Durmstrang Institute has been sealed as well. It is all sealed so you wouldn’t even know about it unless I told you but OPSEC won’t let me.

    I am a really cool person with a mysterious past that unfortunately I can’t tell you about. I can hint about it darkly from time to time.

        1. Glad you liked it. FYI Hitler’s alleged suicide in the bunker was just a ruse to cover up my involvement.

    1. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you about the time I slew 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass. It’s classified.

    2. I’m secretly Wonder Woman. Sorry, can’t explain why I have a birth certificate from Michigan instead of Themyscira, OPSEC classified it.

    3. I’m really Jack Hyles, living in seclusion and directing fundamentalists – the paratroopers helped me fake my death.

      But if you tell anyone, I’ll deny it.

    1. I’ve had this strategy used on me more than once:
      “Everything you say is negative.”
      “No, it isn’t.”

  12. I Googled how to spot a fake special forces veteran. A couple of the tips were:
    1. If they brag about it, they weren’t special forces.
    2. If they claim that their unit was so top-secret that everything about it and them is classified. (That sounds vaguely familiar)

  13. Actually he left out part of the verse he (Ach) attempted to quote. We are to worship in spirit and truth; not just truth.

  14. Sad part is, people will believe him. If he has to avoid the question about where he got his doctrate, it means he doesn’t have one. I’m retired Army and “OPSEC” has nothing to do with protecting personal information. It means OPerational SECurity, and in a nutshell, has to do with keeping a military unit’s operational status and capabilities limited to those who need to know.

  15. I’m pretty sure a quick search on this site would pull up more Bible verses than the average fundy has heard in a year. And if we add the stipulation “in context and correctly applied,” then make that a lifetime. =P

  16. Hello Mr. Dow,

    This is Jacob Stoner with US Military OPSEC Enforcement. Please report to your nearest military base for OPSEC interogation. Just pull up to the gate and ask the MPs for the OPSEC office. Please do so immediately as this is a matter of national security.

    Jacob Stoner
    OPSEC Enforcement Officer
    US Military

  17. You people are pathetic. You cannot counter my arguments so you resort to calling me a liar and impugning my military service.
    I will try to use small words so maybe you will understand. To obtain a doctorate one must carry out original research. I did this. The US military operates on the precautionary principle and decided to classify my thesis. I would explain what my research involved and where I carried it out but I am forbidden. If you cannot understand this ask someone smart to explain it to you.

    1. “…..someone smart…”

      Well that eliminates you.

      Were on the Seal team that waxed Bin Laden?

    2. Oh, we understand it. If we didn’t, it wouldn’t be so obvious that your degree is a figment of your imagination.

        1. Not this time. I don’t know if it’s the “real” Dr. Ach, but it isn’t me using that name.

    3. So when you defended your dissertation to the committee they all got clearance so they could read it and ask you questions on it? Does being on a dissertation committee qualify as “need to know”?

      Your claim is absurd in the extreme. That’s why it is being mocked. If you did, in fact, use classified intelligence in a doctoral dissertation then that was a breach of protocol because the very nature of a dissertation is to be available for public scrutiny.

      This charade isn’t even very well constructed.

    4. So, tell us “doctor”, what U.S. military institution awarded you your doctorate? That information isn’t “classified”.

      1. One common theme for all the fakes and phonies is they claim their military background is “classified”.

      1. Darrell is good at sniffing out poes. Me thinks this is the real doctor because Darrell responded above.

        1. This implies the “doctor” actually believes what he says. If one wanted to drive people from Christianity, one could do worse than to create an utterly repugnant persona and claim to be a representative Christian.

        2. What is worse is when they trick you into thinking they are nice. When you realize they really aren’t you also realize you wasted a chunk of life and money that you’ll never get back.

    5. a)Please explain the relevance of your military service to your ability to discuss religion. How did your military service help you to better understand the original texts, analyze other theologian’s interpretations, etc?

      b)Your doctorate is in theology; what kind of research could you have possibly done that would have military applications?

      c)Even if your thesis is classified, that should not prevent you from identifying the institution that granted you your degree.

      d)How, exactly, did the military even see your thesis? Thousands and thousands of theses are written every year; I know of no requirement to submit them to the military for review. Were the professors who performed your thesis review also sworn to secrecy as to its terrifying contents?

      1. “Your doctorate is in theology; what kind of research could you have possibly done that would have military applications?”

        How to kill 1000 men with a donkey mandible?
        How to stop the sun in the sky?
        How to knock down walls by blowing trumpets?
        How to part the Red Sea?
        How to resurrect the dead?

    6. Your response is remarkably similar to that of my 9 year old son when caught in a lie:

      1. Insult accuser.
      2. Deflect.
      3. Re-assert false statement.
      4. Question intelligence of accuser.
      5. Repeat ad nauseum or until accused realizes accuser is not backing down, at which point:
      6a. Re-assert false statement and shut down further communication.
      6b. Confess.

      Your tactics need improving.

      1. Your 9 year old has more sense because his playbook has option 6b. I’m sure the good doctor, like any true fundy, has no option 6b.

    7. The military is not a degree-granting institution unless one attended one of the academies such as West Point. I do not believe that West Point grants graduate degrees.

      Anyone who graduates from a legitimate institution would have an abstract of his degree in Dissertation Abstracts. To say that one writes a thesis and then it is under wraps is absurd. I would love to know who was on his committee and who signed off on his defense?

      1. Even if West Point awarded graduate degrees (it doesn’t, far as I know), I doubt any of them would be in theology. The fields of Biblical study and killing people don’t tend to overlap much… well, I guess there’s always King David…

        1. Well, to be as fair as possible, I would think someone whose goal was to be a Chaplain in the military might well have a theology degree, and since religion is an important part of military life (morale, ethical conflicts, the need for simultaneously respecting each soldier’s religious beliefs/non-beliefs while not allowing those beliefs, when they conflict, to undermine discipline, etc.), it wouldn’t surprise me if there were people who earned their doctorates by doing meaningful research on religion in the military, its uses and abuses, etc. The alleged Dr. Ach probably wasn’t one of them, however, and it’s nigh-impossible to imagine any such dissertation being “classified”. (A chaplain in the military is expected, also, to minister to the religious needs of all, not just those of his faith, and I can’t see Dr. Ach being willing to perform Muslim, Buddhist, or Satanist rites if required to do so. )

      2. Not quite true – military schools such as Command Staff School and the War College can grant advanced degrees. The topics of research might be classified, but I’d assume that a published and defended thesis on an unclassified subject would be substituted.

    8. By the way, one writes a dissertation to get the doctorate. One writes a thesis to get a Master’s Degree. The distinction is important, and anyone who got a legitimate degree would understand this.

      The Military as such does not grant degrees, graduate or otherwise. The academies of the branches of the military do grant degrees, but I don’t believe that any of the present ones–such as West Point–grant the Ph.D. This would be easy to substantiate by looking up the institution on their web page to see what degrees they offer.

      Dissertations are not book reports. They represent original research with original conclusions, not just a rehash of what is out there. Nobody with any common sense goes through years of taking the course work and writing dissertations that are hundreds of pages long to have it locked away so that nobody can use the degree to get a job.

      Assuming that this is true for a minute, you should be able to state the name of the institution, the year that you graduated, and the degree granted. This is a matter of public information, and a call to the institution in question should provide verification.

      1. I’ve heard Doctoral publications referred to as theses by grad students in Doctoral programs. Not sure if this distinction is disappearing or what.

        1. Where I live, dissertation most often refers to master’s level, and thesis to doctorate. Sometimes they’re interchangeable. It took me a while to adjust, since I’m used to the American terminology.

    9. I suspect that as much as people are offended by “Dr.” James Ach utter lack of compassion for the abused, he himself is troubled by seeing peopleโ€™s personal accounts documented and widely read. He probably feels a compulsion to โ€œset the record straight,โ€ but all heโ€™s doing is self-medicating his own emotional state. He canโ€™t have comfort any other way โ€” unless everyone on the planet agrees with him. This is also a โ€œlocus of controlโ€ issue for him. I suspect that the only way that he feels peace and worth is when he can maintain the illusion that heโ€™s in control of everyone around him. He makes up for it by being a controlling bully.

      Itโ€™s highly likely that our โ€œDr.” James was abused as a child, and in his own heart, suffered overwhelming pain and fear that heโ€™s too terrified to face. So he very likely spends his whole life fending off these overwhelming feelings by making everyone else dance to his tune. He canโ€™t move out of his own trauma, so he traumatizes everyone around him. And aberrant, pious religion gives him the perfect vehicle to do that, all while creating the illusion that heโ€™s on a campaign for good which turns him into a martyr. In reality, he just ends up using and abusing those around him to self-medicate his emotions, using behavior in the same way that an addict uses substances to numb their own overwhelming emotions.

      In a way, itโ€™s sad. Heโ€™s out to get for himself what his parents or caregivers never gave to him: love, respect and common decency. They didnโ€™t have that to give him and teach him, so he gives to his own family, his parishioners, and anyone else he can, that which he has to give out of the abundance of his own heart: contempt and rigid intolerance.

      Itโ€™s sad, because heโ€™s infinitely more trapped than his own victims. Heโ€™s committed himself to this pattern his whole adult life. The human traits of commitment and consistency make it overwhelmingly hard to change. Pray for him, if you can. Heโ€™s a victim like all the rest, but heโ€™s in an even deeper prison. But as Corrie ten Boom put it, โ€œthere is no pit so deep that Godโ€™s love is not deeper still.โ€ Pray that this man gets delivered from the bondage that heโ€™s suffered under himself his whole life.

      โ€œThese patterns of childhood will inevitably then be adopted by their victims and used on their partners and their own children, at work, in politics, wherever the fear and anxiety of the profoundly insecure child can be fended off with the aid of external power. It is in this way that dictators are born; these are people with a deep-seated contempt for everyone else, people who were never respected as children and thus do their utmost to earn that respect at a later stage with the assistance of the gigantic power they have built up around them.โ€ pg 28, โ€œThe Body Never Lies,โ€ Alice Miller

      1. Actually, I thought this was well thought out and reasonable. Food for thought. Bravo, Cathy! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Oh, I get it. You and Marcie below were talking about the response from “Dr” Ach, not Cathy’s above! Sometimes hard to tell when the trail of responses and responses to responses gets long… ๐Ÿ˜€

    10. We can’t credit your story. That’s a little different than calling you a liar. And I don’t think anyone impugned your service – again, your story was not creditable, partly because IC-related billets require an NDA both before briefing and after debriefing. Who awarded your PhD?

  18. I carried out original research. This research was of great interest to the US military so they decided to classify it. I really do not know how I could make it any simpler.
    I said to ask someone smart to explain it to you. Being in the US military requires you to learn to follow instructions so it is obvious you armchair generals never served.

    1. I retired from the military, poser. That’s why I know your claim is BS….especially if you’re the one who spouted off that “OPSEC” nonsense when someone asked you where you got your doctorate.

    2. Being in the military requires learning to follow instructions from those with the proper authority to issue those instructions to you. What authority do you possess in this context?

      Also, if you are saying we should “find someone smart to explain it to (us)”, would this mean you do not consider yourself “someone smart”, since you are incapable of providing such an explanation?

    3. Sir, I simply asked a question. I did not even ask WHAT the topic of your dissertation was. I asked, at what university did you receive your degree? That’s not prying for information–I found your original comments (as posted on this site) intriguing and was curious as to your educational background. Why are you so paranoid?

    4. My guess is that Ach’s Ph.D. is from a place like Patriot Bible University — not only non-accredited but essentially a diploma mill. Kent Hovind exhibited similar behavior when asked about his dissertation and Ph.D. . . . except Hovind’s dissertation was posted on Wikileaks in 2009.

      (For the record, I would be very interested to hear what the U.S. military found so compromising in a master’s thesis about “Christian counseling” and a dissertation on theology.)

    5. Is “Dr.” James Ach a fraud?

      The Defense Manpower Data Center’s (DMDC) Military Verification service doesn’t have any record of a James Ach ever serving in any branch of the US Military, much less his story about being a former special forces member.

    6. I’m in the military – Marine Corps and now Navy (19 years total) and I say you’re full of crap! If you have ever served, you did not complete even one contract and maybe reached E-3 or 4 as your rank. You have been spewing your garbage all over the Internet and hide behind lies and anonymity instead of explaining why anyone should listen to you. By the way, I’m a Chaplain with an earned MDiv from an actual accredited Seminary, and I would say that when it comes to theological discussions, knowing a persons educational background is important to understanding their framework. That is not always the case- I graduated from BJU for my Bachelors and few people who know me would think that, but at least it provides some basis to back up your views and understand where they come from. Bottom line is I think you are lying about your military service and that also calls your theological education into question as well.

    7. Ach states: “I carried out original research. This research was of great interest to the US military so they decided to classify it”

      However, elsewhere he states his qualifications as “doctorate in Theology, Masters in Christian Counseling”

      How in the world would the US military would see fit to classify a Doctorate in Theology or a Masters in Christian Counseling?

    8. I was in the military too, and was constantly working with OPSEC-mindedness due to my job, and your claims reek of BS. We need to know what organization awarded your degree, and in what year it was awarded. You’re sounding like an elementary school kid who claims to be a ninja, and as proof of ninja training produces a mail-order throwing star. Just give up the info or give up the charade.

  19. You’re full of bullshit. Excuse my language, but as former military, I’m sure you’ve heard worse.

    If your thesis is classified, it does not mean that the name of the university is.

    Almost every single person who openly boasts of having written or having had access to classified information does not have it and never did.

    There are over a million currently active Secret clearances in the United States. You really think you can peddle this bullshit and nobody will call you on it?

  20. Well that former fundy love everybody spirit is sure on display here isn’t it?
    During my years of active service I took pride in the fact that I never once uttered a foul word. I felt that my testimony required it. Yes, I have heard worse but the speakers didn’t claim to be Christian.

    I am in a quandary. I possess the proof that would quiet you but I am forbidden by law from revealing it. As gratifying as it would be to shut you all up I am not willing to risk incarceration for it.

    It is interesting to note that, as far as I am concerned, my critiques of Stuff Fundies Like still stand.

    1. You do realize that you are the caricature that you accuse Darrell of creating. Don’t you?

      Darrell doesn’t have to make up anything. Many times, like today, all he has to do is post what people say and/or write themselves.

      1. Bethania-Loukia, you may appreciate my husband’s dissertation, which is non-classified. Completely obscure, but hey, non-classified:


        Well, not completely obscure. This person mentions my husband’s non-classified doctoral thesis in passing — about four words’ worth at the end of the first paragraph. FAME!!!! Will it go to our heads??



        P.S. As the student of a friend once said about liberal-arts PhDs: “He’s the kind of doctor who cain’t do you no good.”

        1. I was watching a Friends episode recently. Ross Geller has a doctorate in paleontology. He is in a hospital and identifies himself as Dr. Geller. Rachel punches him in the arm and says “Don’t call yourself that. That actually means something here.”

    2. You don’t possess jack shit. Go sell your snake oil to some barely literate, oversheltered hicks.

    3. “Dr James Ach has a doctorate in Theology, Masters in Christian Counseling, Paralegal Degree, and former Special Forces Intelligence in the Naval Spec Warfare Unit”


      Which was it “doctor”, Special Forces or Naval Special Warfare? They’re two different branches of service, poser.

    4. “Dr.” Ach,

      Some people use a foul word here and there, while you live a foul life all the time. I wonder which is worse?

  21. Hmmmm. From the CAFE website:


    If someone emails you with a message from “DR JAMES ACH”, someone on the SFL forum created a fake James Ach account. Dr James Ach does not have an FB page, or an account on SFL. I would expect something like this from children, but wow, grow up.

    So the Dr. James Ach on here is a Poe but the real one is definitely lurking. Hi there! (waves in a friendly non-threatening manner)

    1. The military has created a James Ach clone so that we are unable to tell which one is the real “Dr”…it’s part of his classified status. Who knows…is James Ach your friendly neighborhood mailman? Is he a coworker? Only James Ach knows for sure…. ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. Don’t poke fun at friendly neighborhood mailmen. I live with one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    2. Maybe he is just using the covert skills he learned in the Spec Forces to lead us off the trail.

  22. “Doctor” Ach,

    I am immediately and publicly requesting your dates of service, rank upon separation, MOS held, units of assignment, and your alleged affiliation with Special Forces.
    I remind you that your service records are publicly available for examination via the Freedom of Information Act.
    I also ask you in advance not to bother wasting my time with claims of “that’s classified” because its not.
    Failure to provide this information for verification of your claims (and I will most certainly verify them) will result in your your records being obtained through FOIA and made public….
    Unless there is something you need to get off your chest right now about these claims of yours…

    1. If it’s actually him. He’s apparently claiming else where that there’s somebody else impersonating him here.

      Or maybe he got stuck in his own lie and is trying to pull a fast one. Hard to say.

      1. That should be easily verifiable by IP trace. His “special forces intelligence agent” stuff is posted on his bio on his own site…and a few other bio listings elsewhere. I made sure to hang onto screen shots in case he tries to “tidy up”.

  23. He tried to paraphrase me on his FB page. That was cute, but I would expect better reading comprehension from a PhD. He writes as more of an honorary “PhD”. I trust he isn’t misrepresenting that.

    As to the difference between an MOS, NEC, and AFSC, they are branch specific acronyms. I realize that, you twit. Your “About” page merely states “special forces intelligence agent” (with that awesome honorary “PhD” grasp of capitalization). Thank you for narrowing the search to the Navy.

    Last I knew, the Navy did not have “special forces”, they have Special Warfare and SpecWar support units. Fortunately, I have a lot of friends and contacts there…

    1. Yeah, he said that Special Forces and Naval Special Warfare aren’t branches. Get a clue, “Dr”, I said branches of SERVICE, as in military services. You know, Army, Navy, Air Force…

      On one page of his “do right christians” site, he states he was “a former special forces intelligence agent”. http://dorightchristians.wordpress.com Well, Special Forces is in the BRANCH of service known as the ARMY, which is probably why someone asked what your MOS was, “Dr”.

      On another page, he states he was “former Special Forces Intelligence in the Naval Spec Warfare Unit” http://dorightchristians.wordpress.com/2013/01/15 He’s mixing a BRANCH of service known as the ARMY with a BRANCH of service known as the NAVY.

      Guess you just have to explain some things to someone with an honorary “doctorate”.

      1. Hope you can find something out about this poser, The other Bill. I’m sure that if you do, though, he’ll probably just say that the name he used in the Navy (or Army, or Boy Scouts) was “classified by OPSEC”. LOL. Those wannabes just never learn.

  24. Wow, I’m trying to catch up on comments, and maybe someone has said this, but does a Fundy fupa count as undies stuffing?

  25. On the CAFE FB page he is posting a lot of our comments and responding there. It’s like he is talking to himself. Nice.

    1. He writes: “How can you have a site that claims to describe what fundies like and there are no fundies there!”

      Talk about missing the whole point. We know what fundies like because we were fundies for years and years and years.

    2. He also seems to have missed all the comments left by fundies (who are still fundies) in past threads. Maybe he hasn’t been following for as long as he claims.

    1. Mr. Bourne, how nice of you to drop in!
      Did you and Colonel Ach ever work with James Bond and Mata Hari?

        1. Hey! Maybe he is Admiral Akbar! That is why there seems to be no photo of him available.

        2. If he even served, I don’t think he was an actual O-type. More like a Seaman (E3). Or Seaman Apprentice (E2), provided he even got out of Great Lakes.

  26. Reading the good Doctor Ach’s comments here makes me want to rush out and just hug and thank an atheist.

  27. Y’all totally missing the most important point of this monumental missive. The key point is what would Darrell be served when this Bible verse offered him a fine dining experience? Come on Darrell, spill the beans, what would you be asking for if this Bible verse showed up at your house to cook you this dinner? What kind of vittles would a Bible verse be capable of whipping up? Would the honorable Doc Ach be present for such a culinary festival to assure that the Bible verse was correctly offering up this dinning delight? Ah, the mind spins at the possibilities… So many questions, yet so little time.

    1. I must have the wrong version; my Bible has never cooked me dinner… but the Holy Spirit has used my Bible reading to cook my goose — does that count?

    2. I just hope the Bible verse that cooks me dinner won’t be Ezekiel 4:11:
      “And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight.”

    3. Nor Isaiah 36:12:
      “… [hath he] not [sent me] to the men that sit upon the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?”

  28. What’s your record for most number of comments on a post? Wow. Whether this guy knows it or not, he’s helping spread the message of SFL.

    Of course, he is getting more exposure, too, but he doesn’t have as good of a product…

  29. BTW, about an hour ago, he posted a comment on FB about suffering for Jesus. Apparently he thinks SFL readers are persecuting him. When he gets to heaven, Stephen and James might want to have a word with him…

    1. He wrote, “Being a Christian automatically drafts you into a war. You are a target of the devil, you are a target of non-believers, and often a target of your own Christian community. A Christian that loves God and spreads His Word will always be under attack.”


      A high percentage of what I heard from IFB pulpits was attacking other Christians. Why is that OK for them to do but suddenly so wrong and unChristian when we do it?

      1. Aha! The truth about his secret forces work comes out! What he REALLY meant is he’s a secret agent… for God! And the government that was so impressed by his dissertation (or thesis, they’re basically the same thing, right?) that they classified it, yep, God again!

        Clearly this man is above criticism and should immediately be trusted in all matters, secular or spiritual.

  30. Ok, I’m coming in late on this, but since when am I Trisha LaCroix? James Ach has lost his ever-lovin’ mind. I’m not a stripper (I’m a freaking writer, for goodness’ sake, and he, who was clearly that nasty troll, simply didn’t know what a polecat was. Newsflash, Ach: A polecat is another name for a skunk. I like skunks. I think they’re cute. Hence, the name.

    Oh, and btw, if it is taking you 15 minutes to write a properly constructed paragraph, you’re doing it wrong.

    Keep my name off your Facebook posts and your blog. I’ve done nothing to you and said nothing about you until now. If you’ve got a beef with me, it’s all in your head. I suggest you start taking your medication properly and get over your delusions.

    1. I know what polecat is. I have never heard of Trisha LaCroix before. Anyway, I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks skunks are cute. Did you know they are basically domestic? I guess having a cannon burried in your ass takes away fear ๐Ÿ˜‰ I used to sit outside with birdseed in my hand and this one skunk would come sniff it and take some. I don’t think he (she?) ever actually ate it though.

      1. One year when we were camping, one of the kids spilled goldfish crackers all over the ground during our late evening campfire. My husband heard little rustling noises and looked down, and lo and behold, little skunks were snorfling up those crackers like no one’s business. My husband then did something that made me love him more than if he’d stopped a train using only his bare hands: He ran inside our camper, grabbed the camera, ran back outside and began taking pictures. Amazingly, the flash didn’t scare them into blasting everyone, and I’ve got oodles of charming skunk pictures now.

        What can I say? I’m a cheap date. But I really, really love skunks. So much so, that if I could,I’d have a deskunked one for a pet. But alas … ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

        1. When we were little, my sister and I loved the book Homer Price, in which he ends up with a pet skunk. To this day we both would still like to have nice little pet skunks of our own! I’ve heard they’re surprisingly decent pets–very friendly and clean.

  31. Dear SFL Reader:

    Do Dr. Arc’s comments suggest any compelling reasons for which we should believe that he is a competent interpreter of Christian faith, or that he is in position to rule on others’ theological soundness?

    Christian Socialist

  32. My good friend James asked me to come here and defend him. I do not normally wade into fights like this but he requested it. I will try to be as vague as possible. I know that he is not allowed to give any details but I am at liberty to provide some.

    I was on James’ dissertation committee. He did some incredible research into medieval Islamic thought. He discovered a teaching by a thinker from Valencia at the court of Abd al-Aziz. This thinker propounded the theory that Allah would only send to Muslims the trials that they could handle. If a way of escape from their trials presented itself they should take it. No doubt he was influenced by Christianity in this area.

    The government seized on this teaching during the the early to mid 2000s. They would explain it to detainees that Allah would not send them more pain than they could endure. Once the pain became more than they could endure they were obligated to confess.
    Due to the controversial nature of the enhanced interrogation techniques employed much of the thinking behind it remains classified. Including James’ dissertation.
    In my opinion, James’ research saved American lives and helped us find Bin Laden. I look forward to the day when he can proudly claim the credit that is rightfully his.

    1. LOL. This is getting to the point where it is just absurd.

      I’m calling shenanigans on the whole stupid mess.

      1. To do research on the subject would require the ability to read medieval Arabic fluently and probably to speak Spanish well enough to live long enough in Valencia to conduct such research. Furthermore, the research documents would be accessible to other scholars using the same rare books collection. I believe not one word of the above explanation.

    2. It’s certainly a good idea to post this on the public comments sections of blog run by evil people like Darrell. I do love this charade!

    3. None of this sounds anywhere remotely as “critical to enhanced interrogation” as the very public work John Yoo did.

      I believe the concept of casting pearls before swine might need to be tweaked for “Dr” Ach, don’t try to float your BS to an informed crowd of skeptics!

    4. My good friend Tyler asked me to come by and make sure you all know that he was integral in the formulation of the flavor known as “blue razzberry”. One day he may get the credit he deserves for turning an entire generation’s tongues blue.

    5. Right. Because terrorists are so well versed in the Islamic philosophers of medeival Spain.

    6. Hm. This sounds more like something Ergun Caner would pull. He claimed to be an authority on Muslim thought, too. Pulled the wool over the eyes of the U.S. military with his “expertise”. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ˜•

    7. He did some incredible research into medieval Islamic thought.….

      …said no disstertation-committee member ever.

    8. Yeah, I figured if we stayed around long enough, we’d hear what an instrumental role the good “Doctor” had in catching Bin Laden. ๐Ÿ™„

      A medieval manuscript is so top-secret you can’t even tell anybody it exists?

      That’s even more ridiculous than a PhD so “secret” you can’t even tell us the name of the university or the year.

    9. Then surely you can say what university you work for, eh wot?

      IAE, just to be clear, I want to be sure I follow you: The man who claims Darrell is insufficiently full of Christian love is also claiming his great contribution to humanity is a study on how to torture people more effectively?

      Also, isn’t it interesting that this top-secret study contains information already publicly released by the Justice Department… and which sites the source of this idea as Abu Zubaydah? (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/04/20/AR2009042002818.html, to quote “But the memos note that, “as Abu Zubaydah himself explained with respect to enhanced techniques, ‘brothers who are captured and interrogated are permitted by Allah to provide information when they believe they have reached the limit of their ability to withhold it in the face of psychological and physical hardship.” In other words, the terrorists are called by their faith to resist as far as they can — and once they have done so, they are free to tell everything they know. This is because of their belief that “Islam will ultimately dominate the world and that this victory is inevitable.” The job of the interrogator is to safely help the terrorist do his duty to Allah, so he then feels liberated to speak freely.”)

      Now, of course, you may claim this is all part of the cover-up… no one was to know this great secret came from research done by a theology student, so the government claims it was actually revealed by a Muslim himself. If so, congratulations — I’m sure the DOJ will be quite interested in you blowing their cover, and since Zubadayah’s pronouncement are often cited as evidence that torture works, you will be undermining that, as well, since you have just stated it was not HE who revealed this technique.

      You’re a great American, and a great follower of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

      1. Citizens,

        I’m going to ask you to politely stop talking about this. You never know who could be reading this site and we don’t want our government secrets getting out.

        Also, Darrell, thanks for coming by yesterday. I thought we had an understanding that we were going to put this on ice?

        Jacob Stoner
        OPSEC Enforcement Officer
        US Military

    10. The testimony of a dissertation committee member who fails to give his name and the institution s/he works for serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Assuming that the dissertation is under wraps, the committee and the institution that awarded the degree needs to be made public for this testimony to have any credibility.

      Since the source of this dissertation supposedly rests on an “ancient” document, we should assume that this individual knows Arabic and the particular medieval Spanish dialect used. Spanish has evolved quite a bit from preconquest times to today. The name of the document would help and the library or museum where this document can be found would be helpful. There have been literally hundreds of dissertations written about historical subjects involving the Iberian Penneisula, so it seem rather peculiar that this document would be a “new” find.

      I find it quite hard to believe that Moslems living in pre-conquest Spain would be of the same mind of contempory Moslems–considering that Islam is about as fragmented as is Christianity. It took the Moslems eight years to conquor Spain, and it took centuries for the Spaniards to take back the land. The same year that Colombus sailed for the new world, the Spaniards finally conquored Valencia. The priests weren’t too tolerant of non-Christian ideas, so I would be interested in finding out how this particular “special” document survived the inquisitorial fires.

      In short, everything is just so very suspicious. Even if a dissertation is supposedly sequestered, the sources used, and the identity of the degree-granting institution and the composition of the dissertation committee is public information. Of particular interest is the fact that the degree-granting University also claims ownership of a dissertation. Dissertation Abstracts contains a synopsis of every dissertation written.

      In short, I smell a rat, and no matter how one looks at it, or the direction in which one looks at it, it all just smalls so bad!

      1. The priests werenโ€™t too tolerant of non-Christian ideas, so I would be interested in finding out how this particular โ€œspecialโ€ document survived the inquisitorial fires.

        Actually, Islamic scholarship had a huge influence on medieval Western Christian thought. The Aristotelian corpus became available to the West after the Spaniards started taking back their territories from the Muslims. The Christian Aristotelianism of Thomas Aquinas was made possible by Islamic preservation of Aristotelian documents. I am not expressing this well, but you get the idea; anyway, I’m sure you already know this.

        1. Of course, this does not affect your argument, which has nothing to do with the Islamic Aristotelian scholarship. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your point still stands: Dr. Ach’s alleged medieval Islamic “writing” sounds like a load o’ cr*p.

        2. Of course, this does not affect your argument, which has nothing to do with Islamic Aristotelian scholarship. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your point still stands: Dr. Ach’s alleged medieval Islamic “writing” sounds like a load o’ cr*p.

        3. Of course, this does not affect your argument, which has nothing to do with Islamic Aristotelian scholarship. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your point still stands: Dr. Ach’s alleged medieval Islamic “writing” sounds like a load o’ cr*p. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

        4. LOL–no, Beth D, posted three times because my computer is acting up. So sorry!!!!!! My PC has been infected by something called Yellow Moxie, and even though I keep removing it via anti-virus software, it keeps returning and wreaking all kinds of havoc. So sorry. Please excuse the silly repetition; it was unintentional!

      2. Of course, degrees in paralegal studies and christian counseling are very natural and normal paths to near eastern studies. Yes, right then.

    11. Does your good friend James feel bad that he did research which was directly used in support of inducing pain on prisoners?

      Luke 4:18
      Matthew 5:44

    12. That’s creative. And that’s not just me being sarcastic. However, I can’t really see this work at classifiable. As others noted, this research is based on public documents.
      Put me in the shenanigans camp with Darrell.

    13. “In my opinion, Jamesโ€™ research saved American lives and helped us find Bin Laden.” Ooooooh, Ooooooh, I want to meet James Ach. I want to shake his hand and thank him for “saving American lives,” as though that is the center of the gospel, and killing non-Americans is something that will further the cause of Christ in the world.

  33. I am not James Ach. I merely play him on SFL

    I was not on his dissertation committee.

    I do not live in the Romanian village that my IP address indicates.

    Yours murkily,
    Pastor Fred

    1. “Well, I’m one of those fortunate people who like my job, sir. Got my first chemistry set when I was seven, blew my eyebrows off, we never saw the cat again, been into it ever since.” -Stanley Goodspeed

  34. I love the fake dissertation response. He’d have to be able to read Kufic script and Latin. ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. I’m sorry I found this so late. I had a look at this guy’s website and its fascinating (in part in its horrific spelling ang grammar, but that’s my issue.) ๐Ÿ˜›

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