28 thoughts on “GOH: How Should A King Come”

      1. They had a drum major. Guess that had to utilize those poor kids somehow. That reminds me I actually went to a percussion student’s senior recital. No doubt the guy was incredibly talented. It was hard not to feel sorry for him though.

  1. Beautiful!……….First time I ever heard it!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    New Year’s Resolution: Fly Darrell up here to fix my computer so that I can bloviate on the Forum.

  2. I remember hearing this on the local christian radio station growing up. I loved it then because it highlighted a paradox—something I am drawn to, but not something most Fundies are comfortable with—and yet they agreed it was true and worth celebrating. I hadn’t heard it in years. It has aged better than I’d expected. Thanks for the memories.

      1. “Irregardless”?!?

        *deep breath* Because it is still Christmas Day where I am, my gift is that of forgiveness of bad grammar as well as forgiveness of arrogance.

        Happy Holidays to you, Don. 🙂

        1. Lol, I was going to comment on “irregardless”, a word that is accepted but not recomended because it’s a confusing double negative often used to say the opposit of what it means, which is “regardful” as opposed to “regardless”.
          But first, I was going to comment about the claim that I will “meet Him” one way or another and ask Don if he had some information that I’m unaware of and that’s not been proved to be BS, but I thought I was going to waste my time.

      2. My southern colloquialisms aside I stand by my statement. If you do not believe it to be true that is your right. You may believe or not believe. No, I don’t have some “Miracle on 34th St” moment for you Pierre. I will not get into some long debate regarding Christian Apologetics -v- Atheistic Apologetics either. Regardless, one day we all will bow before our creator and we will all acknowledge him as Lord and God. It is a matter of faith and our faith or lack of faith will have eternal consequences.

        1. Why are you saying that to me? If you expect someone to believe it, give us one good reason. Just pick the best one, so we don’t have to think about any other.
          Merryy Christmas and Happy New Year Don.

  3. Beth D, it’s a season, not just a day. Feel free to wish us Merry Christmas right up through January 6. 🙂 And merry Christmas back atcha!

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