25 thoughts on “Fundamental Flaws For Free (Today and Tomorrow Only)”

  1. mmm Iwill read with relish I am Christian who considers quite logically that the really fundie folk are the new pharisees.. However lets not blame Jesus for their failures any more than we blame Karl Marx for the failures of his followers!!

  2. Very well written book. I have grown up all of my life in fundamentalism. I have come to the conclusion that I am a sinner saved by grace who really needs the Lord, not a bunch of condemnation from a bunch of self-appointed keepers of the gates of biblical truth. The whole point of the “rules” is to prove that we need Him!! Please pray for me. Although I am still a fundamentalist in doctrine, I am finding there is little room for people like me. I did like the point about reaching out to the “least of these”, as I am a Jail Chaplain that works in 2 county jails. Talk about a great mission field – there are few if any fundamentalist folks in Jail Ministry – and the ones I have experienced are a couple of steps above Westboro Baptist. But Bless God we are always right!!! The ability of the followship to ask questions is the main thing that scares the leadership. It would do my Fundamental Brothers and Sisters well to read this book and at least consider it.

  3. Thanks, Darrell. I have already bought the book, but will likely give a copy or two away, since you suggested it.

    And I don’t even regret not waiting. It was money well spent.

    1. Darrell–I just noticed the ad for Fundamental Flaws has “Buy New” at Amazon. Are there any used copies for sale?

  4. Thanks, Darrell, very thought provoking and provocative. Definitely hits on my fundy-lite upbringing.

    1. While I’m not a Schaap fan, this sounds audio processed and I’m not sure he was drunk. At least I would hope not….But the 10 years hard time background is appropriate

  5. Thanks Darrell! I downloaded the book and read it through this morning.
    I purchased a copy a while back but couldn’t get it to download to my reader since I am a technological dim bulb.

    I plan to purchase a copy for a family member. We had a very frank discussion of fundamentalism over Christmas. He and his family have already jettisoned several key Standards ®. I hope your book will help them to see things clearly.

  6. Talked a strict fundamental friend into reading it (I paid for it, so he wouldn’t have to be offended if he paid for something heretical :mrgreen: )

    He was enthusiastic about #1 (as was I); we disagreed about #2 – personal standards is one thing, but Biblical standards are something that shouldn’t be compromised, and he didn’t agree with what was written up as merely personal standards.

    He said that #3 probably depends upon one’s background… some Fundamental Christian schools ARE indoctrinating instead of educating, but some do an excellent job of providing a very good education – far better than some of the dopey indoctrination in public schools.

    He agreed that sexual abuse should never be covered up; he didn’t agree that sex education is needed in classrooms; we seemed to survive well as a race without it.

    …and so on — it has provoked some interesting discussions.

    I appreciate your writing the book.

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