220 thoughts on “The REAL Reason for Hurricane Sandy”

  1. Last night Al Gore rang in on Sandy as Punishment. He agrees. Sandy is The Plaaanet lashing back at us for Global Warming Global Warming Global Warming.

  2. Has anyone noticed how God is true to His Holy (1611) word? He said He is not the author of confusion. He never changes because I noticed that He only sends Hurricanes in response to America’s sin during the actual Hurricane Season. If He sent one during, say February, He would be self-contradictory. An atheist would say this is ironic but I know better. It’s no more ironic than Lou Gehrig dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease

  3. Given how hard Sandy hit the financial district in NYC, I would thing that it was punishment for the financial policies that have wrecked the world economy…

    Clearly I’m no longer ‘of the body’.

    (And awfully glad that my eldest and her husband are safely in Seattle and not trying to get to work in Manhattan!)

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