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  1. You did a great job! YAY! You were articulate, honest, humorous, earnest and sincere! Way to represent!!!!


  2. Dear Darrell:

    Thank you for opening your heart. I thought you handled yourself very well. God bless you!

    Christian Socialist

  3. Darrell…
    Thank you bro! You were great! The show went the full 2 hours. Chad and Brandon were amazing guests and I think we really started something special. Come on any time!

  4. Whoa! I’m sure glad that my husband didn’t find his way out of fundamentalism the way Brandon did!

  5. Several times on the show the idea of God singing over us was referenced.

    I remember singing a song called “When the Night Is Falling” (of course, playing it only with PIANO accompaniment) and singing the lines, “as you sing over me” and thinking that that was just a sappy, liberal, evangelical songwriter getting all emotional and exaggerating. Imagine my embarrassment when I found the verse in the Old Testament describing God as singing over His people! My idea of God was so warped as if God begrudged His love toward us instead of rejoicing in us.

    Also, Craig said several times that God is wild about us. I love that a couple summers ago, my kids attended a VBS with the theme “Pandamania” and one of the songs was “He’s wild, He’s wild, God is wild about us!!!” I truly hope they take that concept to heart.

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the show, and even managed to get some comments out in the chat!

    @Craig – keep it up!

  7. Great show.

    Darrell – you mentioned you spent some time in New York. I did not know that. Since I am in NY, I was just curious what part of NY where you in?

    You can PM in the forum if you don;t want to share here.

        1. Hey, maybe all of us NYers should have a SFL meet. 😉 Hmm, what Fundy church can we crash wearing inappropriate attire and carrying The Message?

        2. I love that thought! There are several fundy churches that immediately spring to mind….. 😎

        3. former – what fundy church did you attend? I attended a relatively new one up in Niagara County.

        4. A certain church out of Hamburg (Erie County) whose pastor has been featured on this site………..perhaps you know the hot mess of fundy of which I speak?
          Hint: they couldn’t host Ruckman because he’s divorced, but they still attended the conference that hosted him back in the late 90s.

        5. Scorpio, I think I know of your church. I can’t remember if your church and my church fellowshipped or not, I was only 16 when my family pulled out of Hamburg. It was the first of many fundy churches for me, including being a PK for a while. There is a good chance we crossed paths at some point.

        6. Former – So you were exposed to that Olde Tyme religion huh? :mrgreen:

          I was at a little place called Cornerstone and yes our churches “fellowshipped”. I was in only for a brief time in the mid 2000’s.

        7. Yes, that would be my church! We have truly most likely crossed paths at some point. I was in the WNY system from the mid 1980s – mid 2000s, and at the Clock Bunker from the early 1990s – early 2000, then floated around the rest of the NY bunkers. It is truly a small world. Glad you got out. 😀

  8. Zeph. 3:15-17
    The Lord has taken away your punishment,
    he has turned back your enemy.
    The Lord, the King of Israel, is with you;
    never again will you fear any harm.
    16 On that day
    they will say to Jerusalem,
    “Do not fear, Zion;
    do not let your hands hang limp.
    17 The Lord your God is with you,
    the Mighty Warrior who saves.
    He will take great delight in you;
    in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
    but will rejoice over you with singing.”

    If you look up the word “Rejoice” in Hebrew it means to dance joyously.
    If you’ve ever held your child in your arms and sort of danced around the room and sang to her (in my case, I have a daughter) that’s a good image of this verse.

    1. That’s the passage. My jaw dropped when I read it, especially after I had legalistically been mentally mocking the songwriter who’d described God as singing over us.

      It was just another example of my tendency after an IFB upbringing of focusing on God’s judgment and wrath more than His love and compassion.

    1. I just don’t have the time to produce audio on a regular basis.

      Also in my experience podcasts work best when there are two people having a conversation instead of one person just talking. So I’d have to find a partner.

      1. “So I’d have to find a partner”

        How about asking for volunteers from the SFL community? I think some of us (not me) would have interesting stories to tell.

        Besides, some of us (Don) have a face for podcasts. :mrgreen:

      2. Hmmm…maybe an SFL version of StoryCorps? From their website, “Our mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.” just add “in Fundyland” to the end and there ya go. the funny, sad, ironic, tragic and mundane recorded for posterity.

        1. “Unshackled” — so true!

          Some people were chained to destructive sins like drunkenness and Christ set them free. But some of us were chained to self-righteousness and fear; it’s just as glorious that God has freed us from that!

  9. Very good Darrell!

    One of your points I particularly like, and it has been touched on occasionally at SFL, is admitting that things aren’t always great. You talked about fundies plastering that big smile on their face and essentially faking it. If you admitted to having a problem, that somehow that would make the fundy God unhappy or less than Almighty.

    Also good point was made about the guy that was being tempted in sexual sin, and in the fundy world it would be almost unheard of for that tempted fellow to open up about this to a christian brother! We all really should have folks that we can turn to, that hold us accountable, and aren’t afraid to point out something to us that concerns them, or the flip-side to have folks we can turn to when we are tempted to do something that we know is damaging to us and our walk with Christ.

  10. Thanks to everyone on SFL. The show has been up for barely 12 hours and we’ve already gotten 150 downloads. I’m very excited about this and I hope it helps a lot of people.

    1. Thanks, Craig, for the show! What I found interesting is that both Chad and Brandon mentioned Galatians as what helped them open their eyes.

      When I first read Galatians 5:1 in the context of fundamentalism, that’s when I had my A-Ha moment, and wondered why I had never noticed that before.

      1. It is interesting… the thing that I could call my “Aha!” moment was thinking about Jesus’ words in Matthew: Take my yoke upon you and learn of me; for My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

        I can remember thinking that the current church wasn’t right; all of the duties were just a heavy burden. I was burdened down, not by sins I had committed, but under the burden of church rules that we had to follow in order to have friends.

        1. Missed the close bracket on the bold! George, I thought I had banned you from this keyboard!!

    2. Dear Craig:

      Downloads? Downloads?

      I wish we could save that baby to hard drive!

      Anyone know how?

      Christian Socialist

  11. Darrell,
    This was awesome! Well done! Brandon and Chad were awesome to listen to as well. It was a very good broadcast all around.

  12. I was astonished to hear that ANY movement or group would find Hyles too liberal. He seemed to be the ultimate in mind-control, drink-the-koolaid leadership.

    1. Fundamentalism is all about being better than someone else. If someone does something different than you, or you just don’t like them, you have to find a reason that makes you more spiritual than they are.

    2. I think it depends upon your definition of liberalism. I know my parents didn’t like Hyles because of the shouts, emotionalism, silly hype (especially contests to get in more kids to the Sunday School or on the busses), and man-worship.

  13. Darrell, It was good to hear a heart-to-heart conversation from the man behind the SFL site. Well done.

  14. Dear SFL Reader:

    That ‘bar room’ experience was wonderful to hear. Years ago, I experienced something similar in the bar car on a train. I was a student at the time, and I was preparing for an examination on church polity.

    This guy [half cut as I recall] started ragging on the fundamentalist/Pentecostal church he had left many years earlier. We talked for a long time before we both retired. He found me the next morning just before his stop to say that he had prayed for the first time in many years. And he was going back to his own [a sane, reformed] church.

    I’ve not thought of that for a long time, but this wonderful testimony about the bar experience brought that to mind.

    That program was a blessing!!!

    Christian Socialist

    1. Dear Craig:

      Thank you so much! I saved the download to hard drive, and then to the page and found the download link. Will follow that for future programs! Thanks again!

      Christian Socialist

  15. I didn’t have time to listen to the whole podcast last night, so I downloaded it and listened on my iPod today. I planned to listen to Darrell, but wasn’t going to listen to an hour of some guy I never heard of. Darrell was right on, as always, but Craig, Chad, and Brandon each had me in tears at several points with their stories. I have had the same feelings so many times! And it’s not something that can be easily explained to someone who hasn’t been there. I agree that these stories need to be told. Not only told, but shared with others who have walked similar paths.

  16. Thanks to everyone for listening, I enjoyed speaking out about my past experiences. And yes, we did think Hyles was a liberal in my brand of fundy!

  17. Quick question: am I missing something or is there a way for me to sign in to the site without having to always enter my email, name, etc on every comment I make?

  18. Craig Daliessio is a fundamentalist himself who has violently threatened those who exposed the fundamentalist superstar Ergun Caner:


    He also left violent, threatening comments on the FBC JAX Watchdog blog, calling Watchdog a “Jackass” and telling him he was going to hell. I can’t find that particular blog post right now.

    1. Aaah Nicholas. Thank you for stalking me here too. I invite you to stick around because apparently you are a “friend” of that heretic James White (who will no-doubt be here next stalking me from his basement)
      If Caner is a Fundie the you are the Pope. As for FBC Jax…if you mean Tom Rich, (and you do) he sent me a very nice email congratulating me on my graduation in May and another just last night thanking me for a nice piece I wrote about Joe Biden. Tha you referred to ME as a Fundamentalist is charming. Sadly…these folks have heard my testimony and they know the truth. Have fun storming the castle.

  19. For the rest of you…
    As of this morning, we had 700 downloads of the show from last week. That’s in 3 days time. Thanks everyone for your participation. 700 people seeking freedom from this nonsense is wonderful. Lets hope they find what they seek.

  20. Hey Everyone…
    As of this evening we are at 850 downloads. This is essentially the fourth full day of the show being up. That’s over 200 per day. I originally started the show thinking we’d poke some fun and maybe laughter would heal some wounds but this is real ministry. As such I changed the tone from “No Fundies!” to “The Ragamuffin Show”. I’ll still poke fun….because these people just scream “mock me please”. But I have been praying for a door to open for ministry to people wounded by this legalism and this looks like it. Thanks for helping to spread the word and I hope you’ll all be back this Thursday night.

  21. Hey SFL-ers…please tune in tonight at 7PM. I have bumped the show to 2 hours and changed the name. It’s now “Runnin’ on Love…The Ragamuffin Show” and we are more ministry oriented. Thanks for your support everyone

  22. Just listened to the entire thing. Darrell sure sounds different than I had been imagining him in my head. 😆

    What a great interview! You should do more of these Darrell.

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