A Polished Shaft

At the Wednesday service of FBC Hammond’s Youth Conference 2010, Jack Schaap gave his signature sermon “A Polished Shaft.” Then he proceeded to demonstrate exactly how to…polish a shaft.

And still we are to believe that nobody there had any clue that this guy might have some strange sexual proclivities? I suppose none are so blind as those who will not see.

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  1. That is unbelievable. The old guy sitting behind him to the right looks embarrassed, like, “Does anyone else see how sexual this is?”

    What is the significance of this object lesson, anyway? Is there a verse about a polished shaft or something?

    1. Isaiah 49:2 “And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me;”

      Schaap’s take on the verse is that in order to make an arrow you have to heat and polish it and put stress on it. It’s typical eisegesis.

      1. I thought his text was Genesis 38:9 but then again I didn’t watch the whole thing.
        It was surely a powerful exhibition of preaching–sorry I meant it was powerfully exhibitionist preaching.

      2. FWIW, the NASB and CEB both translate the “polished shaft” as a “sharpened arrow,” which makes more sense to me. As others have noted, tempering or polishing arrows isn’t a common part of fletching.

    2. Everybody sees how sexual this is. He’s deliberately holding the church and the congregation and the deacons captive. Typical of a pervert and a sexual predator in a position of power. I hope the FBI arrests him.

    3. As long as he was acting out the metaphors here, it’s a little surprising Schaap didn’t also graphically demonstrate the previous verse, Isaiah 49:1: “… from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name.”

      Of course, to do so properly might require the skills of Le Petomane:

  2. I spoke with a high level HAC staff member that I very, very close with through family. He said most of the staff and many members are relieved and have been wanting to get rid of this pervert for several years. He said the weird preaching, the sex talk, the cussing, being hated across the nation and other whacked out things JS did (and grief he caused) have been talked about among all of them in private for years. He said everyone was afraid to take a stand and this was the one thing they new they had him on to fire him. He said it was a classic “Give him enough rope and he will hang himself” scenario. He said the staff members are sighing with great relief and many have thanked God they finally had something they could pull the trigger on JS the nutcase. He even said staff members were feeling demonically oppressed because of Jack and that HAC has been in a time of evil darkness since he took over the church. I asked him why they waited and he said they were all afraid for their jobs, the loyalty card being played and that JS was such a grudge holding vindictive man that they knew he would crush them. He claims this was a feeling of most of the HAC and many of the church staff (except for Bob Marshmallow) from top to bottom.

    1. Wow! I am so glad I never had to work there. This is truly out of control and I really feel bad for the staff members. It is a terrible thing to be in fear for your job and very life as you know it.

    2. Then I submit these cowards feared man and loved their position more than they trusted and believed in God. It’s one thing to be so blind you will not see the problem… it is quite another to see the problem and be afraid to act against it and call it out. If they knew he was a problem and they realized he was so bad then how in God’s name could they allow him to keep preaching week-in and week-out???

      That is the problem with serving a small god, a god smaller then your M-O-g. Pragmatic churchianity: do what it takes to out-live or out-survive the problem. If that is the mindset of the leadership then they are not fit to lead. How much error was preached from the pulpit? If anyone want to talk about “harming the Cause of Christ”!!! Good grief!

      The reason this makes me so angry is that I have been there in a situtation where I would not see the problem. I would not allow myself to see the M-O-g for the frail, broken human that he was/is, no… I saw him as the M-O-G! God’s representive on earth! As larger than God himself at times. The truth didn’t come out until after he left and I felt like a fool for being so stupid. /rant

      Sorry Brian B, I’m not attacking you at all. It’s the way Church administration is set up so that men of lesser character are drawn to the pulpit. This idea that the M-O-g is the very type of Christ and cannot be questioned, or held accountable until something becomes a crisis that is too big to handle. πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

      1. Don, while I believe you are right that these men feared man for than they feared God.

        At the same time, however, I fear that such attitudes are very, very commonplace. I say this to all our shame. I think there are many churches in which people know that something is wrong, but they leave quietly instead of making an issue over it.

        I know of a church in which the leadership (the pastor and his cronies) were abusing the finances. One deacon discovered what was going on, but didn’t think it right to bring an accusation against the pastor; instead, he left quietly. It’s easy to stand back and say that he feared men more than God (and it may be true), but I don’t know many people who would take on such a powerful, entrenched man.

        Yes, we should fear God more than man… but since I don’t know that I would do the right thing, I don’t feel that I can condemn the FBCH men.

        1. You’re absolutely right. I spoke out on a Google review and then got sued for defamation (and won the court case last week). But you are so right – it’s very difficult to stand up to leadership who are all yes-men.

        2. Also, when the pastor has been a bully for DECADES it is assumed (correctly) that anyone who tries to stand up to him (alone) will get shot down and victimized. It is good to let God take care of him, (as we see that He did.)
          When our pastor (not JS) was de-throned we were glad it was God who did it and not the elders. People still supported him though, and even with TONS of evidence of misconduct, there was fallout among the congregation. When God removes a pastor it is with surgical precision. When man does it, it is more like with a sledgehammer. (in my opinion)

        3. The biblical pattern for dealing with problems in the church, especially the leadership, is confrontation. Look up 1 Tim. 5:20 and 1 Cor. 5:19. This idea of “letting God handle the problem” is not biblical.” I am not sure where it comes from, but it is not God’s method for dealing with sin issues in the church.
          If problems like false teaching or character issues among the leadership are not resolved by confrontation, then it has become clear that the leadership is not interested in honoring God and doing His work His way. At that point, the instruction from Scripture is to get out.

        4. And in a lot of these churches, the enclaving/bunkering is so intense that within a year or two after joining, a typical churchgoer has NO friends or contacts outside of Church. When that happens, the threat of Shunning or Destruction becomes even more serious, as the “reprobate spirit” has NO life outside of Church. NONE. In this case, Shunning/”Discipline” literally cuts him/her off from their entire life.

          “Fear Him who can cast you into Hell.” In the situation outlined above, the abusive pastor/M-O-g literally has that power over the churchgoer. He can order Shunning, Excommunication, and (since such a church often thinks of themselves as the One True Church) call upon God to Damn the rebel to Eternal Hell. In this case, Fearing Man and Fearing God become one and the same.

      2. And isn’t this a prime example of what is wrong with the modern IFB movement: Pastors who claim the flock of God as their own, demand absolute loyalty from their members and staff, build empire churches around their own persona, and leave no room for any kind of feedback, criticism, or accountability from anyone who disagrees with them?

        1. I agree wholeheartedly with you! I called a Pastor on what he was preaching to not be true…and this same preacher always said…* If ever I preach and it is not in tune with God’s words…please take me out to the bus garage and beat the snot out of me*.

          Well…he would not agree that what he had said was not inline with God’s words. I am currently a recovering fundamentalist….and find this whole thing with JS to be so hard on my healing process. Especially since the man was counseling with a sexually abused young lady…and since he also preached at the pulpit for the parents to know what their children were doing sexually. I have no respect for the man now. Sure he will be forgiven…but I have no faith that there was not a checks/balance system within their church.

        1. To me, that shows that this “perv” had gotten himself into a position of absolute power over all who could challenge him. Shaft Polisher had put himself in a position of so much power they literally COULDN’T remove him until he did something so beyond-the-pale as rape a kid.

          Try standing up to Comrade Dear Leader (or is it Comrade Beloved Leader now) in North Korea sometime and see how far you get. THAT is Absolute Power, and Shaft-Polisher worked hard to get as close to that as possible.

      3. Wow, Don. When I read that post I was shocked that you were hitting so hard, as you are one of the most self-aware and forgiving posters I know, but of course as I read on I saw that your anger was directed, as usual, where it is deserved. I will not doubt you again, (unless of course you take up preaching and start slinging Craap like that up there). πŸ™‚

        1. Thanks Stony,
          I just get tore up inside knowing that I was one of those who was so blinded, so brainwashed that I would not see the problem right in front of me.

          It is precisely this brainwashing that causes me to call the IFB movement a cult.

          This idea that the pulpiteer is somehow more sanctified and holy than any other believer is heritical. This Pastorolatry (like an ifb pastor I am making up words as I go) that is practiced in the IFB movement along with their KJV Bibliolatry screams, “CULT!!”

          Then there’s this idea, “If I leave, where will I go?” Who says you have to “go” anywhere? According to Acts 10 Cornelius didn’t go anywhere, he had church at his home. They met house-to-house in the first century church. Is there not another church in the city? at all? Are there no other believers in Hammond at all??

          Ahhhh, but the brainwashing runs deep. Even if heresy, abuse and corruption fills the church… we are still more sanctified than any of those liberal denominations, eh? It makes me ill to think about it. All the monsterous edifices erected to the glory of man… Many (m-a-n-y) will say “Lord, Lord haven’t we produced many marvelous works on your behalf?” The answer they will hear is dreadful to even think about.

          Anyway, thanks for the word of encouragement and letting me vent a little.

      4. Spot on, Don. These men in leadership need to fear God more than the man in the pulpit and his blind minions. Although rare, an occasional deacon does take a stand – it recently happened at Mark Chappell’s Church, Freeway Baptist Church. The brave deacon was chased out, but now that congregation is totally without excuse.

        1. Isn’t Larry Chappell still around preaching, too? And does Paul have anything to do with them anymore?

    3. Don, I never thought you were attacking me. I think it is a shame AND a sham that the staff did not walk out on the the Idiot JS. I did shortly after he took over FBC and cursed me out. I would not sit under any preacher that uses the F word and other cussing the way he did ti me that day – even if it was the Apostle Paul! One thing that I do know is that I have said for nearly a decade that Schaap was going to fall and fall hard. I told several people he was going to run off with a lady church member, abscond with church funds or molest a kid or a combination of. I lost many “friends” at FBC over those claims. Many of those have contacted me via phone, email and FB to tell me I was right. One told me that he prayed many times over the last 5 years that JS would die or his health would fail just so someone else would take over that was not such a nutter. I asked him why he did not just leave and he said, “It is all I know. Where would I go?”, as if there are no other churches in the area for him to attend. : ❓ πŸ™

      1. I left a sister church of FBC of Hammond, and am a recovering fundamentalist now. It has been the better part of the past year to heal…and I am not yet there.

        One can just look at the mannerisms of JS alone when he preaches to not see a humble spirit within him. I found many fundamental preachers not to be humble. It was more of a * tie one more notch on the belt hoop*…type of thing when they preach.

        I was looking for a church who preached on walking in love, and did not find that in this church. WhileI did build upon my foundationh at this church, I found it to be a racist, sexist, church that stressed all their man made rules rather than seek the cause of Christ and serve the community.

        There are many loving churches to grow within. I was brainwashed into believing that unless it was a KJV, soul winning, premillenial Baptist church…you were in the wrong church.

        I have left…found a church with a pastor who came from HAC and is serving in a non denominational church, has a very humble servant attituted, shows compassion, has great teaching / preaching skills, and wants to reach the lost in the community…through service too. This is how the Lord blessed me…He took me out of this Fundamental church, so that the blinders could be lifted. One day out…I could see clearly. God is good!

        1. In the midst of all the ugliness flowing in and through the IFB cult it is so refreshing to hear some good news.

          Your story did my soul good, like a tonic. Thank-you, I needed that.

    4. Brian B,

      I disagree with everything this guy told you. Maybe he was being honest, but if he was he is an anomaly. JS was deeply loved at FBC and the members and staff that I am talking to are devastated and in shock.

      The guy telling you this stuff could simply be in CYA mode, or maybe he is legit. He’s either lying now so that he doesn’t look bad, or, as Don said, revealing his own lack of discernment for staying all these years. Either way he looks bad.

      1. He was loved by the teens and 20 somethings, not the older folks that attend and worked there. I think they saw a rebel in him and were drawn to that. Again, I am told there is a big sigh of relief that this is over. They all saw the church slowly dying, but because Hyles had beat loyalty in them so hard, they knew nothing else. I am told the sigh of relief comes from the deacons, to Ray Young to Eddie Lapina and many, many others. I have heard the rumblings of discontent for years. The college attendance is down, loyal staff were fired, the church is deep in debt and the weird doctrines etc have all been mentioned to me as the reasons.

        1. The church is deep in debt? I’m guessing lawsuits are coming. We may be seeing the beginning of the end for this church entirely.

      2. every family member that I still have at FBCH–probably upwards of 30 if you count everyone. All of them to a person thought Jack Schaap hung the stars. I think this other story is awfully convenient now that Jack, Jr. is in hot water…


    5. Sure has all the tell tale signs of being a spin job to me. There’s no evidence from the behavior of anyone at HAC or FBCH that you could take as any interest whatsoever in addressing the abuses perpetrated & encouraged by their entire organization. Blaming the youth is preposterous.

    1. That’s not to say most of you astute critics didn’t call it way ahead of time, too. I know you did. Just saying: in hindsight, it’s perfectly clear what was going on, even if at the time there was some measure of ambiguity

    2. Look at all the comments on previous posts about Schaap, Hyles, and First Baptist of Hammond. There’s no difference in what people said a couple of years ago and what we’re saying now.

  3. I have to agree with you on this one Darrell. There’s no way a grown man couldn’t see how that act was going to be taken. Although I once heard a fairly mentally healthy preacher say that women were like square holes and men were like round pegs, and you couldn’t just go force your peg into her hole. I think this clip proves it’s best to just stick to your notes when it comes to sermon illustrations.(All the more so if you’re a perv.)

    1. Yes, that’s a very unfortunate choice of analogy (unless he meant it literally, which would be even worse). I hope he at least didn’t try to act it out, the way Schaap dramtizes his cute metaphor here.

  4. Ummm……….ahhhhh………..ahem…….

    Probably the funniest, most bizarre thing I have ever seen in my life…………Strangely Warmed is probably getting turned on…..but the rest of us just find this inefeable

    1. Brian, you are one of the sad few with a sense of sanity. This is probably the funniest, most hilarious Youtube video I have seen in my life. That so many of these posters are getting all serious and worked up about it is sad. If you can’t laugh at this hilarious video and at the shake weight commercial, then your problems run very deep and you might want to seek counseling.

  5. I already replayed this about 14 times and this post was just made about 5 minutes ago! There are some weird, weird, and incredibly funny things on Youtube…….this is the funniest and the most bizarre all rolled into one!

      1. I watched it because it was very funny. Strangely Warmed probably watched it and got aroused by it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started a little shaft polishing of his own while watching this video.

  6. Umm..well, I could only watch about 15 seconds and then I had to shut it off. I’m married and all, and no prude, but..it made me squirm. Guess maybe your inner thoughts are expressed through your words and actions?

    1. Nothing “almost” about it. That man has ISSUES, and has no business anywhere near a pulpit. Even if he’s never charged in the molestation that got him fired, he clearly needs some psychiatric help.

    2. I was at a fundamental church…and the preacher was up there talking along the lines of love making…things to do to spice it up at home…and our children were sitting next to us. Totally uncalled for! Without excuse!

    1. When you’re finished, please pass it to me. I got about 20 seconds in and was COMPLETELY grossed out. He had to know what that looked like, how could he not?
      What a complete and total perv. That dude needs help, and so does anyone who’s had to deal with him. {trying not to hurl}

  7. UN-BE-LIEV-A-BLE. I know his facial expressions and vocalizations sure matched his polishing something entirely different than a 2-foot long wooden staff. Even some of the words would have matched had some nubile 16 or 17 year old been polishing his arrow for him!
    That was disgusting. And most of the men behind him looked like a deer caught in a spotlight!

  8. Wow… Wonder how many more IFB “preacher boys” have something like this in their bio.


    When a God fearing parent imagines a life for his child, his dream would not be Chris Allison’s reality. But God’s gifts put man’s dreams to shame. Chris was born in the Midwest on April 17, 1989. At two years old; his family moved to a air force base in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was there that the family was first introduced to Jesus and a baptist church. After five years, Chris’s family moved to his mother’s hometown, Columbus, Ohio. The effect of the baptist church in South Carolina still lingered, urging them to seek out a similar church. This was Chris’s introduction to Anchor Baptist Church and the beginning of the rest of his life. It was here that Chris was saved on February 28, 1999. It was here that Chris was called to preach at the age of 13. It was here that Chris became acquainted to godly, Holy Spirit filled, life changing, preaching. Preaching like the sermon that gave him the resolve to follow God’s calling on his life: “A Polished Shaft” by Dr. Jack Schaap. He heard the sermon at the Youth Conference to which he travelled with the rest of his youth group. He also received his education at Anchor Baptist School, where he graduated in 2007. While in school he met his sweetheart, Laura Taylor whom he would eventually marry on March 6, 2010. Chris is also a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College. There he recieved a degree in theology and youth work. Currently, he serves as the youth leader, a bus captain, a Sunday school teacher, and helps in the media department. No parent dreams for their child to go through hurt or tough times, and Chris had his fair share on his journey. But the gifts he received from God, though not chosen and sometimes hard, have made a better life than any parent could choose.

    1. Anybody know how to hack that “Our Staff” page to embed the clip of Jack polising his shaft into this preacher boy’s mention of it?

      That would be too awesome for words. :mrgreen:

  9. A couple of those guys behind him looked thing they were thinking: “What……the……f…K??? And they don’t even use that kind of language!

    1. Wish I would’ve watched it without sound. 😳

      Thanks Darrell, that was worse than any “carnal” acting I’ve ever seen(and that they rail against); I’m going to have nightmares. At least you can choose your movies by their rating or turn your head but nobody expects THIS is in church.

      Whatsoever things are good, pure…I need to think on those things.

      1. Tried to watch it without sound but actually feel more voyeuristic and sullied now and still haven’t seen more than 6 seconds of it! I’m glad that guy is out of the pulpit.

        I hope legal actions will prevail for him and that he repents.

        1. Watched it without putting on my headphones(still could hear his shrieking) and lord, does someone needs to make an animated gif from those first six seconds…. Just classic. 😯

  10. Insanity.

    The guys behind him looked so uncomfortable.

    Seriously, no one could do that and not realize what it LOOKED like they were doing


    1. This is the same place that (at least when I was there) wouldn’t allow the girl singers to hold the microphones, just in case someone with a dirty mind was led to think she was holding on to something else… (hmmm… dirty minds much?) and here is THIS!!! I think I am angry more than sickened… but it is close, maybe more sick than angry… nope, anger is winning out. Now disgusted, slightly amused and … still angry.

  11. thanks, I wasn’t sure if it would be skinamax or the internet tonight. Hands down, it was the internet….oops, I just threw up in my mouth. I guess it’s skinamax

  12. That is the most obviously sexual, vile thing I ever saw. It’s like a perverted version of Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally” – the restaurant scene.

    1. Waayyy worse, IMO. The movie was just playing it for laughs, Schaap seemed to be taking his actions a little too seriously for my comfort. Wonder if he had to go home and change his shorts after that service?

        1. Oh, Scorpio, you always know just what to say… to make me wanna throw up. :mrgreen: You’re terrible!

  13. And he was doing this at a youth conference..my teen years aren’t far behind me and..yeah. We all would have been interpreting this with dirty minds. How could you not? I really believe he acted that way to be interpreted exactly that way–dirty. How could he NOT have seen the potential bad idea this was?

  14. I’m doing better with the screaming preacher videos. But now I’ve been traumatized over the “screaming” being equated with a male orgasm. Blech, ugh, puke……………..

  15. What a bunch of cowardly church people. If it’s true that there are multiple abuse victims of Schaap’s, then the ENTIRE church SHOULD be held accountable for letting it get to that point. Abuse of a child had to be made PUBLIC before they buckled and did anything. FBCH and HAC should be closed, IMO.

    1. You are SO right! The entire church should be held accountable…especially those in leadership. It sickens me that people can be so afraid of one man.

  16. The perversion of this aside, it’s still a terrible message due to the poor exegesis.

    A lot of fundies are more than happy to throw Schaap under the bus, but they still preach like him. Their messages are built on cute, self-agrandizing anecdotes, and Scripture being taken out of context. They proclaim their version of Law without reference to the gospel, and they think preaching a gospel-centered message means that you have an altar call at the end of your legalistic rant.

    Now is the time for those who on the fence to get the hell outta your IFB church. Go find a church where the finished work of Christ is boldly proclaimed every week and where the sacraments are rightly administered.

      1. O MY GOODNESS!!! I am howling with laughter! Todd Weber in the background in the left corner looking quickly at the audience makes it even better.

  17. So I read all the comments so far before watching this video…nothing would have prepared me for that. And teens were sitting there watching this with a straight face? I would have thought the snickers and outright laughter would have been deafening. 😯

    What a complete joke of a preacher.

  18. Wow. I could have done without that. I couldn’t watch much, it was too disgusting. Please pass any left-over brain bleach my way.
    There is no excuse for anyone, especially parents, to not see the freakish perverseness of Schaap’s “sermons” and stayed there. There is no telling how many kids he has ruined. Those messages should be enough for abuse charges against him.

  19. If this were a one off thing where he accidentally got too sexual in the pulpit I’d be inclined to let it pass, but this guy would scream & rant about completely inappropriate sexual topics all the time?

    And Gibbs hammering on “those who have an ear to hear” the other night was outrageous considering how often they’d used those ears to ignore the obvious perv in the pulpit. I could have more sympathy for them if Jack Schaap hadn’t been advertising for a decade how much of a perv he wanted to be, and they’d been ignoring it & letting it fester.

  20. First of all, Darrell, I don’t know HOW you find this stuff, but BRAVO!
    Secondly, and this is a little off point, I HATE that technique of saying things real quietly AND THEN YELLING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS and then saying the next sentence barely audible AND THEN SHOUTING AS IF THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE and emoting all over the place as if you are about to cry… Jack Hyles taught this one well.
    And thirdly… Wow.

    1. I guess we just have to admit it, all of the preachers we’ve experienced in the IFB have no intention whatsoever of helping their hearers so much as employing manipulative tactics to get the hearer to fall into line and financially support the work. The quiet-LOUD one-two punch is meant to keep the hearer disarmed and subconsciously aware of a higher authority at work to which one has no recourse but submission.

    2. The Fluttershy-soft alternating with SCREAMING LOUD is a known manipulation and abuse trick. It’s sort of a one-man “Good Cop, Bad Cop” (“Hot and Cold” in Euro-English) intended to keep the mark off-balance, never knowing what’s going to happen or what reaction he can expect. Ends up hammering the mark down to pulp.

  21. Dr. Jack Schaap preached this on at the 2010 Hyles Youth Conference themed “Spiritual Revolution”

    Disturbing….but imo, much more disturbing that he preached this to 1000’s of teens.

    1. One of the things that bothers me about this, (well, lets face it, there are SO MANY THINGS to choose from) but one of them is that many of those teens would go home feeling GUILTY because they had a thought that what he was doing kindof seemed like something else. NOT that HE was doing something inappropriate, but that in their *sinful* minds they made it into something dirty. That is how it works. It is all part of the programming. Don’t think for a second that this crazy guy didn’t have an ulterior motive. Of course if anyone said anything to him about it being inappropriate, he could get the wide eyes shocked innocence face on and say, “WHY, Brother, So-and-so… I NEVER for a MOMENT thought of THAT. Get up out of the gutter and getcher heart RIGHT with GOD.”

      1. So right, sims. The poor girls. Cover your arms, cover your neck, cover your knees, wear nylons and closed shoes because god forfend you should cause a man to stumble…..all the while listening to this and seeing that this clearly is okay because the mog is doing it right there on the pulpit! Not to mention the poor boys left to face their own “sinful” thoughts after that Craap. I just worry that the parents of these kids are not and have never been equipped to talk to their kids about this in any constructive manner.

        1. I was made to attend a Hyles Youth Conference when I was 14 years old. It was a den of dysfunction back then when Jack Hyles was there, but this? I don’t see how anyone can defend Schaap. It’s clear that Schaap has some serious issues.

        2. The poor girls. Cover your arms, cover your neck, cover your knees, wear nylons and closed shoes because god forfend you should cause a man to stumble…

          Isn’t that the identical justification in Extreme Islam for the burqa and honor killing?

  22. Look at the expression on the face of the black-haired guy all the way to the left in the wide-angle shots. His expression literally screams “WTF!?!?!?” πŸ˜†

  23. Really so outrageous. Horrific. He’s boldly acting out masturbation in from of the congregation and the deacons. Just look at the men sitting in back of him. You can tell they are stunned. The man is a maniac. I wouldn’t doubt if he’s on some kind of cocaine or other stimulant drugs. How can his wife stand being around him. If she stays with him, then she’s as nuts as he is. She needs to make a stand and file for divorce. This man is a perfect. Finally they’ve taken him off his stage.

  24. Holy Crap,I say charge him with in-decent exposure in public cause that definitely indecent. Jack Schaap just took Baptist’s to a new level of Holy Crap.

    1. I agree. This isn’t much different than a man standing outside a junior high and pleasuring himself hoping that some young girls will come by and see him. This is a lewd act.

      I believe Schaap planned this whole thing on purpose. He wanted to simulate masturbation in front of young people, and he figured out how to do it from the pulpit so he wouldn’t get arrested.

      1. In my old high school, doing something similar with a broomstick accompanied by a Rebel Yell was called “Love Call of the Purple Hornies”.

  25. I thought after growing up 19 years as a pastor’s kid in this cult, I’d seen everything… but this… this literally makes me speechless… like…just wow. This is triggering for me by video. I don’t think I could have handled being there in person.

    Those men sitting behind him had a duty to God and to every one of those teens to get up, grab him by the collar of his white jacket and frog march him to the door and send him through it with a sharp kick to the seat if his pants! And that should have been done in the first four seconds. Instead they sit and squirm and allow this pervert to take one step closer to a innocent teenage girl and who knows who else. They should each be held as accountable as Schaap. Cowards!

    1. I know fundies who would state they would proudly get up and march out in the middle of a service if they didn’t like the music or some issue the pastor mentioned, but if ANYTHING would have called for action, it should have been this. I wish someone had done exactly as you describe.

    2. Few things are as upsetting to me as an entire church full of elders who will not speak a bad word against “God’s chosen leader” because it will make God hate them or something. They should all be on their knees on the stage where everybody in the church can see them, begging God to help them fix the mess that they had helped their leader make.

  26. Did anybody catch that “dialogue” of what is supposed between a young man and God? Listen closely to the words that he’s saying, it’s just as creepy if not more so than this clown simulating self-gratification from the pulpit of all places!! 😯
    The stuff he’s saying at 0:15 (while simulating this act), cringe-worthy cannot even begin to describe this abomination being preached from a pulpit.
    To make this even worse, he has the absolute audacity to use (what could be described as) the voice of God.”make sure that they serve Me, that’s why I gave them to you son” at about 1:15 (super creepy), makes me want to puke and my blood boil at the same time.
    Those are the words and thoughts of a true predator. It was behind the scenes in jack’s private study, what happens in the study didn’t stay in the study. Maybe they heard that stuff for so long that they got used to it and it was no longer shocking. πŸ‘Ώ
    The fact the this @$$ clown said stuff like this and called it the word of God; I have no words for this outrage (blasphemy, heresy, and abomination don’t seem enough).

  27. I left that circus in 1978 and have been happier every day since. The deacons – after his crazy lectures and writings should have gotten rid of him years ago. Congratulations guys – your inaction did this. You have no one to blame but yourselves…

  28. I feel sorry for that young guy with the dark hair who keeps looking at the audience. He knows without a doubt what’s up. Maybe he’s waiting for a big group in the audience to stand up and walk out.

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