A Polished Shaft

At the Wednesday service of FBC Hammond’s Youth Conference 2010, Jack Schaap gave his signature sermon “A Polished Shaft.” Then he proceeded to demonstrate exactly how to…polish a shaft.

And still we are to believe that nobody there had any clue that this guy might have some strange sexual proclivities? I suppose none are so blind as those who will not see.

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    1. Im about as liberal as they get, think Bill Maher, I squirmed watching Jack, “jack-off” that arrow and then “COME” like….What? Wowzers, looked like Ray Young was gonna have a Hyles-Heart-Attack

    2. Their struggle not to react to the outright raving lunacy a few feet away is the most entertaining part of the video.

  1. This video conjures up a composite of the “depraved” character in every Chick tract.

  2. Unrelated, but the nut burger that is Bob Gray Sr is blaming all this Schaap scandal at FBCH all on his stance of the KJV. He is saying that at the root of this is the fact that Schaap denied the KJV to be inspired.
    Let’s not admit his heart is deceitfully wicked and no one can know it. Let’s forget that Schaap has a sin nature. Let’s forget the fact that he has preached a “strange doctrine”. Nope he just denied the KJV was inspired that is why he did this.
    Bottom line: All you preachers better get in line and make sure you stay a KJVO preacher and church or the same thing will happen to you!
    Good grief!

    1. It’s so funny to read what you wrote b/c this is the message I left on his website but more than likely it won’t be “published”….the guy’s way off base, but then again, he’s Bob Gray, what else is new?


      You out there in Candyland?? Are you coherent??

      Your little mind thrashes around so your ugly mug can get a little “aftershock” attention, your a straight up clown…..just like your son. I’m no jackazz fan, never have been but to sit here and lay all these moral failings on a fairly changed (hardly anything different) stance and some off color comments makes no sense….it simply proves your low IQ.
      It’s pretty obvious that the man has been slowly, in whatever way, losing his mind.
      Youtube Jack and his polished shaft from a few years back….like wha?? Huh?? A person in their right mind doesn’t sexually gyrate a shaft in front of thousands of people while at the same time “coming” at the end of his excitement. Have you read his latest books?? The man probably needs medication.

      Knowing what he knows about the grave sexual digressions of Jack and Dave Hyles and then follow the same path, the man was no dummy but if you look closely at the last few years, he was not mentally making much sense but you wanna sit here and blame that on God cursing him because he had some questions about the Bible?? Wha?? Huh??

      You need as much help as Jack…..your son as well.

    2. Most interesting is the KJV was severely criticized by “The Faithful” when released for the same reasons the KJVers criticize “modern” translations.

  3. What’s the deal with the matching outfits? Is that like the magic mormon undapants? Whatever it is, it’s kinda freaky weird.

  4. The camera angle changes at :18 to frontal for about a second and a half. Money Shot!

    1. There is no way I’m playing this at work. I’d probably be fired for downloading porn to my computer. This is just too, too bizarre to even wrap my head around. It’s also insanely funny and goes straight to the top of my “Best Of YouTube Of All Time” list. Anyone who watches this and doesn’t laugh, uproariously, is a sick person who takes themselves way too seriously.

  5. I watched it without sound, which meant no distractions from what he’s actually doing. It has to be deliberate. Just to see how blatant he could be? Or maybe he got a kick out of stirring up the young guys? (And girls, if they understood what was going on.)

    The only part I watched WITH sound was the very beginning. And I find it disturbing that in Schaap’s monologue, “God” speaks in a gentle, reassuring voice. The kind of voice we all want Him to speak to us in, but which in fundy theology He almost never uses… except, apparently, when he’s a sexual predator.

  6. Well…if I had a first name like his, and I was a preacher, that would probably NOT be the topmost illustration I would choose.

    I’ve been browsing this site for awhile; first time posting. As my handle implies I was once in IFB on the west coast. Was led into it by a Navy friend who thought Hyles was the bee’s knees. After he got out he went to HAC and tried many times to get me to follow. At first I wanted to…and was all excited to go. Something just did not sit right about it, so I held back. Kept reading the bible and serving in my local IFB. Kept seeing more and more things odd about fundamentalism, even as I continued listening to Hyles and other IFB preachers on cassette tape. My friend expressed to me more than once his disappointment that I would not commit to HAC, even resorting to having faculty calling me out of the clear blue to high pressure sell the school to me over the phone.I even remember the HAC faculty member’s name…Phil Pin. My friend and I did not end that phone call on good terms after Pin was done.

    Sad ending for my friend; he was killed riding his bike to work one day while still attending HAC. Had two kids and a sweet wife. I don’t know had he lived would he have woken up to what really was going on at HAC and FBC, but I wish he had, as it strained our friendship and I never had a chance to patch things up with him. I have to believe he would have freaked out at some point over Schaap. The man is perverse.

  7. Makes me wonder if Jack was working on his Barry White impression for this sermon?

    or maybe it was going to be a mash-up of Barry White does Clarence Carter. I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More monologue leading into Strokin’

  8. then again, this is the man who believes that God wants to do way more than just “shake hands” with us. Maybe this is what having sex with God looks like.
    hey, whatever, at least it’s legal. Unlike sex with a teenager.

  9. Aside from the obvious that has been well commented on, anyone notice that he has a potentially loaded weapon lying on the pulpit beside him? That’s not terrifying…

      1. A bow and an arrow equals a loaded weapon.

        That wouldn’t freak me out in most churches, but with Schaap and his think-alike minions right there … yeah, it’s cause for nervousness, at least.

      2. Wow, I just looked at the longer version of this video, and saw that he also points a big hunting knife at the congregation during the course of this performance– while screaming wildly.

  10. I just wanted to make one comment regarding one of JS messages to the women in the church. He went on to state that the lady if she needs to look more up to date…should go to the local library and look up updated hairstyles. Keep your weight down.

    How dare you! Slap in our face. You are called to love your wife for better or for worse! What about yourself…you are not a polished prize yourself! I am so sick of this world saying we need to look this way to please our spouse. Inner beauty is worth more than outer beauty. This man lost my confidence after I heard that sermon. His wife Cindy is pleasing to the eye…why did he wander outside the perimeters of his marriage?

  11. anyone notice how the guy to the far right behind Schaap has his legs crossed like a girly-man (according to HAC rhetoric)?

  12. The part where he whispers in a deranged fashion about the woman (whom, he insinuates, is out of his league sexually) and the “little children to hold in my arms” is just gross.
    “Oh, the things you never dreamed,” are the words Schaap puts in God’s mouth. Unfortunately, the sick and perverted things we dream about are sometimes the things we end up getting (like sex with a minor). And sometimes the dream turns out to be a nightmare.

    1. Well, now we know he’s been polishing his shaft (with jail bait) outside the pulpit.

  13. I’m not sure I want to post on this thread any more. I just looked at the “recent Comments” section and realized when I post it says, ” Don on A Polished Shaft.” 😳

    nunght uh! Am not!! 😯

  14. My first thought was how could anyone NOT see this guy has mental problems. But then knowing HAC, I can see why.
    As Blackadder said:
    I mean, who would’ve noticed another madman round here?

  15. i don’t know who you are but i know you probably have alot of time on on your hands to criticize a man of God, a great church and one of the best bible college on earth.Since you have so much time, why don’t you come to Hyles-Anderson College on August 28, 2012 and watch God work. Or you should stop by FBC next Sunday.
    The funny thing about this whole situation, HAC students and FBC members get to proove to people like you that God is at his best.By the way, the people you are criticizing are making a huge difference in this world:)

    1. Hahahahahahah
      (deep breath)

      You go where again? One church in one small town in one state out of 50 in one country out of hundreds. Yup, big impact there.

    2. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. *wheeze* hahahahahaha *snort* hahahahah*gufaw* ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha… that was the funniest thing I’ve read on here in a while.

      The veneration of the so-called man-o-god… oh, my! That is the very thing that allows these power brokers to get away with abuse, rape… and mind control of the group they lord over. How else can you explain the fact that so many people set under the spell of these wizards and never speak up? The only thing it takes for evil men to succeed is for good men to remain silent.

      Just because someone stands in the pulpit does not mean they are speaking for God! WAKE UP!! The pastor is merely a man! He is not divine, and he is not sanctified above any other believer. His position does not, repeat NOT, sanctify him. To set the M-O-g up as some sort of supersaint is “Pastorolatry.”

      Oh God, open the blinded eyes of your people to the error, abuse and idolatry that is practiced in the so called churches today!

    3. I’m not going to laugh at you because I’m shocked and sickened that anyone is defending this guy. Your reaction helps me understand how FBCH/HAC could ignore Hyles’ fornication with his secretary and the acceptance of Schaap’s perversion in his writings and sermons. I don’t know what kind of “difference” you think you’re making, but it’s not a good one.

      What you people need to do is to get out of the church business and convert your buildings into a super Walmart. You can still brag about the numbers you bring in, and you could even send out busses to pick up customers. You’d still be getting all the same satisfaction you get now. At least you’d be making a positive economic difference and would put an end to the ongoing spritual damage.

  16. It’s kind of funny. The trolls have been very silent on this post.

    Maybe because it’s harder to lie with a straight face about how convinced you are that Schaap will have his own personal bus-shaped mansion in heaven after you see him coming across in this video as the predatory whack-job that he truly is.

    1. What about Paul? Was he worthy of a mansion?

      There’s an obvious potential double meaning when it comes to ‘polishing a shaft’. It doesn’t really have any context with the sermon. You are most likely using your opinions of the man on other matters to disregard what is otherwise an excellent analogy.

      I wonder how you would respond if the man said “Jesus loves the little Children”.

      1. Well, if he panted and pantomimed masturbation like this while he was saying it, I would suspect he had pedophilic tendencies.

      2. Really Chris? Excellent analogy? of what, masturbation? The moans, groans, long, short strokes…puuleeeeease!!!!

  17. OK, I hadn’t dared watch it lest I be permanently scarred, but I decided to and turned it off at 57 seconds in.

    That’s nasty. All his moaning and groaning. He’s nasty.

    Blech. Ick. *shudder* *cringe*

    All those poor students, so carefully shielded from wicked Hollywood movies and sinful TV programs and worldly rock-and-roll music; they’re getting more perversion right there in church than in most popular entertainment.

    1. I made the same point PW. How they rail against everything “worldly” yet this was the most carnal thing I’ve ever seen. At least you can choose your movie rating but IN CHURCH? It’s an abomination of the highest order.

    2. If you are so sheltered from the world, how would you know this was perverted, even by the world’s standards?

    3. All those poor students, so carefully shielded from wicked Hollywood movies and sinful TV programs and worldly rock-and-roll music; they’re getting more perversion right there in church than in most popular entertainment.

      Shaft-polishing sermons and Juicy Testimonies —
      How do you think Church Ladies get their porn fix?

    4. How is that? Because your dirty mind wants EVERYTHING this guy does to be dirty?

      You’ve been given valid ammunition to attack him with. This unfortunate and obviously unintentional double meaning is not one of them.

      1. For the record I wasn’t meaning anything like what HeadlessUnicornGuy said. I can’t speak for PW but I highly doubt she was either.
        I don’t think all IFB are repressed or perverts. Jack Schaap has aired plenty of his hang-ups even if purely by accident.

  18. I’m all for keeping the fun before da mental, but this……… Eye Bleach please!

  19. I want to air another thought here – this is not just about sex. Sexual abuse frequently isn’t. It’s just as much about *power*.

    I think JS is perfectly aware how much the people around him are going to cringe. How excruciatingly embarassing the whole thing is going to be. And he also knows they’re going to sit there meekly and do nothing about it.

    He’s getting off on exercising power over them in a very cruel way.

    1. Bella, you are correct.
      He has calculated exactly how much he can get away with, and is acting it out as a way of dominating everyone else in the room.

  20. I showed this clip to a gay friend of mine. He didn’t make it through the first 15 seconds before he said, “I can’t watch that…that’s sick.”

    But here’s the part that bothers me…this clip is from the Youth Conference in 2010. Schaap does…this…from behind the pulpit AND NO ONE STOPS HIM. Two years later, he victimizes a young lady who came to him for counseling.

    If those buzzards squirming uncomfortably behind him back in 2010 had put a stop to him back then, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to rape that young lady.

    Shame on Schaap, indeed. But shame on the Board of Deacons and the other elders of that church for not having the stones to put a stop to it before he polished his staff with a 16-year old.

    They had better hope that she was the one and only or that their “come to us for help” message of Wednesday night helped because they aren’t just covering Schaap’s arse. 👿

    1. Your post assumes he wasn’t taking advantage of the same or other young ladies back in 2010. I’m not sure I want to make that assumption quite yet.

    2. No one stops him because the topic has nothing to do with masturbation, and he is not speaking on or (intentionally) imitating it.

      It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or holy moly christian to get the analogy: God is polishing his shaft (sinner) and the process (trials) are not pleasant (hence the moaning), but eases as a perfect finished product is formed and the whole process becomes appreciated because of the result.

      1. I would stop him if I were on the stage if for no other reason than *this has nothing to do with the text and it’s not a biblical concept*

      2. No one stops him because the topic has nothing to do with masturbation, and he is not speaking on or (intentionally) imitating it.

        Then at the very least he was as clueless about how it could come across as Ray Comfort was with his banana.

        1. Of course, as I’ve heard elsewhere, some folks couldn’t get a clue if they stood in a clue field wearing a clue suit drenched in clue pheromones during clue mating season and danced up and down doing the clue dance, shouting, “Clue! Clue!” 😛

      3. Jack Schaap:

        Nobody wants to be more intimate with you than God does. The language that Jesus Christ used when he talked to his Father about what he wanted for his people. Read John 17 mom and daddy and tell me how intimate he wanted your kids to be with him. Read John 15 and ask me if Jesus Christ just wanted to shake hands. [whispering] If you abide in me, and my words abide in you. I in you. You in Me. We in the Father, the Father in us. Don’t try to reach some ambiguous theological nonsense in that. Jesus was saying, can I put it in language that everybody understands. He says “I want be the most intimate of intimates with you.”

        Jack Schaap again:

        “Psalm 119:30 says, “I have chosen the way of truth: thy judgments have I laid before me.” That word laid is a sexual term which literally means the same thing as a man laying with a woman. God was saying that God’s laws should be as intimate as a marriage partner in a sexual liaison.” Marriage The Divine Intimacy, Hyles Publications 2005. Page 44 pp2

        “In the next verse, David gets more graphic. “I have stuck unto thy testimonies: O LORD, put me not to shame.” that word stuck means “the act of a man entering his wife”; it is sexual intercourse. God says that the Word of God should be the Christians lover, and nothing should be closer to him than the Bible. The Words of God are supposed to be the most intimate lover of his life.” Marriage The Divine Intimacy, Hyles Publications 2005. Page 44 pp3

        “When a person takes the bread during the Lord’s Supper, he is not actually eating Christ’s body. That person is saying, “This element represents something.” The person who deeply loves Christ understands that when he receives Christ as Saviour, it is a spiritual intercourse. A person receives the body of Christ. A Christian is the female gender in the spiritual realm, and God is the male gender of the spiritual realm. When a person receives Christ as Saviour, he is receiving Christ as a lover.”

        This is a guy who says Jesus wants to have spiritual sex with us and anyone who doesn’t see it is naive.

        You expect us to believe he didn’t have anything sexual in mind by stroking a shaft and going “oh uh uh uh oh uh”?

        1. You expect us to believe he didn’t have anything sexual in mind by stroking a shaft and going “oh uh uh uh oh uh”?

          Shaft-stroking like that was a common shtick back when I was in high school with other early-teen sufferers from Bart Simpson Syndrome (where anything gross is hilarious).

          Except back then we’d do it with a Sam Kinnison scream instead of “oh uh uh uh oh uh” and call it “The Love Call of the Purple Hornies.”

        2. I find his ideas in these quotations helpful in that they show just how intimate our relationship to God is meant to be. The problem is that he reduces that relationship to sex. He seems to not have the concept that there could be anything higher, better, or more intimate than a sexual relationship. “Intimate of intimates” works in the old sense where it just meant “close”, as in an intimate friend.
          I like what he says about the Lord’s Supper, the concept of that incredible intimacy. But, again, he’s reducing this amazing relationship to mere sex. Taking in His body and becoming one with Him is about FAR more than any sexual meaning, and far more intimate. But if you are so used to being dominant over a weak god and “submissive” wife, I suppose the concept of a union beyond the physical becomes nonsensical.
          The Psalm 119 stuff is crazy talk that doesn’t even make sense. The psalm may be a love letter to God’s word, but he again cannot comprehend a non-sexual love.

  21. This reminds me of Tony Miller’s annual talk about polishing shafts. If I recall correctly, however, he was against it rather than for it.

    1. Is your name “G222” in mention of Graves Room 222? I stayed in that room!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      And yes, “Uncle Tony” was not in favor but he did act like every BoJo preacher boy was hot for his beastly daughter Marjina!!

  22. Schaap just got in big trouble for polishing his shaft too often!

    Jack Schaap is one bad motherf—

    Shut your mouth!

    I’m just talking about Schaap

    …and his shaft.

    1. Remember the first verse of “Theme from Shaft”?

      “Who’s the black private dick
      Who runs the sex machine with all the chicks?

  23. With a video like this from 2 years ago – I guarantee you that this 17 year old is not the only thing that Jack has hidden in his past.

  24. after watching 30 seconds of this video I’m wondering what the hell is this guy’s problem?

  25. Does anyone find it interesting that unlike recent pastors scandals – e.g. Ted Haggard, etc. – the mainstream national media has not picked this story up despite unbelievable video clips in plain sight online. Piers Morgan, et. al. would have field day IF he were big enough to cover. Legend in his own, and FBC Hammond’s collective, mind? I think so.

    1. It does seem odd that this story is not all over tabloid TV. Maybe the Olympics and the Presidential election campaigns are distracting the national news outlets right now. A lot of what gets how much attention just depends on whether things happen on a slow news day or a busy news day. The news cycle goes so fast that pretty soon they’ll be considering it a cold story and giving it little covergae, unless there’s some other big revelation yet to come.

    2. Haggard had some national media presence prior to his scandal, and had high political connections at the national level, probably to the level of the President (Bush).

      While Schaap is apparently a big wheel in the IFB movement, I’m not aware of him being much in the national media/political eye.

      Plenty of local clergy get in trouble without attracting big-media coverage.

  26. I feel really sorry that you guys don’t know what Christianity is about and i just wanted to share something with you. This is by one of our college staff. His name is Bro. David Lutz.

    “You asked how I can stand behind Bro. Schaap, and I would like to change that wording a little bit. I wouldn’t say that I’m standing behind him as much as I am standing for him as a person. By the way, I also stand for the girl involved. I’m praying for her and her family as much as I am Bro. Schaap and his family. What I am about to write gives me the freedom to LOVE any person WITHOUT CONDONING their actions…

    Here are some of my biblical reasons:

    1. It is the position that Christ took. Christ didn’t just stand with the accused; he also stood with the guilty. See Romans 5:8; John 8:3-11 (there are more, but I’m going to try and limit verse references to only 2 for conciseness)

    2. Standing for the guilty does not mean ignoring the sin or the consequences thereof. Numbers 14:18 “by no means clearing the guilty”; II Sam. 12:7-14

    3. The church discipline of which you speak comes from I Corinthians 5. This has already been done. He has been removed from his position, and we have been instructed not to contact him. 1 Corinthians 5 would only apply here if we had knowledge of Bro. Schaap’s actions and did nothing about it. That is simply not the case.

    4. In 2 Corinthians 2:1-11, Paul corrects the people for over disciplining the man who was in fornication. They failed to stand for the man while being intolerant of his sin. I quote vv. 6-8 of this chapter: “Sufficient to such a man is this punishment, which was inflicted of many. So that contrariwise ye ought rather to forgive him, and comfort him, lest perhaps such a one should be swallowed up with overmuch sorrow. Wherefore I beseech you that ye would confirm your love toward him”. And that, ________, is where I am at right now…I am confirming my love toward him without excusing what he has done. He is paying the consequences of his actions.

    5. Lastly, it is important to understand that everyone takes their own unique journey to forgiving people. Some are able to do it sooner than others, but both the Bible and secular psychology agree that forgiveness is necessary to ultimate freedom from the pain. I have always marveled at the thousands of people who have come to forgive the transgressions of man. This is not an easy thing to do, and I admire their faith. That is loving the person while hating their sin. These people to whom I have referred learned that bitterness is a far greater damage to them than the transgression that was committed.

    Does all that make sense? I want you to understand that we are sincere people who are sincerely trying to live what we believe the Bible teaches us on this matter.”

    You can post alot of garbage about us on the internet, but i really don’t see you making any difference in other people lives. I love HAC and FBC, and i am really glad God allowed me to be apart of a great ministry. You can say all the garbage you want to about HAC, FBC, and pastor schaap, but at the end of the day, you are one miserable soul who needs the God we serve.

    1. So you extend forgiveness to an adulterous pastor but not to the people who call it out as sin?

      And what do you know of the difference this site has made in people’s lives? I’ve heard testimony after testimony of people here who’ve been encouraged, blessed, and reminded of the power of the Gospel through posts and comments here.

      It amazes me that you have zero grace for us who’ve offended you but plenty for a pastor who defied God’s Word, violated his sacred wedding vows, and used his position and authority to have carnal relations with a girl young enough to be his daughter. This sort of an attitude continues to fuel the frustration of most of us here.

      1. Nicely put PW. You have a way of putting things in a direct and civil way. This person is very sad. If only they could realize their sychophantic nonsense is a direct result of the cult programming.

    2. Christ stood with the weak and condemned the powerful. By no means did he defend the guilty.

    3. We understand how much you are hurting because your idol has fallen. It’s painful, some of us know firsthand what you are experiencing but we cannot let up now or you will return to the wallow and continue the down the same path to more distruction.

      Pastor/man worship is hard to see when you are the one doing it. It hides behind phrases like, “The cause of Christ”, “Man-o-god”, “but for the grace of God there go I”. It hides in the inclusive, “we are all just sinners,” while that saying is true it is not a catch all for excusing sin.

      I pray that one day you will see it for what it is and someone, like us, will be there for you when you finally do.

    4. I want to add just a couple of thoughts on this. The more I read it, the more impressed I am, but there are points that trouble me.

      Point 1
      While Gal. 6:1 should apply, in that he should be ministered while in prison, that is pretty much what “standing with the guilty” looks like for humans. We should work with him for his repentance, reconciliation, and eventual restoration (to fellowship, not leadership). Your examples are confusing – the first features God taking our punishment. I’m sure you don’t mean you plan to take the punishment instead of Schaap. The second seems to nullify your second point, because Jesus pardons the woman. The only other way I can see to take it is that He stood with her against a corrupt system (the law demands she be condemned WITH her lover – where was he?).

      Point 4
      Where is the concept that they were supposed to “stand with him” come from? Seems more that they were to cut him off so that he would feel the consequences of his sin, which he’d been getting away with ’til then. They didn’t know when to accept him back, so Paul told them he’d been punished enough. Where is Schaap’s sorrow? Not the sorrow for himself, but the sorrow for his sin? Repentance is generally a condition of restoration, and I’m not aware that any has been shown publicly. So I’m not sure this passage applies here, just as you don’t think the 1 Cor passage (point 3) applies.

      Finally, “gives me the freedom to LOVE any person WITHOUT CONDONING their actions”
      So where is the love for those who aren’t Schaap? Stories and sermons show a history of condemnation decidedly lacking in love. Nice words, but they *must* be applied without favouritism!

      I hope you are doing more than praying for this girl. Schaap’s victims and all those he has hurt (like his congregation) must come before him. That is part of the consequences of his actions. Don’t abandon him as a human being, but don’t defend him either.

  27. Now that he’s stumbled, the very act of the walking he has done was probably him stalking someone. I bet the very act of Jack Schaap saying “Good Morning” repulses you lot. His “good mornings” were probably flirtateous. His eye contact was lust. His breakfast..energy to fuel his wicked desires!

    If Paul were here, you hounds would probably beat him to death. Surely his actions against Christians discredit ALL and ANY of the truth that he taught or good that followed.

    What a bunch of “christians”.

        1. Great, thanks for being clear. Now I know you’re beyond any capability of rational thought and I don’t need to bother trying to type out a coherent reply. 🙄

      1. Paul persecuted Christians. And when I say persecuted Christians, I don’t just mean these kind of petty attacks. He caused the deaths of Christians.

        1. Acts 8:3, Acts 9:1-2, Galations 1:13-16
          It’s pretty clear from Scripture that after his conversion he went on to sacrifice the rest of his life for his brothers and sisters in Christ.

        2. Saul considered his persecution of Christians a religious duty. He thought they were blaspheming and put them on trial for their “crime”.

          After his conversion Paul, who was now born again was in fact a new person. 2 Cor. 5:17. He was no longer dead in sin but alive to God and his life bore fruit testifying to that.

          There is NO comparison between this story and Jack Schaap’s infidelity.

        3. Not comparable. I see where the confusion comes from. But I seriously don’t think you can compare one man whose motives were *truly altruistic,* though violently, tragically misguided [Paul] with a man whose motives were “feel powerful, have sex with a troubled young girl” [Schaap].

        4. Yes, he was the same person, physically. Spiritually he was a new creation. Read 2 Cor. 5:11-21. If Schaap had been guilty of sexual sins before his conversion, most of us would rejoice with him as he seeks to serve God. Instead, he is guilty of using his position to serve his fleshly lust. To compare him to Paul is beyond idiotic.

    1. Chris, you are understandably hurting as your pastor has fallen from grace. But I would have to agree with the other posters–‘stumbled’ is too light a term. He leaped. He can be forgiven by God if he humbles himself and repents. I hope it is within him to do that. Watching ALL of his videos, as I have over the years, I don’t really see humility as part of who he is but maybe this will change him. But you have to realize–he is not NORMAL!

    1. You don’t even have to be a Christian to understand the word stumble. Should I say it in Spanish or something?

      1. Maybe I should type s-l-o-w-e-r so you can understand.

        Stumbled makes it seem like an accident, something that he couldn’t avoid or at least wasn’t all his fault.

        That is a far cry from actively persuing sin with the express purpose of self gratification. On top of that look at the years of preaching error and heresy. (and I don’t use that word lightly or flippantly)

        Now are you going to continue your hero worship?

      2. Saying he “stumbled” reallllly is too soft a word. How about “he sexually abused a troubled young girl”

      3. I am not a Christian, and I can certainly distinguish between “stumble” and “boink an underage girl”.

        Does being a Christian somehow conflate those two distictions? I don’t think so.

        1. Stumble(TM) is very generic, with sympathy for the guy who stumbled.

          Kind of like “Mistakes were made” during Monicagate. (Funny how “Mistakes were made” without anyone to make them…)

  28. So I found the Youth Conference video of this message from 2004. While there’s nothing as entertaining as this in it, there is an awesome moment when Schaap freaks out on some teenager for trying to walk out in the middle of the message

  29. I have no words. I feel icky after watching the first minute of that video. I’ve never wanted out of the IFB cult more than I do now. Lord help us.

  30. I just don’t know what to say. I saw this last night for the first time and still feel like I need another shower (with hospital grade disinfectant and a wire brush).

  31. Obviously Jack was not trained by Mr. Miyagi…

    Wax on…Wax off. No, no Jack you do it all rong.. w-a-x off… wax off. Try again.

  32. What about all the missionaries that are supported by FBH and churches that have been planted through them? Does this horrible reputation not reach out beyond Hammond into the core of Independent Fundamental Churches everywhere? If you dig deep enough you will find a trail back to Jack Schaap from every IFB church out there…I’m convinced of it.

  33. I didn’t know who Jack Schaap was until I came to this site four months ago b/c I’ve been out of the IFB loop for almost ten years.

    That video made me sick.

    I’ll bet his computer is filled with porn.

  34. So, I got on here to get more info on the Schaap scandal and saw this video…OMG!
    It is so out of line..it’s not even funny. It clearly shows you how the members of his church were so blinded to his perversions. I grew up IFB (I’m actually a PK) Thank God my Dad realized that the IFB movement is absolutely ridiculous. I’m southern baptist now. Sadly, I know so many IFB pastors that are so perverted and their actions have been swept under the rug. I was sexually abused (ages 5-14)multiple times by an IFB evangelist friend of my dad’s. Finally I told my parents what happened and they believed me 110%, but a lot of people did NOT. I know all fundies aren’t like Schaap or my attacker, but this entire movement is ridiculous and many in it are nuts. ❗

    1. So glad your parents believed you but terribly sorry that you were abused.

      It’s terribly that so many fundies prefer to shelter predators than protect children.

    1. If it weren’t nearly 2:00 a.m., I probably would’ve thought before clicking on the link.

      As it was, I did and found this comment. I’d never heard anyone describe it quite that way: “You know how Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy are sort of like Kabuki, with ritualized gestures in archaic speech? Well, evangelical Christianity is kind of like punk performance art, with the actors using alarming speech and movement to create maximum outrage and squick.”

      1. That’s the most wonderfully art-criticism drenched take on the whole deal anybody could possibly come up with. Whoever wrote that comment is somebody I’m sure to like. :mrgreen:

  35. So in the first 10 seconds of this video, you can see that this guy is some kind of deranged pervert. The the mock masturbation, the ridiculous shrill shreaking, the conversation with God that is unlike what I would guess most would have. This man and this congregation are equally to blame for his presence at that church. As a Christian, I can say that I’ve listened to idiots like this before and wonder where is the outrage at this kind of messenger. He is utterly ridiculous as are those who would listen to this BS. Christians WAKE UP. God gave you a mind, please use it when picking who you want to serve as your spiritual leader.

  36. Speaking of a “polished shaft”, that disgusting man has got some you-know-what’s. What in God’s green earth was that!? S.M.H…

  37. Josh,Interestingly enough, every IFB chruch of which I have ever been a member has practiced these things for years. I’ve had multiple background checks done on me. I’ve gotten books of policies and procedures. I’ve been made to watch countless DVDs/VHSs on preventing child abuse within the ministry. I’ve sat through lectures on legal issues within children’s ministries within IFB chruches. With respect to gentle leadership? I have seen both sides here.

  38. I want to know why Eddie Galyean isn’t on any of these blogs, posts, or lists of ifb sex offenders!? He is a HAC graduate, and was a assistant pastor, bus leader, school principal, and youth pastor at three rivers baptist church in Fort Wayne, IN from 1995-2000. This church was Pastored by another HAC graduated Doug Jackson. “Brother Eddie’s ” victims are many and varied, kids on his bus route (boys and girls) teen girls at the school and church (including jackson’s oldest daughter Teresa, by his first wife, whom he fathered a child with, and was subsequently put up for adoption. – galyean also traded unlimited phone privileges that she used to could call her biological mother, whom she was not allowed to contact, for sexual favors) and his own daughter Heidi. Doesn’t anyone know about all of this!?!

    1. I’d never heard of the guy until you mentioned him. This blog is not primarily to list sex offenders in the IFB, though they are mentioned occasionally.

    2. The internet is an open forum. You can start a blog of listing all IFB sex offenders if you like. Or, alternatively, you can comment that on random blogs that aren’t a running list of IFB sex offenders.

      1. I get that, that was my copy and paste comment that i have posted/commented several places. I have looked all over and find a lot of info missing, so i think it needs to be put out there.

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