FWOTW: godlovespeople.com

Today’s selection is godlovespeople.com which is yet another fundy aggregation site (using a whole lot of links to other FWOTWs we’ve featured previously) which tries to contain every scrap of truth a person would need to get saved, get sanctified, and get silly notions about how the world is supposed to work.

Don’t miss the 20 year old charts and graphs proving how bad things are in America. There’s nothing quite like startling statistics from 1997.

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  1. What a strange mix of “love” for people and hatred for everything. I get the distinct feeling that the “love” aspect is merely another tool to induce guilt into the target audience.

    1. I found it strange but tipical that in one section it kept stating that if you do not have “concern” for others… interesting that they didn’t choose the word “Love”

  2. It would take a fleet of Tonka-type dump trucks years to clean up all the garbage on this site, but one particular piece caught my eye: “The Counter above is the estimated average number of American abortions that have taken place since it became legal (1973).” The counter is a negative number, it is over a billion (which means every woman who has lived in the country during that time would have had to have at least 6 or 7 abortions) and then there are decimals. How can you have a fraction of an abortion?

    I guess it is foolish to look for logic, but they are so earnest in their idiocy.

  3. It looks like “Others” was written by Jack Hyles. I don’t remember who wrote it, but it was not Jack Hyles. Maybe he quoted it often, but he did not write it.

    1. Our first pastor in Michigan quoted it all the time. It makes you feel guilty if you do even one thing for yourself. For years I couldn’t pray for myself or my needs because it felt selfish to do so. While it is important to pray for the needs of others, it isn’t wrong to pray for ourselves as well. Leave it to fundies to guilt trip you over everything! πŸ‘Ώ

      1. The Lord’s prayer has a lot of ‘us’ in it. That includes you to! “Give everyone but me their daily bread…”

    2. In regards to the “Others” poem- it’s actually a song, my youth group used to sing it regularly and I used to play it on the piano. I remember questioning the sentiment of the lyrics as a young person-I thought I was supposed to be living for God, not other people.
      It’s odd that this website attributes it to Hyles, because my church, which was in the Hammond area, was not of the Hyles persuasion at all. It was mostly populated by disgruntled ex-FBC’ers.

  4. Ok I don’t want to click on the site to see them bigger – but what the heck are those creatures? And what on earth do they have to do with God loving people?

    1. Rats. My understanding is that there is a temple in India that is dedicated to them. It looks like a large bowl of milk. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to drink anything that a baby was playing in.

  5. Hmm. They spelled “Savior” without the “u”. Looks like a backslidden webmaster to me.

    1. They left out the U on purpose. That’s because it’s about God, it’s not about YOU!
      You know, just like, “There’s an I in the middle of sin, therefore, sin is all about you.”

  6. The whole site on street preaching was entertaining. There is so much here, we could spend weeks on it and not plumb the depths of the errors found here.

    1. It would take a week alone just to count the number of fonts they use on the home page.

  7. I was surprised at the concern for the poor expressed on the page since in my experience IFB churches avoided dealing with the homeless or helping the poor. Then again, note the first two items specified that you should give homeless people:

    “Consider what items you would likely need if you were homeless. It’s a good idea to assemble some basic necessity gift packages, containing perhaps some of the following items:

    New Testament Bible (the Gospel of John would be ideal)

    doctrinally sound Gospel literature (which use only the King James Bible)”

    1. This is a huge pet peeve of mine and my husband’s. We can direct hungry people to the nearest food pantry, so we’ll just have a resource table. πŸ‘Ώ

    2. I’d actually recommend bottle water w/ a few granola bars rubberbanded to them in the summer time. I’ve handed those out in a back pack to homeless people before.

    3. Come now, how could water or food do somebody as much good as a Bible they probably already know better than you do?

    4. They do list food and other practical items items further down the list, but the fact that they’d list Christian BOOKS (of course that only use the KJV) as a higher priority than food just seems pretty ridiculous to me.

      I guess what matters is just going through the motions of doing something that looks spiritual than doing what is most effective.

      1. “I guess what matters is just going through the motions of doing something that looks spiritual than doing what is most effective.”

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. “Looking” spiritual is far more important than anything else. And since what could be more spiritual than a KJV Bible, it needs to be at the top of the list! πŸ™„

  8. what really disturbed me was the “great men of God” link. It appears that, although “God loves People,” he loves some people just a wee bit more than others. Those are the ones who deserve the title “man of God.” The ones who preach to crowds, pastor huge churches, produce inflated soulwinning records, inspire hero worship. While the rest of us Christians-well, we’re clearly not men of God, so just whose men are we?
    When I read Paul’s epistles, being a “man of God” looks much more like sitting in a dungeon that smells like sour urine, alone, being beaten and mocked, and not having much to eat. And a lot less like winning the admiration of crowds, being all over TV and the radio, getting famous, etc.
    But this interpretation is probably the fault of the per-version I read.

  9. But Darrell, if things were that bad in 1997, imagine how much worse they are now!

    1. http://www.thecrimereport.org/archive/2011-09-arrests-in-the-us

      Stories like this refute their basic premise so they must be ignore and even this story is a a few years old. Since the 1980’s the adult murder rate dropped 57% while the juvenile murder rate rose and fell, but in 2009 the rate was 44% below the rate 30 years ago. The peak of the juvenile rate was in the 1990’s, very convenient to leave of the last 20 years to prove your point.

  10. ” God created it all for us. Can you image? . . .

    Don’t miss the greatness of this. Do you have any idea how many miles are in one “light year?” There’s 5,873,327,712,000 miles in one light year!!! That’s five trillion, eight hundred and seventy-three billion, three hundred and twenty-seven million, seven hundred and twelve thousand miles!!! Now multiply this times 4.24 light years to see how far the NEAREST star is to the earth. The nearest star to earth is an astounding 24,902,909,498,880 miles away!!! Wow! I don’t know what to say! It’s mind-boggling to say the least. That’s almost as much as the national debt. Wow! Isn’t God Amazing!!!!!!”

    wow! can you image! I don’t know what to say! Comparing miles and miles of the empty, dead vacuum of space to the hugeness of our national debt just gave me the ultimate happiness boost for the day. And the mere mention of the national debt reminded me how much we are to hate Democrats and lib’rals.
    I feel so pumped, I think I’ll go sprinkle some excessive exclamation points around, just to express my glee!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Does the website actually say that God created it all for us? That is incredibley arrogant.

      1. it reminds me of the church getting offended at Galileo (or was it Copernicus)? because they discovered that the Sun, not the earth, was the center of the solar system.
        You mean–it’s NOT all about ME? *gasp*
        I dunno . . . I agree that God created the birds and the bees and the flowers for my enjoyment, as well as for His. But when it comes to the vast desolate stretches of uncharted space, so far away that we can’t even see with our telescopes or visit with our spaceships, or even fathom with our tiny brains how big it is . . . I kinda get the feeling that God created it not so much for me as for Himself. I don’t really have any way of experiencing it or enjoying it.

        1. Not to split theological hairs, but I’ve never really believed there is a difference. It’s kind of like the whole stupid debate people have over whether God saved us for His glory or because he loves us. I don’t see the difference in that either.

    2. Don’t express your “glee” too much there, we wouldn’t want you excommunicated again! πŸ˜†

      1. lol, don’t worry, this is the kind of “glee” inspired by the wonder of our Creator–not the godless gay liberal adulterous kind which sends such a stench into the nostrils of my righteously indignant alma mater that they do not allow its participants to darken the doors of their hallowed halls.

  11. It’s strange that the website titled “God Loves People” contains the 2 biggest things that cause me to doubt more than anything else; starving helpless kids and hell. It makes my heart heavy everytime I think about it.

  12. “If you come across any stray dogs that look threatening, reach down as if you are going to pick up a rock. This scars away nearly all dogs. It really works. I guess they know from experience.”

    I had no idea such a simple act as pretending to pick up a rock was so powerful that it scars dogs-pretty impressive. Not sure the act would even scare a dog!

    1. Yah, I foolishly assumed that the rock has to make contact with the dog before it leaves a scar.

      I’ve also been taught that bending down to put your face and hands nearer to a threatening dog you don’t know is a bad idea. But apparently stray dogs are actually experts at pantomime.

      1. Lol! I think that you might actually get better results if you just took off chasing the dog instead! I’ve done this before and for some reason it freaks them out possibly confusing them. :mrgreen:

        1. I’ve stood down raging bulls and angry dogs using this method. Talk about the world’s biggest bluff!

  13. Oh my god it’s Fundie Wikipedia . . . er Fundiepedia? . . . Wikifundie? Someone help me out here!

  14. I read half of a Jack Hyles sermon defending the KJV, until the white letters on black background started swimming. His logic was in tatters, but I have to say, even in print the man could preach!

  15. In the “Sins of America” article comes what might be the most awesome combination of things atributed to the commies yet:

    “Feminism, homosexuality and abortion are all Communist agendas intended to undermine the family, destroy every child’s faith in God.”

  16. So, off that website there’s a link for How to Go Soul Winning. It’s a very entertaining story that’s impossible to read without putting the mog accent to it. But then he quotes from Dr. Bob Sr., “As Dr. Bob Jones, Sr., says, ‘God doesn’t have many today. This is a chance for you. God is hard up and He will even use you.’ ”

    Did Sr. really say that, and how is that remotely reflective of who God is?

  17. Yep, it’s all the fault of those Commies. We’ve got to get rid of them before God can start blessing America again. Where’s Joseph McCarthy when you need him??!
    In the meantime, while we’re waiting for the Reds to be exposed and brought to justice, we should do everything we can to hold back corruption in our present-day society. Let’s get together and burn hula hoops, skimpy poodle skirts, and Elvis Presley records.

      1. I used to play Gaelic football. Some years ago. My knees and ribs thanked me when I stopped.

  18. Hmmm. Let’s see. Lester Roloff’s sermon, “They didn’t quit.” That was well before 1982 (year of Roloff’s death) and Roloff was preaching the immediacy of judgment over homosexuality. The site quoted Roloff, β€œAmerica has become a nation of sodomites… our days are numbered.” Well, since 1982, our nation has had well over 109,000 days. Roloff was either no prophet, or he had no idea what “days are numbered” meant.

    Yes, the old bogeyman trifecta of sex, drugs and rock and roll. The inconsistent reporting about abortions. One paragraph says 51 million, the counter is well over a billion.

    And the requisite anti-Catholic rhetoric. Praying to Mary is the same thing as praying to Satan. (Of course, the authors of the site do not understand the idea of the “communion of saints.” And would they be offended that the Bible says Mary will be called “Blessed”?) And a vigorous defense of the King James 1611 Version as the only true Bible.

    Can you imagine what an extra billion people in the US would be like? Even more of a stretch — can you imagine what a fundie website that was strictly concerned with telling the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth would look like?

    1. Check your decimal points. I believe there have been closer to 10,900 days since 1982.

      1. Phooey. You are right. Okay, 10,900 days. Still, a little more than just “numbering.”

  19. ok, I think I understand what they’re saying on this website. God loves people. Got it. The way we show others that God loves them is to “care” about them by preaching the “truth.” The truth, of course, is that God hates homosexuals, women who dress immodestly, people who listen to rock music, etc. πŸ™„

    uggghhh. I’m trying to decide which I want to do first – cry or go throw up.

  20. My eyes were just assualted about 50,000 times. This website is so, incredibly confusing!

  21. it also includes the Catholics and Zombies!! Boy oh Boy!! The Female Popish Communist Zombie Apocalypse is nigh! This calls for . . . .
    exclamation points!!!!!!

    1. After re-reading the article, I noticed that they also attacked lesbians. Excuse me. The Female Lesbian Catholic Communist Zombies who read Playboy and join the Illuminati Apocalypse is nigh.

      1. DUDE!!!! That could be an awesome Movie. “The Female Lesbian Catholic Communist Zombies who read Playboy and join the Illuminati Apocalypse ” Rated W for Wow. It would be right next to The Life of Bob Jones Sr. as one of my favorite all time movies.

        1. I know at least one guy who claims to be a male lesbian.
          For details, ask him.

        2. just remember: headshots and double taps. And always wear your seatbelt and check the backseat.

  22. Every time I see any title that states “_________ Loves People” I think of an old Herman comic. A man is walking his large dog, and saying to another guy, “He loves people. But mostly he gets canned food.”

    1. Interviewer: Mr. Fields, do you like children?
      W.C. Fields: Only if they are properly cooked.

  23. Didn’t know you could squeeze so much funny-dam-mental-ism onto one page! πŸ™‚

  24. Why is it that every time I read an anti-abortion screed, I have to fight the urge to get pregnant just so I can have an abortion just out of spite? 😈 Maybe that’s the fundie agenda: piss people off so there’ll be more abortions thus achieving zero population growth.

    Then again not everyone’s as motivated by spite as I am.

    1. You aren’t the only one.
      John Waters once wrote that whenever he sees an anti-abortion demonstration, he yells, “I wish I were a girl so I could have an abortion!”

  25. Theresenough reading on this site to take weeks to digest, but who can cram even a third of it into one reading without having indigestion and puking it all up?


  26. God does love people. So fundies decided to balance the scales and hate them all.

    Makes sense.

  27. The site linked sums everything up into such a huge caricature of fundyism that I’m actually unable to muster enough motivation to comment further…

  28. They lost me at the part where the picture right at the top of the page there is of real, suffering people, but they are rendered nameless and placeless and used as clip art. Are these children identified anywhere on the site? Is there a link to an organization that is trying to save them? Anything?

  29. Sites that proudly display “King James Bible” are huge tip-offs for me. Groups who advertise the KJV that loudly are usually groups I avoid.

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