Spoofs That Aren’t

This is apparently intended to be a parody of “Bro. Weaver [Who I understand is Dean of Students and former Dean of Men at HAC] trying to keep WCBC ‘squeaky clean’ by kicking a bad eagle out of college.”

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this form of ‘discipline’ at a Fundy U, you know that this isn’t so much parody as a demonstration video.

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  1. I love it! Though it is shockingly familiar.

    Sidenote: Apparently eagles are capable of faith in Christ πŸ˜†

  2. Funny begins in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . never. Anyone who has ever had to sit on the opposite side of a fundy authority figures desk when they had a disagreement or if they were being disciplined will start having terrible flashbacks as soon as Weaver begins to speak. The irony of the video is not lost on me. They are making a “joke” with the eagle about something that they have probably kicked people out for. One of my brothers was suspended, severely disciplined, and ultimately kicked out for a very unique and specific “breaking of the rules”. After he was gone, the fundy president than appeared in a spoof video doing the very thing my brother was kicked out for. It wasn’t hard to figure out who it was aimed at.

    1. OBC staff were masters at doing that. I remember having a “double” of myself in one of their “parody” videos which I didn’t find out about until I was sitting at the chapel piano watching the clip with everybody else. 😯

      I just brushed it off and told them they didn’t do a good enough job on the corny video. πŸ™„

    2. I have been on the receiving end of a few serious disciplinary meetings at the Fundy U I attended (we’ll just say it was in SC), but never any violent yelling like in the video. That’s not to say it didn’t happen just not to me personally or that I know of. So I found the video to be humorously hyperbolic in that regard. I can’t speak to the FU this originated in.

      However, many apologies if my flippant comment irked you. I know your post wasn’t directed at me specifically I just didn’t want there to be any confusion about where I stand. πŸ˜‰

      1. Ok, SOMEONE needs to share what lil bro got kicked out for or it will be bugging me all day. If you don’t want to reveal too much then use code. A=B B=C etc. Probably nobody but me will take the time to unravel it. πŸ˜€

      2. That wasn’t the only thing, but after that incident he was targeted and they rolled a few things together to determine him guilty. In all honesty, it wasn’t like he didn’t deserve it (or me or many of the rest of us either) due to one of his offenses, but the one the president would later make fun of was blown way out of per portion–and ultimately made him the object of undeserved scrutiny.

        1. BAH! The last reply was suppose to be addressed to go under @Doofle. He knows b/c he was there.

          @Sims You’re not going to believe me, but here goes. He unscrewed a light bulb from the chandelier that hung four flights above a spiral staircase and then proceeded to drop the light bulb so that it smashed at the bottom of the four flights. He was the first to do it, but other friends of his than did it at later times. It became the favorite rant of the president during chapel messages while they tried to figure out who was doing it. Someone got caught and they linked it back to my brother being the first one to do it (and he claims the only time he did it.) Because he started it and then didn’t confess, he was punished the most severely.

        2. Wow. Well, that sounds just about par-for-the-course I guess. We can’t have little *terrorists* running around influencing the others now, can we?

        3. Yep. Little terrorist is it. At the end of the year the president appeared in a spoof video that made it look like he was dropping light bulbs from the same chandelier. My parents and brother were not amused by the video.

        4. Wow! I can see making the guys pay for the light bulbs and the cost to clean up the mess, but expulsion seems a tad harsh.

  3. If that is really how they treat students (with arrogance, disdain, condescension instead of sorrow, kindness, and perhaps tears), I’m glad I never went to any kind of fundy U.

  4. *shudder* that was surprisingly real. I was never kicked out, but I’ve been on the receiving end of discipline at Christian school and the belittling and so forth makes it seem very real….

    1. HAHA! I hadn’t even thought of that, but now it actually makes this video sort of funny. You just have to picture the Weaver guy as Peter Griffin, and you’ve got it.

    1. Was termonologyt an attempt at humor (or humour, 1611), or is spell check off limits at WCBC, since it allows technology to replace thought.

      1. George just doesn’t like me this week. Please ignore the extra “t” in bold script.

      2. I noticed that too. We all misspell, but, for the love of, if you’re making a promotional video run the flipping spell check. Our former pastor’s wife once told me that they were told not to worry about misspellings on assignments at HAC. What a beacon of academic excellence!

        1. Yes, we do all goof spelling, but that is where a proofreader before public display would have been a good idea. Your comment reminded me of a sign I was making for pizza night in AWANA a few years back. One of my kids walked up behind me at the computer and asked, “Pop, whats pzza?” At least it wasn’t posted for all to see. Over ten years later, my kids will still ask if we can “puhzza” tonight.

          I wonder how many students actually noticed the misspelling?

    2. #14 is Terminology, not termonology
      #11 Excessive Dating? That is probably the only time they get a chance to see each other – just better hope their shirt sleeves don’t ‘accidentally’ touch (I used to go to a Fundy U, I know).
      #10 had a satanic rock beat 😈
      #2 had sinful dancing in it. I think it was a fundy attempt at the Macarena. πŸ˜•

    3. They were paid to say some of that stuff. Come on. Please tell me they were. “Leaving your trash afterwards. No Bueno.” My head is going to explode.

  5. I cannot believe a college administrator would treat an young adult — yes, an ADULT — like this. Do all fundy colleges regard their students as though they are overgrown junior high kids?

  6. Once again, I am so glad I never attended such a place. I wouldn’t have made it 5 minutes. I was treated like this by my mother who was verbally abusive. If I’d had to endure this in college I’d never have become capable of thinking I was worth anything.

    Those poor kids. πŸ˜₯

    1. This video was a warning to students cloaked in (what they consider) humor. But it is very clearly a warning about what to expect if you cross them.

  7. Well that was kind of like watching “This is your life!”. I was in a disciplinary meeting like that once. It was humiliating and funny at the same time. Humiliating because they interviewed all of my friends for evidence against me first and funny because at the end of the day they couldn’t really blame me for anything. After all the yelling, criticism, accusations, and baiting I walked away without a single demerit. True business.

    1. Hugs (((Soli Deo Gloria)))

      I bet there are a lot of people who could tell stories…

  8. Wow. Wow. Stunned. I mean, wow. Trying to find some other words, but wow.

    It was only by reading the comments that I got who made the video.

    Before I opened it, I was expecting something made by a disgruntled ex-student, but no, they’re advertising to everyone that they bully and intimidate their students (and I think in some countries, that kind of behaviour* could get them in trouble with the law). That is all kinds of screwed-up. And then they show them in chapel? Like, what the holy heck for? To show how their institution is a haven of Christian virtues? I think I need a little lie down now.

    *no, not King James-ese, that’s just how you spell it on the side of the planet I live on

    1. There were many steps on my way to the exit door of Lancaster Baptist Church. One of them was realizing how the kids were conditioned to just accept the administration’s criticism without complaint – even when it was unjust.

    1. They may not have meant anything by it, but it kind of bothers me that they chose the one black guy in the group to be the object of this prank.

  9. Ok, well they never actually listed what the eagle had done wrong. I hope when they expel a student, they actually have a specific, verifiable reason.

    Also, when you’re expelling a student, just tell them. It’s incredibly immature to jump to the name calling and personal attacks. Expelling the students itself would be enough of a downer. Just have a professional meeting with the student where they are told that because of reason X, of which proof is available at Y, the student would unfortunately not be allowed to continue their education there, and you hope they will learn from the experience and go on to make better choices and have a successful life.

    1. I never had a “reason” other than I told a staff member I wasn’t returning the next semester. They had nothing negative to charge me with, I didn’t even have ANY demerits! I was escorted out of OBC like a convict. πŸ‘Ώ

      Sometimes they just screw you cause they feel like it. Btw I was yelled at and the entire thing recorded ON TAPE in the dean’s office…I guess cause they thought it would intimidate me from retaliation. 😑

      1. I was given a “reason” but it wasn’t a good one. (And it wasn’t a rule-breaking thing either, it was an “attitude” issue which they had judged completely wrong.) Of course the disciplinary meeting certainly whipped my attitude right into shape. (NOT) πŸ‘Ώ

  10. That was absolutely disgusting. As soon as he started the verbal beatdown … I think I must have PTSD because my hands got clammy and my heart sped up…
    Once I got chewed out like that (not chased down and tackled, but the verbal part) while in college, but most of my verbal beat downs happened in elementary and junior high and high school. (They do it to girls too.) πŸ‘Ώ

    1. I know what you mean! I once got that in a chapel at my fundy high school!It sent chills down my spine! And when i got pulled in to the office all by myself…lets just say i was in tears!

  11. It’s kind of like when you were a child and heard adults joking about spankings or laughing about a paddle. When you could become the recipient of the painful enaction of the very thing being joked about, somehow all the humor evaporated.

    1. YES! Our principal had his hanging on the wall and he would joke about using it all the time.
      This subject isn’t funny to me at all. If ever I had to spank my kids for something they did wrong, I CRIED about it. Before, during and after.
      And the spankings weren’t “till they stopped crying” either. It was one swat for one infraction. Not this open-ended beating that would only stop when someone had a change of heart or change of attitude, or just ran out of energy to cry anymore. And before you get all up in my grill about NOT spanking my kids enough, (I know there is one troll out there who got on me when I said that dad should buy his kid a TOY at Wal-Mart) I will put my kids up next to ANY other kid ANYWHERE and show you what a kid is SUPPOSED to be like so just shove it!

      1. Well I was going to say something, but now I’m scared. πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. Feel the same way you do about the spanking. Try being the father spanking the daughter. Not fun. Always had mixed emotions about it. Glad they’re older now. Now I can take away their toys and play with them. πŸ™‚

        1. Glad I scared you. (I have a black belt in kung-fu, one of my many steps toward sanity)

          Which of your daughter’s toys do you play with? The Barbies? Or the Princess Dress Up Box? I am just curious. (And trying to construct a mental picture. πŸ˜€

        2. Funny ..no, kindle fire, Xbox (like I bought it for them anyway ). Actually I’m a big pushover πŸ™„ Talk a good game though. πŸ˜†

      2. 😳 I’m OT & probably opening a big ol’ can of worms with this, but…at this point in time, it is commonly accepted that abuse victims NOT use spanking to discipline their children. (I personally include verbal, emotional, & spiritual abuse in addition to physical abuse b/c I am aware they completely obliterated my ability to evaluate what is acceptable.)

        Also, ritualized spanking as we know it comes from the Spencer spanking plan (Google it) originally designed to be a form of spousal punishment.

        Finally, the word translated “child” in Proverbs (na’ar) means a male teen, not a toddler or young child.

        I say this b/c I had such a difficult time spanking my kids, so
        I know where you’re coming from. I ditched spanking before I left Fundystan, and of course I got flak for it. Just wanted to put out there for those who are uncomfortable spanking, you don’t HAVE to do it. 😎

        1. OK, I Googled “Spencer Spanking Plan,” and … 😯 … Wow. Wow wow wow wow Wow.

          (I don’t recommend Googling that while at work, by the way.)

        2. Oops. I probably should’ve mentioned Googling the Spencer plan was NSFW simply b/c of the other spanking stuff that is generated. πŸ˜• 😳 Sorry, folks.

  12. Those meetings are for one reason: so their sick minds can get EVERY detail. It’s not enough that you were caught breaking the rules, they have to know about everything they didn’t see…in detail. And if they can’t get it out of you one-on-one, you get to sit before a whole group of men and have them tag-team you.

    And was anyone else surprised at the agility of the administrator? dang…

    1. I thought the eagle was deliberately running slow so that it looked like a more agile chase than it actually was πŸ˜‰

  13. When I was in Fundy Hi, I was a cheerleader (skirt to the knee and homemade bloomers underneath just in case we accidentaly got excited and kicked a leg up) Anyway, one day we as a team needed to go somewhere and I was the only one with a car. So we all piled into my stick shift mustang and pulled out of the parking lot, where (since I still was new at driving a stick) it died in the middle of traffic. I said, “Oh SH*T” and panicked and then started it up again and went on my way. One of the girls was so burdoned by my excessive use of bad language (that one word) that she “In Christian love” turned me in to the principal. (I was 17 years old.) They called me in and did that to me and I couldn’t seem to remember that happening. They called in my PARENTS (My dad told me when he left the principals office he thought if he were in that situation he would have said much worse, and by the way had a few choice words to describe the principal.) Then they called in each of the other girls who were in the car, none of whom could remember anything bad being said that day. πŸ˜€ The girl who turned me in got suspended from the cheerleading squad for lying. I didn’t feel bad about that at all. Not even a little.

    1. Tattletales…the worst. We strictly forbid our kids to tattle. We make exception only for dangerous situations. Funny thing is there was a lot of tattletales at our former fundy day school. My poor boys were constantly having to deal with the “sweet little Christian girls” in their class informing on them. When called in, I would ALWAYS ask, “so what is the punishment for the tattletale?”

      Love that it came back to bit this particular tattletale in the behind. :mrgreen:

      1. Ahh, the kids we loved to hate. While I’m too old (thank you God!) for xtain schools there were a couple of girls (and it always seems to be girls IME) in almost every baptist church who LOVED to catch someone else doing something wrong. OK, it was wrong and petty of me but I couldn’t help feeling a small sense of satisfaction when one of the worst offenders turned up preggers her senior year. Schadenfreude rocks. 😎

    2. I realize I digress here, but you have stirred some memories. I drove a stick in High School–a 1970 VW Bus. I took a fellow Senior to downtown Atlanta one day on yearbook staff business. While I never stalled (on this particular trip), I soon learned that some people never leave the suburbs for the “Big City”. Poor guy was scared to death. And that was in the 70’s, a few thousand cars per hour ago. Probably a good thing he moved back to FLA the week after we graduated.

      Thanks for putting up with my rabbit trail.

        1. Have you looked at my avatar?

          The VW bus came before we entered Fundystan. And lasted well into it. To end a long story that is for another time, some folks from a non-fundy, doctrinally sound church visited us. (Not a cold-call soul-winning visit–part of the loooonnng story) A few years later, someone at the church found the original visitation card. The comment on the back about my Dad was, “Looks a hippie, but not the hippie type”.

          There may be more to your observation than you think.

    3. Weren’t those uniforms damn sexy? When my fiancΓ© and I first started dating, I told him I used to be a cheerleader in high school, and he was like, “Ooh, I’d love to see you in your uniform!” He was so disappointed when I showed him a picture.

      1. I DO so wish I knew how to put a picture up here. I found one of me in my “uniform” (costume) where they had taken the pictures for the yearbook. We had all gone to a playground in a park. I guess if they made us seem like CHILDREN it would take away any shred of dignity the knee-length wool skirt and sweater had failed to strip away.

        1. Perhaps the photos were taken in the park because some of the people who would see those photos were known to “like” children.

  14. And BTW, Isn’t it the GOODNESS of God that brings men to repentence? In not ONE of those meetings did I ever leave with a truly repentant heart. I left feeling bad about myself and vowing to try to do better (or at least not get caught) in the future, but that is NOT the way to get the desired result of an obedient heart. That is how to get an obedient body.

    1. Yes! His GENTLENESS has made us great! (Ps. 18:35)

      Also 1 Thess. 5:14 says, “We urge you, brethren, admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with everyone.” But it seems that Christian school administrators are using a different version: “Admonish the unruly; admonish the fainthearted; admonish the weak; be impatient and harsh with everyone.”

  15. I don’t remember being verbally abused at the Fundy U I attended right out of Fundy High even though I was a regular visitor to the Discipline Committee and to the Dean of Men’s office. Maybe I was there during a “kind” regime, or between times of foolishness.

    I did, however, receive many verbal whippings at Fundy High, along with numerous physical spankings. My problem, other than, like Sims, never leaving with repentance, was that when I get yelled at, it causes a severe case of, for lack of a better word, giggles. It’s just funny. When I would try to hide it, it came out as a smirk. When you have an angry principal who preaches and even looks a little like JH, and (as far as I know) isn’t qualified for the job in the first place, and you are perceived as slightly sarcastic, it isn’t pretty. I was one of the few I remember being publicly demeaned and humiliated in chapel. To this day I see it as a badge of honor. I went on to get a good job and become a church and ministry leader in spite of his low expectations.

    1. I remember once in Junior High being yelled at with some other girls about something stupid. I was still sensitive at that time and I started to cry. The other girl looked at me with the most wicked expression and whispered, “DON’T CRY. That is what they WANT.” And I never did again. (But I never could laugh. I was always too scared. I just looked at the floor and tried not to cry.

      1. Proving, most likely, that you are normal. According to my wife, NOT everything is funny, even though I disagree.

        I have often wondered if you compared 10 years of graduates around our era ( I think our ages are close) from the two “holy, Godly” (i.e. most Fundy rules–and no one in GA had more that we did, Bless God!) schools in the Christian School association we were part of with the two schools we were told were not even Christian, (because they didn’t have any rules)to see what percentage of each is still in church. Not even serving in any manner, just attending. I believe the “holiest” would lose. There are exceptions (I’m one-without the rules now), but I believe most of us turned out to be cynical, nominal at best Christians.

        In the children’s ministry conference’s I have taught in, I have run into a lot more of their graduates than my classmates and peers over the last few years.

        For what it’s worth, the “evil” churches are still in existence, as is one of those two schools. Still biblically sound and sharing the true Gospel of Christ. The other school shut down because of the economy. The two ultra Fundy have shut down both church and school.

        1. She was my best friends’ big sister. We idolized her. (Probably why we were in trouble in the first place.)

  16. Apparently this video will have a sequel: At the end, one student is unfolding a list of potential replacement mascots.

    I think we can help them out by suggesting some appropriate animals.

    How about an ostrich with its head in the sand?

    Or a kiwi? It lives in a hole in the ground, doesn’t fly, and spends all its time sticking its nose in the dirt.

    Perhaps a blowfish? When it feels threatened, it puffs itself up to become a big, spiny ball, and it produces a toxin strong enough to kill everything around it, including itself. (According to ethnobotanist Wade Davis, the puffer or blowfish is also the key ingredient in the potion that voodoo doctors use to turn people into zombies.)

    1. Or a skunk. You irritate it and it will lift its tail and cover you with so much stink it will NEVER come all the way off.

      Or a chimpanzee or ape (whichever one it is that flings the poo)

      Or a Tazmanian Devil

    2. I was thinking Armadillo. It seems to have no purpose other than destruction, and is hard to get through to.

      1. Armadillos are too cute for these sorts of people. Come to think of it, most of these animals are….

    3. Maybe we are thinking too big. Maybe it ought to be a bug of some sort. Just a gnat on the windshield of life.

      1. You do know the last thing to go through a gnat’s mind when it hits the windshield, don’t you?

        1. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† HIS BUTT!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    4. A carp. As the wife of a fisherman, I can say they are ugly, distructive, bottom feeders. Draw your own conclusions. πŸ™‚

  17. One thought came to mind when they ran outside; they sure take their separation seriously. Looked like they were out in the middle of the desert.

  18. When I was at WCBC I had a student come to my apartment in tears because he got screamed at by the Dean. The student ran into a female co-worker of his at a coffee shop, sat down next to her for about a minute and then stood up and introduced her to the other students there. After he was turned in the Dean accused him of sleeping with her, going out drinking with her, going to movies with her, etc. The Dean then said that he KNEW the student was doing all of that but could not prove it so he was only going to give him 30 demerits for an unauthroized date.

    1. BTW this was the same man who went off in chapel about girls who were seen around campus in bare feet. I had no idea that was so sinful.

    2. It was so wicked of the Dean to presume the worst. The person who ratted your friend out – well, may karma bite her/him on the butt.

      1. “It was so wicked of the Dean to presume the worst. The person who ratted your friend out – well, may karma bite her/him on the butt.”

        Keep waiting for that, ‘karma’ doesn’t exist.

  19. I personally know the guy who made this video. I went to college with him and we were good friends. I agree it isn’t really funny looking in from the outside… It honestly looks really harsh… No bueno for the PR.

    1. R.E. Yeah, I knew that family from back when he was quite little. Liked his mom a lot. I find it sad they are still caught up in that legalistic church.

      BTW, I do not think the video is funny from an inside perspective either.

  20. This video reminds me when I was at the fundy high school. I hog tied the teacher’s son to the roof of my car (long story). I got the verbal lashing/abuse as usual from the principle, when they contacted my parents, the first thing my mom said was “2 months to graduation, you could not have waited 2 months to do this?” It was REALLY funny as the principle did not know what to say. Mom and dad never asked the question of why I did it cause they already knew as the kid was a turd.

    1. LOL that’s awesome! Did you do a really slow ride around the whole campus so everyone could see? :mrgreen: The worst things I saw at Fundy U were when all the guys “rat tailed” this guy in “strategic areas” after he stepped out of the shower. Not one person ever said a word to the staff cause the guy needed it and the victim was too ashamed to talk about it. 😈

      Another group of guys lifted this fat dude’s VW Beetle and scooted it right in between the telephone pole and anchor cable it was parked next to. Then we all laughed histerically as we watched him try to get it out of there! :mrgreen:
      Once again, no demerits.

        1. Lol! It’s when you take an old shower towel and fold/roll it in such a way that one corner forms a very thin tip and the other end forms a nice fat handle (resembling a rat tail). You dip the small tip in water (toilet water adds to the intimidation :mrgreen: )and when you crack it like a whip…well you get the picture. 😈

        2. I worked at a Baptist camp in Texas for a couple of summers and, because I have an incredibly high tolerance for pain, some of the guys I worked with would “surprise” rat-tail me while we were working. I always wore shorts (because it’s hella hot out here…especially in the summer), so I would end up with nasty welts and sometimes bloody marks from it. Not a nice thing to do to someone…. πŸ™

        3. Thanks, exOBC. As the sister two sadistic older brothers, I get it exactly. They only did pool towels, never with toilet water.

  21. When I was a senior in Fundy Hi, we were all supposed to wear white floor-length dresses for graduation. Since we were all about saving money and doing things ourselves, I made mine in Home Ec class. As I was making my dress one of the girls (same girl as in above story) went all nuts because it was sleeveless (NOT STRAPLESS, SLEEVELESS) and went to her mom (a bigger turd than she was) and her mom came in and complained to the principal (see above story…) about my dress. She convinced him that wearing a sleeveless dress to a formal event was inappropriate. (We were supposed to be wearing long gloves. I didn’t want my gloves tucked into my dress sleeves.) They called my parents over that one and told my mom that if I wore the offensive dress they would hold my diploma and just mail it to me. My sister who was a year older offered to let me wear HER dress from last year (which had sleeves) which I did wear. When I got there I saw the girl whose mother had made such a stink standing there with both the girls on display in her low-cut gown. GEEESHHHHH!!!! The things this site brings back up from the back alleys of my memory are NOT pretty.
    Oh yeah, and some day I will tell you about when my dad almost got into a fistfight with the principal. I sure do love my dad.

    1. Long gloves…with sleeves? tacky. Was there a veil attached to your little graduation cap thing?

  22. West Coast Baptist College recently allowed students to have facebook. (probably monitored. Lancaster Baptist Church / School makes K-12 students give the admin their passwords. IDK if they do this for the college students, but it would not surprise me at all.)

    Weaver shows the phone as the reason the Eagle is in trouble. “What you’ve done to us” is the offense…This is most easily interpreted as posting things critical of the school.

    As is typical for this church, the “offender” is told they have no character for doing something the admin disapproves of. I have personally witnessed this in a different (and pretty innocuous) situation.

    They seem to always play the “character” card.

    What a sad and sick place.

    1. So the kids’ parents aren’t capable of monitoring their own kids? The school/church have to have the passwords? That’s absurd. And no one questions this … that’s what really boggles the mind.

      1. When someone is questioned about why they would follow such a warped policy, the canned response is, “I have nothing to hide!!!”

        As if that was even the issue… πŸ™„

        The pastor, Paul Chappell, seems to think this all falls within his pastoral authority…so sick and twisted this is. πŸ‘Ώ

        And the fact parents turn over their God-given authority to him….ugh!!! πŸ™

        1. My neighbor, not a fundy, and in her early 40s just got a job with a big insurance agency and is going for her securities licences etc and she told me that her company asked her for her passwords to her social networking stuff. I was shocked. Same resposnce, she has nothing to hide but I still wouldn’t have given mine… 😈

    2. WCBC students were always allowed to have Facebook, but the school asked for passwords to all social networking accounts at the beginning of the year. They unblocked Facebook from the campus network this year, and probably should not have because the network is not robust enough to handle it.

      As a side note, Pastor Chappell’s son-in-law adds everyone as a friend, but it appears that his account is used by the WCBC admin to keep tabs on everyone.

      1. Thanks for the clarification.

        I have heard of high school kids who have been called in for stuff posted on fb. Ridiculous.

        1. I went to that school from K-5 and in my 10th grade year they “allowed” us on facebook, but we had to give our passwords. Dr Salazar (the principal at the time) would threaten saying something along the lines that even if we put our accounts under a fake name they knew and the reason we weren’t getting in trouble was because they wanted to give us time to repent. A lot of kids got in trouble for what others posted on there wall or commented on.

  23. Yeah, but where are the eagle’s parents? Because when I was chucked out of my fundie Bible college, my parents were called in to witness my utter and complete humiliation.

    1. This unaccredited “kawledge” is on the backside of the desert. Most parents are not locals.

      Besides, they would probably not be so dramatic in front of the parents.

      1. My parents weren’t locals either, but I had the dubious pleasure of knowing they were contacted, and then having to await their arrival as I packed my stuff up under the judgmental eye of the dorm supervisor, worrying myself sick as to what would happen when they finally arrived. My parents were only told that there was a problem, apparently given no details, so the whole ordeal was that much lovelier. They were basically ambushed with the news of my crime.

        I don’t know what was worse: the humiliation of being publicly berated and treated like a recalcitrant child or what happened after as my parents proceeded to punish me for the next five years — whether for their own embarrassment or my actual misdeed, I’ll never know.

  24. The scary thing is that Mrs. Weaver is the real hard nose one of the bunch. Much more scared of her then Mr. Weaver.

    Also as sick as this video is and treating people like that totally wrong. For some strange reason Brother Weaver is loved by many of the students. He does spend much of his time one on one “investing” or “brain washing” the students. However, you see it.

  25. This is my first post, so hello to all, and apologies if I’m retreading ground.

    1) Why does it seem like so many of the fundy higher ups are fat? I mean, I’m not judging–I’m fatty mcfatpants–but I’m also not charged with teaching about temperance. My lessons tend to fall along the lines of “why pie is great”.

    2) Having never attended a fundy school (I used to think that my parents raised me in that environment when I was in high school, since they attended one of the international churches of christ. I was apparently wrong, since we weren’t allowed to kiss people or swear, and had to get up at an ungodly hour to do bible studies, but we could wear jeans!) I’ve never encountered the sort of punishment depicted here. Which is, probably, why I’m mostly creeped out by the people at the end. “Hahaha! That guy being abused and ostracized sure was funny!”

    1. Hi Palisade. Let me first say, I like you. My lessons usually are about why pie is great too! I didn’t have much more than that to add to your comment. I think the higher-ups are fat because food is the only vice that seems to be allowed. They can’t drink and their wives aren’t supposed to be sexy, drugs are too expensive, so what else is there but carbs and sugar? mmmmmmm piiieeeee…

      1. Do you teach on pecan, key lime, or rhubarb? Because those may have contributed, with others, to my “gland problem” over the years.

        1. And YEA will you know the glory that is roasted pecans AND the meringue that is all puffy and tastes of sugar and clouds. Forever and ever.

          Now I want a pecan pie. Blast.

    2. Welcome Palisade! <3's me some pie! Peach, pecan, lemon, boston cream, apple, cherry – it is all good!

  26. Want to hear something REALLY crazy? When I was OUT of college, and working as a teacher’s aide (very briefly) in a VERY dysfunctional Christian school, I got called into the principal’s office because I had WALKED BY my son’s classroom too many times. (Each time I was legitimately going to the office on some errand the *master* had sent me on, and his classroom was on the most direct route.) The teacher seemed to think I was “checking up” on her (which leads me to think there must have been something she didn’t wish for me to see.) Anyway, the chewing out of me, and adult, an employee, a mother was at least a brutal as the discipline that eagle recieved. (epilogue: I didn’t stay there one more day after that. I quit and pulled my kids out the very next day.) But children, young people and college kids don’t always have that option. πŸ˜₯

    1. Why, WHy!, WHY!! do these people in charge do this? Could’ve just had a rational, adult discussion and laughed about it in the end and if done right had the teacher come in and see how she misunderstood, and (“if the Lord was in it”) you would have all hashed it out and probably could’ve come out with BETTER relationships in the end! Instead …we know what happened πŸ™ (btw, tough typing on Droid ..please forgive lack of punctuation and run-on) πŸ˜€

  27. As a former student of that college I can personally vouch for the fact that this video is almost perfect of how things actually happen. I spent 3 of my 3 1/2 years at this fundy u mainly in that office and this video is scarily accurate to one of our many “discussions” we had. The worst part of it all was having to write a “how much I appreciate you, M.O.G.” letter after it was all over…… Honestly, I’ll give him credit for not slipping up and calling that eagle “Austin” tho I think I deserve a slot in the credits for being the script!

    1. did he chase you out into the desert and tackle you then throw a serious beat down? πŸ˜†

      1. No, although he did promise to throw me out of his 2nd story window and not leave enough of me for the janitor to find πŸ™‚ *true story*

        1. 😯 He what!? You do realize that a threat like that is worthy of reporting to the police, right? Especially if he was keeping you in the office until he was through his tirade. You have “detention against your will” & “threats of physical violence,” which law enforcement takes very seriously.

          I’m sorry you experienced that abuse. You may laugh it off, but it’s not ok for anyone to treat you that way. πŸ˜₯

        2. Austin, that was seriously wrong. I am glad you are free from such abuse now.

          I hear several people say that West Coast Baptist College is not as crazy as other Fundies, that they are “Fundy Lite” – but this is not true. They are also abusive and crazy.

        3. I heard he is always saying something about lace on you boxers or lace on you underwear…strange obsession

        4. All in all I think Jesus worked all things together for good in the situation to prepare me for my current job involving customer service. The “rebels” of the school always have such great war stories from that office. They attempted holding people against their will but soon changed the practice after PCC got sued for it a few years back. While what has and probably still does go on in that office may truly fall under the category of mental abuse, the important part is and always will be what we let Jesus do with the bad events in our lives and how we react to them. It has been my privilege to see many of my other “rebels” from WCBC go on and do many great works for Christ in the “filed of sin” (aka the evangelical reformed movement). That’s the lesson I took from it. In all honesty its kind of nice to sit back and be able to laugh at it now. Hopefully the new internet access to students will cause a few “weaker brothers” to stumble across sites like these 😈

  28. Wow. That was awful…and really didn’t seem “spoof-y” to me at all. I cannot imagine having to sit there and listen to that. Screaming like that at someone who isn’t even *speaking* is absolutely ridiculous an uncalled for. And after reading some of the comments on here, I almost wept for those of you who had to endure this. I come from an abusive background, but at least it wasn’t my church/Christian “authorities” doing it to me. Gosh. And that end part with him beating the nonsense out the “The Eagle” to get the jersey…appalling. I’m just saying. Joke or not, this was gross.

    Also, I found it a bit humorous that he said the picture of the eagle was more “manly” than “The Eagle” ever would be. Really? It’s *an eagle.* Ass. That’s all I have to say about that.

  29. Honestly, it sounds like one of III’s chapel rants. No real substance, just a lot of yelling and berating. He loved that tactic when either someone who was not a student or otherwise bound to obey his whims defied him, or when someone/group of someones did something but couldn’t be identified, so everyone had to be punished.

  30. I’m ashamed to know the the people in this video…I don’t even see the point of it. πŸ˜• why are they so stupid! Don’t they know a video like this is gonna be put up here!

    1. I think they still consider themselves unaccountable and untouchable. I hope and pray prospective students find this post so they know exactly what they are getting into. Full disclosure, and all that…

  31. My brother was on the receiving end of a discipline lecture like that….got the comment that he was “a bad apple that would spoil the whole bushel.”

    Oh yea….forgot to mention…..he was in 3rd grade at Hammond Baptist Grade school. He had forgotten to wear a belt to school and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    We left soon after. Thanks, “Dr” Auclair.

    1. I remember Jack Hyles saying that we ought to make a big deal out of the small stuff (“Major on the minors” I think was how he put it) so the big stuff never happened. Sorry,Jack, it doesn’t work that way. Not even slightly.
      I am sorry for your brother (and all of the other innocents who ever attended that school or the others like it.) It is all part of the mind control and manipulation and they have to start it young.
      I’m glad you got out.

    1. ^^^ This post was supposed to be in response to Loree’s story. Stop that, George!

  32. When I got expelled from BJU, the dorm sup that did it got very angry when he didn’t get the response he was expecting from me. So he started yelling, getting red in the face, etc. At one point he said “Your arms are too short to box with God.” I got expelled for going to the beach and a movie on a weekend. I remember thinking “This clown thinks going to the beach equates to trying to box with God.” I was expelled along with a group of about 80 other students that all got it over a period of about 2 weeks in 1996. Some pond-scum chick that I barely knew got caught with a pregnancy test, and once she knew she was gone, she told on everyone she could think of, or had even heard about, in the course of her 3 years there. I was told by friends that The Third called us all “a bunch of Judases” in chapel a few days later. So if you go to the beach to blow off some steam, it’s the same as selling Christ to be crucified for 30 pieces of silver. And they (BJU) wonder why enrollment is free-falling, and the majority of people who went there are saying they wouldn’t send their kdis there, or recommened anyone else does, in the surveys they send out.

    I heard later that the Dorm Sup who told me I was expelled after 2 weeks of 1am grillings, trying to get me to crack, and rat out everyone I knew about, got a divorce after his wife left him. I wish I knew where she was so I could take her to the beach on a date. πŸ™‚

    1. The “pregnancy test” girl was clearly wrong to rat everybody out. But I wonder if she was just not strong enough to endure two weeks of 1 AM abusive grilling sessions.

    1. Cause it is in the middle of the desert. Summertime temps are typicially over 100 degrees and the air is dry as a bone.

      I have never seen the surrounding barren desert landscape make it into their marketing brochures. LOL! I always laughed because they use this pic that has been altered to make them look closer to the mountains than they really are:


      Then there is this pic, which shows their property’s carefully coiffed landscape:


      This pic shows that after the property ends, it is a desert:


      Google maps also shows the desert:

      But their marketing materials are always green and sunshiny! πŸ™„

      1. The effect in the first picture (making something in the background look closer and bigger) can be done by taking the picture from a distance, using a telephoto lens.

        Just an old picture-manipulating trick.
        It’s not really even trick photography, because you don’t have to do anything more to the image once you’ve snapped the photo.

  33. For being such Holy Christians at West Coast, its shocking their eagle doesn’t wear pants

  34. This video was made in response to a former student making a Facebook account known as the WCBC Eagle and posting inappropriate pictures and statuses under the West Coast Baptist Eagle mascot account. They caught him when the government ordered Facebook to reveal the account IP. The student was kicked out and local police took care of him, since I guess this is illegal.

    1. What?!?!

      They went through legal means to find out who opened a mock facebook account under the name of their precious Stuffed Mascot?

      Are you serious?

      I wonder if they just hacked it and are just saying they went through the legal route…This seems questionable. Since when is parody illegal?

      What did this student do that would concern the local police? We already determined the Eagle does not wear pants, so that can’t be it. Was he shown carrying a NIV? πŸ™„

      I am seriously trying to figure out what that student did that was illegal?

      Then, after allegedly having this student arrested, they make a video to mock the situation?


      How is that different from what the student allegedly did? Student parodies college mascot, College parodies student mascot…


      1. Sending threats to other students via message under a college name is illegal.

  35. Have you seen the girls that attend WCBC??

    Good thing they chose the coast with the toast and not the cold Chicago/Hammond winters where they’d be stalked 24/7 by Schaap.

  36. Interestingly as a 30’s student (age) who attended WCBC I went/was brought before Weaver several times to discuss my demerits and why I was absent or tardy to classes when I was working a full-time job in public safety and was required to explain my actions, “lack of character” and “lack of devotion to the ministry.”

    After explaining I still had no personal respect from him and my grades in-fact took a hit due to the unexcused absences. I was told I had no character and that I should reconsider the ministry as a vocation. I did… and I did…

    I’m now a full-time upper-command staff law enforcement official. The pressure to “perform” in Fundamental circles is contrary to the Bible and the preaching/teaching/doctrine of grace. Once I understood I was accepted in the beloved (Eph 1:6) and that Jesus’ work for me (on my behalf) made it so I don’t have to work for acceptance and approval I was set FREE.

    Leaving the Fundy movement did not destroy my marriage, my kids aren’t sluts and whores, I’m not a drunkard and I still serve in a church that preaches, teaches, lives and extends grace to people.

  37. I was an off campus student of WCBC that lived on the other side town. Anyway, my mustache often grew back super fast even after shaving it completely. So one day I was coming into or out of chapel (I don’t remember exactly) and Mr. Weaver suddenly appears out of nowhere in my face talking about how I needed to go back into my dorm and shave but he took me by such surprise that fight or flight kicked in and I

    1. My mobile device acted strange and posted part of the first draft. The final draft should be posted below soon I hope.

  38. I was an off campus student of WCBC that lived on the other side of town. Anyway, my mustache often grew back fast even after shaving it off completely. So one day I was coming into or out of chapel (I don’t remember exactly) with a little bit of “shadow” around my mouth and Mr. Weaver suddenly appears out of nowhere in my face talking demandingly about how I needed to go back into my dorm and shave, but he took me by such surprise that fight or flight kicked in and in that split second I thought I was going to throw a punch. πŸ˜€

    Anyway, after a few seconds I realized what was going on and I told him, “I’m an off campus student.” When he heard that he kind of backed off a bit and started talking about stuff like “Have you considered ministry?” “We can get you married.” I don’t remembered exactly what I told him but I knew the kind of girl I wanted and she wasn’t there so I think I gave him an evasive answer.

    A day or two later before Methodical Bible Study class started, a fellow student asked me out of the blue what Mr. Weaver had wanted with me. I was suspicious about his question but I reluctantly told him what had happened. The student told me something like “don’t worry about it, he did that to me once and I told him that Jesus had a beard.” πŸ™‚

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