Top Ten Posts of 2011

Once again I have taken it upon myself to arbitrarily pick 10 popular posts from the past year and put them in random order.

They are as follows:

10. Glib Answers
9. A Small World
8. Trying to Have Revival
7. A Beka Church
6. Rabbit Trail Preaching
5. Gossip That Isn’t About Me
4. Commandments Concerning God’s Will
3. “Good Neighbors” A Fundamentalist Parable
2. The entire contents of Sex Week
1. Contradiction

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts of 2011”

      2. Of COURSE “SEX WEEK” was your favorite. You make perverted comments all over the place, and sadly, *I* am often the target. SIGH.
      3. Good thing I am your oldest friend. I am so senile, that I forget the perverted things of which you accuse me.
      4. That good enough? 😉

  1. I also like the one upping one. (I forget what it was called though) But someone will remember it. “You hand out tracts? Well, *I* am going to Africa to some God-forsaken place to teach villagers how to be pastors…” Something like that, of course not exactly. If I remembered it exactly I probably could have found it.

  2. Fundy Sex week was . . . memorable. Be sure no food or beverages are near your computer should you attempt to read any of the posts or “interesting” comment threads. The comments about certain items puchased with other theoretically innocuous items still make me laugh.

  3. I read all of these except for the A Beka one. I don’t know what A Beka is so I didn’t bother reading.

    Contradiction, Moral Confusion, and Self-Realization were the set of posts that week that finally drew me out of the lurker zone. It was scary putting all of my doubts into words, because writing them down for an audience of 100+ comments made my doubts official and real. It was also scary diving into the big leagues amongst so many comments that were so much more insightful and funny than anything I had to say. But everyone was so kind and friendly so it was ok. 🙂 Once I started writing, I couldn’t stop.

      1. Well, I was still in fundy church at the time. And I’m used to following blogs with audiences that are, shall we say, more critical when anyone writes anything wrong. Plus, I don’t usually comment on the blogs I follow. In fact, this is the only blog I comment on regularly.

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