2011 Year End Report

I thought our community here on SFL might like to see exactly what you all have been up to this year. Here’s a brief report on some of the tops of 2011…

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Update: Ok, so apparently these stats are way off and should be complete ignored. If it helps, just add the words “evangelistically speaking” in front of all of them.

47 thoughts on “2011 Year End Report”

  1. First! Happy New Year, everyone! Enjoy a glass of something alcoholic at midnight (gasp!) 🙂

  2. Now this can’t be right! I was not third in comments, there are a lot of people who had more comments than I did. I didn’t even get started til around August. Something isn’t right here.

    Some of the topics I missed look very interesting though, have to check them out! :mrgreen:

      1. You mean I commented 59 times on that one post? Can’t be. I’d have had to be commenting all day long. I did have a lot to say on that topic though, because that might be the one thing about fundamentalism that irks me the most, the continual guilt tripping. But 59 comments on one topic? I’d have to check that out again. 😕

    1. YAY! I made it into the top 5. Which just goes to prove that quantity over quality will get you noticed!!! I feel so VALIDATED.

      1. You should be way ahead if me. I did not even start posting here till… Last summer, maybe?

        1. I don’t think that was overall, and I doubt it was accurate, and I don’t even care. I just like being noticed. I think you are way friendlier than me. I only post when I can think of something brilliant to say, and am pretty surprised that I was brilliant that often. 😀

        2. Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but I think maybe we got up there because we have entire conversations at Darrell’s blog’s expense and each of those entries count as a comment. Sorry everyone else. We’ll try to do our chatting elsewhere this year. (Maybe I will go to the resolutions page and make a comment about that being my resolution for this year.) Hmmm… maybe its true what they say and I DO need to get a life.

        3. What you say here is sadly true. But, we DO chat elsewhere! Well, we will be MORE elsewhere. GASP! We are doing it AGAIN! Darrell, I feel certain, loves us like two old grannies, so he tolerates/ignores/ 🙄 /all of the aboves the two of us.
          Meanwhile, I am not friendlier. Except when I am. Gotcha. 😉

        4. Hmmm… Not too sure I like the “Old Grannies” part. Perhaps you didn’t notice that I dance to the Black Eyed Peas. Old Granny my hiney… mumble mumble mumble grunt groan… whippersnappers.

        5. I hope Sims and Seen Enough will NOT put their comments elsewhere, but keep them here. I enjoy hearing about their old HAC days and all the stories. I didn’t become fundy til after I got married so I missed out (what a relief) on fundy college. Please keep the comments coming! 😈

        6. I wish I could remember the names and details as well as Seen Enough does. I do remember some events like it was yesterday, and one day I am going to dig to the bottom of my photo trunk and put up PICTURES (that is after my kids show me how to do that of course)

        7. Do not even think about sassing me on the grannies thing. You are the one forcing me to establish the fact that I have no designs of any kind on young men! My heart belongs to Sean Connery, the one and ONLY 007.

          Macushlalondra, how very kind. Have I ever told you about the time when, as postmistress of the campus mail, i gave in to temptation, took off at a flying run down the length of the South Hallway, and vaulted over the p.o. Window ledge, making a perfct landing on both feet? I was 18, it was summer. The hall was empty, or so I thought…. I had hair so long I could sit on it, and our very own Sims would put it up for me when I had a date! Anyway, Miss Hoskins saw the whole thing, streaming hair, flapping skirt.. It was so worth the demerits, though! 😉

  3. Also, I’m fairly sure I did more than 110 new posts this year. I posted 5 or 6 times every week and some weeks I did two posts per day.

    I’ll have to check on that. But hey, most statistics are completely fabricated anyway. 😀

    1. I thought that too, you update the site at least 5 times a week, probably more. That would be at least 260 updates. 110 would indicate that you only update it twice a week or so. 😕

    2. Yes, I would have guessed there was nearly one post per day for the year, if not more (some days had several posts).

      Also, I think I have commented more than 91 times during the whole year, but less than 91 times on any one topic.

    1. Wait, where were my 78 comments? They sure weren’t on Gult Trippin’. Maybe it means for the entire month of December? But then it sounds low. It really makes no never mind. I am happy to be here, is all. 😉

  4. And most comments, in one place, looks like the 20/20 thing, but in another, it is Guilt Trippin. I feel like I am listening to Ray Young give the Big Day bus statistics again… 😉

  5. You must have an IFB accounting firm comipling your numbers. “Oh, here’s another one of those “Fundamental” sites wanting their numbers for the end of the year.”
    I want to know how many were (de-)slaved this year from our efforts. 😆

    1. Hey, Monipenny, where you been girl? 🙂 Happy New Year to all! Yes, got home a bit ago, had a great time and I am stone cold sober… 😯 . SFL is here to stay! Look at those numbers! Sheesh, even if they are way off, the amount of visitors is very impressive, Darrell. Keep up the good work. 😎

      1. Yikes! I think Michael Learned looks likes a monster from a horror film…waaaay too much plastic surgery! 😡 😯

  6. I’d love to see accurate reports of whether Aussie visits to the blog jumped after I started spamming my fb with links to it, lol.

  7. Good morning and Happy New Year from a breakroom at ATL. I’m starting the year unfundy, working a Sunday holiday.
    Does this post add to last years stats, when the string started, or the new year when I posted? Just curious.

    Anyway, I look forward to skewing the stats to prove my theories on evil people. I’ll share how I tie scripture in when I get my Pharisaical topic picked out.

  8. Goodnight, Darrell, goodnight, Seen Enough, goodnight, RobM, goodnight Tiarali, goodnight Uncle Wilver, goodnight Sims, goodnight Boymom, goodnight, Don, goodnight, Scorpio, goodnight, Big Gary, goodnight, PW….yawn….s t r e t c h… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :mrgreen:

    1. All I remember about the Waltons is “Goodnight John Boy.” After our house burned down and we were living in a trailer and all within earshot of each other we would do that every night, always ending with “Goodnight John Boy.” Boy, I can’t wait to hear the stories my kids tell about their childhood and how crazy their parents were. (Since they never saw the Waltons so they didn’t have any idea who John Boy was.)

  9. Their stories will never top ours from HAC. Uh, you had better check the Black Eyed Peas post, Dear. I am offering moolah to your offspring, yes, blackmail, whatever. :mrgreen:

  10. Hello everyone. Been reading for a few months. Thought I’d give my first comment on the first day of the year. I’ve been helped much by alot of what I’ve read here and have been out of IFB for about a year. Not the day for stories though. Ttyl. Happy New Year!

        1. Just wait a few minutes and try again or go to an older post then sneak up on the current day that way.

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