Friday Challenge: Personals

Today’s challenge is to write a personal ad for looking for a spouse in fundyland. You can either describe yourself as you were back in the day, the perfect mate you thought you wanted, or the traits of someone you actually knew.

“SWM seeks dress-wearing pianist for ministry possibilities. Must possess own piano …”

(I would like to apologize in advance for the sidebar ads this is likely to generate)

223 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Personals”

  1. “Single White Anglo-Saxon Christian (Baptist) Fundamentalist Male feels DIVINELY LED to find a single (no children, not been previously married) White Anglo-Saxon Christian (Baptist) Female. Must not believe in evolution in any form or fashion ( not even microbiologically). Must not condone the wearing of shorts, pants or makeup (worldliness). Must be pre-tribulation, submissive, and also a virgin ( I am a born again virgin. I made a grave error in my youth). Must not imbibe in alcoholic drink. Must not express viewpoints in public.
    Hussies whose jean skirts do not extend to the heel of the Burkinstock sandals will not be considered.”

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