Strange Song Applications

While doing a little research for my last post I ran across this video from a Filipino fundy church wherein a group of pre-teen girls sing a strangely upbeat version of “Yours Forever”…to their pastor.

Maybe there’s some cultural context or language barrier I’m missing here but on the face of it that just seems a little weird.

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    1. Gotta love race conditions. I’d love to see the full timestamp of both “First?” posts. 🙂

      And since I feel I should actually comment on the video itself…yeah, unless there’s a cultural norm out there that says this *isn’t* disturbing, it’s disturbing. Unless the piano player was the pastor’s wife and the kids were the backup singers…? Hey, I’m trying.

      I’ll take my prize and go home now. 😀

  1. Glad to see that pounding on the piano no matter what style of song and consequently drowning out the singers isn’t confined to my church.

  2. Ewww. I think I’ll have to listen to old Ozzy Osbourne to get this out of my head, or at least evened out.

    1. “Filipino” and “Fundy” often don’t go together very well for some reason. They’re just a very charismatic and expressive culture by nature that fundyism robs them of their Filipino identity.

      My mom’s a Filipina, and for nearly 17 years her mother and sisters pleaded with her to leave the fundy cult. She was nothing like her family. They all kept singing the songs they grew up with (“Here Comes the Sun,” “Saturday Night Fever,” “My Sharona,” etc.), while she left all of that.

      So imagine the excitement among my mom’s siblings when she decided to have a glass of the cabernet sauvignon that my aunt brought over for a family party a few years ago.

      Oh, what it means to be Pinoy.

  3. WTF. uh somebody may want to call the cops here. this is disgusting–unless the pastor just got married…

  4. Had to stop listening and get the sound the same repeating chords out of my head. The piano was louder than the singers – ugh!!!

  5. “When I look into your eyes, I can see us together”. What?! Sick…SICK I really believe most IFB pastors today are “called” because they desire this type of man-worship.

    1. I am excited when they put out their 80’s hair band cd for the pastor

      When I look into your eyes
      I can see a love restrained
      But darlin’ when I hold you
      Don’t you know I feel the same
      ‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
      And we both know hearts can change
      And it’s hard to hold a candle
      In the cold November rain
      We’ve been through this such a long long time
      Just tryin’ to kill the pain
      But lovers always come and lovers always go
      An no one’s really sure who’s lettin’ go today
      Walking away
      If we could take the time to lay it on the line
      I could rest my head
      Just knowin’ that you were mine
      All mine
      So if you want to love me
      then darlin’ don’t refrain
      Or I’ll just end up walkin’
      In the cold November rain

      1. +1 for G&R. that is the second time I have typed a reference to Guns and Roses on this site today.! Wow! My husband would be so pleased. the 80’s bands just seem to live on and on and on…Poison. def Leppard. van Halen, Warrant…

        1. @Donb123. You’re right.! A slight nuance that makes ALL the difference! Especially when you say it out loud. I was more of a Cyndi Lauper fan myself. 😀

        1. Watch it bring you to your shun na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, knees, knees!
          I wanna watch you plead!

      2. My relationships with true fundys has always much more along the lines of Civil War…

    2. I’m really hoping that English is neither their first nor best language, and they didn’t really understand the words.

  6. “… then you taught me how to fly…” — sounds like “you” taught “me” all about substance abuse…

    1. This pairs nicely with LauraT99’s comment about listening to Ozzy. I immediate thought: Flying High Again.

  7. Well, in another time, this may have been considered “sweet”, but in this day of rampant perversion in churches, it is a little creepy, I agree.

  8. Having spent a year in the Philippines, this really didn’t surprise me all that much. Yeah, it’s weird, but it is a different culture. I was curious to see where the church was so I googled the pastor’s name and found this website:
    What I found interesting was the plan of salvation. It’s entirely in Tagalog except for the Bible verses. So the people need the truth in their own language so they can understand it well. But the important part – Scripture – let’s put that in their second language. And that’s assuming they know much English. All so they can use KJB 1611. 🙄 That’s just wrong!

    1. Oh…I forgot to mention that I was involved in an uber-fundy church while I was in the Philippines so that may have skewed my thinking in the previous comment.

  9. That is just creepy. AND she did NOT learn piano in an IFB sanctioned way. That chord progression is NOT IFB.

  10. Mmm,yeah. I can’t imagine a culture in which it would be OK for young teen-age girls to sing to their pastor “When I look into your eyes I can see us together.” Very weird.

  11. I pulled up that church website…the banner on the right says that they’re the “home of the real baptist people”…are other baptists fake? ❓

    Also, creepy song. I hated it even as a fundy. 🙄

  12. So I was one of (apparently) the few who had never heard of “Yours Forever” on the orig post of the day. Having finally seen this, I have only one thought:

    “I was wrong, they can make a worse song than ‘The Keeper of the Stars’ for weddings”.


  13. Is it possible that it was done as a joke and you guys are just overreacting a bit?

    Context would be nice I suppose.

    But being anti-fundy doesn’t mean you stop using your brain.

    1. also it says “happy father’s day”, perhaps this is his daughters and some friends singing?

      Not every fundy pastor is out there stalking his congregation of young girls.

    2. It doesn’t look like a joke to me.

      I don’t think these girls are really all part of the pastor’s harem or something, but it’s still weird for them to be singing to their pastor what’s supposed to be an intimate love song.

      Given that English is not their first language (I assume they are Tagalog speakers), maybe these folks miss some of the connotations of the song?

  14. I haven’t ever had to rearrange songs as a tribute to our Pastor, but he likes the congregation to sing “A New Name In Glory” and “Hallelujah! We Shall Rise” at least once a month. I think it’s because he is a bass and his wife can sing the tenor part.

  15. Why are these people even in the Philippines? What did the Filipino people ever do to deserve THAT?

  16. HAHA I remember once in my early teens, my dad (pastor at the time) hired on a young, freshly-graduated from HAC songleader. This songleader (fresh from HAC) naturally took an interest in me, being a 12-year-old girl, of course. He told me that his dream was for me to write him a song about him, and have the other young girls sing it along to him

    So, I did. I composed a love song to Andy, and my willing young girls practiced it with me, and then we sang it to him. His little pedophile heart burst with joy. He loved it, and couldn’t stop singing it to himself. He kept making us sing it to him as well.

    Then my dad got creeped out when this HAC guy kept following me around, telling me how pretty I was, and how he was just waiting for me to grow up so he could marry me. He bought me jewelry, gave me money, and my dad got nervous and told him to stay away.

    He was a shining example of a freshly-graduated HAC church minister.

  17. When he discovered that he was really not going to get any further access to me, he got on his bike (that’s how he got to church) and rode home for the final time. It was creepy, because at every stoplight that our family van would stop, there would be Andy on his bike, smiling sadly at us, giving yet another farewell wave goodbye forever. Good grief.

    1. Holy mackerel, Rachel, that’s terrifying! I am SO glad your Dad kicked his butt the heck out of there. Goodness.

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