Christian Womanhood

We’ve given a fair amount of time to the insanity of Jack Schaap, “pastor” of First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana. Today, however, we’re giving some equal time to the machinations of his wife Cindy who serves as editor for the publication “Christian Womanhood.”

The March 2010 edition shown above, for example, contains the following:

– A winner to the “Why My Pastor Is The Best” contest (the winner writes a thrilling story about how her three year old knows that the pastor loves her).

– A recommendation from Mrs. Schaap that families give the father a standing ovation when he comes home from work. (One can only assume that if mom comes home from work the correct action is to hand her one of Mrs. Schaap’s books on being a stay-at-home mom)

– A worshipful letter from Jack Schaap’s daughter praising her dad to the skies.

– Instructions to careful with His Name, His Money, His Children, and His Home. No the “His” doesn’t refer to God, silly. It refers to the Man Of The House.

– Even MORE love for Jack Schaap being the most awesomest preacher ever ever ever.

And so on for 27 pages.

I would say “enjoy” but I’m pretty sure you won’t.

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        1. Point of Personal Privilege: You did not call for the yays nor the nays.

          I move that the motion be table indefinitely.

  1. Wow a three year old “knows the pastor loves her”? I don’t think a 3 year old is able to in anyway express that they think their parents love them in anyway but just the most base (I love the food & attention I get from my parents). Without reading a word everyone has to realize it’s just a parent writing whatever she thinks it will take to win the contest (and presumably win favor with her MOg).

        1. “the winner writes a thrilling story about how her three year old knows that the pastor loves her” – This really creeps me out. Ick.

        2. How much the pastor loves her? Let’s hope it’s completely innocent and not physical and sexual like a lot of other stories lately. Ugh.

        3. My impression is the pastor is her father for the “winner”. I don’t know how much a father really loves a daughter if he thinks his primary relationship to his daughter is that of pastor/congregant. I hope they don’t think that, but they did participate (and win)…

        4. This is really for IAHB:

          These reactions aren’t an attack on you, or on the other writers/readers of CW. They are an attack on the mindset of those people—a mindset which you no longer share—and a hope, however snarkily expressed, that they can break free from it, as you have. Not an attack.

        5. Drat it, George! That’s supposed to read “Not an attack on you, or them.”

        6. Jean, I can vouch for IAHB. I’m dying for her book to be written. I’ll be on the advance copy list.

    1. Used as course material? Like they quiz/test on it? Or just have to technically have, and they don’t check (other then a possible “honor check” question — did you read)?

      Sounds like a way to boost their subscription numbers at the expense of college girls (not to mention indoctrinating & dumbing down the ones that do actually read it).

      1. We weren’t tested on the content, but the hopes were that we’d read it. I always went for that month’s Reader’s Digest instead.

    2. Both my husband and I graduated HAC 31 years ago (When it was a brand new baby college) Cindy was in some of my classes and Jack was in some of my husband’s classes. I showed him the magazine and he is laughing. He said, “Stop! You will make me want to go back there!” BTW, he also said we probably gave that magazine more readership than it has ever had by all of us seeing it here on SFL. My husband is the coolest thing to ever come out of HAC

    1. It’s their way of taking women victim’s of domestic abuse (emotional and often physical), and telling them they should be bearing more children for (and universally/unilaterally submitting to) their abusers.

    2. i went to college with these boys’ mom. We used to keep in touch until i couldnt handle her IFB craziness anymore. Her husband is a pastor in Missouri and they are uber fundies.

    3. My dear, that’s the sole reason you exist! To create a handful of beautiful boys in your husband’s image. And when you get over your labor, please lend a hand in the church kitchen…it’s the fall fish fry, honey, and that iced tea ain’t gonna make itself.

      1. And put on a nice pair of heels and hose and fix your hair and no licking the bowls when you make cookies. Your husband’s gonna be looking elsewhere if you don’t stay as attractive and beautiful as when you first met, and it will be all your fault.

        1. Stony and PW, you just earned an A+ in Christian Womanhood. It’s so wonderful to know that SOME people in this world still know a woman’s true place! ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜†

        2. IL, I would have said “make a plate of deviled eggs”, but we don’t make those satanic things around here, doncha know.

          BTW, these four boys are surely the light of someone’s eye and are probably lovely real human beings, so I’m not throwing off on them.

        3. I would just like to point out that some of us (socially adjusted and reasonably mature males) find the HAC vision of “womanhood” not merely immoral, but repulsive.

  2. 2nd from the left is the rebel, got his sleeves pushed up in a very undignified manner. Brethren these things ought not so to be!

    Gonna have to buy a subscription for the missus

    1. I say we ship that little rebel off to a Roloff camp, and see if he has the temerity to roll his sleeves up when he comes back! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. “Gonna have to buy a subscription for the missus.”

      Heh! Now I’ll spend the rest of the day imagining the reaction if I subscribed to this for my wife, my sisters-in-law, my mother, my aunts …
      ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. From the article “What’s Wrong with Male Bashing?” in the magazine:

    “Male bashing defiles the whole body. When I criticize my husband, I hurt him physically. I hurt myself physically.”

    It is just me, or does this make NO SENSE whatsoever? First these are statements utterly without proof. Secondly, cruel words hurt us emotionally or spiritually but don’t automatically hurt someone physically, although I suppose in long run, emotional pain can cause physical symptoms. But that’s a stretch.

        1. Given that the author of this article is Mrs. Grandma-Slapper, that probably IS what she means. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

          The other possibility is that she doesn’t understand what the word “physically” means.

  4. Taken from the first page:

    The Marlene Evans Award (for rejoicing in trials) and the Beverly Hyles Award (for being faithful in the shadows).

    And what, pray tell, did the women do to receive the awards? Again, taken from the first page “Each lady persevered in the loss of one of her children”

    ?!?!? I’m sorry, but this makes my blood boil on so many levels.

    And the real kick in the teeth is that they were rewarded for “persevering” while grieving. When my sister was killed in a car accident 3 years ago, my mom didn’t need an “award” in that first year. She needed a friend. Do these people have no shame in exploiting someone’s grief? I’m assuming that by “persevering” they mean that she kept working at her church duties while suffering the worst heartache imaginable.

    My mom had already lost 3 husbands and she said that the loss of a child is the hardest by far. I can’t imagine being happy at that “awards” ceremony after the worst year they probably had on this earth.

    1. What child did they each lose? I thought Beverly had three, Linda, Cindy and David (who are all still alive.) Was there another one?
      And the Evans’ … Joy. Did she die? Was there another one for them as well?

    2. The Marlene Evans Award (keeping your mouth shut while your husband sells off your daughter to get a college presidency)
      The Bev Hyles Award (essentially the same in spirit as the Marlene Evans Award, except you snag a Porsche off the church at the end of your tenure)

      1. Ah! I misunderstood. I thought they were saying that Beverly and Marlene both lost children therfore the award (in their names) … I dunno… anyway, yeah, what you said pretty much sums it up. Although I ought to also add, they both could present awards for being the most underqualified college teachers EVER! Qualifications consist entirely of marrying someone who would one day be a big wig in a college.

      2. “The Marlene Evans Award (keeping your mouth shut while your husband sells off your daughter to get a college presidency)”

        Damn. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      3. I find this comment very offensive. How did he “sell off” his daughter. She is my Pastor’s wife–at an Evangelical Free church.(after serving 20+ years as a missionary to New Guinea.)

        1. Joy IS my pastor’s wife and one of the most truly godly people I have ever met.Whether or not this ancient rumor is true, I truly don’t care. I just hate seeing her smeared on line. I guess some people just can’t resist flinging stones.

        2. I don’t think SHE was being smeared. The way I heard it (ages ago) was that SHE was trying to do the right thing and got stabbed in the back by her parents. But like you said, it is ancient and a rumor, and I am REALLY TRULY glad to hear that she is doing well. I knew her in college (but she probalby wouldn’t remember me)

        3. So glad if she is truly okay. I was her student teacher through the worst of that ancient history, and make no mistake, that child suffered at the hands of the Hyles so-called men, and really was betrayed by her fame-whore parents. I pray to God she got some non-fundy counseling.

  5. I feel SICK!!!! Truly and completely sick…. I’m going to hurl….. anyone got a bucket? Quick!

    Can we get some REAL christian womanhood counseling???? This crap is disgusting.

    I’m a real person who lives in the real world with real problems and cares for a real family that has real issues. This magazine is so nauseating. I did all this and more for 14 years, constantly berating myself for not being a good enough wife or mother or christian. My husband left me anyway!!!! Duh, no kidding… why would he want to stay married to THIS crap presented in this magazine. (It’s so “desperate housewives” style, only it’s for real.) Oh, and my “mog” who lead and taught such nonsense killed himself a couple years ago!

    Not to worry… I’m no longer IFB, I’m married to a wonderful man who has never been IFB and loves me for who I am, as I am. Now I am free to be me and to let the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ lead me into all truth.

    1. I meant “Stepford Wives” when I referenced “Desperate Housewives” above. I’m not sure if it’s the same or not… but that was what I meant.

      1. “I canโ€™t describe how this hit ALL my buttons.”

        Oh Sims, you are so right. It hit all the WRONG buttons for me too. Anyone got any brain/soul bleach…. pleeeeaaaaassssssse!!! UGH! gotta get all those memories out of my mind.

  6. I’ll bet those boys know close order drill as well. I’ll bet when dad barks “JUMP!” they all ask “HOW HIGH SIR?!”

    Yep, “Good, God fearin’, Clean-cut all American boys,” is what they are selling to the the women on this issue’s cover. Filled with articles on how you too can create the Stepford family.
    Appearance, Appearance, Appearance…

    I’m no tree hugger but it pains me that trees had to die in order to publish this just as much as it pains me that trees had to die to publish all the other porongraphy in this world. They both do great damage to healthy home/family relationships.

  7. Cindy Schaap not only praises her husband in the editorial, but says how wonderful he is in the “Male Bashing” article, includes their daughter’s paeon of praise to her dad in the teen section, and then has three pages of testimonies lauding him as a pastor (I guess to balance out the ONE page given to Jim Wertz, winner of the “Best Pastor” contest). Of course, there’s also a picture of Jack and Cindy on an advertisement and there’s another picture of Jack on the back page of the magazine. Let us exalt the name of . . . Jack Schaap.

    1. Hollywood doesn’t have enough Narcissism to be able to accept all that constant and over-the-top faux praise of the husband/dad. You have to be so incredibly self obsessed & deluded to think that stuff is true & deserved. Unreal.

    1. Well, if they said it was “Better than sex” then women would be eating too much of it and getting fat and then their husbands would be finding their sex elsewhere. You can see why it had to be changed.

      1. And it would also mean that “It is better than Jesus cake” because they have correlated sexual relations to intimacy with Jesus.

    2. If they wanted a proper Biblical term they could have used “Better than Fornication” or “Better than Knowing” or “Better than Seeing Nakedness” or a whole host of euphemisms.

  8. I have never, ever before come across the notion that men are made in the image of God but women aren’t, their dignity being derived from their subordination to men. That interpretation of 1 Cor. 11:7 is definitely a new one on me.

    I’m not surprised, though.

    1. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27

      I think it’s pretty clear that BOTH are in the image of God. Granted, “hermeneutics” is one of those words liberal compromisers use.

    2. Also they missed Genesis 1:27
      So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

    3. Their (heretical) view that only males are created in the image of God really does completely explain their bad attitude toward women. After all, if we aren’t created in God’s image, we don’t really need to be treated like people.

      Really, with that view, we would be little better then animals. Why should an animal have a choice in happens in its life? Shouldn’t it’s master decide everything?

      I really do pity the women who have been fooled by such false doctrines. Even worst, those who know that it’s wrong but feel that they have no choice but to go along with it because they are in abusive situations, which this kind of thinking invites. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  9. My wife used to receive this magazine. One of our relatives thoughtfully subscribed for her. We didn’t mind too much. It was always good for a laugh.

    I used to count the references to Schaap and Hyles and then subtract the number of references to God. Schaap/Hyles usually won by a hefty margin.

  10. As a family man, I can say if my family ever gave me a standing ovation as I walked in, I might have run right back out the door. ๐Ÿ˜† I still probably would. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Um, the seconder of the motion (and for that matter, the mover too) cannot call for the question. The presiding officer (chairperson, speaker or president) has to call the question after hours and hours of interminable debate.
        :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Well, I scratched my dad’s back because he paid me ( ๐Ÿ˜† ) and my mom hated the feeling of fingernails digging at skin. But it (and the money) stopped around the time I was a teenager…there just comes a time.

  11. Those kids may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry, shoot the artillery, they may never fly o’er the enemy, but, by the looks and cut of their hair, I can tell they’re in the Lord’s Army. Yes Sir!

  12. Reading trash like this makes me fall on my knees and thank God I escaped this life. I came thisclose to marrying an uber fundy man. It still frightens me when I imagine how my life may have been had that happened. Now I am deliriously happy with my non-fundy hubby and our children. Freedom and liberty in Christ is just so stinkin’ awesome!

  13. Overall impression for the mag, and just Schaap in general: Women are to be kept barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, but at the same time, be perfectly fit and look like one of the stepford wives.

      1. So no one will lust after their toes. (no lie: my Christian school growing up had a rule against open-toe shoes because “guys are turned on by toes”)

  14. This magazine sets off my BS detector. If you have to bray to the heavens on a bimonthly basis that your husband is the best thing ever, (including sliced bread) then you may be trying to distract attention from some bits of evidence that contradict you. I could understand a mention of Schaap being awesome every now and then but 2-3 times per page? With guest writers chiming in to sing his praises? Of a magazine that Jack S. himself edits? Gimme a break!

        1. @John. Wow…that takes me back to when I wasn’t listening ๐Ÿ˜‰ to rock music !!

  15. Why do I get the feeling that divorced women and people of color are considered “non-people” in this Jack’s “church”?

    One can only imagine the pain hiding behind the smiling faces of the Stepford wives in Jack’s church.

  16. Side note – knew that there ‘Pastor of the Year’ when he hit on me and every other college girl that worked w/ him in the jr. high youth ministry at fbc Hammond. Interesting indeed. May I say that he (Pastor Wertz) seemed to “wuv” a lot of us. Chased one of my friends around his desk. He sounded just like Barney Rubble when he talked. God help us when this man is ‘pastor of the year.’ What a joke.

  17. According to the ad on page 11, people pay an average of $15,000 for their wedding. But……drumroll please – we only need to spend $12 to have a happy marriage. Well, here’s your $12 and send me one of them! ๐Ÿ™„

    1. And notice that Dr. Schaap knows how to “speak Husband” and “speak Wife”. Must be awesome to know everything about men AND women.

  18. There’s something wrong when a woman dedicates a whole magazine to praising HER husband. I can see her now, sitting and reading the reader submissions and saying, this one really shows how great he is…

      1. Leaving wrote, “So have they re-written the hymn โ€œHow Great Thou Artโ€ to tribute Jack Schaap.”

        IDK, but Jack Treiber once made the following change to the 23 Psalm:

        “Pastor is my shepherd. I shall not want.”


        1. Pastor [is] my shepherd; I shall not want anything his whim does not desire. He maketh me to stand upon street corners and cry out: he leadeth me in Sunday and Wednesday services, and Tuesday Bible study, and Saturday morning prayer meetings, and annual revivals, and bus ministry, and shouting HAYMEN when he shameth poor unfortunates from the pulpit, and shunning those who dare flout him. He breaketh the lamb’s leg to keep it from straying: he leadeth me in the ways of tormenting children and women and crippling their hearts for his name’s sake. Yea, though I do obey every jot and tittle of the laws of this man, I will find no peace; thy hectoring and thy skinning of thine own sheep they haunt me, though I have been taught to submit. Thou preparest me for sacrifice in the presence of mine enemies, who dwell in the congregation: thou buriest me in manure; my heart runneth over with anxiety, for no place is safe with thee. Surely shame and fear shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will tell this story when people ask me why I no longer call myself a Christian.

    1. I was going to call it immodesty by proxy, but given that Jack Schaap is listed as “Editor-in-Chief,” and that his church is the publisher of record, it isn’t even by proxy; it’s just towering immodesty.

  19. Come on you disrespectful people. That is MRS. Cindy Schaap, and MRS. Marlene Evans, and so forth. We want to leave no one with the impression that any of our women past the age of puberty are unmarried sluts!

  20. My husband would rather have the standing ovation after… nevermind.

    Please don’t make me read this publication, Darrell, please.

    (damn you)


        1. Seriously, guys, you *both* owe me a new keyboard. I’m not supposed to laugh this hard at work. I only wish I’d thought of those comments first.

          Now I’m going to go and have my cake . . . and eat it, too. heh heh heh

    1. My wife told me that Johnny Carson joke (“my wife always gives me a standing ovation afterwards.”) My reply was, “if your wife can stand up afterwards, your doing it wrong.” ๐Ÿ˜Ž She clobbered me with her pillow.

      Guess I’m still doing it wrong.

        1. I like to do a little whimpering myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Have we taken this too far?

        2. Nonsense, Lily, except for the faint of heart (and fundies). ๐Ÿ˜‰

          And, there’s no physical violence, I promise, although we wonder sometimes if our neighbors will call the cops…. which would be hilarious because HF is a cop.

  21. …yeah, so I was totally convinced that was a Photoshopped mockup you did. And then I read the article.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go scream into a pillow for a while.

  22. Okay, now that I skimmed through it (thanks, Darrell), I have a few observations.

    1. I don’t like male bashing, but I also don’t like female bashing either, but that would eliminate so much fundy pulpit material.

    2. I’m 36. I don’t really want to have a “slumber party” with other women. I stopped wanting to do that a LONG time ago.

    3. If the magazine is for women, why are men in it?

    4. I almost expected to see a “Make Your Own Man Statue To Worship” article.

    5. And, lastly, I now happily know that my Dad wasn’t a proper fundie, because even though I did learn how to cook from my Mom, my Dad taught me car mechanics and how to fix a lot of things myself.

    Thanks Dad.

    1. Yeah, reading it made me more appreciative than ever of my Dad, who took me hunting and with him on construction and landscaping jobs, goes four-wheeling with me, taught me about gardening and cars, built my sisters and I a treehouse, and happily let me be a total tomboy… all with my mother’s approval, of course.

    2. #3: Obviously, the magazine is to teach women to properly worship and “submit to” men, especially men named Schaap.

      #5: Natalie and Annie Moose, it sounds like you have good Dads. That’s a treasure beyond rubies.

  23. Really enjoyed the two (count them…TWO) pictures of Eichmann accompanying the article on failure. Not having come from the IFB tradition, kinda thought it was Schaap for a minute…

  24. When I read about the outporing of love and adoration for Schaap, the phrase that came to my mind is –

    Wir lieben der Fรผhrer, ja?

      1. Dang I missed the CRAP part of your thing and forgot to use Shoes method of words to numbers. I don’t think I can handle this problem, but I may be closer than I thought with my joke answer…

        1. Oooh oooh let me try!!

          Assigning corresponding numbers to each letter in the word crap, you get 3, 18, 1, and 16. Add those together and you get 38. There are four letters is the word crap, so add 4 to come up with 42. Not only is it the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, if you add 4+2 you get 6.

          12×35 is 420, as RobM said. 4+2+0=6
          See where I’m going with this?

          Not only is the magazine edited by the Schaaps, the month in question is full of Schaap Schaap Schaap. And guess how many letters is in the name Schaap? That’s right, 6!!

          So put them all together, and what have you got?


          *bows* Master Shoes, I hope I have made you proud. If this brings dishonor to your name, I will fall upon my sword in shame at being a horrible student.

  25. I work in DC and have the pleasure of interacting with a lot of brilliant female PH.D’s that work at places like Oak Ridge National Labs, DOE, Harvard, etc. It’s so weird to come from that world, then flip through a mag where every woman’s name is instantly followed by who her husband is. Nothing about her education, or what’s she’s done. It’s “Here’s Lisa X, her husband is…..”

    1. I noticed that, too, or “Mr. and Mrs. Husband’s First and Last Name” instead of “Mr. and Mrs. Jane and John Doe” or whatever, using both names. That’s kind of picky, I know. But I noticed that this magazine for women seems to be aimed at pastor’s wives. It mentions nothing of issues that career women face, as far as I could tell by glancing through it. Or single women.

    1. I’ll send you a copy of Steven Hawking’s “A Brief History Of Time” which should hopefully clear up the “how things get older” question.

    1. I do think it’s an adorable pic.

      However, I can read into it: the mother of these children is out of the picture, unnoticed and unimportant, because her job is simply to birth and support the children, especially the male children, who turn their backs on her to go out to do important things in the world. I know I’m purposefully taking the pic WAY too far, but still, there’s an element of truth there.

        1. actually their dad does have the same haircut hahaha.
          @PW their mom graduated with her degree from a real college about 4 years ago. she works from home in medical billing.
          We were friends until my eyes started opening to what the fundie world truly is. now im a heathen and she is a Pastor’s wife. ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. @amilyn, wow! You know them!

          I guess I meant symbolically, in a lot of the fundy subculture, women don’t really count except as someone’s wife or mother. At least that’s the impression that’s often given.

        3. i know that is typical fundie stuff. she told me she would be a stay at home mom but everyone of her boys inherited a disease and she works to pay the medical bills. She also home schools, is the church secretary all while working from home. Honestly i dont know how she keeps up with everything but it all goes back to the fundy make the man happy stuff.

  26. Read through the “Christian Womanhood” (or whatever its called) and to be honest, its digusting. 90% of it was praising Jack Schapp and his followers (until this website I had NO idea who any of these people were hah). I feel sad for this woman, it seemed like her husband wrote this to further his sexist agenda, and then stuck her name on it so women would read it.

  27. The section about daddy sounds like it was written for five-year-olds… not adult women. Wow. Just, wow…

    “Striving for the Summit” means I must climb a mountain in my business skirt suit? LOL

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