Christian Womanhood

We’ve given a fair amount of time to the insanity of Jack Schaap, “pastor” of First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana. Today, however, we’re giving some equal time to the machinations of his wife Cindy who serves as editor for the publication “Christian Womanhood.”

The March 2010 edition shown above, for example, contains the following:

– A winner to the “Why My Pastor Is The Best” contest (the winner writes a thrilling story about how her three year old knows that the pastor loves her).

– A recommendation from Mrs. Schaap that families give the father a standing ovation when he comes home from work. (One can only assume that if mom comes home from work the correct action is to hand her one of Mrs. Schaap’s books on being a stay-at-home mom)

– A worshipful letter from Jack Schaap’s daughter praising her dad to the skies.

– Instructions to careful with His Name, His Money, His Children, and His Home. No the “His” doesn’t refer to God, silly. It refers to the Man Of The House.

– Even MORE love for Jack Schaap being the most awesomest preacher ever ever ever.

And so on for 27 pages.

I would say “enjoy” but I’m pretty sure you won’t.

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  1. I sent the link to my wife and my kids met me with a standing ovation at the door with a beer in hand for me. Then they thanked me for providing for them and let me know they prayed for me at work…..

    After I was done vomiting, my wife laughed her ass off. When we were talking later, she was in absolute disbelief that fundy women actually subscribe to this tripe. THANK GOD I didn’t marry a Stepford…errr…fundy wife. What kind of guy wants that kind of doormat?

    1. What kind of guy wants that kind of doormat?

      Monstrous ones is the only answer to that.

    2. “What kind of guy wants that kind of doormat?” The kind of guy who can really get into Christian Domestic Discipline, of course. (If you’re not familiar with the phenomenon of CDD, do a little research. If it weren’t so sick, it would be beyond hilarious!)

      1. The fashion issue doesn’t, uh, have any fashion in it, except for one or two ads for culottes.

        I do think the magazine has pretty good art design. It’s only the text– just about all of the text– that’s repugnant.

        1. The aesthetics are actually pretty great. The content is, as you say, terrible.

          Was anyone else bothered by the fact that at least two of the articles covered basic hygiene tips that you’d expect to find in a junior high girls’ magazine?

          Also, the article that Schapp wrote on the roles of a husband is just stomach turning.

        2. You wouldn’t think most adult Christian women would need advice like “bathe regularly” and “brush your teeth” (not making these up, they’re in there), but on the other hand, that’s some of the least harmful counsel in the magazine, so it doesn’t bother me much.

      2. I was reading the “Purity is an Issue of the Heart” article in that Issue and they gave an example of a woman who “ruined her life and the life of her family.” You know what she did???? NOTHING! Absolutley NOTHING! She came home from work and found her husband dead and then her sons died!!! How the hell is that her fault???!?!?!?!?

        I want to vomit.

        1. Now Jordan, calm down.

          If this wife and mother had done SOMETHING her husband and children would be alive.

          In this sense then it really IS her fault.

  2. Flipping through this while listening to Lady Gaga makes it more interesting. JS this, JS that (x5000). Better than sex cake recipe. Jesus was a victim of identity theft. Be a perfect wife(x5000). Ladies with big hair and bad taste in clothing. Patch the F’in Pirate. King Jack on the back cover. Basically one big worship magazine to JS.

  3. what’s the significance of the cardinal? I thought it a tad papist-y, kwim?

  4. The original editor/ founder of this magazine also authored a book call “Redbirds, Rubies & Rainbows.” All three of these things were her favorites, though redbirds (cardinals) more than anything. I cannot for the life of me remember at the moment what the book was about, but after it was published, redbirds were all over everything!

  5. Reading this kind of women-demeaning stuff makes me so sick I don’t understand why I keep going.

    Cindy Schaap has a book called “I Am the Problem in My Relationships.”

    This woman has no sense of value. I really wish the people who brainwashed her to think that way will burn in hell.

  6. I cannot tell all of you who have commented how much good it has done me to read your posts! I have laughed till I nearly split in two. Having been delivered from the Hyles cult many years ago, when Cindy was walking around campus in her hunched-over way, flashing her tastelessly gaudy ring and trying to believe she was not as shallow as we all knew she was, it is incredible to me that she has come no further. She is still, somehow, that twenty-year old poster child for superficial everything. What. Wasted. Lives.

  7. You know I’ve been devouring this blog. This morning I was listening to the commentary clip of Schaap. My 16 year old came in and listened for a minute and asked me who I was listening to. I told him that is was someone who defined perfectly the attitude towards women at my time at BJ. My son’s response “Wow, you went to school with a lot of d-bags didn’t you?” It was the one time I didn’t get onto him for foul language. How could I? He was saying exactly what I thought. And I’m not sorry.

  8. Apparently, Christian Womanhood magazine has suddenly shut down, and if you are a subscriber who would like a refund, you have to go to their website BEFORE December 12 and APPLY for it.

  9. As a reasonably intelligent human being I, too, found the doormat mentality these people packaged and sold under the guise of “Christian marriage” insulting and demeaning. I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one.

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