“Camp Meeting”

Is it possible to have more fun than this? I submit that it is not.

I know I’ve done a few of these videos from the Sammy Allen crowd of late but I just can’t believe my eyes on some of this stuff since my experience with this “camp” of fundyland is quite limited.

I’ll try to go find some nice, calm, Bob Jones material.

240 thoughts on ““Camp Meeting””

  1. I kept watching the guy in the glasses and jeans at the right edge of the frame. He seemed ready to leave several times and at the last minute decided not to. Typical of this kind of service…the few make all the noise while most have to sit and take the antics.

  2. I actually like this song, but couldn’t pay attention to it with all the chaos going on. Wow! Couldn’t you just feel God being glorified and praised by their sacrifice of worship [Insert sarcasm here].

    We used to go to a very stoic (boring/dead) worship style IFB church. And in our church now, I still sometimes struggle to express my emotions during times of worship for fear of what others will think. But, as I was watching this, I keep asking myself if this camp style craziness doesn’t just draw more attention to the people expressing themselves.

  3. oh shame shame…looks can be deceiving…but the 2 ladies kneeling up front and hugging look like they are fornicating…

  4. I’ve been in churches like this. They always make me chuckle a little inside, though being from the BJU camp, it was considered ‘showy’ and ‘sinful’ if you can believe it.

  5. I actually think out of all the crazies in IFB churches these may be the most genuine…or genuinely crazy. If you lived in North Georgia or parts of TN, SC and such you would realize this is a bit of that back wood culture.

  6. Wait for it wait for it BAPTIST FLAG TIME! Yes perfect timing by Brother Shout’n Pants

  7. My wife says my favorite word is “assinine”. Yeah, I get to use my favorite word! This whole scene was assinine!

    1. If it’s your favorite word, you might want to spell it with only one “s.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Let all things be done decently and in order. Decency and order most surely was not in that service. Oh well, to each his own . . . :>/

  9. OMG. Can I just say how much I DON’T miss that scene even one iota?!!? These people are full of something alright, but I dare say it ain’t the holy spirit.

  10. @Natalie “My girls and I at work joke around about the same things that I do sometimes on here about our men, and trust me, these girls are neither insecure nor desperate (you should see some of themโ€“theyโ€™re gorgeous).”

    Honey, it is wonderful to have girlfriends to joke around with, especially about your men. But this sentence just reaffirms my suspicions that you are terribly insecure. Just because a woman is “gorgeous” doesn’t mean that she is free of insecurities or other problems, even relating to the men in their life.

    1. “But this sentence just reaffirms my suspicions that you are terribly insecure.”

      Read that for a minute, Alicia. How is that different from all the judgmental ugliness we found in fundyland? Was that not a judgment? Was that not a personal attack? Is that not bullying? Because the way I read it, in my opinion, it is.

      And, what for? What’s your motive for flying into a blog and throwing blows at someone you’ve never met?

      So what if I’m insecure at times and like attention? Doesn’t everyone at one point in their lives? So, what if I like to make people laugh and say things for comedic value (as I’m doing when I post off-color things)?

      Why do you care?

      So, you don’t like how I comment. Fine. Not everyone does, so scroll on. You don’t like me, fine, scroll on.

      I’m not changing who I am or what I write based on what YOU have to say.

      Based on how long you’ve mentioned that you’ve been here, I’ve been here LONGER, and I’m NOT going ANYWHERE.

      1. “Based on how long youโ€™ve mentioned that youโ€™ve been here, Iโ€™ve been here LONGER, and Iโ€™m NOT going ANYWHERE.”

        How in the world did you come up with the assumption that I am trying to get you to leave SFL, or that this is a competition as to who has been here longer? ๐Ÿ™„

        I was merely (correctly) pointing out that I am tired of every single one of your posts being about what goes on in your bedroom. There is a time and a place for those kind of discussions, but I do not believe that this blog was created solely for you to flaunt what goes on in your marriage bed. Happily married people who truly enjoy physical intimacy with each other don’t need to brag about it on a constant basis. Sheesh.

    2. Alicia – My dear, you need to lighten up. There is nothing Natalie said here or anywhere else on SFL that deserves this type of singling out.
      Keep this up and you will never get invited up to the cockpit. ๐Ÿ˜†

  11. @Alicia/Natalie – I have my popcorn now. You guys work it out.

    My money is on Natalie. For the little it’s worth Natalie, I enjoy your posts and don’t get any kind of insecure vibe at all. I’m typically tuned in because I don’t do well with insecure people. I’ve always been very confident and I’ve noticed that people who are very insecure typically don’t like me at all – because they mistake my confidence for arrogance.

    1. Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m afraid shows over, though, at least with me. She can ramble on over here all she wants, but she’ll have to do it by herself.

      I guess my comment about the girls at work did sound kind of shallow. What I meant, was that they are confident women. I’m sure they have their insecurities, of course, but they don’t seem to dwell on them and they certainly don’t let them stop them. And, I certainly don’t see the need of searching out their faults and making sure that I point them out to them. I have my own to worry about.

      But, I’ve said my piece and I’m done. I’ll take my insecurity and my desperation and all my other hangups, put them all in a bag, and TRY to CARRY ON with my life (hums “Gloom, Despair…”)… Oh, WOAH is me… WOAH…OH, WOAH… IS ME!!!

      (but my man still is gorgeous and hot and well-endowed and knows how to make me raise the roof… I’m just sayin’)

      ๐Ÿ˜‰ :mrgreen:

  12. @Alicia – I agree that many gorgeous women are just as insecure, sometimes more so, than women who most would call average. For whatever reason, I’ve been blessed to date quite a few beautiful women. Girls that model, get invited up to the cockpit when they fly commercial, etc. The majority of them had big hangups about all kinds of things. So, in my experience, you’re right about that. That being said, LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUMMMMMBBBLLLEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    1. “…. get invited up to the cockpit when they fly…”

      Don’t give away my secrets! :mrgreen:

  13. Jaw-dropping. Thought I’d seen everything. The caterwauling just didn’t stop. Why do fundy preachers prefer cheap brown suits?

  14. *gasp* Can’t. Breath. *gasp* Laughing. Too. Hard *gasp*


    In all seriousness, though, I’ve never understood how this kind of “worship” is God-honoring. Don’t get me wrong, different people express themselves in different ways, nothing wrong with that. But at some point, you’re just drawing attention to yourself. Could the guys shouting “amen” every .2 seconds even hear the singing??

  15. I agree there is much wrong with the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement, but not every person in every IFB church is a hypocrite anymore than every Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Catholic, etc… is unsaved.
    I have been in more than my share of these meetings, as I have traveled around America for the last 20 years preaching and singing in Baptist churches. While this is not my preferred style of service, it definitely beats Bob Jones music and the uptightness of most “worship services” in Baptist churches.
    Sometimes those who demand tolerance are the least tolerant of all. Sometimes those who cry out against “judgmentalism” are just as judgmental as the ones they are crying against! One of the problems with all of us is that we focus on ourselves and other people entirely too much.
    We talk about being consumed with Jesus, then make fun of someone who acts crazy about Jesus (they were clearly consumed about something!) I know they caused others to look at them, but I don’t guess anyone was watching David when he danced mightily before the Lord in just his underclothing (or naked, if you prefer). There was someone criticizing his worship, though…his wife!

  16. It’s ashamed that you make fun of these people. You wouldn’t know God if he knocked on your hearts door. You would deny Him. You are lost people dying and on your way to HELL. But my friends you can get saved and be on your way to Heaven. Look up ( Romans 10:9 for whatsoever call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved) these brothers and sisters in Christ are happy about that God saved them from HELL.HELL IS REAL IT IS A PLACE WHERE THE FIRE NEVER GOES OUT AND YOU WILL GO THERE IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR. YOU WILL BURN FOREVER AND EVER AND NEVER DIE. YOU WILL FEEL THE FIRE AND PAIN AND THE WORMS EAT YOUR BODY . YOU WILL GRIND YOUR TEETH DOWN TO POWDER AND BE SO THIRSTY AND NEVER GET A DROP OF WATER. YOU WILL BURN FOREVER. I BEG YOU TO ACCEPT JESUS

    1. You know, I wasn’t really buying it until you turned on the Caps lock. Then all of a sudden I started to think “actually when yelled at top volume this starts to make a lot more sense.”

      1. HEll is real and nobody deserves to go there all you have to do is call on Jesus and believe on the LORD that He sent His son to die on the cross for your sins you can be saved. IF you have a kjv Bible read Romans chapter 10. That is the Romans road to salvation. Once your saved you have a home in heaven when you die.

  17. It’s amazing that this site is totally for mocking Independent Baptist why not come up with one for your Niv toting liberal God hating non -denominationl (aka-Church of Anti-Christ-because thats whose promoting it) I know you cant hack it but it wasn’t John the Charismatic, or down from the community Church (I hate attaching the word Church to this bunch!) it was John the Baptist clown! now Mock That! KJV AV 1611 Get Use to it – Psalm 12:6-7 – I am a Independent Baptist and I do NOT AGREE with all that goes on in Every IFB Church I know how to discern the spirits and if you clown did to you would shut down this stupid site. God is going to judge you. Now go ahead big guy MOCK THAT – OH IM SORRY MR. NON-OFFENSIVE AM I YELLING-BLESS YOUR HEART HUN!!–YOU WIMPERING WIMP!!

    1. @preachereaton

      Sir you can not be that stupid! You just cannot be that freaking stupid! That had to be a joke…..John the Baptist??? And then you invite people to mock you? You are so incredibly stupid you are beyond mocking. Not only do you not know the first thing about the bible, your denomination, John the Baptist or Jesus, you’re just plain retarded. I just watched a video of an old man, not that bright, but a decent old man, who was a little embarrassed about how as a young kid, ten years old, raised by ignorant, illiterate parents, he was told by his father that John was a Baptist and therefore Jesus was a Baptist since John baptized him. The only difference between this old man and you is by the time he could drive a car he figured out that the Baptist denomination didn’t come along until hundreds of years after The Catholic Church (after dozens of other sects), and the Catholic Church didn’t come along until hundreds of years after Jesus, so quite obviously when reference was made to John being a Baptist it had nothing to do with a denomination that would’t be founded yet for centuries you completely ignorant moron! He was an illiterate child and figured out John was a BAPTIZER which is why is called a Baptist as in a baptistry! A baptist baptizing in a baptistry……get it? I cannot believe I just wasted two minutes of my life I can never get back but I honestly had no idea anyone as absurdly stupid as this still existed in the 21st century. You must have been joking. Well if it was a joke congratulations because you sure pulled it off on me. For whatever embarrassment I face for having been pranked into believing anyone could still be this incredibly ignorant it will be well compensated by the relief that there’s not really someone this incredibly, freakishly ignorant out there calling himself a preacher. Please go learn who John the Baptist was and while you’re at it, find out why the bible you carry when you’re screaming outside abortion clinics actually states “God” commanded his people to kill women and children and to cut unborn babies out with the sword, take women (virgins only) as sex slaves, promoted and condoned the beating of all your slaves so long as you didn’t break their teeth, eyes, or kill them. Ah for now just go figure out who the heck John the Baptist was you retarded imbecile before you go around calling yourself a preacher again. I’m still holding out hope this was some kind of joke and if you’re some orphan who never had any opportunity to go to school even at the most elementary level I’m going to feel like a worm under a rock. I really will because believe it or not I’m normally a nice person. But this level of ignorance is dangerous, frightening and downright infuriating!

  18. To who ever administers this site, The people in this video would not give Sammy Allen the time of day, or rather he would not give them any respect .I know 3 people in this video personally. This is a group of folks LOOSELY associated with P.S.Ruckman . They are not the type of folks you enjoy mocking. I know and love these folks and fellowship with them a lot ( not that I claim to be an authority, ) many of your barbs are well earned by us, and I believe IFB people should see themselves thru the worlds eyes to see just how like the Pharisees we have become. The standards we hold on the outside are right, 1950’s or not. BUt inside there is no Holy Ghost love , that is wrong! That being said, this service may seem over the top to many . No one here is elevating any Baptist demi-god( Hyles , Allen , Smith ect. ), they are enjoying praising the Lord. If you dont do southern mountain style worship, go somewhere starchey and enjoy you cold dead Bible college up tight church

  19. …”Why does thou judge thy brother?” or why doest thou set at nought thy brother? for we must all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.” (Rom 14:9)

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