Bus Songs

In the realm of fundy music there are grand old hymns, and sacred choruses, and gospel songs. Then, there are also songs like this…

Munchie Crunchy

(repeat the words after every line)
Potato Chip, Potato Chip
Munchie Crunchie
I love Jesus
A bunchie bunchie
Verse I
I went down to the river
And I took a little walk
I met up with the devil
And I had a little talk
I threw him in the river
And I hung him on a line
You can beat the Devil
Any ole time
Repeat Chorus
Verse II
I once knew a woman
And she walked liked this (Bent over act like your holding a cane)
But when she met Jesus
She was walking like this (Hands the air high stepping)
Repeat Chorus

And yes, this is a song from busministry.info, a fundamentalist bus ministry resource site.

The next time a fundy tells you that he won’t listen to contemporary music because it’s just too big on feel-good and too light on doctrine, I recommend that you laugh loudly and then walk away.

Update: I also found video!

186 thoughts on “Bus Songs”

  1. I learned the Crunchy Munchy song at PCC during Saturday night Hall Meeting. I always wondered if the floor leaders ever took that song to music check.

  2. Really? 179 comments and I’m the first to mention the bleeding obvious? Namely, that it’s clear this song is about ganja, grass, weed . . . marijuana. Munchies, anyone?

    But it makes complete sense: “Bus ministry” as drug distribution system. What a great cover!

  3. These songs are one of the reasons I started drifting away from fundyland… we actually sang these songs IN CHURCH ON SUNDAY MORNING, doing crazy physical motions. If you didn’t participate, you would be called out and have to sing on stage by yourself… I usually went to the restroom or something during this part of the service. I always used the excuse “I don’t dance in church” when asked why I didn’t participate.

  4. Anybody remember “100 Bottles of Soda on the Wall”? Of course the original beverage was beer. Being from the west coast, we called it pop. Either way, it was good for about 75 miles on the church bus to/from summer camp.

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