36 thoughts on “Distinctive Preaching Styles”

  1. is that a *gasp* drum set behind him? and he’s wearing an over the ear mic…those were conceived by Satan himself for such worldly people as Brittany Spears and Rick Warren

    1. HE-larious! he has obvioulsy “made the rounds” and knows the lingo…….

      BTW it is said that “Larry the Cable Guy” went to Curtis Hutsons school in Atlanta for awhile

      …does this explain Tony Hutson???


  2. That is THE Best Fundie Sermon I have E-V-E-R listened to. It has more continutiy than most fundie sermons I have endured in the past.

    My hat is off to Bro Cecil!

  3. Absolutely hilarious! He must be a former fundy! He’s got it all down to an art! Honolulu! Yes…I wanna go there!

    1. He’s gotta have something to whack the texters over the head with!

  4. My husband and I went to a Pierce Arrow, a quartet group who sings a mixture of secular and Christian songs , concert this past March. The guy who plays Bro Cecil does many comedy skits throughout the show all of which are hilarious, but Bro Cecil brought the house down! It seemed like everyone got the Baptist humor.
    Pierce Arrow is a family friendly show in Branson, Missouri. Like most shows in Branson Pierce Arrow has a strong gospel message. It’s hard not to have the gospel presented in some form when one is visiting Branson. Even Silver Dollar City, an amusement park, has the gospel message displayed as well as presented by a guy in the middle of the park via playing cards of all things! Can you imagine the face of a fundy when they see the gospel presented with playing cards!!! =)

    1. I watched about 10 seconds and thought: This HAS to be a comedy routine. The drum set was a dead giveaway, then saw the title about Branson, which should’ve been my first guess. Was hoping I’d be the first one to put 2+2 together. Never been, and never heard of this guy, but that’s definitely a skit/routine they are doing for entertainment.

    2. *winces*

      I grew up 10 minutes from Branson. After college, I still ended up within an hour of it. Now, even on one of my most-visited websites, I keep encountering what I so lovingly call “Las Vegas for Old Folks.” There’s no escape!

  5. What the….?
    Baptists are like Tomcats…they are out messing around but you never see ’em doing it!!!!

    This made my day!

  6. I was bombarded by fundy phone calls today from the church I just left. I was feeling stressed until I checked out Bro. Cecil 🙂 SFL saved my day.

  7. All I can say is…. HONOLULU, brother!! :mrgreen:


    Well, and honestly, it also brought back memories of my dear grandfather, a preacher boy from Gaffney, SC.
    Pop might not have had quite the same, umm, delivery as brother Cecil, but his messages definitely bore a passing resemblance.
    (Although, to give him credit, he at least tried to talk about salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.)

  8. Just saw the whole thing through, and LOVED that he used Don’s “phrase that pays” “stay with me here” at least once. That was quite a yarn he weaved.

  9. ok, I have to ask. Is this guy an actual “preacher” or is he a stand up comedian. Surely he can’t be serious. The outfit alone is hysterical.

    1. Comedian. Branson, MO is like broadway for Baptists, and people over 60. At least in the midwest it is. I don’t get the idea people more than 300 miles from it have ever heard of.

  10. This guy is spot on. He had to spend a lot of time with some home educated mountain preachers to be this good.

      1. Speakin’ of Camp Meetin’s, where in tarnation is CMG? I think the SFL is quite starved for another gem of her wisdom!

  11. I pastor an independent Baptist church. This guy reminds me of many campmeeting preachers I have heard (even in recent years). I thought it was hilarious! If we can’t laugh at some of our more quirky elements, we are in sad shape.
    Any true independent Baptist preacher, however, would be quick to point to Jesus Christ as THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE!

  12. Gracious! Reminds me of my time in a couple of IFB Churches in the 1970’s… 😛

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