Trying Social Media (And Failing So Bad That It’s Strangely Good)

To the amazement of alumni everywhere (and after spending years slamming blogs and forums that dared to disagree with it), Pensacola Christian College has caught the spirit of social media and has launched its own blog full of articles purportedly written by students and faculty. Since it has taken them only until 2011 to catch up to blogging, one can easily imagine that PCC will be getting a Twitter account about the time Haley’s Comet returns. I can’t wait.

However, my hopes that maybe this was a move to let real students say actually true things about their experiences at PCC were doomed from the outset. Evidently, everyone at that college uses the exact same writing style and sentence structure as dictated from Dr. Chapman’s little blue book to sing the praises of everything and everyone at Pensacola Christian. Also, the writers are apparently all named “Maribeth” and work for minimum wage in the college promotions department. Or at least that’s what I’m left to believe after reading some of these gems.

“Troy” writes:

I never actually attended “college days”, but I did take a trip with my senior year of high school to see what the college was like. It was a wonderful opportunity to really see what PCC was all about. It wasn’t until this trip that I realized God wanted me here.

Call me cynical but I’m guessing that God may also have opened his eyes to the fact that there’s a honking big water park on campus.

On another piece about Dr. Clyde Box, (cleverly named “Outside the Box”) a girl named Debi comments:

That was a really good message! Afterward, I got Dr. Box to sign my Bible, and that made my night! Especially after that message!

Well, sister, if that’s not a squeeeee! inducing moment, then I don’t know what is.

But as good as the comments are, they can’t beat the articles wherein “Megan,“ allegedly an actual student, writes the following (supposedly with a straight face):

Bible Conference week is a time set aside for rest, the beach, relaxation, research papers, sleep, and, most importantly, good preaching.

I was at PCC for four years. I can’t imagine an actual breathing student writing that and really meaning it. Bible conference was a time for wearing a suit 10 hours a day and listening to 9,876 sermons on fleeing youthful lust. Nobody ever, ever, ever in my hearing referred to it as “relaxing.” You would likely have been beaten with a wide-margin KJV if you had dared.

As if this love fest of all things PCC-related wasn’t enough, there are even helpful enrollment advisers who troll monitor the site with spam helpful answers.

Don’t bother trying to add your own comments, however. They won’t be approved. Only the beautiful and certifiably fundy are allowed to be heard on this bastion of blessed blogging.

Watching PCC discover social media is somewhat like watching the Clampetts discover indoor plumbing. They just don’t quite get it. When you take a medium that’s best used for discussions and open dialog and then censor it, polish it, and turn it into advertising, unintentional hilarity is bound to ensue.

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    1. First is first, no matter the reason. Or to put it another way, first is as first does. 😆

    2. And again, as everyone this week has received… here is your jacket, pin, and butt cushion complete with message embroidered that reads, “I’m FIRST and I WIN!”

      (For those of you who have not received your items, George has been rummaging through my Sunday School classroom so he probably has it.)

        1. OH HELL NO!!!! I did NOT see that!!!


          And I’m marking you guys in BLACK PERMANENT MARKER on my Not Speaking To list.

          Why… why.. AH….. I just… I just never… I just….ah… I’m ..ah…ah….pssspths….

          😉 :mrgreen: 😉 :mrgreen:

  1. Yeah but can’t I win a free t-shirt that plainly states “Silently Judging You” or something. I gotta get one of those. This site is like a breath of fresh air!

  2. I read the “different” article about Eagor, the school mascot. It was certainly different. That is embarrassingly naive and juvenile. I find it impossible to believe that actual college students read this and commented as they did. This is freaky.

    1. I understand that high school students are not known for their maturity, but it seems like the blog posts are written for middle school students. How can anyone appreciate being written to in that way?

      1. It reads like a Junior High pep rally.

        I wouldn’t know for sure, having gone to PCC myself, but isn’t college about deep thoughts and discussions? Once your in the school, I wouldn’t think still trying to sell the school to the students is important. Unless it’s PCC…

        It’s sad really. I have read about the founding of old Ivy League colleges. It was so important to the founders to train the students to think.

        PCC, it’s so important to the founders to churn out clones.

    2. I read the eagles blog and the comments after it. if you look at the comments, each responder is assigned an avatar. this avatar looks an auful lot like one of those UPS crazy barcodes (the square, random geometric ones)

      I am sure that these are scanable and have some sort of authenticator in them. they look suspicious

  3. Two quotes from two different students sound eerily the same…

    “That sounds like so much fun!! I can’t wait to get to PCC to experience all of this! Thanks for this information!”

    “Oh, that sounds so fun! Wow, PCC just sounds like such a blessing and I can hardly wait to get there…”

      1. “I visited PCC during College Days, and fell in love with the campus at first sight. I couldn’t believe my ears when I was told we’d get to hear eight sermons a week, plus another 82 during Bible Conference Week, but what really clinched the deal was the double lobotomy they give you during Freshmen Orientation Week.”

      2. I find it so refreshing to know that for the next 4 years I won’t have to think, or do any working with God to figure out what I should be doing, or what it means to care. I just clean my room, and make sure I check out of campus to everywhere I go, and show up to classes, and they take care of all that for me. Obey obey obey! Sign me up!

      3. I just knew God was calling me to PCC when I saw that the door-to-door soul winning schedule was the exact same time and day of my Christ honoring IFB back home. What an encouragement! I am so looking forward to being in a higher academic setting where I will be treated like an adult.

      4. “At first I was hesitant about leaving my loving Baptist church family, but when I saw that PCC cared so much about the 1611 and matched up with my pastor in every area, I realized that I didn’t have to worry about hearing a different view anymore! And since PCC is unaccredited I won’t have to worry about working in the evil secular world when I graduate!”

  4. yackity smackity blah blah blah…we get it you’re all blessed. We can tell by the exclamation points.

    1. “Reading that blog gave me chills.”

      PS, let me translate that into PCC blogspeak for you:

      Reading that blog was such a blessing!!! :mrgreen:

  5. First, I am totally with you all. This was written by the same person, MAYBE two or three. No more. Maybe a “Mad Lib”- type computer program wrote all of them.

    “I _____ PCC and it’s _____ _____! When we _____ in _____, God always ______ my _____!”

    Second, what I love about this site is the differences in opinion. Cognitive dissonance is where true learning occurs. Hearing two vastly different view points causes you to truly examine what you believe and why. I like the banter, even when it gets heated (see some of the forum threads!) and moves into arguments. At least it shows that people care and believe in what they are passionately discussing.

    This marshmallow puff on that blog is pure drivel. If there is no dissent then what the point of discussion? View points need to be shared, not just “Happy Happy Joy Joy.”

    Man I wish we could post on that blog.

    1. 1. Pensacola Christian College’s president is Arlin Horton
      2. Horton Hears a Who is a children’s book by the American author Theodor Seuss Geisel
      3. The Who’s are a group of people that frequently appear in T.S. Geisel’s books
      4. Cindy Lou Who lives in Whoville
      5. Whoville is the town where the Grinch attempted to steal Christmas
      6. Christmas is a secular holiday that was once Christian
      7. “The World” secularized Christmas by introducing Santa

      Santa punishes naughty children

      Arlin Horton is Santa Claus

        1. 1. Beka Horton is the inspiration for “A Beka Book”
          2. “A Beka Book” is a popular academic curriculum for homeschoolers
          3. In the early 1800’s homeschooling was a typical option for education on the American Frontier.
          4. The American Frontier was evangelized by the Home Mission Society established in 1832
          5. The Home Mission Society of Philadelphia had an active member named James Rees
          6. James Rees wrote the short story, “The Christmas Legend”
          7. “The Christmas Legend” is the first mention of Mrs. Claus

          Mrs. Claus wears red to match her husband, Santa Claus
          Red is the color of the devils skin.

  6. Darrell,

    Just when I think that you may run out of stuff to blog about you prove me wrong. Keep up the good work, and congrats on unearthing this latest fundy gem!

  7. I’m no expert in linguistics, but I must agree that something doesn’t seem quite right about these posts. Either Maribeth wrote them all, or they got responses from the 1% most brainwashed students on campus and then had Maribeth edit them heavily.

    What I like most about leaving fundy land: not being called a pagan for having my own preferences and opinions.

  8. Preface: Love the blog. It’s helped me a LOT. I have not a word to be said against you, Darrell.

    I have a question, however.

    I have not read all the comments on all the posts, but I find them to be largely affirmative. Do you allow comments from enraged fundies to appear, or do you filter them? Because if you don’t, then maybe there’s a joke here.

    Keep it up, Darrell.

    1. I’m going to jump in here and answer, because I’m nosy and its just what I do. 😉

      But, we’ve had some Blessings stop by here, and I’ve never known Darrell to delete any of them unless that person requests it. If you go to the 20/20 posts, you’ll see a bunch of them.

      I could be wrong, but that’s been my experience.

    2. Sean – I follow up what Natalie said by adding that fundies posts are not filtered or deleted. And yes, sometimes the comments from the irate fundies (that is being redendant) deserve and get their own post.

        1. it was CAPSLOCK SUZAN …. or did we have this conversation? ack, suzan, shirley all you screaming women are the same.

        2. Oh, Shoes… no, it was CAPSLOCK SHIRLEY. Suzan was the one trying to clean up our language.


          😉 :mrgreen:

    3. Keep reading comments, you’ll see quite a big of pushback on fundy posters or people who post fundy ideas. I do it all the time, even when I should know better!

    4. I only remove or deny comments under one of three circumstances.

      1. The author requests it.

      2. The comment makes obscene or threatening statements. Most of these, by the way, are not posts by fundamentalists.

      3. The comment is one of someone who is merely posting the same remark on every single thread instead of actually engaging the conversation. That’s spamming not commenting.

      Other than that, I pretty much let people way whatever they want in whatever words they choose. I’m a blogger not your mother.

      1. “I’m a blogger not your mother”

        So I take that to mean you will not be packing my lunch :mrgreen:

        1. My Mom is making Easter dinner for us this year.

          I’m glad Darrell is not.

          (I couldn’t help it, Darrell… please don’t delete me) :mrgreen:

    5. Sometimes when fundamentalists post on here, people react strongly to their comments, and then the offender claims, “You don’t let other opinions appear!” which is silly because his opinion DID appear.

      Another thread to check out for opposing comments is the Lester Roloff post.

    6. “Do you allow comments from enraged fundies to appear, or do you filter them? Because if you don’t, then maybe there’s a joke here.”
      TTBOMK, Darrell has never blocked anyone. They leave because once we see them for what they are (which happens pretty quickly, ex-fundies tend to have good internal BS meters) they get fed the truth and/or mocked mercilessly. Either way, they don’t hang around very long.

    7. Keep reading, Sean. You’ll see that comments from enraged Fundies are in there, and Darrell lets them have their say (except, as he said, if they get obscene or threatening, or post the exact same comment multiple times).

      Shucks, Darrell doesn’t even delete my comments, and I suspect he disagrees with me as much as he does with the Fundies.

    8. And then of course there’s the infamous John Keeter (sp?) who comes onto this blog from time to time to defend his sermons.

  9. “one can easily imagine that PCC
    will be getting a Twitter account about the time Haley’s
    Comet returns. I can’t wait.”

    This statement made my day 🙂

    Darrell this place is my place of sanity as I make my transition out of the fundy church. When I am told (by my loving parents no less) that I am bitter, I have a rebellious spirit, etc…. I come here and I stop twitching. Thank you for SFL.

    1. Don’t underestimate the value of rebellion.

      It is what helped me keep my sanity.

  10. I saw the self congratulation blog yesterday when you tweeted the link.

    Pretty standard stuff.

    PCC publish self promoting BS all the time, and 90% or higher of the students think “that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of”, and the rest are either people who have no self respect for their ability to think and will post or say on camera anything you write for them and pretend it was their own statement, or are just kiss-a’s who are vying for an opportunity to get on staff after graduating. Big surprises coming to the latter group once they get on staff. I’ll never forget some of the people I felt bad for being on staff, would say things like “it’s not so bad, we can play co-ed basketball after lights out once a week”, or “we can have movies (didn’t mention had to be G or something, and approved, and you still get your residence checked if they suspect something askew), etc etc etc.

    You almost feel bad for the brown nosers, but they are participating in the duping of more students to come be abused for 4 years, and that is enough to counter any sympathy I have for them. Useless tools.

    1. things like “it’s not so bad, we can play co-ed basketball after lights out once a week”

      -and I’m 28 and I see nothing wrong or abnormal about this. 🙄

  11. Ugh, I browsed through some of the comments, but the fake saccarine sweetness was just too much. I can almost hear these people panting as they try and try and try to say, do, and think the “right” things.

    1. Yeah, I could only read so much before I could feel the “cavity” forming in my brain from all the syrupy, sugar comments being written. Had to do a thorough detox afterwords.

  12. I don’t know why, but reading that makes me feel icky. And, if you click on the “about the bloggers” link on the side, you see a perfect cross-section of humanity posting articles on the site.

    Like I said, icky.

    1. Except that all the bloggers (except one) were either homeschooled or attended a private Christian school. The one exception is someone who grew up in another country and her school history is noticeably missing.

      Can’t show that public school kids turn out “okay” too, now can we?

      1. Public school kids are saved? Choosing to go to a secular school instead of PCC?


      2. The public school kids think for themselves and don’t just repeat whatever talking points they are told to say/write.

        1. Um, what public school kids are you talking about? They may not be fundies but that doesn’t mean most of them think for themselves. Of course that may just be the area I’m from. I grew up in Alabama and now live in South Carolina. Or maybe it’s just my generation; I’m 26.
          Also it’s been my experience (not that I have much) that many people in general are too lazy to think for themselves. Go to a political event whether Republican or Democrat to see it in action. 🙄

        2. Ha! This is why I’m a non-affiliate, liberal-semi-conservative.

          Beat that! (tee hee)

        3. I can try lol. I’m fiscally conservative, social libertarian. Pro life, pro gay marriage, I’m FOR the legalization of marijuana, pro guns, smaller government advocate. Oh and I consider myself to be a Tea Party supporter. Did I leave anything out? 😎 😎

      3. Of course not, they’re all at those unholy state colleges beating puppies with baby seals.

        1. My cat just had kittens, and newborn kitten hide is extremely thin and flimsy. I presume unborn kitten hide would be, too. It is decidedly unsuitable for boot material.

          By the way, anybody need some kittens?

        2. Gary, I would love some, but I’m allergic, HF hates cats, and my Shih Tzu would eat them.

        3. I doubt it. My cats are bigger than Shih Tzus.

          Actually all our cats are normally spayed or neutered, but this was a stray cat that adopted us, and by the time we realized she was pregnant, it was too late to do anything about it. The mother is a very friendly, sweet cat, though, so I think her kittend will be friendly and sweet, too.

        4. No doubt, the cats would send my Shih Tzu running behind my feet. She’s a big coward, she is.

  13. The similarity in writing style is suspect, I’ll admit (although, Darrell, I have to admit that I kept Chapman’s book into law school for grammar/style reference and found it helpful . . . until I lost it somewhere along the way 😀 ).

    That being said, I’m not sure whether it’s more disturbing that my alma mater would write blog posts and falsely attribute them to students (or at least exercise an excessively heavy editorial hand) or that the very reall possibility exists that all of these posts were actually written by students as they claim to be. Given the number of “true believers” in the “spirit” of PCC when I was there, I wouldn’t entirely rule that out. Maybe it was just because I grew up in the environment that by the time I got to college those “true believers” just came across as weird or downright creepy in their devotion to PCC. I won’t say that the administration isn’t above faking this “blog” (and I use that term loosely), but I think it’s almost an equally likely scenario that the people writing these things actually believe them.


    1. The “true believers” are definitely disturbing, but they generally will technically “ask for help” which ends up being PCC writing it for them. Whether they are asking for help/editing, or just being given a script to sign off on it’s a transparent sham.

  14. That was a really good post! I’m going to get Darrell to sign my Bible! That’ll make my day! Especially after that post!

    I twitched when I saw the word happenings in the photo. That, for my money, is the clumsiest, stupidest gerund ever concocted. Just say events, for crying out loud. I was going to complain about that–going to–but after reading the entire post and looking at the site, reporting on “happenings” is the least of that site’s problems.

    And from Halley’s comet to the trolling/monitoring doublespeak, this is easily the funniest post in a while. 😀 Clampetts comparison ftw.

  15. Brilliantly written Darrel! This ending quote was fantastic: “When you take a medium that’s best used for discussions and open dialog and then censor it, polish it, and turn it into advertising, unintentional hilarity is bound to ensue.”

    1. Sometimes we forget that Fundamentalists don’t have a patent on the word “fundamentals.” It actually exists as a normal word, not just the special use of it that reactionary Christians have adopted.

      1. There’s also fundamentalist Muslims. And aside from the fact that they’re a lot more likely to kill those they disagree with, I think they and fundamentalist Christians are a lot alike.

        1. I understand what people mean when they talk about “fundamentalist Muslims,” but Muslims themselves seldom use “fundamentalist” to refer to schools of Islamic thought.

    2. i think it’s an “artsy” thing. i just looked at the course catalogue for the … wait for it … public school i teach at gasps heard all around the room and we have a “Foundations of Art” instead of “Intro to Art.” it sounds better i guess.

      or it’s subliminal mind control to keep you in fundumbmentalism

  16. Bible Conference 👿 ‘Nuff said
    Well, maybe not quite ’nuff. I worked there year round (my home life was THAT bad) but Bible Conf
    erence was my most HATED time of year. In that heat and humidity wearing Sunday dress all damn day not to mention hearing the same basic sermon over and over, as if by that point in the semester we hadn’t been preached at enough (because apparently 8 sermons a week wasn’t enough; that’s not an exaggeration, between church and chapel it was 8. And that doesn’t include prayer meeting and hall meeting.) I couldn’t walk into a church for a year after I left. The closest I came to an official gathering of believers was Darrell’s family’s Bible study.
    Btw Darrell y’all always made me feel so welcome when my first instinct was to feel like an intruder. By that point I didn’t know how open minded and loving Christians could be. Y’all saved me. Thank you.
    Ok, um, wow. Damn that felt good.

    1. Confession: I almost never went to church during my last year of Bible College–morning or evening.

      I dropped out of Evangelism Explosion.

      I skipped most chapels, every day of prayer, and almost all of missions week.

      My sanity thanked me.

    1. Do you think those are actual students, and not pictures from a stock photo bank?

      Real people or not, I did like this gem from one “blogger’s” biography:
      “Fun fact: I can lick my elbow.”

      1. Def are real students they use. They cherry pick the most photogenic, and I’m convinced use all the photog tricks they have to maximize, but have always used real students. I did eye pop on that lick my elbow comment, too. They play naive a lot there like all fundy u’s

        1. It’s the kind of humor you come up with if you are afraid of being actually funny. They say the best humor is what finds a painful truth and mocks it. Fundies have always hidden from the truth.

      1. HEY NOW!! 😛

        All of my siblings have been homeschooled (some all the way, others just part), and I have gorgeous sisters and handsome brothers that leave any of those bloggers in the dust. Just sayin 😉

    2. This is hilarious seeing you guys drool over a fundie chick! Just picture her in a jean skirt carrying her KJV and the desire goes away. Personal experience 😀

      1. i know a guy who actually said he picked his wife because she was wearing the longest skirt in college. 😈

  17. I disliked the bad recommendations in the blog posts. Someone is going to take a teacher based on one of those recommendations, and find out the first day of class they have been had. The only saving grace is that they get a week or two to drop the class, but that still screws up someone’s schedule.

  18. Bob Jones sites are the same way-post the truth and it gets deleted faster than Jon Foxe can edit BJU’s wikipedia page. The only people that fundies fool are total morons.

    1. David, I’m waiting for the day when – either on a blog or on a Facebook group – that you actually post something substantive instead of just poorly-constructed and often-misspelled quips/retorts.

      1. We had an underground paper at PCC back in the early 90’s when the internet was still pretty new. It was called the The Student Voice. Of course the founder was found and kicked out of school, basically for free speech, but he managed to pass it on to someone else and it lasted for a year or two I think.
        Letting people think for themselves, obviously a dangerous thing.

  19. This isn’t really new. New way of doing it, maybe, but i remember getting postcards “from” the student body president that were written exactly like this, with some of the same writing and everything. I recall hearing a story when I got there that the student body president had no idea they had even done that, until someone asked him about it later.

  20. Fun and games aside I am just trying to understand here? We can all enjoy hating and slamming things we cannot tolerate, but would our life’s not be more rather well spent hating serial killers or some such awesome project. Missing persons being found or other such kindness. 😯 Too much to ask? Just wondering?

      1. I would suggest remedial. 101 seems a little advanced for this sentence:

        would our life’s not be more rather well spent hating serial killers or some such awesome project

    1. Sorry, KARE, but until serial killers start being funny, our life’s NOT be more rather well spent laughing at them.

    2. KARE, walk in the shoes the people here have, and you’ll have a better understanding.

        1. Ha ha… I didn’t even think of that…

          OH NEVERMIND! 😉 😉 😉

    3. I’m willing to bet everyone on here would hate serial killers and love to find missing persons.

      This is just comedy/therapy hour when we are not engaged in such useful pastimes….

  21. Hmm…”Megan” sounds like a backslider to me, what with her talk of “the beach”. A truly godly young lady would know to say “the coast”!

    1. I’m going to put on my “Shoes”-shoes and see if I can’t make some elaborate, manipulated connection:

      1) Megan says her favorite “food” is chocolate.
      2) Megan attends a fundy college.
      3) Fundamentalists use “fellowships” as a excuse to eat.
      4) It is a known fact that fundamentalists excuse the sin of gluttony.
      5) uuhhhm, help me here.

      1. BTW, I’m the 1,000,000,000th “Megan” on the face of the earth … don’t even think that I’m this same Megan.

        1. “Megan” (with all its other spellings, like “Meagan,”) was an unknown name when I was a kid. I never met a Megan until after I had graduated from college. But now everybody is named Megan. But all the Megans (almost) are at least 10 years younger than I am.

          My name is the opposite. Gary was a popular name until sometime in the 1960s. Then it almost completely disappeared. I don’t know why. But that means almost everybody named Gary is my age or older. The same is true of my brother’s name, Glenn.

      2. 1. Megan is a Welsh name
        2. Welsh is the language spoken in Wales, a country in the United Kingdom
        3. Te united kingdom is the setting for all seven Harry Potter books
        4. Harry Potter is a young wizard studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
        5. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the alma mater of Hermione Granger a friend of Harry Potter
        6. Hermione Granger is a witch
        7. Exodus 22:17 “Suffer not a witch to live.”

        Let’s grab our pitchforks people!

    2. That sure makes it sound like they are technically allowed to go to the beach during Bible conference. I sincerely doubt it ever happens. When I was there, I’m pretty sure it was against the rules to go to the beach during Bible Conference.

      If it’s not against the rules now, it would be highly logistically difficult. They had like a 10AM Bible Conference followed by lunch, followed by a 2PM Bible Conference, dinner & a 7PM Bible Conference. I could be off on the times, but they schedule it so you don’t have time to go more than 10 mins away from campus, and definitely not enough time to change clothes, and shower, etc, even if the beach were close enough, and I believe you had to stay in suit & tie to leave campus anyway. GL w/ that suit & tie or ankle length dress @ the beach!

      1. I was going to say the same thing. Unless they’ve loosened up the schedule since I was there, students have almost no time during Bible Conference for anything other than going to sermons and eating. The college touts Bible Conference as this relaxing, wholesome alternative to Spring Breatk; yet it actually exhausting. I remember being very stressed out during Bible Conference about all of the papers and projects that were coming up but having no time between sermons to get any significant amount of work done on them.

        1. HA! I recall (and could be bad memory so take with a grain of salt), that my first year or 2 the library wasn’t open at all during Bible Conference, and it was a huge relief to the book worms when they decided to open it for an hour or 2 in the afternoons.

        2. We did have plenty of time for some pretty awesome LAN parties during Bible Conference. Counterstrike and Jedi Knight FTW!

      2. They get to go to the beach now? So unfair! We actually had homework to take notes during the sermons. There was a “fun” picnic to kick off bible conference week where we all got to sit outside. Guys in suits and girls in their Sunday dresses and hose, trying not to make a mess with the picnic food since we had not table.
        The end of the week was white glove. So relaxing.

  22. It looks like this is a pet project of the communicative arts department. As others have noted, the PPC site has a surreal, car salesman quality.

    1. But let’s have fun with it — let’s see who from here can leave the most sickly-sweet comment!

      How sycophantic can you get before it crosses the line!

      1. Ok, I’ll admit it. I had to look up the word sycophantic.

        1. sycophantic – attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery
        bootlicking, fawning, obsequious, toadyish
        insincere – lacking sincerity;

        2. sycophantic – attempting to win favor by flattery

        3. sycophantic – Fundyland Sheeple behavior

        Sigh – I wish I had your vocabulary, it would make life easier. I typically resort to &$#^^ and **&%% for my adjectives.

  23. “Nobody ever, ever, ever in my hearing referred to it as “relaxing.””

    No kidding. And who on earth had time to get to the beach? By the time you rounded up the 37 people you needed and scanned everybody’s id and crammed into cars, it would be time to get ready for the next service. haha

  24. Real students are consulted/asked to write the posts, but then they are edited. Don’t want to compromise my identity by giving too much detail.

    1. I knew this! ;). Well generally how they hand pick students, and then edit as much as they deem necessary.

      1. The posts started a few years ago as e-mails to prospective students. Sad thing was that kids would reply to the e-mails thinking the PCC student would respond. For the record, I did NOT work on this project.

        1. Everyone there figures out how it works your freshman or sophomore year I think. Just knowing someone who knows someone you hear about the editing, and the awful choreography on those singing groups, and all the other control the use over projecting the exact image they want projected. It’s one thing when as a high school you expect it, I don’t think high schoolers (or their fundy parents) are prepared for how manipulated the ads are that get sent to them from various fundy u’s.

  25. Haha, my comment on “all this for 10 dollars” is awaiting moderation. I guess that means it’s not getting posted…

    1. Can we post there? I don’t know, because I am at work and we don’t have access to some blogs. If we can, we should start a movement to post on their blog sites. See if we can gum it up.

      1. I’m sure you can post, but You’re gonna have to try REALLY hard to get them actually published.

        1. I thought I was up for the challenge (of posting there) but my brain shut down after two posts and I had to be physically restrained from banging my head against the wall after reading the comments. Such idiotic tripe.

        2. I’m dying to hear/read if you get published. I seriously doubt if they can’t match your name & e-mail up to a current student with an ID number that it gets published even if it’s glowing.

        3. Sigh. They deleted my blog comment. I said that I visited my brother one time at Thanksgiving and stayed in the dorm, but moved out after one night to stay with my parents because the tension in the room was so bad. Didn’t want to catch that spirit! Then I said I chose BJU. :mrgreen:

  26. After reading the posts on the PCC blog I think I’ve got it figured out… It’s the Cheer leading squad! The ghostwriters are cheerleaders.
    “We can do it! Yes we can! PCC for Fundy Land!”,
    “PCC it is the best! Come and give your brains a rest!”,
    “They can tell us how to think and all the Kool-aid you can drink!”

    1. Gimme a “B” “B”
      Gimme an “I” “I”
      gimme a “B” “B”
      Gimme a “L” “L”
      gimme an “E” “E”

      What’s that spell……*crickets*… *blink-blink**
      I Said what’s that Spell!? **spppppt shat does that spell???** 😯

  27. My niece still plans on going there. I have used the resources on this web-site (thanks Darrell) but to no avail. Only last week her mom (my sister) mentioned that PCC was finally getting accredited. I said that PCC should have been accredited that day it was founded. I got the evil eye from my mother, my sister and my niece. I guess it is pointless for an atheist to try to give advice to fundies. Personally, I don’t care if it’s a fundie college; I care about the LACK of accreditation.
    I can’t push the issue to much or my access to my sister’s children will be even more restricted.
    I have been able to get though to her younger sister. I told her of the importance of going to an accredited college and getting a degree that will lead to a good paying job. She seems it get it.

  28. Good golly, are they pumpin’ prozac into the water supply there??? 😯

    After looking at those students, my gut reaction is to wear all black and get some tattoos and piercings to return balance to the universe.

  29. Ok, so I’m new to this…never really had a reason to blog until now. I have so much to say but let me snap shot it for you (don’t want to bore you with the details as we are all in the same boat i suspect) My wife and I were stuck in Fundyland for about 30 years. I did like any good fundy boy and went to college and graduated with a degree to become the next great youth pastor(man of God Jr.)I married my not so fundy wife (who still grew up fundy.) As a man of God Jr. I was allowed to preach once in my IFB church. (only on a Wednesday night not Sunday) 1 quick referance from the pulpit from “Forest Gump” started my downward spiral. I offended so many people you would have thought I farted right from the pulpit. (Oops Sorry I said fart, I have a potty mouth) The youth pastor thing never took off for me so I became a first responder(I think maybe to have an excuse to skip every other Sunday cause emergency personel could do that)besides I already was in bad graces why make it worse. After questioning a decision of the pastor, as you can imagine did not go well, A whole lot of back stabbing, I could not get out fast enough. So to start the painful divorce process, I did what any level headed person would do in my position and put my house on the market, a year later sold and moved 2 hrs away just to get away (pretty desparate I know). Now looking back 7 years later it was absolutely what God wanted for us and could not be happier. I love God but am free to be me…if that is possible. We are still healing but this site is so helpful thanks for listening. Blog ya later. Wheels

    1. Oh, Wheels… “Fart” is NOTHING compared to some of THEM here…(I have VERY clean vocabulary so that doesn’t apply to me :wink:).

      Congrats on being out of fundyland!!! And, welcome to SFL!!!

        1. Who’s nose is growing? 😉 :mrgreen:

          (I’m sorry… I know it was a cheap shot, but I had to take it.)

    2. It’s awesome to move through the pain to joy and happiness! Glad you’ve found that place of freedom and love for God even if you had to sell your house to do it!

      1. I bet you have to do quite a bit of farding if your nose is that big. Thankfully I don’t fard; I just go natural.

    3. I moved far away also. I and my family were so apart of the church I could see no way of staying in our small town and keeping my children from thier influence. God opened up an opportunity several thousand miles away. I am now in recovery 2yrs and counting. God gave me a great job. I am getting to enjoy my children. I have a conservative church, not fundy. Just hang on, time and blogs like this REALLY help!

  30. On another piece about Dr. Clyde Box, (cleverly named “Outside the Box”) a girl named Debi comments:
    That was a really good message! Afterward, I got Dr. Box to sign my Bible, and that made my night! Especially after that message!

    Who do you usually have sign a book? The author. Debi needs to get her theology straight.

    1. The way most Fundies act, the preacher IS the author (or co-author at the very least) and is worthy of equal or greater praise than is the One who really wrote it.

      1. So true, Markus. You typically hear, “Pastor says …” and when you ask them: “What does God’s Word say?” the response is usually, “But Pastor says …..”

  31. Think back in time…they preached against

    Cell phones-Evil
    Social sites-Evil

    Everything comes around…now that those things are not so modern they are resources. Well Disney might still be Evil

    1. YES!!

      I found out last night my former FU is now allowing the students to have facebook (with monitoring of course). Seems I remember a very irate sermon from a very irate pastor blasting facebook to high heavens.

      I’d respect him a whole lot more is he wasn’t so immovable on stuff. Especially when he changes his opinion later!

  32. “..the Clampetts discover indoor plumbing…”

    Heh heh…

    So if they refer to the waterpark as the “ce-ment pond”, your suspicions will be confirmed, right? 🙂


    Jim K.

  33. I remember that stupid little blue English Grammar book I used in high school. It was helpful on basic English, but once I graduated from a school using the Abeka curriculum and went to college, I had NEVER heard of MLA or APA format for papers… that blue book never mentioned any of that and my English teacher was so picky about how we wrote our research papers and insisted that “that’s how you’ll do it in college.” Fail. 🙄

    But I learned MLA quickly and aced my English courses. 😛

  34. I just heard that Troy Shoemaker is being “inaugurated” as president of PCC. Really? They call the appointment of a president an inauguration. This is just another example of how their world is our of touch with reality. Will there be an inaugural address, inaurural memorabalia, inaurural ball, dinner in the state room…….

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