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      1. What is the deal with being first? My theory is some of you are making up for all the times the pastors got to cut to the front of the line at the church picnic? 😛

        1. Tainted, just wait until that moment that you log on and the comment thing says “No Comments” and you’re first. You’ll then understand.

          It’s like I’ve said before. Its like winning Monopoly. It doesn’t mean a hill of beans in real life, but for a moment, you feel like you own the world.

        2. What, the Pastor gets to eat first? At the first church I worked at, the staff always ate last. Even now as a Pastor I always wait and eat last.I could not imagine going before the ladies. PTL we are now getting out of the IFB movement!

      2. This is the kind of preaching this generation needs. One day all the God haters of this world will be sorry for rejecting God and His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, but it will be too late.

        “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
        John 14:6

    1. But many that are first shall be last; and the last first. Mk 10:31. (I’m sure it has been posted before, but I’m pretty new here so forgive me if I am being redundant.)

      1. I think I’ll run through all the older posts that people are done commenting on and give the last commnt. That’ll make me first/last and every woman loves to have the last word anyway.

  1. That can’t be healthy – all that screamin’ and hollerin’ about medals….seriously. Fundies denounce the “emotionalism” of Pentacostals, Charismatics, and CCM, yet they think it’s perfectly OK to whip people up into a righteous, indignant, fury.
    Psalm 62:5 – Let all that I am wait QUIETLY before God, for my hope is in Him…

    1. I thought he was saying “medal” too at first but after listening to it a dozen times during editing (oh, how I suffer for you all!) I think now that he’s saying “mantle”

        1. I suspect he was preaching from Kings about Elisha picking up the mantle of Elijah, striking the waters, and saying “Where is the Lord God of Elijah?”, and the waters parted… he was probably “preaching” a message about the power of God.

        2. I thought he said medal. If it’s mantle, I’m not sure I understand what mantle he’s talking about that he wants so much? Maybe is using that as a metaphor for a reputation?

        3. ok. I need to say this. One of the things that drove me away from fundamentalism was the Constant Bashing that went on. It disgusted me. Why was it necessary to belittle and make fun of brothers and sisters in a different denomination? That read a different Bible? That worshiped a different way? That dressed different? This list went on and on. God preached unity and love and I didn’t see a whole lot of that being preached (see my rant from earlier in the day.)

          Ok. So here I go. I did 30 hard years in an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. I have the tee shirt to prove it, but I won’t take it off b/c of all the scars from those 30 LONG years. SOMETIMES the directions of these threads stray away from satire, humor or casual observation, and the comments turn into personal attacks against other Christians. I will admit that I’m guilty of this. I like how it makes me feel, like I’m finally getting back at these people that misguided and mistreated me for years. But bitterness and anger are a poison that slowly harms you, not the one it is directed at, they are usually oblivious.

          If a “Christian” has committed some crime (it seems this has happed and will be exposed on 20/20 Friday) I am all for getting the truth out there. Shoot, if the law needs to be involved call them up. I am making NO excuses for the sleaze that has gone on for far too long, and the scandals that have been swept under the carpet by IFBC.

          This is not to diminish the scars that many of us carry, inflicted by IFB. We have been wounded, beaten down, spirits crushed, therapy bills have piled up: the list is as long as there are people on this site. I guess what I am saying is that I need to be careful that I don’t become the beast that I am running from. I need to have forgiveness, I need to exhibit grace, and I need God’s help to accomplish this.

          In my “Bieber is the Devil” rant today, I made mention of Kent Hovind, and I mentioned that he is a criminal. While this is true, this is the type of stuff that drove me Bonkers in FundyLand. Picking out his failing and mentioning only that is biased and unfair. He claims to know Jesus, and that makes him my brother in Christ. I was wrong to practice subjective reporting in “Bieber is the Devil.” Tomorrows edition will be more fact based, with more balanced reporting.

          My mom used to say, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” He has issues, I have mine; and I have PLENTY to work on without pointing his out issues (speck of sand vs. The Beam). I just don’t want to contribute to driving someone farther from Jesus who is visiting here and wounded. The fact that there are a group of Christians driving others away from Jesus (The IFB-ers, in our opinion here on SFL), doesn’t mean we have to do the same by mocking other brothers and sisters.

          I don’t want to open a huge can-o-worms here and will repost in the forum.

      1. I have actually had dealing with him personally before Darrell…and in your “neck of the woods” Phenix City area…

        ….he’s a real “piece of work” for sure.

        He had a meeting with all the area pastors and promised he wouldn’t harp on standards etc. but would “just preacht he gospel”…brought his tent and…..preached mostly on standards. Our Pastor refused to go back as did the rest of the congregation.

        Sad really, he is quite the promoter personality etc. and if he really preached the love of God he could really be used.


  2. So at about 0:45 – “I ain’t bringin’ in that liberal crowd. I ain’t runnin’ with that liberal crowd. Why? Becasue I want the medal of God.”

    Whew! At least he’s not coming after me. :mrgreen:

    Enjoy that medal Mr. Kendrick.

    1. See Darrell – are you absolutely sure it’s not “medal”?

      Medal makes more sense in a fundy sort of way….

      1. I watched it a couple more times (I need some of the cough syrup Darrell was on yesterday :grin:) and he could be saying “mantle”. Or it could be “medal”.
        Either way, he can have whatever he thinks he is entitled to becasue of the crowds he ignores. I guess liberals aren’t worthy of salvation in his mind.

        1. He thinks they are worthy of salvation — it’s just that he won’t let them tell him how to run a church or how to preach or what to preach.

          Let’s not twist his words or put words in his mouth that he didn’t say.

        2. GR – Fair enough. I did “put words in his mouth” about liberals not being worthy of salvation.

          However, as a liberal myself, I can tell you that I would not feel very welcome or encouraged by this message.

        3. It could be metal. Or mettle. Not that either makes more sense, but phonetically it could work.

        4. No, let’s put words in his mouth… its really more fun that way. 😉

          And, it could be medal/mettle/mantle/medallion/metal/mabble/mabsoot/mackintosh/macrobian… it all really makes about the same sense.

        5. Please, be more in awe with my ability to Google “words that begin with ‘b'”. 😉

        6. Oh, George thinks he’s so friggin cute and likes to hit “Submit” before I proofread. :mrgreen:

        7. My guess is that he’s referring to rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ, though it still doesn’t make much sense, since Jesus said He has come to seek & save the lost. Anyway, the whole thing comes off as a joke to me.

      2. I listened to it a second (and last time) and I tried to hear mantle, and still hard to hear it that way. Mantle would seem to make more sense that he is trying to “maintain the old paths”, but it’s a horrible job of enunciating he’s doing try to get whatever you call speech pattern effect. Amusingly the only people I know who intentionally develop weird vocal stylings for both uniqueness & to engender a fan loyalty are rappers & fundies. 🙂

        1. Maybe mantle references the mantle of elisha or elijah. if you remember the whole chariot of fire whisking one away. all that was left was the mantle, and that passed the power on to the one left behind.
          Mantle was a common metaphor in my fundy church.

        2. Yeah, I think that’s correct he is saying mantle, but I can’t HEAR it cause he’s trying to do that idiotic Snoop Doggy Kendrick thing.

        3. “Amusingly the only people I know who intentionally develop weird vocal stylings for both uniqueness & to engender a fan loyalty are rappers & fundies”

          “Snoop Doggy Kendrick”

          ‘specially if they are from down south. Getting that dirty south flow!

    2. What percentage of the Gospels and how many of Paul’s letters are spent admonishing Christians (and the apostles/ disciples in the Gospels) to live in unity and have love for each other. Not only are these topics never preached, they are ignored and directly disobeyed. In my ex-Fundy is was common practice to spew venomous, hateful slurs at the Pentecostals, Catholics and any other Christian group that wasn’t … well, OUR church, the only right church in America (yesterday I read a comment, “independent from the independents.” That about summed up my ex church.)

      After I came to know Jesus, and truly read his word, the chasms between what was being preached and what was in God’s word began to be very evident. I began to think “Why have my parents sat under this for 30 years? Why aren’t other in the church seeing this gross distortion of the scripture?” It began a massive splintering of my mind.

      On one hand, you can not, must not question what is being preached. When you hear the preacher say, “God gave me this message,” or “I’m being led to preach this,” who am I, as a lowly church attendee to question the preacher inspiration for the sermon. As time passed, I had serious doubts to the source of these messages.

      If it doesn’t agree with the Bible, how dare you say that God gave you the message. It is your own, hateful, twisted, opinion.

      1. Exactly, Shoes! I too have come to realize that love and unity is WAY more important than fundies say it is. Realizing that many IFB preachers were ignoring or twisting Scripture was a shock to my system too.

        1. What Shoes also said:

          1. Jason Kendrick attended Midwestern Baptist College
          2. Midwestern Baptist College is the alma mater of Kent Hovind, convicted criminal
          3. Kent Hovind’s doctoral thesis was leaked to Wikileaks
          4. Wikileaks’ editor in chief is Julian Assange
          5. Julian Assange was voted by readers to be Time magazines Person of the Year in 2011.
          6. Time magazines’ Person of the Year in 2008 was Barak Obama.
          7. A wax sculpture of Barak Obama is on display in the London branch of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum as is a wax sculpture of Justin Bieber.

          Justin Bieber is the Devil

      2. I would say, “Great comment, Shoes!”, but you’re still on my list and therefore I’m still not speaking to you… except for now… okay…. now… um…okay… now.


      3. I remember once telling my mother that our pastor wasn’t infallable, and she was shocked and dismayed that I could say such a thing.

        1. My grandmother, when someone criticized her pastor, would usually say, “He means well.”

          Of course, that’s in a whole different country from “He’s infallible.”

      4. And you can even find it in the KJV. The truth does indeed set you free – God’s truth – not the patched up conglomeration of politics and text proofing.

      5. Shoes, I don’t know you, do I?! Your story is very very similar to mine.

    1. I don’t know. To me it sounds like “I gotta have the white piano. I gotta have the white piano. I gotta have the white piano.”

      1. I heard that too! And, what’s crazy is that if you play it backwards… you here the same thing!!!

        1. When did you become a Catholic? Not that there is anything wrong with that. 😀

        1. *whispers* I understand, because I personally haven’t seen George yet. Though he could be playing the white piano wearing his medal/mantle.

        1. PW ‘splained it to me, as i was in a purple haze about a myriad of issues: butt cushions, white pianos. What the H are you all talking about?

          PW dropped some knowledge on me, and i saw the aforementioned picture. PIANO- SHMANO. That’s part of a platform, and you are blind if you think otherwise. the piano couldn’t fit under the stage (there must be a stage b/c of the staircase as proven by the white ballister of the railing)

          You are using a private interpretation of the space/ time continuum. It’s scientifically proven that guys are better at spatially orientation than girls, and as a guy, I can say that there is no way that a piano could fit into the space in the picture.

          you might try to trick me with you fancy female word play, but the facts are the facts.

        2. Shoes, I shall not entertain your exaltation of the glories of the Y chromosome as it is ineffective.

          I WILL, however, point you to the fact, that in most fundy churches, to the front, left of the church, there is a series of steps. These lead to either the organ or piano. When you play an instrument and/or are singing with said instrument, you enter the area via these stairs. Sometimes, these stairs have a railing. This is the railing to the below left.

          FURTHERMORE, a baby grand and/or grand, is adorned with a sort of stepping in its decor that leads down into one of its legs. See here: http://www.babygrandpiano.com/

          This is what you are looking at when you look behind Schaap’s back. It is a white grand piano.

          (for the record, having TWO X chromosomes brings my eye to such detail and therefore allots me to see things that a person, such as yourself, cannot see)

          😉 :mrgreen:

        3. According to people who believe such things (I don’t), males have better space perception than females, BUT females are better at distinguishing colors than males. So, when it comes to colors of pianos …

        4. @ Tammy: Your picture on your “so called” web site is proof that the devil will go to any lengths to decive and cause confusion. The liberal media, using the internet, has posted these fakes to confuse us simple folk.

        5. Thanks, Natalie.
          But all the cool people seem to be on your “Not Speaking To List,” so I’m not sure if that’s a compliment.

        6. *Switching Big Gary over to the Not Speaking To list*

          Odd, all the people on my Best Friends list are women and all the people on my Not Speaking To list are men.

          Does that make me sexist?

        7. I TELL you my BROThers thea IS a WHITEa PIANOa!!! The pedal BRACEa is cleARLYa visable you UNBEILIVINGa, APOSTATEa, FALSEa PREACHINGa, LIBERALa, SONS OF SATANa!!!

          Besides someone posted a link that had a broader picture… 🙂 😀 :mrgreen:

        8. You can’t stop the George you can only hope to contain him, and to recognize his mistakes so you can correct them yourself

        9. Natalie, I {heart} you and hope to one day earn a butt cushion from you (I’ll share my mints, without which I cannot sit thorugh a service) so I don’t really want to be on your not talking to list . . .

          Shoes, I lurk a lot here and love your addition of numerology and 7-stepping us to JB as the devil . . .

          All that to say I am firmly of the belief that there is no white piano.

        10. The lurkers are the ones that worry me the most about falling into the White Piano trap! It makes it all worth the hassle of speaking the truth to know that just 1 person has been able to voice her disbelief! 🙂

        11. Then, Sarah, I think I’ll make your butt cushion with a white piano, so you indeed can be a believer like the rest of us.

          (I heart you, too) 😉

        12. I’ve always seen and believed in The White Piano, but after seeing Tammy’s photographic proof, I’m not so sure… 😕

  3. I was bothered more by the introduction from Pastor Larry Brown when he declared that “foot stompin’, pulpit running, spittin’ all over the first three rows type of preaching that has brought us to where we are in this country”.

    The thought ran through my mind: “You mean, people who have to be entertained and manipulated into doing things; who could not listen to the still, small voice of God and wouldn’t recognize the leading of the Holy Spirit?”

    1. All that stuff he said has been recycled so many times. Its just sad that they can’t up with new material.

    2. It was probably hard for Jonathan Edwards to “spit all over the first three rows” as he read his handwritten sermon word for word. (sarcasm) If anybody’s preaching had an impact on the founding of this country, it was his.

      Pastor Brown is right about one thing: the foot-stompin, pulpit-runnin preachin is a big reason why American Christianity is so anemic and has such a small effect in the broader culture.

    3. I took it a different way. Every fundy decries with much fervor the current state of America. They all say we either need a revival or the Lord is coming back. To the Fundy we’ve never been in worse times. The church has never been more threatened. The country has never been as worse off as it has been since Obama was elected. Young people have never faced so much liberalism. And on and on they *moan*. Yet he is now commending himself and their style of preaching for where “America is at.” Say what?

      Truth is he is right. It is the take no prisoner dead to logic hyper-fundamentalism of all religions that is escalating the secularization and liberalization of cultures around the world (not just the US). But if we were looking at the US his style of religion is just about the epitome of the cause. So if his goal was to cause this in America then he should be proud…and to a certain degree perhaps he could end up shedding a new era of modernity in modern religion. And that would be a good thing.

      But my guess is he wasn’t talking about any of that. 😆

    4. Apparently Pastor Brown finds the Holy Spit more effective than the Holy Spirit.

  4. I’m positive its “mantle”. Maybe its because I am from the south but I heard “mantle” from the start. Guess you gotta be one to unnerstand ’em.

  5. I’ve heard preaching like that my whole life and it STILL comes across as over the top.

    But, personally, I’m more disturbed by Larry Brown’s tie. 😉

  6. Unfortunatly I have heard Jason preah and as someone told me once how the heck to you hear the still small voice of God with all that yelling. Tent meeting are all a joke when they make it ok to have guitars on stage and run around the tent 40 times haymening and waving hankies bring in midgets to beg for money. and of course you cannot have a IFB meeting without a food court. It saddens me to think of the time i lost being a part of such tomfoolery

    1. I wonder where you have seen the midgets brought in? I too was part of Camp Meeting with guitars on stage (usually a no-no), running around the tent (weird as heck) and midgets screaming at you.

      this occured in the North east, you?

      1. Norhthern Michigan but it was probably the same midget he travels with the circus i mean tent revival

        1. I know the midget Shoes is speaking of. He was a very angry midget when he didn’t get all your money!

        2. Being that I am in the Northeast and was in the orbit of the “great” dr. jj, I’m surprised I never saw a midget at any of our special meetings.

        3. Tainted, i should have guessed. remember the message when he craweld under the chair and was throwin money around!?!

          or when he kicked everyone out of church for … who’s wedding rehersal was that …. hummmmm?!?!?

      2. Revival time receives a special dispensation, midgets and guitars are welcome during this most Holy time, you may even get a messaged about David dancing before the Lord during this “special” time.

        1. Shoes, I must know where that happened about the wedding rehearsal…similar situation happened at our place in the Northeast. Preacher was Brindle I believe… same guy?

    2. ‘how the heck to you hear the still small voice of God with all that yelling”

      Comment of the day, thankyou. 😛

    3. And do you know why I like you, Big E? Because you use words like “tomfoolery”. 🙂

    1. Lol, the Pastor in that New Hampshire church was my old President at my Fundy College…although after this story surfaced, well for some reason the college has a new president. 😐

      1. The same one who said the cross wasn’t the center of the Gospel but the second coming was? 😯

    2. I really think this show is going to bust some seams, and I can’t wait for the aftereffects, and all the sweeping under the rug that’s inevitable to follow.

  7. Wow! This brings back such painful memories! I cannot tell you the countless times I sat under such hateful spewing of distorted “Bible” “preaching”. Can’t you just picture Saul before being converted to Paul preaching against the Christians? Being so familiar with the scriptures he probably also preached a similar sermon wanting the mantel of God upon his life- not wanting anything to do with those Christians. Right before he killed them!

    What a stark contrast to the message we heard just three post before of “hate your sin, I will hate my sin and lets love each other”.

    It astounds me that people listen to this crap and claim to be Christ like- P Larry Brown had it right- “it is preaching like this that has gotten our country to where it is today” – Hating all religion

    1. It’s more fun to be a prophet of power, yelling about God’s judgment, than a humble servant, One who didn’t consider even equality with GOD to be something to be grasped but made Himself of no reputation and came to earth to serve and die. There’s no glory in that, right? Why would we want to imitate THAT?

  8. It doesn’t help to have a front man who reminds everyone of Goober Pyle with a tie.

      1. I’d say we should ask greg, but then I just realized I haven’t seen him around here lately.

        Yeah, I just went there. /facepalm

  9. I love the photo they threw in to convict of sin. The one of the girl drinking what appears to be a perfectly chilled glass of chardonnay. This, my friend, is supposed to send chills of fear into you as if we do not support this missionary then we will end up like that.

    Enjoying a glass of wine.

    I keep forgetting that IFB believe the entire Bible, “cover to cover – including the cover, including the part that says genuine leather” EXCEPT where Jesus turns water into wine. That means grape juice.

    1. She was wearing makeup, a plunging shirt, and smoking a cigarette, too. Lots of vice there, haymen? (Of course, since I’m from NC, smoking was seen as supporting our farmers, never a vice.)

      1. Uh-huh, NC girl here too, and down here you don’t preach against smoking or tobacco chewing. Shoot, you’ll lose all the men in your church and most of the women, too!

        1. I guess being a city-slicker Southern fundy we were different. Dad totally kept his cigarette addiction secret. It was definitely taboo.

        2. @Don my dad still keeps his cigarette addiction. Will lie to doctors & just about anyone that he’s not a smoker, even though we all know he does.

        3. One summer my northern Bible College vocal team sang at a NC church that had just hired a new pastor from up north. He told us he was going to straighten the people out on the evils of tobacco. We sang at the same church the next summer and asked him how the tobacco fight went. “Ya know…it’s kind of complicated….” 😉

      2. Huh! I believe you but I don’t remember things being different concerning cigarettes during our youth trips to NC. It may be because we were delirious from the long trip or the exhaustion of having to swim with our pants on!

        1. OMG (yes, I said OMG)! When I went to the Wilds, I forgot my swimsuit, so I had to double up my clothes so I could swim in the pool under the waterfall after our hike with everyone in my class. I nearly drowned! And, I’ve been swimming all my life.

    2. And the terrifying picture of a kid in a hoodie standing in front of some graffiti – wow, how sinful can you get! Standing in public!

    3. My favorite verse against drinking was in Timothy about the qualifications of a deacon. One is “not given to much wine.”

      Our pastor clarified that to say it’s really no wine at all *eye roll*

  10. My brother was very small when we went to a revival meeting in TN. I think the preacher took about 3 breaths the whole time, and his face was quite beetish. My brother thought it was funny and started laughing. My mom had to quickly let him know it wasn’t supposed to be funny. But it was. :mrgreen:

    This is the same church where an old lady from the back walked up and handed a branch from a weeping willow to a mom with a naughty child. 🙄

    1. I think it’s a hankie. I’m not sure if hankie waving came before or after the terrible towell. Would be funny if they got the idea from the Steelers.

      1. I thought hankie wavin’ was for the ladies. Maybe he was backslidden & left his wavin’ KJV at home.

    2. It looks to me like its one of those decorative hankies that you’re supposed to keep in your side pocket that comes with the tie/suspender/shirt deal.

      Reminds me of post season in baseball.

      If someone dares me and gives me enough money and buys me a steak dinner, a box of Godiva chocolates, and a new wardrobe, I’ll wave a post season towel in one of those services. 😉

  11. Thomas Howard, the fundie-turned-Episcopalian-turned-Catholic apologist, once remarked in one of his books about his memories of fat, sweaty Baptist preachers who yelled a lot. I read that forty years ago, and it left an indelible impression on my mind that I’ve never been able to shake.

    1. And now that image is forever imprinted on my mind. Many thanks! 😕

  12. If you define “revival” as getting dressed up in a suit and tie to go sit in a tent to listen to some jackwagon repeatedly shout shallow one-liners, you might be a fundamentalist.

  13. If your preaching is endorsed by Larry Brown, you’re definitely a fundamentalist.

    1. If you spend forty hours creating a self-promoting highlight reel that never references Christ, and emphasizes your voice inflection rather than your biblical exegesis – you might be a fundamentalist.


    rock on, brother kendrick. 🙂

  15. Shoes, I shall not entertain your exaltation of the glories of the Y chromosome as it is ineffective.

    I WILL, however, point you to the fact, that in most fundy churches, to the front, left of the church, there is a series of steps. These lead to either the organ or piano. When you play an instrument and/or are singing with said instrument, you enter the area via these stairs. Sometimes, these stairs have a railing. This is the railing to the below left.

    FURTHERMORE, a baby grand and/or grand, is adorned with a sort of stepping in its decor that leads down into one of its legs. See here: http://www.babygrandpiano.com/

    This is what you are looking at when you look behind Schaap’s back. It is a white grand piano.

    (for the record, having TWO X chromosomes brings my eye to such detail and therefore allots me to see things that a person, such as yourself, cannot see)

    1. I knew you would try to twist thing around. Those are the “Special Powers” of weilding the dual XX. They provide the owner a mastery of trickery.
      As to your bogus clain that my “Y” is ineffective in spatial tasks http://web.missouri.edu/~gearyd/GearySaults2.pdf has a bit to say about that. It’s science.
      There is no white piano (xcept for Justin Bieber’s)

      1. I’m not reading your ridiculous link from some college where they don’t preach the KJV! It probably has a virus in it that will possess my little, perfectly-pink netbook into some God-hating, NIV quoting, liberal tool of evil!!! And, I’m not doing it, HAYMEN, I’m just not falling for it!!!


  16. Anyone else with me when I confess to a guilty pleasure of enjoying this kind of preaching. Not the message, but the shouting loud strutting thundering pounding stuff.

    I confess.

    The old Baptist in me wants to jump up, shout and “take a lap”.


        1. Wow, I surprise myself! It’s all coming back to me … kinda like riding a bike.

          A mean, nasty, hateful bike that wants to run over gays and Catholics and Muslims and liberals and Democrats and Southern Baptists and compromisers and women who wear pants and people that go to movies and people that watch TV and people that go to amusement parks and men that wear wire rim glasses and …

          On second thought, I’m leaving that bike in dumpster where it belongs. I found a cool rocketship with the big letters “G-R-A-C-E” on the side of it.

    1. It makes me want to go watch a baseball game instead of being at a carnival. At least I understand what is going on at a baseball game. And the scoring is much easier.

    2. No, because it reminds me of my dad hollering and yelling while we children cowered and couldn’t speak up for ourselves. I HATE being hollered at with a passion.

      (I guess it depends on the attitude behind the words. If someone is yelling because they’re passionate about the power of Jesus to forgive sins, I guess I could get into it, but most of the yelling from pulpits that I’ve heard has had a distinct undercurrent of “mean” and I just can’t tolerate mean anymore.)

      1. Exactly my thoughts, but substitute mom yelling. I told my husband I’d get up and leave – that is verbal abuse in my mind. I wouldn’t allow anyone to yell at me like that today.

        But that is probably the result of the psycho-babble I get from my therapist. 🙄

      2. PW, I’m with you on this! I despise being yelled at. This comes from a combination of having a preacher dad, a mom who yelled at us kids, and a husband (now ex) who was very verbally abusive. Once someone – especially a preacher – raises his voice, I don’t hear anything else he has to say. Call me bitter. Call me unteachable. I really don’t care. (This said to the fundies who would make such remarks, not to anyone on SFL obviously.)

      3. I’ve sort of thought to myself, “What’s the difference between yelling something in an angry tone and just using the words everyone else does when they want to communicate anger and control in a conversation situation?” I mean, really, if what is being communicated is wrong and being done in the wrong way, why hold back? I can cuss in a pretty calm and creative way and feel just as good about my method of communication as they do about theirs.

        1. You don’t think it’s adding anti-social behavior in an attempt to intimidate to the anger?

    3. I’ve got to admit a certain affection for “Pastor Larry Brown’s” assertion that we need more “foot stompin’, pulpit runnin’, spittin’ all over the first three pews” kind of preachin’. Not that I would want to attend one of his sermons– at least, not without a raincoat and a face guard– but I enjoyed hearing him say it.

      I also like my mental image of the people in the first few pews, soaked in saliva. And I thought Baptists didn’t approve of sprinkling!

        1. I saw GB play live in Dallas a couple of years ago. Words are inadequate to describe how much fun the live show was.

  17. I was trying to like Don’s comment about trading in the mean bike for the rocketship of Grace!

    Whatcha doing getting in my way, RobM? 😉

    1. OK, and now this comment is in the wrong place too. I think I’ll just go lie down for a while and maybe George will get bored and leave me alone.

  18. Well … there was this evangelist named Earl Hughes. Earl got kicked out of school in first grade. Grew up in the hills down south — South Carolina??

    When Earl would preach, he’d wind it up and let go! It was a storm of shouting and hooting and hollering.

    But all he ever did, all he EVER did, was “brag on Jesus”. Earl is (was?) a dear saint of a man, would never be mean. He’d just hold up Jesus and the Grace of God for everyone to see.

    I could listen to Earl preach any time.

    I guess that’s what I’m remembering.

    And Harry Nix was good when he’d do the same.

      1. What’s the deal with running laps and doing somersaults on the podium? I’ve never seen that except on some of the videos linked to here on SFL– not even in Pentecostal churches.
        And do only men and boys do it, or do the women get into it too?

      2. I still cry with laughter when that kid does the tumble and dive into the baptistry.


    1. yes …Earl Hughes did just- brag on Jesus 🙂 He stayed at my house several times and I love him-my kids do too. They could spot a wacko a mile away but they always liked Bro. Earl. His message “Just Take God at His Word” helped me get out of all the ifb junk! 😆

      1. …and he didn’t supported the crazy! Just kept his mouth closed! He was kind of in “another world!”

      2. That video of him is just wonderful. Song is kind of not my thing, but he’s having a great time, and everyone around him seems to be having a great time too.

    2. Ditto on both men…they always exalted Jesus energetically

      People forget how animated Billy Grhama was in his prime…but there is a difference between them and spitting on people!

    1. Wow. If he was alone, as the police said, how did he hog-tie himself?
      Am I overthinking this?

      1. Normally it would be done with zip ties and just use your mouth/teeth to tighten it down. Has been done & caught when a pert tries to pose as a victim.

    2. Why did I read the “Evidence of Injury” report? I could have lived my whole life without ever mentally picturing that.

    3. It’s been a while since I looked at “the smoking gun.” The story before the one about the Rubber Reverend caught my eye:
      I’ve got to say it again: Clowns are creepy, and “Christian Clowns/Clown Ministries” are way creepier than ordinary clowns.

      There’s also this:
      “Model: ShamWow Guy Wanted Me As ‘Love Slave'”
      I’m not interested in that story, but I love the headline. It’s an eight-word novel.

    4. Wow! That’s gotta be some kind of wild fantasy life! IDK how you go about hiding something like that. The police report about what the family newspaper didn’t report was rather hilarious too. Sad that if he hadn’t been told his whole life that being gay was going to destroy him, he might not have gone off the deep end.

      1. I don’t doubt that the guy had some sexual hangups, but autoeroticism is not homosexuality.

        1. I read that part, too. You may be right. Anyway, this story stands on its own, without my attempts to classify.

        2. Sorry but er… a liking for er… backdoor activity, doesn’t make a man gay either.

    5. “apparently under the influence of some autoerotic undertaking”…. 😯 can you hear the cynicism in the journalist’s tone? love it!!!

    6. It doesn’t say if he was married but I would feel so sorry for his wife if he was. He really went out of his way for a thrill.

  19. I wouldn’t send actual money, but I might would start a necktie offering for Rev. Brown.

    1. Was that real?
      I’ve heard of “the curse of poverty” before, but this is the first I’ve heard of someone who says he can literally exorcise “the demon of poverty.”
      Paying for that service would defeat the purpose, though, wouldn’t it?

    2. Wow. That video is nuts. Someone read the secret. Or stole The idea of the “law of attraction”. If you just believe you’ll be rich you will be. If you just believe God wants you to be rich you will be.

  20. He’s making reference to Mickey Mantle – the New York Yankees switch-hitting center-fielder of the 50s and 60s. The problem is that “The Mick” was one of several members of that team whose lives on the road were somewhat less than perfect. So there’s probably a double entendre buried somewhere in that saying, “let this mantle fall on me.”

  21. I think the nice Pastor in the full windsor tie forgot to say “Rabid” in his string of adjectives describing him.

  22. He literally brings his own tent. Kinda like a traveling circus, minus the clowns. OK, I guess the clowns come too, just in a suit and tie.

    1. Interesting notes:

      “We have a preacher proof pulpit.”

      “We have all the lighting that is necessary for each size tent and will pass city safety codes 95% of the time.”
      Uh, 95% of the time?? What if it doesn’t?

  23. Why the hell-ah do these preachers-ah say “ah” after every sentence-ah???

        1. In high school I always thought he was a total ass and dead wrong about fundies, cause other than about 3 or 4 evangelists I had seen in my days no one actually was that style fundy. Having gone to PCC and been to some extreme churches since then that do love this BS, I totally get Sam nowadays.

    1. The “ah” at the ends of words, AKA “hacking,” is due to the sharp intake of breath at the end of the word. It is stylized and is sometimes done out of imitation, but it is sometimes a natural occurrence of preaching hard and fast.

      Harry Nix and Earl Hughes…I could only ever understand about 1/4th of what Earl said, but I always liked him – he didn’t waste his time preaching against wire-rimmed glasses, etc. And, God willing, I’ll get to hear Harry again this summer. I always appreciated that, every time I’d see him at a campmeeting, he’d take time to sit and ask me how I was doing. Most of the rest of the birds, I could do without.

  24. This reminds me of a political pep rally.

    Not only are we going to New Hampshire, Tom Harkin, we’re going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico, and we’re going to California and Texas and New York … And we’re going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan, and then we’re going to Washington, D.C., to take back the White House! YAAAAAh!!!

  25. I followed the link to his church’s website. Seriously – how many “staff evangelists” does one church need? I’d err on the side of one being too many. But four? Really?

    1. I’ve always assumed “staff evangelist” was code for “this guy is well connected in our church, but he’s far to crazy for us to keep here anymore than 25% of the time”.

  26. WOW! Over 200 negative comments! We were having a discussion about my uncle Jason Kendrick.. First time I Googled him and my family and I got this thread. I can’t believe there are so many people out there who have commented on this or who are making a mockery of my uncle. It’s bad that whoever made this video has tied in my cousins, Grace, Luke, and Mark. They are just kids and should be left out.

    =( It’s very sad to see all these negative comments.

      1. The real negative is the idiot “preacher” embarrassing himself & the cause he claims to represent. There’s a huge debt of humility he owes the world after screaming at everyone for that long.

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