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    1. I’ve been reading SFL almost since the beginning–there were only a couple months of posts on the old blog site. I have never been first LOL. Ranks up there with some of life’s finer pleasures. The only better thing would be discovering a great FWOTW :mrgreen:

    and what does that say about us Chrysler owners who buy gas at Shell and watch programs on CBS…?
    I’ll tell you what-they’ve all bought a ticket on the bullet train to hell. Tsk, tsk…

    1. Analyzing for evilness is my thing, so when I see someone else doing it, I carefully consider their calling. As far as I know, I’m the only shoe standing in this gap. Plus this guy is good, too good I say. How can he have all this insight without some guidance from the devil?
      So let me attack him and his ministry.

      On his website his logo is a tree with 12 branches. This logo is ringed by a slogan “Only Way Project.” If we count the number of letters in each of these words: (only = 4), (Way = 3) and (Project = 7). That’s 4, 3 & 7. Simple math is necessary at this point.

      12 branches * (3)*(4)*(7) = 1008 Units of Evil

      Now he dares to put a verse from the Bible on his evil logo, so we need to examine this verse as well. Let’s look at this reference: Ephesians 6:12.
      If we divide the 6 by 2 that equals 3.
      Since we divided the left side of the equation by 2, we must multiply the right side by 2. 12 * (2) = 24

      Since God is not the author of confusion and the first shall be last, we need to flippigate this number 24=42

      Once the numbers are redistributed, we arrive at the number 3:42. Double dots are evil so get rid of them. This leaves us with 342 Units of Good

      If we take his sinful logo and it’s mathematical equivalent (1008) and we subtract the numbers from the Bible (342) …. Well do the math: 1008 Units of Evil – 342 Units of Good = 666.

      1. Shoes – This is your best work yet. I was really worried when I was reading your analysis that you might not be able to make the connection. But praise gid you did.

        1. It’s a doctrine, brother. The doctrine of flippigation relates to God not being the author of confusion. If a number is in a list, the first shall be last and the last first, so the doctrince is a bible based, fundamentaal of the faith.

          @ bill: flippigating a redistrubuted a double-stacked dot is a dispensational issue. It wholly depends on what age/ time period one is living in.

        1. @ bill: flippigating a redistrubuted a double-stacked dot is a dispensational issue. It wholly depends on what age/ time period one is living in.

        2. Flippigating is not for the untrained laymen, I assume? Should not be practiced without strict supervision? It sounds very easy to veer off into some kind of NBC peacock style heresy without proper guidance?

        3. one must be VERY close to gid, or myself to practice flippigation (i have the heart of gid in this area, so in some ways, it is easier just to talk to me than consult him)

  2. Third!

    Nope, still no emotional reaction.

    From their logo gallery: “APPLE – Here is the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden. The fruit has been sampled that means that people from Apple have great knowledge of the Luciferian philosophy.”

    Who comes up with this stuff?

    1. I experienced a brief moment of torture, reading this on my Macbook – would I give up my Satanic device for the sake of fundamentalism???

      No. My heart has been hardened from years of wearing Chuck Taylors to church…

    2. Good grief. Does this mean Christians shouldn’t eat apples? In my fundy churches they always made sure to specify that the tempting fruit was just fruit, we don’t know what kind of fruit it was. Same goes for Jonah’s whale. No No no, it was not a whale it was a big fish.

    3. Er, didn’t eating the forbidden fruit result in the knowledge of good and evil? And isn’t that basically what this web site puports to offer?

      1. I did peruse it for my consideration. What exactly is theobiology? Does God have a body?

        I also greatly enjoyed the refutation of the Evolutionism’s propaganda.

        And to think that I never knew that Steve Jobs was a Communist and a Darwinist.

        This, http://www.wearefishermen.com/home.html, was an advert at the bottom of the page. I especially liked the Homeless Jesus. Surfer Jesus was gnarly, dude.

        1. And rock-climber Jesus, who appears to be about to fall, is labeled “I Am Life.” Then, the bull-riding Jesus and the skateboarding Jesus. Incredibly kitschy. On a par with the classic 80s Christian t-shirt that featured Yosemite Sam brandishing two pistol with the phrase “Turn or Burn” writ large beneath him.

  3. +666 for their evil branding section. I marvel at their genius. It must have taken FOREVER to find all that hidden evil stuff in those logos.

    Now i have some studying to do.

        1. Indeed. Apparently, if a logo has a woman, ANY woman in it, then it’s Isis. If it has rays, ANY rays, then its sun worship. And if it has a circle, no matter what is color or design, it is a symbol of the sun used by “many secret societies.”

          How simple and convenient it all is! I believe G.K. Chesterton called that the surest sign of insanity. 🙄

        2. I have a tattoo of a Smily Sun on my ass cheek. (honestly, i do). Does that mean I’m a Pagan Sun-Worshiper?

        3. If I ever became a Fundy preacher i would be able to say, with more honesty than most, that the sun *does* shine out of my ass….

  4. I’m so disappointed they don’t have any logos listed under music. C’mon guys…Rolling Stones and Goats Head Soup for starters 🙂

    1. ah, duh, I guess that’s a little too obvious.
      well, I’m still new to this…
      “please be patient with me,
      God isn’t finished with me yet”

  5. Quote: “Why are the oceans red on the logo? Are they filled with the blood of the innocent or something? I mean what are we supposed to think? And why are the continents grey? Are they completely paved with concrete? I especially like the way “Bechtel” is stamped over the planet as if it was saying “We own this place, get the hell off our propriety”.

    Ohhh … they said naughty words. Not sure how “fundy” that is

    1. Red and grey… or else the designer is an Ohio State fan. 🙄
      On the other hand, this might make the football games in Columbus suddenly much more interesting.

  6. This guy (I assume it is just one guy) is going to be so excited with the number of hits his website gets today.

    Based on the number of comments, it looks like he gets very little web traffic.

  7. I’m going to pretend this is satire cause then it’s hilarious. My fav so far is the mcDonalds logo, “It’s not a letter!” I assume he means it’s two horns? But i thought maybe it’s two happy blinky eyes, cute.

    1. I just found out that my daughter-in-law and her friends had a nickname for the Golden Arches, when they were 13 and 14. “The Golden Boobs.” 😳

  8. All comments are 0’s. Awesome. I actually wrote him and told him that most of his logo explanations were wrong. Should be an interesting reply if I get one.

    1. Trust me when I say, you will get absolutely nowhere with him. Oh, and if you do get a response, prepare to be flamed and possibly called a “2nd generation Christian” – whatever that means.

      1. @ Stephen, Oh don’t worry, I’ve been called worse – reprobate – because I told someone drinking alcohol in moderation is not wrong.

  9. Wow, that’s some crazy, right there. This is the kind of thing that pushed me right out the door of religion pretty much altogether. In my case it happened to be a screed on the evils of Halloween. When I realized that if I took *another* step back and looked at what I believed myself, I realized it might seem pretty crazy, too.

    BTW, the BMW logo is actually a depiction of a white propeller flying in a blue sky, not Masonic tiles. Or is that just what we’re *supposed* to believe? Duh duh DUHHHHH.

    1. @ Stony, and the Starbucks logo is far from being and Egyptian goddess. She represents a Siren from ancient Greek mythology. She used to be totally nude with the picture panned out so you actually see that she was a mermaid.

  10. I find it hilarious that NBC uses a rainbow’d peacock for a logo, and the best this guy can come up with is it is somehow “illuminating”. I’ve heard something about illuminating before, I have no clue what he’s talking about or what it is.

    1. I well remember when the peacock was introduced. It was to highlight the introduction of color to television broadcasts. This guy is probably too young to remember that.

    2. Yeah, why doesn’t he say that the peacock was the symbol of Hera, the Greek queen of goddesses, and it was supposed to represent the eyes of Argos, the watcher. So in one fell swoop you have false gods plus the horrible EYE symbolism again!

    3. NBC was the first TV network to broadcast all its programs in color, and the peacock was introduced to advertise this. A peacock is a very colorful bird, get it?

      After seeing the NBC peacock so much, I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to see real peacocks and learn that they don’t really have a rainbow design of different-colored feathers in their tails.

  11. My word he found something wrong with just about every logo. Graphic designers must hate him.

    See the problem here is that if you have to look so hard and dig so deep to find these conspiracies why not waste your time on something that actually is a net gain for society, or at least a net gain for yourself.

    1. It is sort of like playing cards. Well at one time in ancient something or another there was a small village that may have used these cards to summon satan himself. So now 6000 years later we still cannot play with these cards because someone, somewhere may still have that association. And you might become demoned possessed.

    1. America is free enough he can create & maintain his idiotic website, but apparently there’s some freedom he’s been deprived of that Americans need to give the rest of the world hope.

      1. I posted the following prayer request. It’s waiting for moderation. I doubt it would go through.

        I pray that the webmaster would receive website editing tools from Above, so that he would refrain from posting bogus links that are not pleasing to god. Also, my request is that he would gain spiritual insight on graphic design so that he would be better qualified to critique corporate logos.


        1. I was thinking of posting a prayer request that the web master gets the mental help & possibly meds he needs to control whatever his condition is. That’s probably a bit over the top, so I don’t think I’m gonna post it.

  12. http://onlyway.com/christianlibrary/

    Charles Spurgeon is a top Christian author? Really. Did he forget that Spurgeon was a stodgy old Reformed theologan that believed in predestination?

    Jonathan Edwards is listed as well. I guess “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God” sounds enough like a fundy sermon. Maybe the guy should read it.

    And the best author in the Christian library? Satan himself.

    Someone point me to the forums. I have a weird fundy situation

  13. This guy is a real idiot. The Dairy Queen Logo started as the smile on a childs lips after licking an icecream cone. I remember the commercials. And the peacock? It introduced the wonder of color to television. What a space cadet… 🙄

  14. My favorite is Monsanto where he tells us that the green AG in the word imagine stands for the periodic symbol for silver and clearly they are all about alchemy.

    Or you know, it could stand for “agriculture” which is the business they are in…. 🙄

  15. Because, there’s nothing that makes someone want to be a Christian more than a big, smack-you-in-your-face banner at the top that says, “ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN?”

    Assault Soul-winning! It’ll save the world!!!


  16. Reading this website, I wonder what the people who wrote the articles for “The Fundamentals” a century ago would feel if they were to behold what has become of the movement they generated. I have the book. It was the work of a couple dozen Christian scholars, representing a wide denominational spectrum. By today’s standards, most of them they would be considered scholarly mainstream evangelicals.

    Fundamentalism has become SO negative, fragmented, mindless, jingoistic, and paranoid. 😥

    1. The company my husband works for is owned by P&G. Easter is a paid holiday for all of their employees. I’m sure that’s a cover for their satanism!

  17. Internet Explorer: This logo uses likeness of Saturn and thus perpetuates its worship.

    I’ve never met anyone that worshiped Internet Explorer for any reason.

    1. My favorite (old) IE joke:
      News flash: Microsoft is going to acquire Electrolux. Bill Gates says he’s determined to finally put out a product that doesn’t suck.

  18. I wonder what he’d think of the SFL logo. Surely Darrell would get some points for including pics of Sunday, Spurgeon, and Sheffey, but he surrounded them in black which is of course the color of evil. Likewise there is a reference to Juno which is evil because that’s a reference to false gods. In addition, two of the pictures are hard to see – one looks like a pile of rocks and the other an obscure book title. I know that God is not the God of confusion, so unclear pictures cannot be of God.

    Now the fact that the title has three words in in should be a sign of goodness because the number 3 is holy, but if you look at the initials, you see something more sinister: S is like a snake, F has bad connotations to a certain four-letter word (plus it’s the sixth letter of the alphabet and six is the number of man), and L which if you say outloud sounds like you’re saying “hell” with a Cockney accent, thus the title is truly not avoiding all appearance of evil.

    1. Oh, yeah, I forgot to add that letters are superimposed over the faces of these men of God showing disrespect to them. Thus the logo of this website is actually allied to the forces of darkness! So whadya think about that, you people who are always posting on here?

      1. Thank you, Shoes! I do enjoy metaphor and imagery, but numbers are beyond me, so I bow before your acknowledged mastery of arithmatic manipulation!

  19. Is this for real? Seriously? I read the “critiques” of the corporate logos, and they all come off as something written as satire here! Really…if he’s serious, he’s basically circled back around and turned into satire…

      1. So this isn’t even new crap – it is recycled crap. When I was a kid we were stocking up on canned goods because the godless communists were going to invade and we would need to be able to live in the wilderness.

        1. My parents started stocking a LOT of canned goods in the basement in the 70s, but eventually we just ate them all.

        2. My fundy former inlaws lived way out in the boondocks (like, dirt and gravel roads and sometimes the bridge was out), and as time went by I came to find out that all the people who lived out there were like religious fringe people who had tractor trailers in their yards stocked with supplies for the end of time. I thought it was super weird then, but now I see that apparently that line of thought is not uncommon for lots of fundies. I was always unclear about how canned goods, bottled water, and ammunition were going to be of much help if the world were really ending! 😯

  20. If I don’t have an acre to my name to plant a crisis garden am I out of the lord’s will because I should be living out in the country separate from the world?

    Don’t answer that 🙄

  21. Ha! I just clicked the government symbols! He can’t possibly be that uniformed as to why the Seal of the United States would have so many 13’s on it can he?

  22. Just filled out the, “are you a Christian questionnaire” Got this fantastic response:

    “We are very sorry to tell you this but based on what the Bible clearly teaches and your answers if you died at this moment you will spend eternity in Hell.”

    Did it again with the “correct” answers and got this:

    “Congratulations! Based on your answers and what the Bible clearly teaches if you died this moment you would go to heaven and live forever with God.”

    No comments on how many things are terribly wrong about this.

    1. I had to take the quiz, and I’m sorry to say that I’m going to Hell. Why? Because I believe that sin is an act of rebellion against God, apparently, and not “Lying, stealing, cheating, murder, adultery, {and/or} homosexuality”.

    2. Thank you for pointing that out!

      I’m glad to learn that if you want to get to heaven you have to now buy the heresy that Jesus was only God, and not a human. I checked, if you put “man” you are going to hell, you have to put God, and there is no “God-Man” or “100%/100%’ option, Jesus was only God, time to rework all those passages about 1st Adam/2nd Adam! 🙂

      Also if you put you don’t think Hell is a real/physical place, that’s enough to send you to hell now.

      1. Oh nice! Just checked the first question too! You can answer all the questions “correctly”, and if you don’t list that you are “100% sure you are saved”, just that little sliver of a doubt about it is enough to send you to hell for eternity. No doubters allowed in heaven, buckaroos. Sorry.

  23. So the bite in the Apple logo means that the people at Apple Inc. have “sampled luciferian philosophy.” I knew there was a reason that I am such a big Apple fan. I am caught in th clutches of those filthy devil worshipers! BTW I wrote this comment on my iPad. 😈

  24. Supposedly “vodaphone” has three 6’s hidden in its logo. Well, if you insisted on reading those figures as numbers it would more accurately be 669, but anyone can tell those are quotation marks – which we use to signify when someone is TALKING!!!

    SFL: purposefully choosing to see evil where there is no evil intent

  25. I grew up with this ignorant crap, then I got out into the world and was an art major at a University. Incredibly, artists are just a bunch of low paid guns for hire who really are not trying to seduce your children and enslave the populace with Subliminal Seduction (fav redick book of my fundy childhood, jackals in liquor ad ice cubes? really?)

    1. Their ability to see evil in others is astounding. I can’t believe that they are still going with the Procter and Gamble logo after the rumors have been so widely debunked.

      1. Rose, yeah in the 80s, advertiser on Madison Ave ( in eeeeeevil NYC) were drawing evil images in the ice cubes, where you subconscious was being seduced to buy….buy……BUY….

        Looking back, I think it was all just imagined professional jealousy.

        1. Either, or both. I loved how Obama said ‘I produced it because I don’t have time for this silliness!” Well, what HAS been taking up his time for the past two and a half years, because I don’t recall him doing anything useful.

  26. If both Apple & Microsoft (via IE) are evil, is at least Linux or Chrome OS safe to go online with? I’d like to know what browser he uses to surf with, and shouldn’t his website filter IE & Safari traffic and not display to anyone surfing with them?

    1. Don’t forget the primary rule of most fundy despots: the rules don’t apply to me and/or I’m holy enough to withstand all the eeeeville of the world, but you aren’t.

  27. all the info from his website is from a book that explores the astronomical symbols used by fortune 500 companies. The author was featured on Art Bells overnight show about two years ago…all this info is just a copy of that. Nothing to see here folks…run along…

  28. It’s gotta be satire. Did anyone look at the explanation under the “Bechtel” logo? It reads just like something a commenter here would have written.

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