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  1. I really love that the Macy’s corporate logo is a symbol of “hard-core Communism.” It makes perfect Fundy-sense ™ that one of the top retailers in the world is actually a communist front because of its LOGO. Its not Fundy unless its symbolism over substance.

    1. Tom Macy lived on nantucket. as the whaling industry began failing (they had harvested too many whales), Macy began sailing and trading. He had bad fortune and lost a ton of money. At some point he got a red star tattoo. His luck seemed to improve after this. he started a store “Macy’s”, choses his logo (his red star tattoo), and the rest is history

  2. Is he kidding?

    Oldsmobile logo a sign of the upside-down cross?

    The logo is a rocket, based in the 1950’s on a car they called “rocket 88” because of the space age combine with the futuristic (Olds were known for “guinea pigging” new features as real world reliability pilots before making them commonplace on their other vehiclesrenamed Delta 88

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