ABC Uncovers More Abuse Allegations. This Time It’s At New Beginnings Girls Academy

These folks are from the New Beginnings Girls Academy, an Independent Fundamental Baptist boarding school in La Russell, Mo.

The New Beginnings Girls Academy is a direct descendant of the infamous Roloff homes.

According to the ABC report which details some pretty awful stuff, not much has changed since the first stories of this kind broke back in the 70’s.

It’s my understanding that Susan James Donaldson has worked tirelessly on this piece. She is the one who tracked down current victims (something she had to find, to validate it was still going on). She deserves a big shout out from all of us.

18 thoughts on “ABC Uncovers More Abuse Allegations. This Time It’s At New Beginnings Girls Academy”

  1. One of the saddest things about the ABC report is that the reason one girl was sent to the school was that she’d been gang-raped, sending her into depression, rebellion, and destructive behavior. Unfortunately, the home for girls didn’t help her but only further victimized her.

    1. It’s no accident. Predators love previous victims, and setting up a “shelter” is about as strong a bait to draw in fresh easy victims as there is.

  2. Makes me wonder if she’s talked with any of the Hepzibah House surviviors. The things they’ve brought to light about that particular “school” are shocking. Not at all surprised that others are like it or worse, especially since this was a Roloff knock-off. (No funny intended.) 😡

  3. I was pained as I read this. It is so unfair to these girls and young women to be treated as animals. At a time when they need God and his love most, they are shown neither. How an organization could possibly say they are Christian and treat people like this is wicked. As my blood began to boil, I began envisioning daily email attacks that I could send to this scumbag and his church (I’m sure some “House of god” is claiming this loser.)

    I could rant and rave but the bible has something to say about it. Better that a millstone be hung about their neck and they be cast into the sea than to offend one of these. One day, this pig and his pig cronies will stand before God and they will answer for their wicked, sick actions. And that will be bad, bad, bad for them.

    Make God bless the girls still in their care. May his love shine down on them and free them from the yoke of bondage placed on them by sin and by man.

    1. Standing before God is all well and good but I’d like to see those wastes of oxygen standing before a judge. Those poor ladies deserve a little earthly justice, IMHO.

  4. I got physically sick to my stomach reading that article. I don’t even have any words to comment.

    1. Same here. I feel nauseous, and the only thing I can think of to do is thank God I was never in such a situation, and pray to Him for real help for these girls. The ones who really are “wayward”–may they get the help they actually need. The ones who are just ordinary–may they be rescued from this and may they not be negatively affected by it!

  5. With these stories coming out, my own childhood in the IFB, other’s stories….its become clear to me that IFB “parents” just don’t want to raise their own children, they want an institution to do it for them. Nanny State? How about Nanny Church.

  6. Is it a coincidence that the school featured here was once located in Devil’s Elbow, Missouri?

  7. The weakest and most helpless have no advocate in Fundamentalism. It breaks my heart that places like this still exist.

  8. I was in that home. Actually. I am in that picture… They actually refused a girl from bein in that picture because she would not smile! She would not pretend to be happy… I played the game for awhile in hopes I would get out sooner. I did get my life straightened out there… But that was more a matter of bein taken outta the situation I was in before bein sent there. The only good I got was bein able to look back at the road I was on. I did get saved in the home and now strongly believe the Bible and in God. But I do not follow it the way the home taught. They try and remove you Completely from the world. They do not teach you to live in the world. Once I got out I had no idea how to go about “adult like” things, and still have some troubles. I have been out a little over a year now. Bro MacNamara tried to hold me there as long as he could and successfully did so for 2 and a half years by tellin my parents it was “dangerous” for me to leave. Constantly tellin them I need More help. I had so much happen to me that I could not believe they were legally aloud to do. Which is why they keep moving states. They’re aren’t aloud to do more then half the things they do. But they do anyways. I have also witnessed a lot of things they did to other girls as well. Everytime I’d tell them “When I get home I Will make sure you get shut down” they would laugh at me and say “We’ve been investigated many of times. And apparently we’re doin somin right because we aint been shut down yet” I hate that they’ve gotten away with the things they have been doin for so long. And as many times of bein investigated. They Still get away with it! It upsets me. The girls who Will stand up and tell the investigators what really goes on Bro Mac will Not allow them to speak to the people that come. I was one that was never allowed to speak to them. I just want to see these girls get the help they Really need! I haven’t let it affect me the way most have. But I am also strong enough to just say its done and over with now. I can move forward in life. A lot of the other girls have nightmares and emotional scars and will not even talk about the home really. It just upsets me that these people continue to get away with it. If you would like to contact me feel free to do so. I will answer any questions you can to the best of my ability and memory. My email is please send with the subject NBGA.

  9. Susan, I am a survivor of that school from 2003. where can i tell you about my story? ❓

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