238 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Truth in Nomenclature”

  1. We-say-we-are-not-really-like-THOSE-legalist-cult-like-Baptist-IFB-churches-but-we-are-Baptist Church.

    (Remember, if it looks like a duck , walks like a duck, dresses like a duck and quacks like a duck-ITS A DUCK.)

  2. The We Have a Creationist Theme Park Baptist Church

    (It separated from the We Didn’t Descend from Monkeys Baptist Church for being too liberal.)

  3. Here goes: after I fled a cult the first church I found was CBA-Conservative Baptist. I discovered grace there. This was 1976. I was never told how to dress. I played my electric guitar in church. My wild-haired friend was welcomed lovingly by blue-haired old ladies. It was a place of nurture, love, grace and truth. Normal Baptists– which made them abnormal, I guess!

    1. I was just told by an elderly gent that today was his last Sunday at our church. He doesn’t like the music – no surprise there – but he also said we didn’t have a sanctuary anymore. 🙁 I’m glad the blue-haired old ladies welcomed your friend. I never saw this guy reach out to anyone.

    2. Believe me, this is normal. All churches are not Fundy (in fact, most are not). I’ve seen blue-haired old people, crew-cut Marines, and others you wouldn’t expect, lovingly welcome long-haired hippies, tattooed “alternative” types, hoboes, people of every race and nationality (including some undocumented immigrants), single mothers with misbehaving kids, and lots of other “ousider” folks to their churches. I don’t know if that happens in the majority of churches, but it’s much more common than many people suppose.

      1. “Outsider,” I mean, not “ousider.” Although they probably welcome ousiders, too, whatever they are.

  4. 😀 The-“who farted in the vestibule for the umpteenth time today and made it smell like burning sulfur” church.

    The “in the woods next to a prison and mental ward” church. 😮 😆 😉 :mrgreen: 😎

  5. KJV 1611 Baptist Church (Even though we don’t actually use the 1611 and probably wouldn’t be able to read it if we saw it)

    Every time I see/hear a church claim they use the KJV 1611, I have to groan. I actually tried to explain it to one pastor and even showed him a copy of a 1611, but he just didn’t seem to get it. Though he was very gracious about it. He didn’t get angry that a woman in the church dared to correct him! 😛

  6. The (x^n)th Baptist Church, More Reformed, Holier, and Separated than the (x…x^(n-1)th) Baptist Churches Who Have All Compromised With The World.

  7. Oops…that should be (1…((x^n)-1)th) Baptist Churches…should not do this on three hours’ sleep. 😳

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