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  1. This is not going to be a five minute read, I have to see more of this later. Just the following quote from the web site baffles me.

    Even professed Christians walk around with this heliocentric deception–in spite of scriptures such as Isaiah 38:8 that clearly teach that the sun moves. It is the earth that stands still. To most of us, this sounds so far out–but why? Our own eyes tell us that the sun rises and sets. We even say, “the sun is rising,” “the sun is setting”. Why does it sound so far out when someone says the sun actually has a circuit? It is because a spinning earth hurling through “space” (actually the firmament) like a ball shot out of a canon has been pounded into our heads from our youth. We succumbed to the teaching assault. We did not know any better

    1. NICE! I’ve been wanting to find someone for years who would say they thought the earth was created with the “appearance of round shape”, but is actually flat. Might’ve found some people who will go for it.

    2. So the Earth is a flat square? The KJV Bible definitely refers in Revelation to the “four corders of the Earth”, and don’t you dare contradict the Bible! Time to say “good-bye” to your brain…..

        1. If the earth is square, why isn’t the moon square, too?

          💡 Oh, maybe it is, and the sky is lying to us! IT’S A CONSPIRACY!

        2. Oh, the sky is such a deceiver! Oh, yes.

          I know the earth is round because globes are round.



        3. Hey, Greg, true story. I was working with a guy who believed that the astronauts on the moon never happened and was a conspiracy. I said, “Problem is, I personally know one of the medics who did the pre and post mission physicals on the astronauts of Apollo 11.”

          He paused a while and said, “Oh, so she went to the desert of California, too.”

          I had to laugh. 😉

        1. the scaring thing is that there are Christians out there who would be willing to DIE for a figure of speech… Is “Common Sense” mentioned in the King James Bible?

    3. 😯 😯 😯

      It’s an old trope to call people who deny some aspect of science “flat-earthers.” But I had no idea that there are real, genuine flat-earthers who are literate enough to post stuff on the Internet (admittedly, that’s a pretty low bar, but still …).

      1. tlorz – It’s true, and we have an SFL field trip going there, the bus fare is only 2.50 and pack your own lunch. I understand that the children will be handing out handwritten copies of the Gospel of John, circa 1611, for free will offerings. Take all the pictures you want. The men-of-God are in secure locations however they do allow them to pontificate to the crowds, gives it an old-time revival feel, but remember they can’t physically touch you, and earplugs are available for those that don’t want quite that much authenticity. So will you be joining us?

    4. OMG–
      This is so totally my husband’s grandfather and mother. They believed that the four corners of the earth meant that it had to be flat. My MIL never believed the earth was round, never. And my husband’s grandfather was a Southern hell-fire-damnation preacher. And of course that NASA stuff–well that was all a hoax. No one on that side of the family had ever gone to an institution of higher learning. It’s all just so unbelievable that it is unbelievable to me.

  2. What a unknown gem of a site, thanks Darrell

    Life without toilet paper. What if you could not buy toilet paper? Many in this world would consider American toileting habits unsanitary. You may go in a bathroom with no toilet paper at all. There may only be water and soap. Many live without toilet paper. If you were unable to obtain toilet paper, what would you do? It is useful to see how others from the past and present have taken care of these needs. Look at the bidet. If you have a sink in your bathroom you can arrange your own kind of bidet. Some have kept a bucket of salt water to attend to toilet needs. I don’t know how all these things worked, but I know that the future of my people is the woods and doing without so I must make explorations

      1. My mom’s relatives out in the boonies back in the 1940s had an outhouse and used old catalogues/newspapers for TP. My mom’s family would always bring their own TP when they visited. My mom’s family was VERY poor, but they did have enough $ for TP!

        1. I’ve heard that in the pre-TP days, many outhouses would have a bucket of corncobs for bum-cleaning purposes. I’m not sure I believe it, but supposedly some privies had just one corncob hung on a string, for everyone to use.
          Also, people would supposedly plant mullein (known as the sh–house plant), or some other plant with big, soft leaves next to the outhouse, so it would be handy. That didn’t work in winter, though.

          There’s also a popular, apocryphal story about a farmer who wrote to Sears Roebuck asking the company to send him toilet paper. Sears wrote back, asking for the catalog number (as young folks may not know, Sears used to be a mail-order company with a huge catalog that included almost everything). The farmer answered, “If I had a catalog, would I need toilet paper?”

          Actually, TP as we know it probably came in with flush toilets. Unlike outhouses or chamber pots, toilets will clog if you put newspaper or magazine pages in them, so you need a more delicate and soluble variety of paper that will go through the plumbing.

        2. We lived out in the boonies too, but Dad finally got a job down at the factory and fore long we got enough money to carpet the bathroom, he worked a bunch of overtime and and we decided to run the carpet right on up to the house.

        3. Big Gary said: “I’ve heard that in the pre-TP days, many outhouses would have a bucket of corncobs for bum-cleaning purposes. I’m not sure I believe it, but supposedly some privies had just one corncob hung on a string, for everyone to use.”

          Now you know where the saying “Rough as a cob” came from 😀

      1. Ditto!! Only we use family cloth for #1 and regular tp for #2.

        I’ve started using cloth for my ‘monthly’, too.

        My doctor recommended both because I was constantly having girly issues…. Not a single problem in two years!

        /TMI posting

        1. Yay, a fellow cloth pad devotee! I *love* my cloth pads. And I concur that they prevent nasty infections and other unpleasant problems.

  3. I am sorry to hog the boards but this is too much. This is the last and I’m off.

    I am working up a series of pictures of how to make and use a sink bidet. I will hope Darrel will post them here for your enjoyment.

  4. This is just sad. I’ve stood up for some fundy thought here on this blog in the comments section because I still lean in many ways toward my roots. Still, this is too much.

    Why does everyone have to burn stuff? Seriously, stop.

    1. No joke. Someone in his family needs to step up and get him some help. This thing has all the markings of someone that needs meds. Unchecked/managed paranoia rarely ends well.

  5. I love the hand-drawn seal at the top of the site. Looks like something from a Wes Anderson movie.

    I also like the Fundy semantics in “What is Biblical Scholarship.” Referring to Webster’s? Check. Attempting a syllogism from Webster’s? Check. Somehow getting “the Authorized Version” in the conclusion? Check.

    Bibliolatry at its best.

  6. This site is a “How To” primer for creating a Christian Taliban.

    12 Tests to know if you are a psychotic King James worshipping cult fanatic. If you are this anal retentive then george can’t even help you.

    1. “or Sheba” not “and Sheba” in Joshua 19:2
    2. “sin” not “sins” in 2 Chronicles 33:19
    3. “Spirit of God” not “spirit of God” in Job 33:4
    4. “whom ye” not “whom he” in Jeremiah 34:16
    5. “Spirit of God” not “spirit of God” in Ezekiel 11:24
    6. “flieth” not “fleeth” in Nahum 3:16
    7. “Spirit” not “spirit” in Matthew 4:1
    8. “further” not “farther” in Matthew 26:39
    9. “bewrayeth” not “betrayeth” in Matthew 26:73
    10. “Spirit” not “spirit” in Mark 1:12
    11. “spirit” not “Spirit” in Acts 11:28
    12. “spirit” not “Spirit” in 1 John 5:8

    This is Bible Translation Idolatry.

    1. On “Spirit” vs. “spirit,” etc.:
      I was going to say that in the Biblical languages there is no capital letter/small letter distinction. Then I remembered that for these people, the King James Version supecedes and is superior to the original texts, so my point is irrelevant. Silly me.

        1. I’m still praying for guidance on this matter! But since I have not decided, it might be best for you to separate from me in anticipation of my answer. Or you could just separate because I have doubts about something that you don’t think I should have doubts about. Either way the safest course is separation. Besides, you might need to know, I have a friend who is an ardent whomheite!

  7. So the Earth is a flat square? The KJV Bible definitely refers in Revelation to the “four corners of the Earth”, and don’t you dare contradict the Bible! Time to say “good-bye” to your brain…..

  8. Once again, we have some people ignorant (probably on purpose) of the fact that there are three versions of the KJV: the 1762 Oxford, the 1769 Cambridge and the 1873 Unified. I know Zondervan uses the 1873, Nelson uses the 1769, and apparently Cambridge is waffling between two. It would be interesting to have a list of the major publishers and which KJV they use.

    1. Yeah, I just don’t understand this position that the 1611 Authorized KJV only fundies take. It is either out of pure ignorance or deception…neither one is good.

      1. “…It is either out of pure ignorance or deception…”

        Bingo. My first steps out of fundyland were initiated by my studying of the KJVO issue. Once I was convinced that a KJVO is wrong my thought process went something like:

        Why are the fundies (preacher and the faithful) unaware of this? Are they ignorant about it? If they are, what else are they ignorant about? If they know about it but they are being deceitful, what else are they being deceitful about?

        Talk about your slippery slopes. It didn’t take long after that for my fundy house of cards to come tumbling down. Which has been a good thing.

  9. Close your eyes and imagine, if only for a moment, the good that could be done if people like this focused the enormous amount of time and energy put into yelling at Christians to burn their Bibles and instead directed that same intensity into doing what was actually IN that bible. Caring for widows, fathering the fatherless, sharing the unmeasurable love of Christ with those they meet. Granted, this guy seems to be extreme even by fundy standards, but to be honest…he’s not THAT extreme.

        1. @ Papa Bear – “Hey, ma’am, don’t you dare bend over to pick that purse up lest you cause a man to see your bottom and SIN!” 😉

  10. For some reason my mind is stuck on the idea of a loose leaf kjv in a box,with extra copies to give away. How big a stack would a kjv printed on regular paper make? Can I just hand someone a few pages? I am also picturing my kids having the papers strewn from on end of the house to the other;although maybe if they were properly trained that wouldn’t be an issue. 🙄

      1. I actually have a funny to train up a child story. In the first package of homeschool curriculum my mom ordered they sent a copy as a ‘bonus’. I somehow came across it before my mom,flipped through it and decided I needed to hide it immediately. Just recently my mom mentioned to someone in my hearing that she never heard of that book,is it good? I just laughed. I did explain why I was laughing,and my mom thought it was funny also.

    1. Forsooth! Thinkest thou that thy speech may be a paradigm for scholars? Nay! Thy present speech be not conformable to that of the best of thy betters of ages past. Bona Fortuna!

    2. More to the point, how do you teach Spanish with an ENGLISH Bible.
      Lats time I checked, the only language used in the KJV was an archaic form of english. So teaching any other language using the Bible as a textbook is bound to fail.

      1. I’m still wondering how you’d teach and history that would have occurred after, say, the Old Testament. The NT doesn’t really focus on history, so…

      2. I think my favorite subject in the list is “Deaf Studies”. I only see the word deaf used 15 times in the KJV, mostly about healing or willfully not listening. Or maybe they’re referring to Luke 1:62-63. Either way, I think I know a few signs some Deaf people might show me if I called these verses “Deaf Studies”!

    3. At my IFB school my English teacher made it quite clear that the KJV was the perfect model for all English grammar. Have a grammar question? See how King James’ scholars did it.

        1. With that particular technique, it’s a lot harder to write with block capitals than in cursive.

  11. I’m just so sad for his poor daughter. How will she grow up? Is there any hope for her to readjust to life? Probably not. That’s heartbreaking. I seem to remember seeing another FWOTW (a church with a seminary in NY maybe) where the pastor said he taught using biblical scholarship. Maybe someone else remembers that as well.

    1. Yeah, when I read all about how wise and learned little Hannah already is, all I could think about was how twisted and warped little Hannah is going to grow up to be, if she isn’t already.

  12. This guy took Y2K seriously.
    Mainstream IFB uses folks like this to illustrate that they are not extreme, because, this guy, he is exteme but we are “normal”.

  13. Soooo, if the Cambridge people are heathens, then what about that King James fellow who had the KJV translated to meet his needs, discourage rebellion against his kingdom, and, even as Queen Elizabeth II put it in this last Christmas address, translate it in a way to keep peace among nations. You know, instead of literally.

    I mean, if we WANT to get technical.

  14. Let me see if I understand…she’s living simply–off the land as much as she can–so much that she realized that she was to handsew her clothes. Yet she got all this craziness posted on the INTERNET?????

  15. Okay, I have a confession to make. I read the big points of these sites, but honestly, after about a minute of these lengthy fundy sites (because they write so damn much), the lint on my carpet becomes more interesting.

    I get the main jist and I’m done.

  16. “The word of God has something to say about every subject–Reading, Writing, Counting, Mathematics, Science, Astronomy, Geometry, Husbandry, Sewing, Carpentry, History, Law & Government, Economics, Music, Medicine, Chemistry, Linguistics, Foreign Language Acquisition, Metallurgy, Deaf Studies, and Everything Else.”

    But apparently not a word about website design. Jesus should really get on that.

  17. How is the “education” that this woman is subjecting her daughter to even legal? It boggles the mind, especially when she says that the girl’s education was basically done at seven or something.

    1. Leah, the reason why the girl’s education was basically done at seven is so she can get on with the more important tasks of learning to do housework, take care of babies, and learn how to be a good, little subservient wife someday. Book learning’s not important for girls you know.

      Does anyone else agree that that attitude sounds terribly old-fashioned–like from, say, the 17th century?

    1. Tony, I beg of you, please stop posting links to this boat load of crazy! Each link makes me feel like I am sinking deeper into quicksand.

      Of course no one is forcing me to actually click on the link. 😆

  18. I have a linguistic bone to pick with this guy, specifically concerning this quote on the main site: “The providentially established and correct text has, among other things, “Geba” not “Gaba” at Ezra 2:26.”

    This shows an appalling lack of knowledge of biblical languages. How can anyone call themselves an expert on the Bible and not know ANYTHING about biblical languages?

    Now, I do not know Hebrew, but I do know some Arabic, and I can’t think they’re too much different from each other. And in Arabic there would be NO DIFFERENCE between “Geba” and “Gaba”! In Arabic they would be spelled and pronounced exactly the same way. And since in Hebrew they don’t write vowels either (and I’m sure that like in Arabic they have less vowels than in English) I bet it’s the same situation.

    Sorry for the vent, but ignorance like that bugs me.

  19. Okay, here’s a thought: If a perfect copy of the KJV is that important, instead of printing out the whole Bible, print one page with the 12 corrections on it, cut them out, and place them in the proper pages of the King James you already have. Nine of them are only spelling or capitalization errors, one uses a plural instead of a singular, only three actually use a different word, and none of them change the meaning of the text.

  20. I love how the KJVO’s cling to the “1611” Ha! Where is the Apocrypha? Looks like a later revision and not the original beloved 1611 KJB.
    John 3:16 in the 1611
    For God so loued ye world, that he gaue his only begotten Sonne: that whosoeuer beleeueth in him, should not perish, but haue euerlasting life.

    1. Tee-hee. I’m looking forward to the “anniversary editions” of the KJV this year so that I can finally get a really original KJV (still my fav. translation) with the deuterocanonicals! :mrgreen:

      1. We have something like that. From somewhere, where I don’t know, my husband found a Bible printed as it was in 1611. Spelling and everything. F’s for S’s and V’s for both U’s and V’s and I don’t know what else. I was barely able to read it. For the average person it would be gibberish.

        1. I just realized how that post sounded. For clarification, I’d taken college courses on literature and once we had to read a page or two of Canterbury Tales in the original spelling. That’s how I got familiar with the spellings.

        2. As an English major, I read most of Chaucer and most of Shakespeare, and some other medieval and renaissance writings, all in the original spellings and original vocabulary. So I can read the King James version without looking too many words up in the Oxford English Dictionary. But why should I? Some of the more recent versions are more accurate and more carefully prepared. The state of scholarship in the early 17th century just wasn’t what it was in the late 20th century. Plus, recent translations don’t give you the enormous confusion caused by some words having different meanings 400 years ago than they have now.

  21. “Just give us the text that has established itself as the standard text of the Holy Bible, an old fashioned, Christ exalting, devil kicking, Authorized King James Bible. To the best of my understanding this is the 1769 edition of the 1611 King James Bible with a few minor printing errors and spellings corrected along the way in the 1800’s.”

    if i understand this correctly, these people are ok with the 1769 version (Christ-exalting, devil-kicking, etc) of the King James, which itself had spelling revisions. but they’re BURNING later editions of the KJV for having similar revisions? and why the 1769? because they’re used to it (old-fashioned = “what i had when i was young”)? excellent reason to burn other Bibles.

  22. This sentence is just dripping with such a telling point-of-view:
    “…and like many males showed an amazing ability to speak in complete sentences at two years old.”
    Yeah. Apparently, she thinks he was probably reading two years before the female child examples. She can’t say definitively, but “probably.”

    Also, (there is so, so much in the site, but I’ll stop after this haha) having a child reading at 4 isn’t super magical and the result of using only the KJV as the textbook. Plenty of children can manage that. As deluded as all the rest of that mess is, though, I’m sure if someone tried to burst that bubble, there would be some defense about evil conspiracies and corruptions caused by believing the sun is the center of the solar system. 🙄

    1. With enough drilling, you can teach a parrot to read (or at least recite what’s on the page). But understanding what it’s reading is another thing entirely.

    2. Heh, yeah, my feeble womanly brains could only manage to learn how to read at 3 (and relatively fluidly at 4; my sister was an epic teacher). Clearly I’m not anywhere as intelligent as boys.

    1. The dangers of libraries?

      Well, I guess a stack of books might fall on you, or something like that …

      The library in my town was flooded once, but nobody was hurt. However, they had to re-do the floors and replace all the reading materials that had been on lower shelves.

      On the whole, there a lot more injuries in churches than in libraries.

  23. Oh my goodness! I’ve been living with this basic error all of my life: “The providentially established and correct text has, among other things, “Geba” not “Gaba” at Ezra 2:26″

    I’m glad I got that cleared up before I die. I could have been inadvertently condemned to Hell.

    As a 1950’s Chairman of the Texas School Board said “If King James English was good enough for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for me!”

  24. Oh, my. Where to begin? Well, I’ll start somewhere

    “No other Bible version will work in Biblical Scholarship because the modern versions, written by modern deceived man, are not the word of God.”

    Hate to burst your bubble there, but the KJV is a modern translation, translated into Early Modern English by guys wearing tights to be exact.


    If you want really OLD and non-“deceived” English, you’d have to go way, way back to great works from before modern deceived man, like Beowulf, Sir Gawain & the Green Knight, or St Bede the Venerable’s great Catholic work, The Ecclesiastical History of England.

    Don’t forget St. Bede the Venerable’s really early translations of parts of the Bible into really Old English. Since that’s the oldest translation of the Bible into English, clearly it must be the only word of God that would work for Biblical Scholarship.

    1. Oh, but don’t you realize that clearly the KJV is superior to all other versions, before and after?

      No, seriously, I’ve run into people who genuinely believe the 1611 KJV (or, rather, the 1769 KJV, but don’t tell them that) is *more right* than even the original Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic writing. That’s right, they believe the English translators were SUPERIOR to the various apostles and prophets who wrote by God’s inspiration in the first place!!

      1. That’s the implication behind all this KJV-worship: that the KJV’s translators not only made no errors and always settled on the perfect interpretation, but somehow even improved on the original texts. Otherwise, scholarship would be based on the original texts, not any English version.

        If I wrote a book on Cervantes, but never read his works in Spanish, I’d be laughed out of town. Yet there are people claiming to be Bible scholars who have never read the Bible in Greek or Hebrew.

      2. “If God can preserve the inerrancy through the writing process, then he can preserve the inerrancy through the translation process.”

        If he can preserve the inerrancy through the writing process of one translation, then explain why he didn’t through all of them?

        Logic is such a pesky thing, but it is the wisdom of the world, so…..

        1. In logic, this would be an example of reasoning from a false premise, as well as making a false analogy.

        2. James White “Alpha and Omega ministries” will be debating Jack Moorman author of “Forever Settled” about the KJV, tomorrow on British TV at 9:00 PM UK time, you can watch online at http://www.revelation.tv at 4:00 PM eastern standard. I’m really looking fwd to it.

  25. “I sadly let a doctor give my daughter a chickenpox vaccination. Her body did not get the privilege and blessing of overcoming that invader. Animals raised in a germ free enviroment are so weak because they did not get sick ”

    Wow. She must have missed the section in the KJV where it talks about how vaccines work. Doctors give you a weakened form of a virus so that your immune system gets the “privilege and blessing of overcoming the invader”.

    Must Stop Reading Crazy Lady’s Site Now. Please Help! 😯

    1. And her poor daughter’s body didn’t get to ooze and itch and scab and suffer for two weeks either, poor thing. She’ll be so disappointed when she finds out what she missed!

  26. “The idyllic bucolic farm life of yesteryear”
    This person has watched too many episodes of Little House on the Prarie. I stopped reading there because there never was such a thing. Farming is work; gentlemen farmers were men who owned land and had servants do the work. Apparently she didn’t read Genesis 3:17-19.

    1. Man, she really has the rose-colored glasses firmly in place. Even “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder, while a sweet story, is basically unremitting WORK year-round. Life has never been idyllic.

    2. It was, and is, idyllic and bucolic for men who leave their wives and children to do all of the work involved in getting back to the land while they go off into the woods to pray. The kindest explanation for this is that the men are so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good.

  27. :headdesk:

    And of course it’s all full of nonsense about how men are superior to men, especially “smarter” than women. Despite, you know, the Bible (even their oh-so-precious Authorized Version!) consistently using female pronouns to refer to wisdom. That’s the one that always gets me on these sites. I’m fine with homeschooling–I know plenty of perfectly normal people who grew up homeschooled–and emphasizing hard work and providing for yourself, which is a commendable attribute in today’s mass-produced society, but… the sexism and blatant disregard for what even the Authorized Version of the KJV says is just sad.

  28. Many here are speaking out of ingnorance. Professing yourselves to be wise…:) #1. While there may be some who think they use an actual 1611, I have never met anyone who thinks this. 1611 KJV is almost always in ref to when it was published, not the actual edition. #2 Since the 1769 which most use, there has not been any futher revisions. 1982 NKJV and other less known are completly new traslations or Bibles in which they have cherry picked a few things that follow the non Majority text.

        1. Trex, PLEASE get into it with Greg, PLEASE get into it with Greg.

          I’ll start the popcorn, and sit over here on the sofa to watch the fun.

  29. Crazy website. Crazy person. Borderline child abuse. The person who created this week’s FWOTW needs some serious help to get in touch with the real world. That poor child. It’s so horrible it’s not even funny. It’s paranoid.

  30. The four coners ofcourse speaks of the four directions and is in reference to covering the entire earth…east, west, north, south. You all sound like a bunch of athiests attacking the bible…The Word of God does not teach the earth is flat and I have never met a 1611 KJV only or anyone else who believes that it is. The web say such people exist and I am sure they do. However they are not the fundies who make fun of.

    1. Ancient cosmology was bound by the knowledge of its time. Corners of the earth, foundations for the earth, a solid firmament with “windows” in it above which was water (so you could open the windows of heaven and pour it down on earth), geocentricism etc. It went with the time. The idea of a rotating and revolving earth or an expanding universe that is still forming would have been foreign to the Biblical writers. I don’t fault the Bible for reflecting its era. But I also don’t expect it to reflect our own.

    2. Trex said, “The Word of God does not teach the earth is flat and I have never met a 1611 KJV only or anyone else who believes that it is.”

      We’re not discussing who you have or haven’t met. We’re discussing this web site, which plainly states that the earth is flat and does not rotate, and the sun revolves around it every 24 hours.

      1. Oops, I take that back. She believes the earth is round, and the entire universe rotates around it:
        Scroll down to the end of the article “THE BASIC SCIENTIFIC ARGUMENTS
        FOR GEOCENTRICITY” (it’s about a page long) and read the 2 paragraphs titled “THE ROTATION OF THE UNIVERSE.”

        She also began her daughter’s kindergarten orientation with a globe, pointing out oceans / seas, continents, and islands:
        Ironically, she then spun the globe, and then quizzed her on the oceans and continents. But she insists the earth does not rotate!

        I find her explanation of the seasons especially interesting:

        1. You are correct. Let me clarify. Very few KJV onlies would take this site seriously. Just because they are KJV only is not the reason they believe in a flat earth. They back up there claims by the KJV, but many back up their crazy claims by using any number of Bible versions.

  31. good article d. my only concern is with some of the advice on binding and printing. if you take it to a heathen book binder or printer what’s to keep them from slipping in some heresy while you wait patiently in the front of the store? i say keep it all inhouse, it’s the only way to be sure of your salvation.

    1. Drew – I was worried about the same thing, so I decided to buy my own book-binding equipment, Honey and I love a good deal (you know good stewards and all that) so I started looking at yard sales and auctions and finally found what I needed. But Honey just brought up a good point, what if this equipment has been used for unsavory publications in the past? Honey says to just pray on it and we’ll ask pastor Jim about it on Sunday.

        1. That reminds me. This little girl who came into the salon today, had a shirt on that said, “Daddy and I agree that Mommy is the BOSS!” 😉

  32. This site is actually saying the sun travels around the earth and the earth doesn’t move, at least that’s what I get. I don’t think it deserves further study.I have a book in my library called “The hollow earth”. There is a group that believes there is a whole in the north pole that is inhabited. It started when Admiral Byrd flew over and claimed to see it. It takes all kinds to make the earth go round, or is that the sun?

  33. I just got to the page about Urine Therapy:

    Urine is also believed to help combat allergies. I’ve had severe pollen allergies for over 30 years. Knowing that the time is coming when Christians will not be able to buy and sell caused me anxiety because I would not be able to purchase allergy medicine. I looked in one of those urine books and it said that urine relieves allergy symptoms.
    Unsavory as it was at first, I gave it a try. I did it for an entire year to prove that urine can be used to treat allergies. My allergies are so bad that they can bring on an asthma-like attack if they are not treated. I made it through that year dabbing a little in the inside of my nostrils with a q-tip. 😛

    [Update: last year, after I had been treating myself for a while, I saw a little blood on the q-tip. With that in mind, I’ve recently started diluting the urine with water.] I’ve sometimes dabbed some in my ears too, because they can itch during allergy season. Each treatment lasted about four hours, but I often did it whenever I went to the bathroom. Urine worked for itching eyes, but I found that if the urine is strong it can sting, so I stopped putting it in the eyes. 😯

    Years ago, I was given “Your Body’s Own Perfect Medicine” and am glad to have it on my bookshelf. Revelation 13 let me know that I had to stop relying on the grocery store. That meant I had to find a solution to my allergies. I found my allergy answer in urine but I am convinced that there are many, many other answers as well such as answers to infections.

    ❗ for more: http://www.biblicalscholarship.net/urine.htm

      1. Leave it to me… I was scrolling down and saw the word “fetish” and the finger came off of the down arrow button and immediately went to the up one.

    1. I’ll have to double dip on this one:
      Reminds me of the joke about morons taking bubble baths and showers.

      how does a moron take a bubble bath?
      he sits in a puddle and farts.

      How does a moron take a shower?
      He pees in a fan. (or pisseth in a fan for the King James crowd)

      Why do moron’s breath stink?
      They sing in the shower. 😯 🙄

      1. in my youth it was always “Polack jokes.” I had no idea for the longest time that it referred to a Polish person. I thought Polacks were just fictional dum dums who came from a place where they are so stupid they’re always walking into walls.

    2. Wow! That reminds me of what I’ve read about medicine in the 1600s. Apparently they used urine a lot to diagnose disease and maybe even treat it. I guess this guy doesn’t believe in any knowledge learned in the last 400 years?

      1. You catually can diagnose some diseases by tasting the patient’s urine.
        During autopsies, medical examiner’s used to taste the subject’s stomach contents as well (some poisons, like arsenic, could be detected that way).

        Oddly enough, though, these techniques have fallen out of favor in recent decades, in favor of tests done in lab dishes.

    3. Warning: I’m about to get pedantic again.

      Since some readers seem not to have heard of this before, here are some things I know about Urine Therapy (how I know them, I’m not sure):
      “Autourine therapy” (drinking your own urine) has apparently been practiced in India for centuries. J. Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, was said to have practiced this health regimen. Another faction of the Urine Therapy school, though, says that the urine of young children is the most salutary, and that drinking it can rejuvenate old people. Some claim that only early morning urine (which is the most concentrated) should be used.

      Hindu tradition also says that the urine and dung of cattle can be used as medicine or as a purifying tonic. A few years ago, there was a scandal in India when it was revealed that bottled fake cow urine was being sold as the real thing. The bottler allegedly used urine from other species (goats, sheep, etc.) instead of from cows.
      This raises some interesting questions:
      1. Was cow urine really scarce enough that it was worthwhile to counterfeit it?
      2. Why is cow urine more desirable than goat or sheep urine?

      Personally, I doubt that drinking urine (or smearing it in your nose, ears, and eyes) is beneficial. If it’s so good for you, why is your body working so hard to get rid of it?
      However, it’s probably not an especially dangerous experiment. Normal urine is acid enough that it’s more or less sterile. It’s feces you should stay away from, contagion-wise.

    1. A tambourine? Tambourines were strictly forbidden in my church, because, obviously, they would lead to drums, which would lead to rock and roll. And besides, they must be wrong, because charismatics use them!

      But I haven’t yet found whether she even goes to church. If you can’t find one as 1611 Biblical as she is, she recommends not going at all.

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