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  1. I just spotted this:

    “A man must be able to read–including the deaf man who too often is relegated to sign language and never masters the nuances of the English language. For many deaf people, this greatly hinders their understanding and ability to reason.”

    I know a few Deaf people who would beg to differ!

    1. Sign language (or at least ASL, the only one I “know”) is by no means inferior to English. ASL is a different language, and uses not only hand shapes but also body movements and facial expressions to convey nuances that would require numerous words to duplicate in English. The author is clearly incompetent to be speaking on any of these topics, but, having fallen into the trap of scriptural “sufficiency,” will never admit to their complete ignorance. I can only hope that their ridiculous little site is so far under the radar that no one will find it who may read it and be turned away from Christ!

  2. I just surveyed the biblicalscholarship.net site. I have to say it’s quite an accomplishment — all of fundamentalism’s presuppositions and paranoias on a single page. Unbelievable.

  3. Who *IS* this guy? Or woman? Does he/she ever leave their name anywhere? I just realized–it sounds disturbingly like a friend of mine who married a guy and then proceeded to jump off the deep end with him. Their oldest child is named Hannah. It couldn’t be . . . could it???

  4. I thought that it was a woman, because of some mention of sewing.


    Hannah read the same books repeatedly and she wanted to read more books. I had to tear books away from Hannah–BE CAREFUL. Back then I did not know about work as a lifestyle, homesteading, sewing, etc. and I was a reader.

  5. She was converted by reading “This Was Your Life”. She says, “I greedily read it and eventually ordered other tracts for information.”

    She recommends, “If you can find one, go to a Bible-believing church where the Bible is taught as the final authority. I do not know of ONE good church.”

    A graduate of the Jack T. Chick school of theology. ‘Nuff said!

    1. If anyone says they “do not know of one good Church”, run like the wind! Now, of course I’m a pastor, so I would know of one good Church – or at least one crazy enough to call me as the pastor. Joking aside, Jesus said, “I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” So if you don’t know of one good Church, in this day and age, then you’re the problem!

  6. How often does a Spanish book teach the dangers of libraries?

    Wow! That has to be the craziest, yet most awesome question that I’ve read in a long time. Usually Spanish textbooks teach you to ask where the library is not to be afraid of them. Also, speaking as a librarian, no one should be afraid of libraries. 🙄

  7. Don’t hate me, ya’ll. i am unapologetically a King James user, but certainly won’t judge anybody for using what they want. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, so I’m gonna share mine. That was the most disturbing, freaky defense of the KJV I’ve ever read. I feel that this woman needs psychological help, as she’s off the deep end without a life jacket.

    1. WAAAAAIT, WAIT,WAIT,WAIT! That website is run by a WOMAN!?!?

      I must inform my sister that women are not to discuss theological matters and tend to their kitchens, laundry, cooking, and dressing pretty for hubby-cakes. The MEN can only discuss theology.

      Shame on her.


      1. No no! Pregnancy is more important than all you just said, because a husband that has a quiver full of children is greatly blessed, and if the woman isn’t barefoot and pregnant at all times, she is bringing a curse on her household. Put the Bible down, sister, and get your pregnant self into the kitchen, and cook for the men. Going into labor? Ok. You can drive yourself to the hospital after you finish cadering dinner. 😆

      2. I always preferred the Hasidic system, where the men spend all day reading obscure texts and debating theology, while the women do all the work to support the family.

        The fact that I am a man may or may not have something to do with my fondness for this division of labor.

    2. The hate will be left up to others. Probably KJV users that won’t allow you the grace that you have given others to read what they plase as God’s Word.

      1. Fundamentalists lack temperance, which comes from having grace. From what I’ve read of the coments on this site, that’s why you’re all here. At some time in your life, you were robbed of the joy of Christ by graceless butcher preachers pushing the law down your throats. Amazing that Christ ate dinners with common sinners like us, and scorned the fundamen…er…pharisees. May God bless you all in your discovery of God as He is, and not as somebody told you He is.

    3. I have no problem with people who use the KJV–until they make an idol out of it as so many fundies do.

      1. Bingo.
        Reading it is all right. Worshipping that version (and it is only a version) is idolatry.

    4. Oh, absolutely. The King James is a good Bible (we have a member who uses the Geneva Bible at times!). I’ve nothing against it. What I’ve got issues with is people anathematizing everyone who doesn’t use it, or doesn’t agree with their view of it!

  8. After reading more of this site, the biggest thing that I keep realizing is that despite all the talk of everything being “Biblical”, it really is primarily “not modern”. Not that I’m trying to imply we should toss out traditions willy-nilly, or at least not without some good reasons and careful thought into it, but honestly, there’s nothing inherently evil about buying clothing from a store or whatever.

  9. And this marks the first time on this site that I laughed until I cried. Guys, you make my day.

  10. I like how the discussion of how to determine the “pure” KJV on this (http://www.biblicalscholarship.net/howto.htm) page is essentially a form of text criticism like that used to determine the original Greek only applied to a translation. If God sustained His word in the way typically argued by KJV only (http://www.chick.com/information/bibleversions/decision.asp) than we should not have to try to piece together the 1611 KJV with the uncertainty described on the how to page.

    But then again this has nothing to do with logic or reason.

    “we must have a standard and stick with it. We are going with the Pure Cambridge Edition of the Authorized King James Bible,” Seems terribly arbitrary.

    Mostly I find this site amusing, always informative, but in this case sad.

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