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We haven’t done a FWOTW in a while but this one was just too good (and by that I mean bad) to pass up.

akjbible.com is the home of BIBLE BAPTIST MINISTRIES and WELCOME BAPTIST CHURCH of Dallas, NC. Evidently, at Welcome Baptist the “welcome” only applies to people who use the KJV, like Confederate flags, and aren’t inter-racially married.


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  1. There’s also a wide gap between the way Jesus treated general errant people, and the way he treated those who had been trained, and had the mantle & responsibility of religious leadership, and chose to lead astray.

  2. “Definition of Miscegenation: 1. Marriage or cohabitation between a man and a woman of different races, esp., in the U.S.
    between a Negro and a white person. 2. Interbreeding between members of different races. 3. the mixing or a
    mixture of races by interbreeding?

    I’m a little surprised one of the N words is still being used, and why does he feel so angry wth inter-racial people/marriages? How about us inter-racial people? Am I less of a person because I’m “mixed”?

    HOWEVER. No matter who this guy chooses to love (he’s obviously abit picky!), My Heavenly Father always has and always will love me 😀

    1. What about Hispanics? Hispanic is not a race, but a blanket term that may include whites, Native Americans, mestizos (white+Native American), mulattos (white+Native American), blacks, zambos (black+Native American) and even some people of Asian origin. The third generation of this delish should give you some interesting blends.

      What if a Hispanic wants to date someone of their own race, in obedience to (this close-minded interpretation of) the Bible? Should they collaborate with the Mormons to find out about their family tree? What if there’s nobody around that share their unique characteristics (say, white+Native American+Asian+Australian Aborigine)? Should they become eunuchs? I want answers.

      1. You’re right, Hispanic is not a race. It’s a linguistic/national origin designation. But you have demonstrated the folly of talking about keeping races “pure”. As I said earlier in this thread, just about everybody in the world is mixed-race if you go back far enough in their geneologies.

  3. I am so thankful for his website explaining why I have the urge to say Mother______ all day long. Also that I want to marry a white woman to get my color back.

  4. I really liked the Noh character mask gif switching from a young woman to the spirit Hannya. Squat to do with demon possession, but still classy.

  5. I was really only disappointed that the link was broken to the “hyper-calvinist song”

  6. hi
    im read this site, but am not much of a commenter. I did get pretty interested in this post tho, so i went to this guy’s site and poked around. and then i emailed him. haha! he has no clue what he is talking about. the last message i got from him was the most interesting.

    First of all, I’m not your buddy: Titus 3:10 A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; I might be your brother in the Lord if you are really saved! However, if you were it looks like the Lord would show you that He has just one absolute final authority! Second of all, the 1611 KJV that I have is the Hendrickson Publishers reprint. Thirdly, My ancestors have been traced back to Melchoir and Anna Hefner who were born in Germany (Japheth) and died in North Carolina in the early 1700s. Fourthly in plain English, there ain’t no niggers in my genealogy; if you have them, too bad! Six and last, I didn’t ask you to go on my website, so this my last post to you. If you don’t like what I have on it, stay off of it, so go play in the traffic sonny boy! I say that with charity, of course!

    Bible Baptist Ministries Tommy H. Heffner Sr.
    We must never compromise a Biblical position so we
    may “build bridges.” God will bomb our bridges if love
    toward “the brethren” is more important to us than our
    love toward God. John Cereghin http://www.akjbible.com

    anyways, i know i pissed him off, but i couldnt help trying to get him to understand that GOD KILLS PEOPLE WHO TWIST HIS WORDS. this email was what i got back after telling him about getting KILLED. anyways, ya’ll should write the guy. he’s good for some crazy fun! 😈

    1. The hate dripping off his email to you is making me feel sick. How can someone like this even dare to represent Jesus?

    2. Several hundred million people now living would be dead if God killed everyone who twists His words. The fact that somebody’s still alive is hardly a good basis for trusting that person.

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