Following Daddy’s Footsteps

If you thought Daddy Schaap was bad just wait until you get a load of the pulpit antics of his son Ken.

After complaining about how he didn’t get a proper introduction, Ken then launches into this heart-warming six-minute story of how he “righteously” threw a 64 ounce Coke through a car window at a woman who was yelling at him. It’s crazy fundy gold.

178 thoughts on “Following Daddy’s Footsteps”

  1. “I’m just an innocent, sweet, Christian-school, kid. Preachers kid”

    Is he really trying to sell himself as this?? It’s a joke to any of us who have known him at ANY point in his life. I remember at HBGS, in second grade every “Show and Tell” he would bring a picture of Jack Hyles and tell us how he was HIS grandfather and the greatest pastor, man of god, yadda yadda. Yeah, we KNOW Kenny… we’re in his school…

    Ugh. It is really sad that someones given him a pulpit.

    “I’ll hit a woman”.
    My prayers go to Candace.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong(everybody else does), but aren’t these the same people who think Hester is the villain of the Scarlet Letter? Misogyny is second nature to a preacher’s son, particularly when he’s on a high and mighty crusade from the lord. 🙄

    2. How can u say that about him he sacrificed himself to come to youth revival to preach!!! 🙂 he was an awesome preacher!!!

  2. Assuming the story he’s telling is actually true, why would he tell it in church this way? I understand that sometimes people, even Christians, lose their temper and do things that they (should) later regret. But he’s telling this as though it was just a funny story, not something that he should be ashamed of. What a terrible testimony to this woman and now to anyone who hears this story! He lost his temper and got revenge on someone. He should be apologizing for his actions, not making fun of the woman.

  3. It is a silly and useless. What point is it making? Only the unintended point that the speaker is a jerk, and a sorry excuse for a Christian.

    If he wants to make this story useful, he should admonish himself as he’s telling it. He succumbed to his his pride and evil nature and should have said so. Then told the group how he should have reacted…humility. He did something to offend the other driver (unknowingly) so gesture to her with hands up and a puzzled look.

  4. Another schaap who preaches on who to hate, how to hate, and how to make sure the bible condones the hate you project. Daddy taught him well. Only a matter of time before he gets caught having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. That whole schaap family needs to get thrown out of that church, drummed out of Hammond, and left to wallow in their own misery. The men wallow in pride as it is, and the women condone every bit of the behavior. Daddy’s little kid, and the grandson of the owner of the school. Guess what, Kenny? Gramps is dead, no longer owns the school, and daddy humiliated that entire family. It would not sadden me one bit to see Kenny fall from grace with the rest of them.

  5. man mcinnes yogot some nerve you will have kids and maybe you do but one day and hopefully you regret what you say because nobody NOBODY has the right to judge this man and yes hes done something thas really wrong but you just bashing him like that and judging him and his family that is wrong your lucky your not in that situation like he his because you probably wouldn’t even last punk chose your words wisely because you never if you or anyone will fall like that

    1. I have no idea what this person is trying to say but puzzling it out is mildly entertaining.

    2. nope, so far, no regret. I have the right as a human to pass judgement on this man; he brought a minor across state lines to rape her. Schaap gave me that right when he raped a minor. He consecrated my right to pass judgement when he pled guilty. it is what it is, and that won’t ever change now.

  6. Isn’t Kenny Schaap getting to be more like David Gibbs in girth anyway … That’s the thinning-haired pot calling the kettle black.

  7. Where’s the proof? Do you have video or audio content? If not, I don’t see the point of this post.

    1. Apparently the audio link was broken during the last server move. I’ll look it up…

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