54 thoughts on “SFL Podcast #2 “The Baby and the Bathwater””

  1. I heard lots of sermons against sin (and against compromisers, liberals, and back-sliders), but relatively few on the specific topic on loving our enemies. Thus when we step outside the IFB box, and our former church members, family, and best friends berate us, ignore us, and lie about us to others, it is VERY hard to know how to view them. I WANT to love them and forgive them, even though they wrongly consider us heretics, but it’s hard when the venom directed at us is so hurtful. I DO want to be like Jesus though. I’m amazed after a lifetime in the IFB (from infancy), I realize I’ve heard more messages on standards than messages on Jesus Himself.

  2. @ exIFB

    To tell you the truth, I don’t know which one. I think it was to your “convicting message” question, but it doesn’t quite fit. I should abstain from early morning postings. There’s a good chance that even this post won’t make sense.


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