College Week: Aftermath

So you’ve fought the good fight and finished the courses at Fundy U. You’ve spent more money than someone in a developing country makes in a lifetime (and still owe more) for a degree that you’ll have to fight to get many grad schools and employers to accept. You’ve been burned out, beat down, and fed up. Now what?

Rejoice and be exceeding glad because you’ve seen the light. You’ve survived the ordeal and you’re (hopefully) well on your way out of fundyland. Here are a few truths that helped me through that transition:

It’s not God’s fault that some people are idiots.

Not all people are idiots.

There are lots of other non-idiot people who feel your pain and are happy to encourage you.

It gets better. (No, really )

Feel free to continue your journey to recovery in the comment’s section. This concludes college week and I need to take a couple of aspirin and lie down in a quiet place for a while.

57 thoughts on “College Week: Aftermath”

  1. I completely sympathize with those of you (“cross hairs”, “unfriendly” ratings, etc.) who have criticized fundamentalist institutions on the world wide web and now feel terrorized and opposed at every turn. For all the time I spend reacting to every tenet of fundamentalism great and small, it seems somehow that fundamentalists spend even more time thinking about me. Believe me, I often delude myself that it would be easy to just live my life, to do and to think what I want whether or not it is a perfect negation of my experience in fundamentalism – and be happy; but the fact that fundamentalism is able to expend so many resources to hound me convinces me that it is a powerful, oppressive movement. Truth be told, I sometimes wonder if, far from being an extremely small minority, fundamentalists are secretly in the majority and we who fight them are, in fact, the Romantic few. Surely, anti-fundamentalism is a cause worthy of my whole devotion.

    The stress has taken its toll. Just last night, I dreamed that Satan himself came to attack me with firebrands. I fought him off only with great difficulty. Nevertheless, I am thankful, believing this to be a premonition of my glorious martyrdom.

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